Ok Im gonna ask the question that has probably been asked the most What are...


Ok Im gonna ask the question that has probably been asked the most. What are the best Loud deep pipes to buy for our bikes. I don't want to buy pipes that will Blue or chip. And i want LOUD AND DEEP. Loud pipes save lives and our 1900's sound like scooters stock. lol These are what I've researched.

1. V&H

2. Freedoms,

3. Cobras (Too quiet I think)

HELP. I want to get away from the 2-1. I know its best for performance but I don't like look IMO.

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  • V&Hs 2-2, remove V&Hs baffles, install Thunder Monster QQ baffles. Sound deep and throaty, very authoritive when twisted. Love mine, get lots of compliments.

  • Like I said in an earlier post....if u WANT LOUD get warlord cannons remove baffles and taaada....your gonna lose power even with a tuner...if u want a great sounding exhaust at a good price do the scr freedom like the ones in the picture. .no tuner needed although you will have deceleration popping but when u get a tuner that will all but disappear. ..the pipes won't blue either if u have problem with that. .. ( guess everybody don't know about semichrome) if u have issues with bluing just get a tube of semichrome and rub it off

  • Yeah I used to have blue job. And that worked great on my last bike. But if u can avoid it all together why not.

  • I hear that brother....but most pipes have outer covers to hide the blue

  • I have freedom. And have no issues

  • But if u choose freedom and wanna flip (lower) your r rear pegs. ..your out of luck my friend. ..been there done that and the hit the top of the pipe.. which sucks because it give u at least 3 inches on the pegs

  • Why would you change rear pegs?

  • Freedom performance sharp curves. No regrets. I don't have a tuner and mine blow blue flames to the ground when they backfire. It's pretty awesome. And they're just as loud as dads 01 Harley heritage with straights and no baffles

  • My girl rides with me and it's very uncomfortable after awhile with your knees up in the air. ..lol

  • Understood. I've never had anyone on the back yet. My girl has her own bike. 03 Yamaha R6. She likes the Rockets. And I'm just happy she likes to ride. And her bike is badass in the fact that it's HER Bike.