okay guys i just bought the cobra powrpro black any of you guys have an auto...


okay guys i just bought the cobra powrpro black... any of you guys have an auto tune cobra tuner?

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  • I have it as well. I placed under the seat and tucked it in the rubber strap. Make sure all of your battery connections are tight.

  • Do you have any complaints about it? And what do you think about the powrpro black? Also does it cure the backfiring some?

  • Don't have the black, I have the continuously variable version. I've had it since 2013. They don't have my version listed anymore on the website. It reduces backfire and improves performance and mileage.

  • I have the black plus the fi2000. Huge difference. Alot less backfiring. Still get a few here and there. I have the powrflo + bassani sweepers and love the sound of my bike

  • You can run both? I have the vance And hines slash cut. And getting a hyper charger asap

  • Can't wait!

  • Daaannnggg the hyper charger looks nice!

  • Let me rephrase that lol I have the black powrflo plus the fi2000 haha I don't think you can run both fuel management systems

  • How is the black powrpro? That's the one with the autotune and the blue tooth app right.