Onto the dry dock in Seychelles


Onto the dry dock in Seychelles

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  • Peter , Your neighborhood. :-) (Looks so much like yours too)

  • To Doug. It is Pete's hood. I am the wife.

  • I just bought this dock for this season, is it a Candock?

  • Hi Shay. Not sure. Will ask Pete to answer.

  • Thanks! I'm nervous to use mine for the first time but you guys made it look easy! Enjoy!

  • So if you drive on, how do you get the boat back off?

  • Dave Zembek reverse winch I believe, also there's an air system that lifts the back, so I'm wondering if when that's deflated there's enough "motor" in the water to power off. I'll keep you posted haha

  • oh a Beauty eee !

  • That is so funny. Thanks for posting it Isobel.

  • Shay Lauren Make sure you video the first try...lol I would think the deflating would be the way to go if it works. I just can't see a winch helping much more. I've seen them for jetskis but the guys I know with them basically bounce up and down till it slides back...kinda hard with a 4000lb boat....lol But I like the concept. Mine is an old school (very old..lol) with bunks you pull onto and big air tanks that lift wit an air pump

  • My dock is a Candock, has an air system and can only be removed with a reverse which which is build on to the dock

  • Dave Zembek don't worry, video, go pros, going to be interesting. Right now it's all broke apart into a million cubes. Should be interesting