Ok I need some back up from the ladies in here I m planning on giving my 1300...


Ok I need some back up from the ladies in here, I'm planning on giving my 1300 deluxe to my wife in the near future but she is convinced it's too big for her. She's 5'4" around 180 lbs and I think she could handle it no prob so can get some comments from the ladies to prove my point?

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  • I'm 5'6" and about 160 and I love my 1300 deluxe.

  • 5'5" and similar weight. I am never giving up my bike :)

  • Did you other ladies also have the bikes lowered?

  • Same here Sheila Ambrose, I went from the 650 to 1300. I was nervous, as the 650 was the only bike I had ever rode. Once I got on the 1300, I have not looked back!!! My husband does not ride. I do not have an experienced rider to teach me, or to tag along with, I am self taught, LOL. I ride alone 90% of the time. Last weekend was 960 miles to Lake Erie.

  • Jim, I have not lowered mine. I also make a U turn on gravel and walk-backwards into my garage when I park it between the truck and an SUV. I do find that a good pair of boots with good tread helps a lot. (gives me a small amount of height and grip)

  • I didn't have mine lowered either

  • If anyone needs it lowered a small amount, take the seat to an upholstery shop. They can shave the thigh area of the seat, which brings your legs down a bit. This really helps and is cheaper and won't compromise the bike. ( I know people that have done this)

  • Lake Erie

  • I'm 5'5" 150 lbs and the bike feels well balanced. I bought a corbin seat with a nose job and it gives the thighs a better reach than the OEM seat. Next year I want the change the handlebar for the royal star one. She'll love it. :-)

  • Lowering your bike does not compromise your bike and can be changed back. It's for those who have a short inseam like myself.