On the look out for a Tracer any for sale in the UK Seen a few at dealers that...


On the look out for a Tracer, any for sale in the UK? Seen a few at dealers that are tempting but looking to see if the price can be beaten privately. Thanks

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  • Where are you based Thomas ?

  • I was going to buy a 2nd hand tracer but when I saw the price difference between old and new I thought better get a new one so I did

  • I've noticed similar Martin, which makes the dealers a bit more attractive with the usual dealer benefits.

  • I've seen a few pass through Ebay recently sub £6k which were also at dealers and amazingly had fairly low mileage, but then there was also a CAT D sold on ebay for £4800 with 12k on it. The market seems to be highly varied. I'm in Scotland but would travel for the right bike.

  • As a comparison I paid £6500 for mine in July a year to the day it was registered, so a 15 plate with 6k miles with 600 mile and first service stamp, full r&g bungs, full Kappa luggage and in genuinely mint condition. I also haggled to get the dealer to fit new rubber which saved me the best part of £200. You wouldn't be able to get a private seller to fit new tyres. I think I got a good deal.

  • I think you got a good deal too!

  • I got a MT09 (not tracer) for sale if anyone is interested?

  • Did exactly the same as the shop I got mine from gave me £400 better trade price for the old bike than another dealer. Plus being the latest version it has the newer shock and the sump where they moved the oil drain bolt to the side of the sump.

  • Sorry mate, you can't prise my hands off the handlebars with a crow bar. ;>))

  • Have you tried the Tiger Sport?

  • Yes I have another to soft year shock contender . Worse than the Tracer but the soft seat helps when you harden the shock .

  • I've a race blue for sale givi rack and Yamaha soft luggage in the Midlands