Old Yamaha add


Old Yamaha add.

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  • Never noticed it. Must have been the "triangle" stand of the time, for MX bikes. Lol

  • I would drive that

  • Yea, my K had a similar one. Not a kickstand. It had a hook that hooked over the crosswise tube in the frame at the back of the motor and a U shaped cradle that sat under the frame tube running forward. Much more stable setup than those triangle stands.

  • 84 YZ250, I had one, great, reliable bike

  • Is it just me or do the spokes look weird

  • No the spokes were weird. Yamaha came up with this gimmick called Z spokes to combat Suzuki's brilliant straight pull spoke system where each spoke was actually two spokes that came in from the rim, took a z turn through the hub hole then went back out to the other side of the rim if you get what I mean. They were an awful system and they only persisted with them for a few years.

  • I'm surprised you picked that up from the pic Cody I can't actually see it but it probably made the spoke pattern look weird too.

  • I noticed it in the back wheel first Geoff Faulkner then looked at the front one

  • In my experience the 84 YZ was not one of their best efforts, as Geoff Faulkner said the Z pull spokes were rubbish always coming loose even in a 20 min moto. It was also well down on power compared to the RM an CR, the build quality was not up to Yamaha's usual standard as it broke easily in a crash. On the plus side it handled better than anything else on the track that year. I also found the power valve a real pain in the ass to clean and maintain

  • In some way's the K's were better bikes. The Americans were putting K barrels on their 125's to make them go better.