ok fellas first of all i would like to say what a pleasure it is to be part of...


ok fellas first of all i would like to say what a pleasure it is to be part of this group today i would like to talk about the ride i know most of you ride often as possible and some even in the snow just ease off the throttle a little and take the time to cherish the ride because you never know it could be your last i know when i first got my fj way back in 84 it was my only transportation for several years i did not own a car and it became that i just rode and took it for granted how ever i did have some very memorable rides back then like the day i gave this girl a ride she was wearing this summer top and at about 85 it came down giving me a pleasurable view in the mirrors enough of that iknow you are all picturing that in your minds right now i went into work one day and my boss handed me a letter stating that the company was forming a drag race team and would be making a big deal of it at nhra natl events so i decided it was time to freshen up the old street bike and prepare it to race so i took her down to the bare chassis and due to lack of funs thats where she would stay for the next several years then low and behold they transfer me to another store some 60 miles away the fj goes intoboxes then about a year later they decide to give me a store of my own so once agian im loading up the fj agian but this time is400 miles to the frozen north of amarillo texas and by 1990 im in abilene tx and done with apartment living for good find a house with a garage time now to start putting her back together nowengine completly rebuilt bike back together riding on the street once agian until i hire an old friend to work for me it turns out he has a front engine dragster and is about to start racing i go with him a few times and the bug gets me agian i buy a wheelie bar install it build a small trailer and its off to the races but they dont race every weekend and some of the other bike guys i had met suggested we show it ok im sure your all getting board by now so i will cut to the point the truth is i havnt ridden my fj since june of 99 which is when the old stock motor finally gave up after 10 long years of hard racing just about the time my company decided to send me to lawrence kansas then came back to texas got the store i had always wanted and then they pulled the plug so i was out of work for thefirst time since i was 16 not looking good for the fj the next few years would be areal struggle to build the new motor aside from fighting an ebay addiction that had gotten really bad one day while brousing ebay i came across a nice fj 1200 contacted the owner who also lived in texas he said if i wanted i could come by and see the bike but be sure to bring my helmet so we decide to meet at his house on friday now keep in mind i havnt ridden a bike in about 8 years now when i arrive he pulls out the fj along with his fz1 helmets on and we take off now i had never rode the 1200 before the low end torque feels really good we ride down this country rode until it intersects with the higway he in forms me that the local police are not intheir usual hiding place and tells me its ok to open her up a bit so i did and i must say it wheeliednicley onto the open road pulled very hard up to 120 or so where it started to bang and pop he explained to me that it had never done that before because he had never ridden like that before so i pulled the seat and there sat the original air box with a brand new yoshi pipe it was starving for air at this point im ready to make a deal for this bike and he tells me about a buyer in nebraska that wants it but my thanks go out to this man for a ride i will never forget i could not have known it would be my last ever the following monday i suffered a severe stroke that claimed my left side so here i was at only 45 years of age will never ride work fish or hunt for the rest of my life thats where this group has been so good for me i get to share in your fj adventures and builds plus make some great new friends hopefully i will some day make it to a rally and meet you face to face so in closing cherish each and every ride you take on thia wonderful bike

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  • Glad we can help escape your confines from time to time.

  • you sure do almost gets me right back in the wind with my friends racing forr the next curve in the road

  • An Fj with a sidecar might be your answer. Here in Australia one of our members (Doug McCarthy) has a side car available, not on an Fj though, for the less fortunate. Our Fj rally is in March and flights are cheap.

  • Hey dude great story. Sux you had to have a stroke. Sorry to hear. But yeah @ least you can be part of this awesome site