Ok Tracer lovers new tyres need soon. I was thinking Michelin Road Pilot 4


Ok Tracer lovers, new tyres need soon. I was thinking Michelin Road Pilot 4. As they were brilliant on my previous BOKE a Suzuki. Thoughts please

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  • Recently had Pilot Road 4's fitted to mine for £240, very happy with them now they are scrubbed in.

  • Pilot Road 3's are, in my experience, just as good as PR4's and can be got hold of on some good offers at the moment!

  • I'm getting Bridgestone T30 Evos next week. I think very highly of them.

  • The bike gendarme were at a do in France at the weekend, 10 or so bikes (BMW RT, Multistradas). All had Michelin PR4s. Gonna give them a go, then I'll at least be on par with 'les flic'

  • Well, they aren't going to use German Continental, British Avons or Italian Pirellis are they :)

  • I got 2500miles out of mine. Very grippy though in all conditions

  • Angel St, loving them

  • That's true. Interesting to know what UK bike cops choose?

  • Will vary by county. Glos seem to use Michelin on all vehicles

  • Just had T30 Evo's fitted. Have put about 300 mules on them so far.they feel sure filed enough, just hope they last !!

  • anyone tried Metzeler ROADTEC Z6 Tyres ?

  • I've got the standard Mt 09. It come on quite sporty rubber but I fitted Pr4s when they wore out because I liked them on my previous bike. They don't give as much feed back and offer slightly less grip when pushing hard but they waaaayyyyy out last the originals. Already done double the mileage and they still look good. Worth the trade off I think. Oh and the pr4 are way better in the wet. If you like that sort of thing

  • Have to like rain, I live in Scotland lol, the Dunlops just don't give much feedback in the rain or when its under 15 degrees which unfortunately is almost all the time.

  • correct choice , have a gold star.

  • Just done 2500 miles on my PR4s on a 9 day trip round Scotland. All weathers (obviously). Total confidence in the PR4s unlike the crappy Dunlops OE which I hated in the wet. Well pleased with them. What do the Tracer 700's come with as OE tyres ? PR4's.

  • Lol. So it's worse than Wales then!