Ok my 2015 viking has 510 miles on it with no problems so far If you have had...


Ok my 2015 viking has 510 miles on it with no problems so far. If you have had a cracked engine case, please comment and specify mileage, year, and modifications or that its stock. Thank you.

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  • The plate is aluminum

  • Well fuck

  • It happens, but not enough for me to pull mine apart just to check. Ill take my chances, I have insurance and extended warranty between the 2 ill get it fixed. I even called my dealer yesterday. Told him about all I have read etc.. he said drive it and if something happens they would honor anything like that. All dealers are different of course. But im not thinking about that stuff , Im thinking of installing my yxz seats and riding this weekend. If it breaks ill ride with someone else and just drink more.

  • I worry a bit about mine, but I'm at 1900 miles and so far so good. just gonna keep running it and if it breaks I'll get to learn how to tear down the engine

  • Mines been a heck of a machine so far only had a seal go bad, can't say the same for the rest of the people I ride with

  • Seems like they break with low miles, so once you clear a few hundred miles I wouldn't worry to much. I'm at 215. I'm right in the sweet spot lol

  • Seems like a lot of them have a lot of hours compared to miles. So slow speeds or a lot of idling or something

  • Yeah

  • Mine rarely just sits and idles unless I'm warming to it up from before I take off to ride

  • Low speed trail riding mine hardly ever came out of low range

  • That why my thinking was big tires in thick mud putting a bind on the middle gear eventually working the bolts loose

  • Slow trails lots of 10mph riding. Thats where you get high hours

  • I have some experience having a drunken bobble head copilot lol

  • I think this winter I'm pulling my motor out hopefully before anything breaks and cleaning and lock tight the bolts and add a few extra ft lbs of torque to them , James says after that he has thousands of miles on these motors with no more issues it's really a lot cheaper to do it before it takes a shit, your only in it for gaskets and time. No cases and bearings.