Packed and loaded ready for the trip to Sydney who s coming for a ride...


Packed and loaded, ready for the trip to Sydney...who's coming for a ride tommorrow!? I'm excited!


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  • Sweet I'll be on the blue team colour one

  • Mitchell how are the roads mate? It's pretty damp where I am in parramatta

  • Dry atm!

  • Heading there soon! Team blue! Dry roads ahead!!!

  • Keep us updated

  • Heading there soon. Gonna meet a mate at ettamogah. Weather app still says dry. Wet everywhere else. Who's there and what's it like?

  • I went up today, got to grey gums about 3pm. There were some wet patches and lift rain but overall pretty dry. Awesome road will definitely be going again. How did you guys go?

  • I would have been out of there about 130ish, had an absolute blast today, started raining a little on our way out but wasn't too bad, had fun learnt a lot from my coach and came home safe :)

    covered just over 500km all over the place, shame we didn't meet up, will have to organise a big day and I'll come up again.

  • That's a solid ride mate, we will have to organise a ride soon.

  • Sorry couldn't meet you guys. Was late. Thought i saw you rhys ride by while i was at a servo. White helmet? Witha zzr? Or mc22? Behind you. Another ride soon.