oh boy the cold weather is here. 32 degrees when I took off this morning


oh boy, the cold weather is here! 32 degrees when I took off this morning. Who else is a Polar Raider?

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  • When I say all year I mean everyday not every weekend, I know some peoples opinion of "ride" differs

  • Yeah, here too. I don't own a car or truck. I love the look on people's faces when you pull up to them at a red light in temps in the single digits or below zero. priceless stuff.

    I had a child once at a gas station say " my mom says you're hardcore." I said "I am, yes. Have you ever been to storytime at my library?" hahahahahaha. ( yes, I am a librarian.)

  • Im in the same boat as you Brad, I've had many a men...especially in the rain, tell me,"maybe when I was younger".....someone's Gotta

  • Cold cold icy rain...

  • well, I'm no spring chicken anymore, but I still brave the weather. I think of it as an adventure every day during the winter and the rainy season. Keeps me alive. Besides, I'm the only bike on the road at that time, for the most part. I can pretend I'm the lone biker of the apocalypse, on his way to secure more fuel and bullets.

  • Not me, frikken hate it.....


  • 13 this morning in Canton Ohio...

  • Ohio sucks in the winter time

  • That looks like excellent riding weather.