Okay so I m seeing a lot of reflective tape going on Is this a safety thing or...

Okay so I'm seeing a lot of reflective tape going on. Is this a safety thing or just a cosmetic fad?

  • Don't have reflective tape other than the rim stripes. Seeing pics of my bike in the garage and of one of my jackets that has a good amount of reflective piping, if could nicely put more on I would!

  • Kuddos mam for picking a.f. most respected branch fo sho.. every man in my family is a service man..except me.. dumb dumb decision s any who thanks everyone for their service and allowing me to sit on my fat ass comfortably.

  • I think reflective tape doesnt hurt at all. There are a fair amount of bikers here but most people ride solo/groups of 2-4. you never see one great big group of bikes going down the road. if you do, its definately a biker gang coming through, or a poker run or charity run or similar. There are a fair amount of bikes around, but Cars here will still cut you off like they dont care. I get cut off all the time but you anticipate it so you are ready for it. Like Bethany said, I anticipate the worst always, and always think ahead. One of the worst things I find here is people waiting to turn out, watching you approaching and then last minute decide no I'll go now, because logically this is stupid, therefore I must do it lol. When I ride with friends, I always like to ride first, just so I can be the blocker if you will of stupid people, or warn them of pot holes, etc, so I take the most of the morons in their cars.

  • We had a friend pass away last year on bike because he was T-Boned by a truck. The guy was drunk, so that made it worse. People dont anticipate how fast a car/bike is moving and the time it would take for it to pass the point they need to turn, before making their turn. Happens all the time only difference in a car you take a smash, maybe deploy your airbags and have a write off vehicle. On bike, you just might not survive because of someones stupidity. I never understand cars that wait and wait then decide to turn in front of you, and theres not a single soul behind you! an extra 5 seconds and they would avoid any possible risk of trouble, but no, 5 seconds really matters lol. One of my biggest pet peeves wether im on bike or car or what.

  • They either cut you off or tailgate. Happens all the time. I try not to get mad cause then the ride gets ruined.

  • We dont get too many tail gaters here but theyre famous for cutting you off. 3 of us went out the other night and I got cut off by an asshole in a BMW on the highway. It was 100% unnecssary pure stupidity what he did, and we are all going 130 km/h mind you, but they dont think of this. My buddies brought it up after when we stopped because they were pretty shocked by it. I saw him though a little ways back, Im always checking my mirrors behind me to check to see if my buddies are ok and whats around them before I make decisions on turning at yellow lights or changing lanes, etc for example. I assumed he would be a dick (you kinda have to assume the worst of everyone) and he didnt let me down lol. Its just a habit now, because if you think on it too much like you said, it just ruins your ride.

  • Oh yeah I drive 100% defensive I'm my bike. I've seen a few deaths this year locally. All have been due to high speed and immature rider. ( one was running from cops and went over an overpass bridge) so yeah. I agree plenty of Assholes here too.

  • Theres been a few bikers die here the past year also, but most of it was single vehicle,and due to inexperienced rider. Whenever you hear it on the radio/news you always wonder if its someone you know. Ironically its usually older riders. Nicks death hit pretty much everyone locally, because of the circumstances (drunk driver), and he was only still young (27) and he was just one of those guys that everyone knew and everyone liked. I remember driving past it, after they removed people but the vehicles were still there and seeing from a distance it was a bike accident and I'm always stirred when I see stuff like that, and then we looked for the bike and when we saw the bike on the road and realised we knew the bike, and it was Nicks no denying it, theres no words to explain how you feel when you see that, and then to have it confirmed a little later and that he didnt make it its the worst ever. Even people who didnt know him support the fundraisers and car/bike shows they have now in his honor. I have a sticker on my bike of his name that they sell to raise money for MADD, and its a reminder that anything can happen at any time, even if you're careful. Its always very sad when someone goes because of someone elses pure stupidity. I have only ever had one other friend get hit, side swiped by a truck, and he was in hospital for a little bit from it, and totalled his Ducati. Knock wood I never have to experience an accident.

  • Yes. My wife wishes I'd sell it and be done with riding. But I love it. All I can do is be as careful as I can. But still have fun. I'm addicted.

  • Not to hijack a thread, but that was my friend Nick. My dad actually HATES that I ride, any time I mention we went for a ride he actually gets upset and tells me I shouldnt be riding I'm going to get hurt some day or worse. He hates seeing me on my bike lol. He worries wayy too much. I always tell him to relax because if I spent all my time preventing myself from doing the things that could kill me, I wouldnt really be living any kind of life. I always use the example I could choke on a peanut and die lol and him being technical on everything has to reply with, but you dont like peanuts, so your point is invalid :P