Okay guys need your opinion powercomander pcfc or cobra powrpro black Both...


Okay guys need your opinion powercomander pcfc or cobra powrpro black! Both seem realatively simplistic just way different price points! Please need your help guys!

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  • Power Commander V. Then later on you can get the auto tune or do the whole thing at once. Best money I have spent.

  • I just hate how expensive it is... Its like 800 dollars. For the whole setup. I'm really not computer savy at all. So doing it scares the living shit out of me haha.

  • I hear you there. I was in the same boat but had the shop do the install. For me it was worth it. The other thing too you can do is and I'm sure someone will recommend it is the IVAN's tune. Heard a lot of people saying good things about that.

  • Yeah I've heard so many great things about ivans flash. But I don't wanna be with out my bike and it'd be senseless to do that before some sort of fuel manager. Cause I want to add on a hyper charger. With that being said. I think I'm gonna shoot for the powrpro black. Just plug and ride. Optional fine tuning. I'm thinking ill go p.c v later on or just do the ivans I just got my bike brand new 2 months ago from the dealer. It hasn't even had its 1st service yet haha I'm at 750miles

  • I'd actually like to see more opinions on this exact topic. I'm torn between the different fuel controllers, as well as Ivan's flash.

  • I heard really great things about ivans flash. And I def am gonna do it but not until winter probably

  • Get all of the system (pipes, air, fuel controller) first then get Ivan's, that way he can set it to your bike system. Just go with power commander fuel controller. Don't need to spend a fortune for higher quality controller where you will set one map for a long time unless you're drag racing it. But if you do air, and pipes, you'll need the controller. Don't waste your money on something cheap then buy another controller.

  • the cobra is just a fuel controller. where as the power commander itself is everything for the bike