Ok people. Which intake looks the best in your opinion on the bolt r spec

Ok people. Which intake looks the best in your opinion on the bolt r spec? I was thinking about getting the v&h intake but I feel that it just looks basic and boring. Thanks in advance!

  • I currently have the stock painted black but I've always thought the double barrel low an mean intake was awesome and different!

  • I just can't spend so much money on an air intake. I would spend the $150, which is a lot for an intake, and use the rest to upgrade to some Hagon shocks.

  • We have the largest selection available

  • Kn for me

  • I like the black billy bob filter

  • They discontinued that a few months back unfortunately.

  • i like the stock intake,but modified !

  • does it make much difference to the air input or equal to a v&h vo2 intake?

  • I went with modifying the stock box and the K&N drop in.

  • probably why I have not seen any

  • that what you take under the cover may make the different

  • velociraptor intake

  • cheers. I have K&n on stock box just didnt know if the holes helped. Looks good

  • Does this have any kind of filter inside or is it just the mesh?

  • It's got a filter. I'll take a pic and post it in a half hour

  • Sscustomcycle blunt force

  • Not my bike but you can see the filter

  • no the didn't only good looking,but in the box behind, there is a hole with three edges on the right side on the left there is the same but not open, you can open it with a cutter-knife !