Ok guys posting here so my wife can t see it. Took my bike to a local shop


Ok guys, posting here so my wife can't see it... Took my bike to a local shop (not a dealer) to have a bunch of work done. New drag bars, grips, levers, mirrors. New fork seals. Oil change and inspection. My question is how long should these projects take? I took ALL the parts with me, including the oil and filter! I guess I was expecting about a $500 bill.... It was twice that!!! 3 hrs for the fork seals? 14 for the bars?? Seriously??? Now, I did have both the bars and the levers Powder coated so he had some trouble with fitment of the levers and the throttle grip. So there was extra time in grinding parts down a bit to get the moving parts to fit right, but HOLY SHIT!!! Where am I gonna come up with $1000 to get my bike back?!? Might need to start a gofundme acct!! Thanks for letting me vent!

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  • Cool, I guess I just didn't know what all I was asking for. Live and learn!

  • There's a guy here in town I think he's getting around 500 just to do ape hangers

  • I did the 6.5" pullback, so no new cables or anything.

  • I am pretty excited about the end result! When I'm able to buy my bike back from the shop, I'll post some pics for you all. :-)

  • Better put some flowers on the list to kiss ass a little.

  • LOL.. kiss, rub, massage, pamper, cuddle, compliment..... and then some..

  • Eric and Ken you guys got the idea!! :-)

  • Wow, 14 hours. Did mine and all new braided lines in 4 hours

  • When a shop does you that way spread the word to fellow bikers. So the rest of us don't get ripped off.

  • Ya , they get you. It all adds up though. I bought a new after market license plate bracket, took all day than blinkers didn't fit so I tried to modify them. Did not work.... Had to get new blinkers and than rewire