Oh the joys of a TZR tank that s sat in a shed for years. Hubble Bubble


Oh the joys of a TZR tank that's sat in a shed for years! Hubble Bubble

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  • Something to do with enzymes and shit, they actually eat the rust.

  • In the jeep world where rust is king, they put the smaller parts into bottles of coke and leave them.

  • OK so an update on project 'fukkedtank' The elecrolysis has certainly worked, most of the really thick gungy rust has come away from the bottom of the tank, there is still some resisting rust though. I could renew the solution and give it another week but to be honest I'm not 100% it will achieve much more. So

    Out with the brick cleaner, I'm going for the recommended 2:1 water to acid mix to start off, not sure how long to leave it. Overnight seems like a good idea but I'll check it later this evening.

    Here's a pic so far, believe me this is 1000% better than when I started!

  • Steve to finish are you going to use a sealer like POR15? I used it on an old jizer cleaner tank the other week and found it really is good stuff!

  • I wasn't planning to, I'm not a fan of liners, I have a kit so that will be the final option if all else fails

  • fair enough, I've never used it on a petrol tank but on the cleaner tank it was easy to see the end result and I was impressed, time will tell how well it stays in place.

  • Yea I've heard good things on por15, I'll use it if all else fails, still got to get the rust off first either way

  • Remember Barnesy's ninja tip on hard drive magnet around the fuel tap

  • Yep thats a gooden, forgot about that

  • For my rusted tanks I put in parafin/diesel mix with a hand full of gravel, then I strap it on the front of a cement mixer for an hour or two! Its a tad agricultural but works a treat......

  • Well. Did it work?

    Yep like a goodun, no rust in the tank as far as i can see. There is pitting to the metal where the rust has been which doesn't really show too well in the photo, but all the gunk and rust has gone :-)

    Ended up leaving it in neat brick cleaner over night which killed the last stubborn bits.

  • Oh and the 'Tut' shed has still got a roof on it :-)

  • Do you think this could be adapted and stuck up my arse. I'm sure I've got 5 decades of shit and general rot stuck up there that needs to be got out.

  • Hang about on Hampstead Heath - they'll have you spotless

  • This turned up on a jeep forum, they reckon using a carbon welding rod.

    http://www.fordgarage.com/pages/electrolyticderust ing.htm

  • George has gone.

  • I thought he was innocent . . . .

  • Try your local farmer. They use electrodes in animal husbandry. Not sure it's to clean the beasts' arses out though...

  • The dark humour of League of Gentlemen presents: