Okay the bike broke it s seize very easily I lubed it and was free in 15...


Okay the bike broke it's seize very easily. I lubed it and was free in 15 minutes. one side has and holds decent compression. left side drops like rings are shot. (hopefully that's all) right side the spark plug holes threads are jacked. I may need to helicoil it. I'm gonna pull the head and do it since I've gotta do internal work. Where can find new rings? supposedly it's on stock bore but I won't know til it's checked. Also I'm located in Utah

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  • Is that a visual impact seat rails kits ?

  • is it a 250 or 400 ?

  • 400

  • I got mine from a german company for my xs360. It was the only place I could find to get stock size. If you're stuck ill search for the name.

  • Okay thanks I'll let you know what I find.

  • I posted in the site, I can't work out how to send it to just you, very cheap set!

  • right on I found av standard set of rings for 90 in the states