On bike cameras who uses what


On bike cameras - who uses what?

I'm after something that is discreet, that can be powered from the bike whilst remaining waterproof.

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  • I was also interested in the Innov c3 http://www.minidvcameras.co.uk/viewitem.php?produc tid=125 see techmoan and others on you tube.

  • I have a GoPro Hero 3+, attached to the right-hand handlebar, just inside the hard guard mounting. Great quality video. I can show a photo of the set-up if you'd like.

  • For it used to be about 180gbp so 99 for a secretable camera seems good.

  • For permanent camera, despite the price and difficulty to find them on the market, seen this on the web on several Tracers somewhere in Japan I think. The integrated system with the remote is fantastic. http://www.foxeye-cam.com/product_con.php?lang=en& idept=11&pk=17.

  • I've got a HD93 with a GPS receiver which powers the unit, requires a USB power input, can be setup to automatically turn on when it gets power and turn off after a preset time, I have mine on 1 minute. The camera head is velcro'd under the headlight.


  • You may like to see the quality of the video the cam produces, YouTube does compress a lot and some quality is lost with the online version.


  • Don't seem to be able to embed two pics in the same post.

    And a pic of it on the bike, you'll have to zoom in to see the camera head, the recorder is under the seat.


  • What sort of money are we looking at Steve?

  • I bought it 2 years ago, then it was $233 including postage from China .HD93 and the optional GPS receiver ( that was US$ 35 included in the total price). No idea what the price is now, Have the guy's email address if you'd like to contact him and find out.

  • I found some software which uses the GPS file, the one supplied on the DVD is a little similar but pants, a screen shot of it in action.