Ok folks. What year model and how many miles on it so far


Ok folks .... What year model and how many miles on it so far?

2015 VI 2700 miles

No major issues

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  • 2015 Viking green. Non EPS

    Fender Flares

    28" mega mayhems

    Strong Made 2-3"lift

    Warn Provantage 3500lb winch

    Winch accessory kit

    32" curved light bar (front)

    14" light bar (rear)

    Additional fuse box

    Concours switch panel

    Home made full windshield

    Yamaha rear window

    Yamaha soft doors

    Bed rails

    Double gun boot mount

    JBS extreme sheave, 17gr weights, slug kit

    EPS kit and snorkel are coming soon!

    3200 miles


    -clogged radiator at 3000 miles- cleaned and added screen in front of it

    - parking brake handle has been loose for a while, haven't worked on it yet

  • Sweet, the dealer services ours every other oil change so I can let them inspect everything to make sure there isn't any problems...they have to adjust the parking brake clutch every time.

  • Dang, I plan on messing around with it this week. I get turned on by doing my own service haha

  • 2014 980 miles

  • 15' 680 miles

  • 14 453 miles no problems other than me bushings a tie rod

  • Me bashing a tie rod

  • 2015 SE 3000 plus no problems

  • 2015 SE VI, 950 miles 27 inch mud zillas, zero problems

  • 2016 Wolverine R-SPEC EPS 3,637 miles exhaust head pipe broke off head while doing donuts in the snow, covered under extended warranty. No real issues other than that... I love it

  • 2016 R spec eps 300 rough miles no issues! Like it more ever time we ride it!! The braking system is awesome!!

  • 2014 350 miles.

    Broke the shifter at 100 miles.

    Covered by warranty no problems since.