Ok having a problem so couple of days ago I believe the quad over heated it...


Ok having a problem so couple of days ago I believe the quad over heated it bogged down died wouldn't start left it for 20mins started up ran perfect but I noticed there was a backfire like too much air somewhere and it was popping out didn't do it on full throttle just when I was cruising just below the powerband now today definitely didn't over heat it was a quick 5min field speed drift run running perfect then out iv no where it was groggy on the powerband didn't want to go so I stopped cut it out then it wouldn't start so towed it home and now it started up no problem straight through the powerband what is the problem I think it has to do with it randomly back firing it's just had brand new vforce 4 reeds and all top end gaskets changed when I was inspecting the piston I also changed the piston out about 2/3 months ago

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  • Not saying it's the problem but sounds familiar to when my stator went out. Did you happen to ride through any water the day it started?

  • Sounds like it had an airleak and stuck a couple times.

  • I'm going to try and get an air compressor so I can do a leak test

  • Nah it's not to do with that it's something along the lines of piston air leak ect but I have never had a problem like this before so I'm not sure exactly what

  • Del Manson you only need 7psi, a small pump will provide tha pressure.

  • Shes beat. Pull the top end.

  • For not having a problem like this before you seem to have it narrowed down pretty good lol. JK, I'm not sure. I would just do the usual tests (air leak, compression, spark) and go from there. Might even have dirt in your carb. It'll get loose and settle which will allow fuel to flow, then after a minute on the throttle it'll clog it up.

    But my stator got wet in a race once and minus over heating, those were my exact symptoms and it got worse until it died out completely. Took the cover off and water poured out.

  • Chris Eldridge lol it's just because the weird blow back thing it's doing when it's sitting just below the band that's making me think it's more to do with the compression but I won't rule anything out I'm going to check through the full engine tomorrow it's annoying because I only need it to run for a couple of months before I put a vitos 240 big bore and a +3mm stroker crank

  • So I have been to busy to look at and now have spare time if you listen closely you can hear the blowback I believe that whatever is causing this is what my problem will be