OK I need y alls advice I layed my baby down tonight Too much front brake for...


OK I need y'alls advice. I layed my baby down tonight. Too much front brake for speed I was going. Front slipped right out from under me. So how do I deal my cards for insurance? I can do the work myself. Tank, foot pegs, shifter, plus more. Haven't assessed the total damage, I am hurting and went hospital to get checked out. That's another subject though. How do I get the most money (fair amount of money) for repairs and do the repairs myself? Have adjuster come look at it at my house? Bring it to a shop for estimates? I don't know how to do it. Thanks for the helping advice.

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  • Is it possible you bent the frame at all? If so...the bike would be pretty unsafe to ride even if you put it back together. I'm assuming the handlebars are shot and forks are too from scratching?...is it possible the bike it totalled? If so..it's going to cost a lot to fix it....good luck man..I'm glad to hear you're ok and seem to be handling it well!

  • Take it to several shops and estimates use the highest estimate and round up all your receipts for aftermarket parts, get well and healed up soon

  • Glad you're doing as well as to be expected. It doesn't take much to add up enough to total a bike. Been there done that. Good luck and heal up quick.

  • Glad you will be ok!

    +1 on the dealer doing the estimate, ins guys will miss a lot they only do a visual inspection.

  • I doubt the frame is bent or anything. I took off fast, like usually, short distance later I braked hard on front (rarely use rear brake) front slid out. Happened fast. It was my fault. My front tire needs replacing not much tread and it's harder rubber than it was new. Parts affected was mirror, grip end cap, clutch lever, gas tank, passenger foot peg, and shifter. Thank-you friend, could of been worse.

  • Thanks man

  • when i had my wreck i took it to the dealer i got it from and they put down to replace anything that was scratched or worse

  • Be safe man...I had almost the exact same thing happen to me on my cbr...keep your head up and get better then get back on the horse!

  • Did they repair it or you?

  • yeah the insurance paid for it $9000 worth of damage

  • Thank you, definitely will!

  • they did the repairs

  • Dealer will be more detailed on the assessment than any insurance adjuster will., but if you take it to them, they will expect the work unless you pay them for their time. Was it just a low side? Did the front end strike anything? What dented the tank? Pay special attention to the forks, head and trees!

  • Glad you ok !

  • Pavement to tank. I was slowing down hard with only front brakes. Not sure what you mean low side

  • No front end impact, not even scratched. Shift lever, passenger peg, clutch lever, mirror scratched a little but not broken and operates properly still. Few other minor things.

  • Low side is sliding out with the tires giving way , high side is when the tires stick and three bikes flops to the high side of the bike, which is more violent

  • It's a crap shoot, I've seen insurance adjusters give replacement aftermarket, and also bone people. Same with dealers. Just depends on the day.

  • Thanks bud

  • Many policies stipulate the amount they will pay towards aftermarket accessories. Frequently stock parts cost more to replace anyway ie. pipes.

  • Glad you're ok ( for the most part) Bradley Bird Olps. Parts can be replaced but you can't. I'm sure you'll have her good as new very soon.