Ok so maybe this is rider inflicted but I wanna post it to see what you guys...


Ok so maybe this is rider inflicted, but I wanna post it to see what you guys have to say. I just got home from a 3 hr ride. I'm pretty frozen. Hands were blue/purple it was so cold. Anyways I noticed when I would shift from 1st to 2nd, let out my clutch (wasn't dumping it, let it out smoothly) and after clutch was all the way out, there would be a slight delay and then she would rev like mad. WTF. I was upshifting also not downshifting and it was 1st to 2nd not really much speed. Pretty sure I wasnt goin crazy with the throttle and pretty sure I wasn't just dumping the clutch. I was frozen, so anything is a possibility and I couldnt really feel what I was doing, but its highly not likely. It didnt happen every time. Ive never experienced that, ever in my 6 years riding. Any ideas?

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  • Well her's may be a too cold factor, but mine theres really no freezing factor to add it was like 60 degrees F that day

  • It happened 3 times that I noticed. Its like the full shift is complete, clutch is completely out and then she just decides to rev to shit. I dont know how else to explain it. only 1-2. not always. I'll keep an eye on it and check my clutch and cable tomorrow too. I never stall my bike but I stalled it with the clutch while waiting to make a turn last night with a car up my ass and then when putting it in the shed slow speed up the ramp but that one doesn't concern me. The other was unusual for me.

  • Yeah im not overly concerned at least not yet anyways. Figured I would ask out of curiosity at this point. I'll keep an eye on it if it happens again and i'll check the cable tomorrow too. Thanks guys and gals :)

  • Check the oil for one. Second, when cold u gotta get that foot to slam it in sometimes. U don't even realize it, but u probably aren't applying enough pressure. That's my "guess" based off personal experience. Winter is always worse for me.

  • Shit goes numb and your feeling goes away.

  • around what milage did yall get your second tuneup/check for your bikes?

  • Oh yeah ive noticed that before Jeff, especially on one of my old bikes holy crap I used to have to slam the gears. I figured it could be cold related I was pretty numb so I probably didnt have as good of a gauge on pressure. But usually you end up in Neutral between 1-2. Strange things I guess lol. If it doesnt happen again I know its because I was too damn cold to function haha.

  • It happens to all of us who ride cold.

  • I guess all I got is to squeeze the clutch in and out and watch the flipper on the top of the gear box on the right side. See if its sticking or something. And the plug on the clutch. If that seems all good then it my be internal hopefully not though.

  • Sounds vaguely like 'clutch slip'

    I've never heard of it happening on a fz6r before.