Ok just back from a blast with the new Ermax screen


Ok, just back from a blast with the new Ermax screen.

Short and sweet review.... Had it set to lowest height, and I am 5'11". It really is way better at deflecting the air, hardly any buffeting compared to the standard screen and when I ducked my head slightly, it was loads quieter. (Couldn't be arsed to raise the screen, having too much fun)

If you are shorter than 5'11" then I guess it would be ideal. As for eliminating noise completely ..... Go buy a car.

Had bike at optimum speed ;) and still great, although the speed wobble was there for a while, but accelerated through that.

I recommend this screen :)

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  • Glad I got the black even more now :) less common ;)

  • As above :)

  • 2 weeks Kenny Hannah

  • Tried it yet?

  • Yes better then stock

  • In what way is it better

  • Less buffeting in normal speeds. Same in higher

  • Is that the dark black or the light black .