Ok guys I m sure this is going to stir the bee hive but my son blew up his...


Ok guys I'm sure this is going to stir the bee hive but my son blew up his blaster. Blew a hole thru it. Moneys tight and we've all been there before. My question is has anyone had any luck with the cheap top end rebuild kits on eBay....... I know you get what you pay for but just curious if anybody has had any luck. Thanks guys.

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  • mine runs good just put it in 3 months ago with same kit

  • Ive used the cheapies but had bad luck with the bearing it came with so i ordered a wiseco beariing and it held decent just make sure to warm it up

  • Cheaper to send out for bore and new piston. Do it right tbe first ti.e. call Ken OConnor. Than do yourself a favor and leak test before firing up tbe new topend

  • Not physically cheaper, but cheapest correct way and headache free

  • Rocky mountain mc online's has top end kit and includes a new cylinder for $120

  • But the guy that said it's not only a top end issue check the oil to see if any metal is in it the look in the crankcase to see what went through the piston if put a sparkplug to tight it might hit the piston not to sure on that one maybe just wear and tear finally opened that hole from the sparkplug firing in the same spot causing it to slowly wear but I'd remove oil to see if there's metal and then pull the crank case cover off to if any piece metal fell through and caused it could be those things or maybe one two more theories but I would check the oil and crank case for a piece of metal but it might be from igniting in the same spot theirs a word for but I can't think of it right off hand

  • I can't find it on rockymountian. I am gonna call around tomorrow and see what rates are for boring it or resleeving it and use the factory jug.

  • OK well try googling it because I have to order it I want the new cylinder so I can bore the old one order a bigger piston new jets and when I get enough through FMF exhaust system so when I go to durhamtown I can actually have something to keep up with the 450s in a str8 line but trails it's no problem running with bigger quads and mine is stock I'm just so small it's like no one is riden it but I only weigh 100 pounds soking wet I'm 26 and that small I love it BC I really never need to adjust my suspension

  • I bought a cheap cylinder and I've been using it for quite awhile now with no issues with a wiseco piston

  • You race quad has a Chinese cylinder on it?

  • It used too but now I have a good one on it I had a Chinese one on it before I raced when I just rode around but we put a good one on it

  • When I rebuilt mine it had a cheap piston in it and it was cracked

  • I've had great luck did mine last year and it's still running strong tore it down about a month ago everything still looks beautiful.

  • I had great luck with it just make sure u break it in slow . And lube the piston before install

  • Leak test before starting..

  • You're never going to keep up with 450s in a straight line with any blaster

  • I'm getting an extended swingarm different sprockets and different tires just for straight lines yes it will be done and look on YouTube but it's blasters set up directly for straight lines