OK putting the forks back on my bike and they feel a little bound up I feel...


OK putting the forks back on my bike and they feel a little bound up. I feel like there's a order you have to go in to keep things straight and true. Anybody care to fill me in?

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  • That's the post I was looking for. Thanks

  • don't over tighten the lower triple clamp. tighten the axle against the brake side. make sure rotor roll freely. then on the right fork loosen pinch bolts and tap a screwdriver in the groove to allow fork to move on the axle. push forks up and down then tighten pinch bolts.

  • Yeah, that thing in the other post about spinning the wheel isn't relevant to disc brake bikes. It's definitely relevent to old drum brake bikes to centre the shoes in the drum but it's important in them to spin the wheel backwards with everything loose then you pin the brake and tighten the axle into the forks with the pinch bolts loose then you travel the forks up and down to align the bottom of them then tighten the pinch bolts. If you can do it with someone sitting on the bike holding the front brake on and holding the forks compressed all the better. Also think about how you've got the spanner on the pinch bolts while you're tightening them. You want the spanner at 90 degrees to the fork pulling down when you're tightening because if you have the spanner parallel to the fork and you pull on it there's a chance that you will pull the bottom of the fork leg out while you're tightening the nut.