ok guys and gals i have a question for you I finally got my wife on the bike...


ok guys and gals i have a question for you. I finally got my wife on the bike to do a long day trip with me on the raider. She loved the back rest i made, she said it was so relaxing that she felt like she could fall asleep. so about 150 miles into the trip she started to get a little numb on the booty. I did as well but we got to our destination once we felt fine. We hung out and rested for about 5 hours at the spot. One the way back she felt her butt a little numb quicker. So now I am shopping for a seat for the raider. What seat do you guys own for your bike? Is it better to get a 1 piece or a 2 piece? Let me know what you guys got

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  • Ultimate.....'nuff said

  • Mustang, I have a Corbin and a custom cruise for sale

  • bart check your pms :)

  • or send me one..lol

  • I have a Mustang 3 piece set for sale.

  • $550.00 plus shipping

  • it took us a little to get use to the Raider seats but now we are fine on long trips on stock seats...

  • I didn't like the Corbin Dual Tour seat. It changed the riding position.

  • Shaun, you HAVE to try several, I have all 3 Star seats. They're all great in there own rt!

  • Paul Wendt how so?