Okay this is great


Okay, this is great.

I got an email last week saying "COME TEST RIDE A HARLEY DAVIDSON!!111!11!!", so I said what the hell, and signed up.

They called and set it up for today, so I head down there. The model I signed up to test was the Softail Slim. They got one ready, and pulled another out, the Softail Slim S which has a bigger motor and other upgrades.

Two sales dudes went with me, one on the S, and one on a Fatboy, that way at the halfway point I could switch to the S and compare the two.

The first part of the ride is fine, and I swap over to the S model. At a red light on the way back (we were riding staggered in one lane, I was in the middle} all of a sudden I notice a huge cloud of smoke blow past me, with the unmistakable smell of burning oil.

I look back at the Fatboy behind me, and see a river of oil just pouring out and onto the cylinders. At this point, I of course start laughing my ass off. The guy in front, who I was mostly beside at the light, had no idea what was going on until I pointed backwards.

The lead salesriderdude started making all sorts of excuses. "It's a used bike." "Usually we go through them but sometimes they go on the lot in as is condition." "It's probably just a small leak." etc. I responded, "That isn't a small leak, and do you realize just how many Harley stereotypes you're enforcing?" At that point he shut up and we rode back.

I got off at the dealership, still laughing. The lead rider said something to the effect of "Let's go back inside and I'll turn you back over to Makenna {the salesperson I was actually dealing with}. I said "Sure, but first I got to take a picture of that, it's comedy gold.

It was then that he literally dove in front between me and the bike yelling "NOO". I of course started laughing more. I scooted to the side and he said "Makenna {who is female| flash him or something! We can't let him get a picture of this!!" Of course, after both she and I did the "Wait, what?" I laughed even harder.

So after that, they pulled out two more over $20k higher end bikes for me to test ride.

After the test rides, the higher up dudes who were trying to get me to buy right then and there kept asking me "Why don't you want to trade in your current bike?", to which I replied each time, "Mine is faster than yours." That seemed to irritate them a wee tad, but I was in a groove.

Here's the kicker. I didn't let it get that far, but they were telling me that I could put zero down, have no payments for six months, they **knew I was unemployed**, and I could ride away with a $23K bike because "Well, in six months you'll have a job, right?"

It was a high-larry-us day.

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  • Good for you. Junk ass Harleys.. Raiders Rule

  • this is fantastic hahahah

  • Should have said does that come with grenade coverage? And how many years n miles?