Oil recommendations guys


Oil recommendations guys?

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  • Black and greasy.

  • Yamalube ? Sounds right to me

  • Yes, I would recommend having some.

  • Good quality oil that meets the specification stated in the handbook... End of. Just avoid cheap supermarket rubbish.

  • Motul 10w 50. Used Repsol full synthetic once and found it was really hard to find Neutral once up to operating temperature. Will go back to 10w40 in full summer. (Australian climate)

  • If it's still under warranty go and get the right yamalube from your dealer. The difference in price is negligible compared to any other high quality oil and saves any quibble if you have to make a warranty claim.

  • Oil brand has absolutely no bearing on any warranty Claim.Yamaha is definitely not going to go to the expense of getting the oils chemical break down.

    Use any good quality semi sin oil at the correct SAE rating to suit the climate you live in

  • If they were that bothered they would take a sample and get it analysed. If it met the specification they'd have no argument, whether it was Yamalube, Castrol, Shell, Silkolene or whatever.

  • Haha Lincoln great minds...

  • I got yamalube from my dealer. Was the same price as castrol and cheaper than a few of the others. Didn't see the point in trying to skimp a few quid on oil when the bike is worth thousands

  • Ask in the yamaha service!

  • 10w50 Castrol Power1 or Motul 7100

  • Motorex Swiss quality 10/40 semi