For anyone in the Corning Elmira region of the Southern Tier of New York state... — Yamaha V-Star riders


For anyone in the Corning/Elmira region of the Southern Tier of New York state, the annual "Bikers Love Boobies" benefit ride for breast cancer awareness will be Saturday, May 19th. My friend, Jonni Behm, was diagnosed in November of last year, and this year's benefit ride will be in her honor. She has asked me if I would be her biker escort, so it looks like the V-Star will be front and center.

Information for the ride:

Registration: Marconi Lodge, Corning, NY

9am-10:30am Fee is $15.00/bike

Leaving Marconi @ Approx. 10:55am


... 11:45am in Mountain View Inn, Atlanta, NY (lunch available at your own expense)

1:55pm Cancer Services Program, Hornell, NY

3:15pm Bear Tracks, Westfield, PA

Final stop: Lake View Lodge in Lawrenceville, PA 5:30pm

(All You Can Eat buffet dinner $15.00/person)

Band @ 9pm: Brian Hughes

Chinese Auction and 50/50 raffles

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Anyone have trouble with their strap pins coming out when bending the neck with... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Anyone have trouble with their strap pins coming out when bending the neck with the strap on? Every few months I have to unscrew them, jam some tooth picks and glue in the hole and screw them back on.

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  • I usually run a longer screw myself, either 1 3/4" or 2". They force me to grind down the head to fit it inside the straplocks but I have NEVER had any issues. On a side note, I did have a Peavey strap break mid neck bend during a solo about 10 yrs ago. Watched the Attitude slam down to the floor...

  • My straps are "permanently" attached with long screws that go way in---the straps don't come off unless you unscrew them.

  • is there the kind of prep to drill a further pilot hole as mentioned above?

my twins — Yamaha V-Max

my twins

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  • If you like one, you like them both.... Lucky they have differend plates;-)

  • My wife say's one must go, so I said ok you go I will stay with the bikes ;-))

  • taste is pesonal the second gen vmax is butt ugly, heavier than gen 1 ,alum frame sucks ugly headlight ugly exhausts and the list goes on and on, it's a motorcycle based for sale to the BABY BOOMERS like i said it's a question of taste I'M GONNA KEEP MY 2004 VMAX , did u notice atleast that yamaha took all the mods from over the world that people put on thier vmax's and put it all in one bike maybe that's why i find it UGLY

Jeremy Hill shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

To all of you lovely Bemsee people that donated through my embarrassment of, not only wearing a pink tutu and bra, but to falling off at the Esses at Pembrey on the oil in the outfit! The things I do for publicity of good causes!

....a very big thank you as you have donated £101 for my Walk-the-Walk (Moonwalk) event next weekend with Tina and a few thousand other people walking overnight for Breast cancer.

I have paid the money to the page under the British Motorcycle Racing Club and am truly grateful.

If you missed the opportunity to put a pound in the pot then by all means go to this link,, select "sponsor me" and select my name (or Tina's) from the drop down list. You have already been very kind so thank you.

The video of me falling off will be uploaded, and link supplied, as soon as I get the chance to edit it accordingly!

Well done to all those that had great race moments over the weekend and a speedy recovery to those that might have a bruise or two.


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    esto pasa cuando falla el mezclador bomba de aceite se agarraron los aros al... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

    esto pasa cuando falla el mezclador (bomba de aceite) !!!!! se agarraron los aros al cilindro... solución: rectificar cilindro (med de cil 1.75) cambio de pistón(japón)

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    • yo le estoy echando el máxima de castor! Anda muy bien mientras ande la bomba. Jajaja

    • pregunto , ya que no conozco el aceite que mencionas, ¿no es muy denso para usar con el mezclador?

    • yo tengo el mezclador desconectado... mezcla directa al tanque la mejor solución... uso Castrol 2T la botella roja (el más barato), al litro de aceite le agrego 100cc de aceite de ricino y anda de lujo... si querés usar algo un poquito mejor para temperaturas más elevadas, el Castrol de botella Gris (no me acuerdo cómo se llama) + los 100cc de ricino, pero repito, el más barato anda de lujo....

    I own a 2003 vstar 1100 with straight pipes I got the carbs synched and valves... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    I own a 2003 vstar 1100 with straight pipes, I got the carbs synched and valves set at 5000kms. What I am wondering is that I now have 15,000kms on it and need to know whether a sync and set is really necessary. I know what the manual says and the mechanics I've talked to at yamaha say don't worry but what do you guys think? Am I being "too cautious"? I can hear a very slight tick which I think is normal for any bike and it idles very smooth and rides smooth throughout the band. Only thing is that when I deceaalerate it pops continously because of the pipes, which is somethng that doesn't bug me. So what do you guys think??

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      Selling my 1993 TDM850 Newer dual sport tires rear less than 800 miles front... — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

      Selling my 1993 TDM850. Newer dual sport tires ( rear less than 800 miles, front less than 200), 5000k Bi-xenon HID, $400 custom Corbin seat (new last summer, less than 800 miles, also have stock seat in good condition), heated grips, new hand guards, bar end mirrors, chrome stock exhaust, after market taller windscreen, rebuilt and revalved forks, r6 electric fuel pump upgrade, digital regulator/ rectifier mod, has small scrape on fairing and dent in right muffler from falling over, but over all in very good condition for it's age. Cooling system flushed and fresh antifreeze last fall, fresh oil and filter change this week. 44,000 miles, uses very little oil. Owners manual and lots of maintenance receipts. Located in norther Nevada. $3600 or best offer. Picture is before I added the handguards and replaced the front tire. Top case and saddle bags not included.

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        Gerald Kimbrough Jr. shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

        just read this article.....arrrrgh indiana

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        • I would if I had a 250 touring

        • When they get that big to me they are no longer a scooter, its a step through motorcycle...

        • Yeah your right...back to the point of this msg though...I do hope they can work or scooter laws to be univeral through the states for licenced n unlicened individuals

        something like this on a C3. with and underseat or undertail LED tail — Yamaha C3

        something like this on a C3..with and underseat or undertail LED tail


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        • check this out brother

!/photo.php?fbid=2592144683241&set=o. 18606274663&type=3&theater

        • Yo I wanted to do the lazy eye ruckus head light...sorry can't check photo @ the moment..will def check later

        • That's exactly what I'm trying to show u

        has anybody ever done a seat conversion yet — Yamaha C3

        has anybody ever done a seat conversion yet?

        im thinkin ruckus style, i know I'll lose trunk space....just wanted to see if it could be and easy swap to mild fabrication or fully custom job n frame mods n such.....lets have a meeting of the minds!

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        • He's a High School Mechanical Class Instructor at a school in Evansville,In that has built several ultra-light vehicles, powered by Yamaha C3 Scooter drivelines, in the Shell Gas Co's fuel mileage competition...He's got a basement full of C3 scooter body parts he'd love to get rid of!

        • cool Bruce i remember you sharing this info before...i used to actually work in a body shop in Evansville...i can contact Mr. neisen and use my associates in Evansville to deliver or ship my parts thx again.

        I m selling my 85 Vmax She s in excellent original condition All stock never... — Yamaha V-Max

        I'm selling my '85 Vmax. She's in excellent original condition. All stock, never down, never abused. Located in Knoxville, TN. 26K miles on bike. Asking $3200 obo

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        • Are you getting another one?

        • sounds like reasonable deal, I wish you luck, but why selling it?

        • I'm selling her to fund a Corvette restore project I'm working on. I know I will miss the vmax. Funnest bike I've ever owned

        Awhile back I bought one of these shock absorbers on ebay The price included... — Yamaha C3

        Awhile back I bought one of these shock absorbers on ebay...The price included at least $20 worth of free shipping, which influenced my purchasing it... ... m=&vxp=mtr I installed it after lunch today...First thing I found, while attempting to install the 235mm, N2/Oil shock was that it's Not 235mm in length! I have installed 5 or 6 different 235mm shocks without having to pull the side cover...There's just enough room to get your hands, and tools, (including a torque wrench,) up behind the cover to get it done. I had to pull the cover, and jack the body up about an inch to get the new shock to fit...It required, holding my mouth, "Just Right!" As they say hereabouts. (And, the use of my big rubber mallet! ) There's not a lot of clearance up next to the airbox, but I saw no evidence that the shock was hitting the airbox body...I ended up adjusting the preload about 1/3 of a turn from all the way slack, for my 221 lbs.Which, gave a ride right between being harsh,and springy, over bumps on a "WashBoard," road. It's likely 240-245mm in length, as my 130/90-10 rear tire is firmly touching the ground when my scooter's up on the main stand. Be that as it may...On my 14 mile test ride, I rode some of the roughest roads in the county, without having my teeth rattled, & it turned smooth rodes into a Magic Carpet! If you weigh 180lbs on up,this is a lot of shock for the money, even if the seller doesn't spring for shipping. Gabe


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        • Once you remove the side cover, the hardest part is over...You'll do fine!

        • Trust me, pulling off the side cover is no big deal... it's all screws except for one plastic plug right beside the brake light. That one is PITA to get off.

          BTW, you will need pliers to remove the screw holding the black center panel off before trying to remove the side panels. There is a weird type of yorx head on there with a small pin in the middle that prevents you from using a regular yorx head. I used a dremel to grind that annoying little pin out of there before re-installing.

        • And, if you get tired of the screws rattling out and the mounts cracking, you can drill 3/16" holes and secure your body with small tyraps, making panel removal even simpler!

        Here is a view of the Attitude we don t get to see much — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Here is a view of the Attitude we don't get to see much.

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        • well.. you do now !! .. (y)

        • This is where I had my bass refinished ies

          Warning the guy took 8 months to finish my bass and things were starting to get ugly until I kept calling to push him and wondering what was going on. After some research Ive learned I wasn’t the only one. He does good work but it will take a very long time.

        • If anyone is thinking of refinishing an instrument use any of these 5 Refinishers. They have great reputations.

          Marty Bell

          Mike Learn


          Pat Wilkins

          Dan Lawrence

        Placed the Tarozzi rearsets this week reconditioned the front brakes yesterday — Yamaha XS650

        Placed the Tarozzi rearsets this week, reconditioned the front brakes yesterday. Then took it for a test drive, FAIL after 200 meters -> Battery drained... Pushed the bike back home, checked electric components and found faulty cable. Changed cable and did successfull test drive. :-) Today change the fork seals and fit gaitors.

        And the she is ready for her 2nd maiden trip after 37 years to :-)

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        • First time I've seen one with an early 70's front fender(with the support beams) and a fork stabilizer as well. I have a '75 and was figurin' that the fender probably did a good enough job of keeping things straight. Am I wrong?

        • I tend to agree...

        • The stabilizer was there when I bought the bike, no fender was there. the fender is one that I had lying around... Decided to mount the fender and since the stabilizer was there anyway...

        My oil pressure light wont turn off — Yamaha Virago XV 750

        My oil pressure light wont turn off...

        I have an idea about the oil pressure gauge is defect.

        Is it possible to take the gauge device of and clean it?

        Or do i have to separate the hole engine?

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        • how do i attach a oilpreasure gauge to the engine?

        • good question..never heard of anyone doing it..purhaps some one out there knows????

        • I'm not so good to explain to myself in English :-) ...i'm not thinking a permanent gauge measurement but just to check the pressure once :)

        Planning to get the November 2011 recall taken care off on my V Star 950 — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Planning to get the November 2011 recall taken care off on my V-Star 950 (on certain motorcycles, the fuel supply hose between the two fuel injectors may have been manufactured incorrectly, which could allow a fuel leak to develop. Fuel leakage, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire causing property damage and/or personal injury. Correction: Dealers will replace the fuel injector pipe assembly.) The dealer wants to keep the bike the whole day for it. I can't believe it'll take them that long though. Did you get it done yet? How long did it take on your bike? Thanks!

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          I m trying to get a good funk tone somewhere along the lines of flea could... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          I'm trying to get a good funk tone (somewhere along the lines of flea) could anyone give me some tips in obtaining that?

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          • PS. I'm not a lover of the scooped slap sound (not a fan of slap all round TBH, but that's just me), I prefer a flatter tone with fatter mids. Sits in a mix much better - scooped mids tend to get lost behind the rest of the band and become more percussive with little note/pitch definition.

          • You can get a great Attitude slap sound. I do all the time! (Well I like it)

            Horses for courses, what I think sounds like gold you might think sounds like someone beating a bin with a crab.

            So each to their own!

          • The cheap Zoom processors all have a convincing Flea patch. My attitude has a great slap sound but I wouldn't use it because of the raise woofer pick up. Its a shame you can't bring that pick up down to the height of the scratch plate. It would make the bass more versatile.

          Fitted some Hand Guards from the Zuma 125 — Yamaha C3

          Fitted some Hand Guards from the Zuma 125...

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          • yeah- all's well but the hands. can't seem to really get anything to block well enough.

          • Hunters use these disposable Hand Warmers that sporting goods stores sell inside of their gloves

          • I have a pair that are over 25 years old, My hands have never got cool with them on even downhill skiing here in Wisconsin.

          what s the really top speed of the Fz6r — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          what's the really top speed of the Fz6r..?

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          • 180 lb 210KM/H

          • Don't forget that bikes are never the same they may go down the same production line BUT there will always be small differences in material quality, computer and rev calibrations, the tensions of nuts and bolts as well as minor manufacturing imperfections combine these and you will never get two bikes exactly the same and therefore top speed will always be different regardless of wieght and computers. Also remember tyre preasures, chain tension and lubrication will alter speed and handling

          • for the record before mine was written off by an idiot doing a U-turn infront of me. I had recorded 220KM/H on a race track earlier that day. I am 186cm and wiegh in at 105 KG

          Eduardson Bautista edited a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)



          1] PAANDARIN ANG MAKINA - Isang daliri turo sa taas na paikot ikot

          2] SINDIHAN ANG HEADLIGHT - Tapik sa tuktok ng helmet


          4] MAGDAHAN DAHAN - Pompyang na nakataob na pumapaypay pataas-pababa

          5] HINTO - Isang kamao na nakataas ng tuwid.

          6] LUBAK O ANUMANG NAKAKASEMPLANG NA ABERIA - Ituro ng kamay o ng paa.

          7] ISANG LINYA - Itaas ang hintuturo

          8] DALAWANG LINYA MAGKATABI - Itaas ang hintuturo at hinlalato

          9] TATLONG LINYA MAGKATABI - Itaas ang hintuturo, hinlalato at palasingsingan.

          10] APAT NA LINYA MAGKATABI - Itaas ang hintuturo, hinlalato, palasingsingan at kalingkingan.

          11] DALAWANG LINYANG SALUNGAT NA MAGKATABI (STAGGERED) - Itaas ang hintuturo at kalingkingan

          12] OVERTAKE - paharap at palikod na paypay ng palad na nakaturo sa gilid

          13] BUSINA - bukas-sarang palad na nakataas






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            I know I ve asked this before but does anyone know where I can get a cheap fmf... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

            I know I've asked this before but does anyone know where I can get a cheap fmf pipe, that is under 200?

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            • Haha! Yea! Well I'm trying to build mine where it's all power! lol

            • You want power lol... Wiesco .20" 10.5:1 piston, hot crank and rod, kibblewhite intake, exhaust, and springs, stage 2 hot cam, stage 2 port and polish, multi angle valve job, wiesco cam chain, cometic engine gaskets, built trans, racing oil pump, and an oil cooler. Thats my engine build lol.

            • Jet kits are useless and just go for a slip on

            Gente tengo un maldito problema con mi DT 175 que ya me secó el bocho lo... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

            Gente tengo un maldito problema con mi DT 175 que ya me secó el bocho, lo comparto y por ahí a alguien con experiencia, que le haya pasado lo mismo, supo solucionarlo.. La cuestión es la siguiente: mi DT no está nada original, tiene otros guardabarros, sin cachas, sin cuentavueltas ni velocímetro y al frente no tiene faro, sino un portanúmeros ventilado (muchas menos cosas para romper, ni perder, y por ende mucho menos peso.. jejeje). La cosa es que para los viajecitos a las sierras, o alguna endureada nocturna, a veces necesito luz así que tiene un farito cualquiera (chiquito) detrás del portanúmeros con una lámpara halógena de 12V y 55W y atrás una tirita de leds, como obviamente tampoco tiene la batería, le puse un regulador de corriente pero me lo quema y obviamente me quema las lámparas. Si alguien tiene idea de como solucionar esto, agradeceré su ayuda. Gracias

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            • justamente en eso es en lo que pensaba yo.. la bobina.. la mía es 94 por lo que supuse que era 6V por eso puse un regulador 6V y una lámpara 6V 55W pero me los quemó igual que los de 12V.. Obviamente con 12V mejora la luz, por eso quería meterle 12V. Averiguame y avisame lo que puedas por favor Luis.. Espero noticias. Muchas gracias

            • y si no puedo solucionarlo, le meto cualquier luz e led que consiga o le hago una con unos 15 o 20 led de alta potencia y se los mando directos, sin regulador y chau.. total atrás están así y hasta ahora no se han quemado

            • La bobina es de honda ns 50, al iodo (simil regulador de voltage) le agrego un rectificador de 12v, la bateria de dax. y el destellador para los giros es de una 110. ademas todas las lamparas de 12v.

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • ?????????????

            • ?????????????????

            • Really clever, skillfull, You must be proud.

            Hola mi nombre es Damián Lopez gracias por aceptarme en el grupo En febrero me... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

            Hola mi nombre es Damián Lopez, gracias por aceptarme en el grupo. En febrero me compré un Dt125 1992 hecha bosta, de a poco la estoy dejando bien, ya le hice rectificación de biela, cigüeñal, pistón aros, cambio de rulemanes, retenes, resorte de patada de arranque, patada de arranque, susp. delantera (retenes), y lo que me está matando es el carburador, que me chorrea combustible, si cierro el paso de la aguja no pasa combustible y si lo abro chorrea, le cambié aguja y asiento, compre un kit de reparación, alguien me puede dar una ayuda? o la tendré que llevar a un mecánico? Para darle tensión al resorte de la susp. trasera solo tengo que girar con la mano el selector?. La moto es un fierrazo el motor cada vez está mas blando, la llevé a las sierras y anduvo bárbaro, nada al igual que las tornado y dr 350 la moto es super liviana para maniobrar. Después subo fotos.

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            • La verdad es que no se si lleva 300cc, aunque a ojo te diria que no debe estar muy lejos.

            • Muchas gracias a la tarde hago la prueba

            • Bienvenidooo

            Bent handlebar — Yamaha V-Max

            Bent handlebar.

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            • See the story below. Also note the dent in the false gas tank.

            • You got to hate that, when that happens . . .

            • The Vmax acceleration and a strong grip can do that ;)

            Well I just upgraded to my first V max A 99 carbon fiber Previous owner had... — Yamaha V-Max

            Well, I just upgraded to my first V-max! A '99 carbon fiber. Previous owner had it tip over on him while rounding a corner at slow speed. It needs a little work, and some parts on the left side - shift pedal, rear signal, cover plate etc. I'll be hoping for some advice from you folks. Starting with replacing the handlebar & hand-warmer grips (I'm in Canada). Thinking about a wide drag bar (33"). I'm 6'4. Anyone see a disadvantage to that -(comfort, appearance, safety etc)?

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            • Hey Carl, i have a drag bar (used to be short, changed it for a wide one) mounted on my max with hand-warmer grips ( hand-warmer grips are for comfort and i can recommand them). It's a more sporty position wich i prefer to the standard handlebar on a vmax. You feel more "in control" of the bike using a drag bar. Of course that's my personal opinion. Second hand pieces can be found easely on the www. Have fun!

            • I'm 5'10" so I can't really offer you a view on that. I've dragged my bike at the track LOTS with the stock bars turned down so the levers just clear the tank cover. It's a comfortable position for me. I have a new drag bar hanging on the wall but will wait until I get a 1500cc engine built before that goes on.

            • Carl, take a piece of conduit or broom handle and hold where you will be mounting the bar. Make sure you hold your hands to the width.

              We do this at the shop to help customers get the feel. It helps in the decision process.

              As for safety, make sure you use the BLUE locktite when you do the final install.

            what bad would come out of putting a two brothers exhaust on with out a juice... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            what bad would come out of putting a two brothers exhaust on with out a juice box? would it run as smooth? would it hurt the engine? would it backfire excessively?

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            • biohazardcycles is the cheapest TBR to date just tell him you were recommended from the fz6r-forum and he will save you even more then the $850 deal saves you

            • yea, if i let off the throttle at a higher rpm it pops a bit, but i kinda like the noise to be honest.. i installed it in my garage without a stand.. just used the kickstand.. took about an hour or so to install.. love the sound by comparison to stock.. a couple of harley guys i know even like how it sounds.

            • so the marthy exhaust is as good as everyone says? any testimonials? pics?

            ok chaps don t know if anyone can help Got an 350lc which we recently put a... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            ok chaps don't know if anyone can help. Got an 350lc which we recently put a rebuilt and tuned engine in. Trouble is it only wants to run on the right cylinder (as you sit on the bike) Occasionally running on two, then cutting out and back firing. To cut a long story short. Exhausts, carbs, plugs and coil change to no effect. Thought it might be the top end, so swapped that over and then it all worked. rode it for 20 miles and it was great, went to start it again and the problem is back. Any ideas? Tank has been flushed, even put a remote fuel tank on

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            • Sorry Claire, you know as much about em than Mr G! Hope the flu is better ;) Giles, if you think it is electrical, undo the plugs and put the plug and lead from RHS onto LHS pot and vice versa. If it was electrical the fault would move to the other pot.

            • Turned out to be a bad batch of plugs and slightly rich pre mix, new plug and now the bike is a dream, thanks for all the suggestions

            • what plugs were you using then?

            I noticed this today the 1st day I took the bike out of winter storage — Yamaha C3

            I noticed this today, the 1st day I took the bike out of winter storage. The seat key assembly has opened a gap with the bodywork. The body panels seem fine, so I assume the key assembly has shifted for some reason. I have no clue why this happened and was wondering if anyone else had the same problem? I baby the bike cause I don't want to scratch the paint and so always look carefully before I insert the key, so it wasn't forced or otherwise pushed out of alignment. Now I have to figure out how to fix it plus my baby is no longer a virgin, damage wise. That sucks. Any comments or instructions are welcome. Thanks

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            • maybe that warpage due to the temputure? hot and cold or extreme cold ?

            • On the inside of your "Trunk" on the wall behind the left side cover, in the middle of the wall, is a phillips head screw. Try pushing the panel tight while you gently tighten that screw. It sometimes works it's way loose.

            • Problem solved! Where the red panels meet the black seat edge plastic had slipped out a little and when I tucked the 2 back in line, the issue was fixed. Thanks for the advice as it showed me where to check. And they say the internet isn't good for anything,,,pffffttt....

            What is the size of back tyre of Yamaha V max 1200. 180 70 15 — Yamaha V-Max

            What is the size of back tyre of Yamaha V-max 1200? 180/70/15 ????

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            • Thank you very much Terri for the link above. By studying the site I think I will have found a solution for my problem of a always weak battery !!!

            • Glad it was helpful! :)

            • Stock rear tyre width is 150.

            Did some recording today noticed that the E string on the woofer pick up has... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Did some recording today, noticed that the E string on the woofer pick up has lower signal. I putted on new strings but it didn`t solve the problem. Any suggestion?

            On the P-picks it works alright.

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            • Setting the pickups on stereo mode and bi-amp system that's better and faster to set...

            • Thanks Hans for that input also, but the P has a good distance from the string at this moment.

            • @Freddo, the trusty Boss LS-2 works a treat for us without 2 channel amps. ;)

            Recently bought an 07 C3 loving it so far Today I got a new air filter removed... — Yamaha C3

            Recently bought an '07 C3; loving it so far. Today I got a new air filter, removed the metal plate and rubber snorkel, and punched two .5" holes in the airbox below where the snorkel was. Flopped the key on and off many times at varying speeds to reset the Ecu (can't tell when it resets..). Only got to ride for 5 minutes before the rain came, so didn't get a real clear idea about the change in performance (I read somewhere that it will take a while for the readjustment of the Ecu to catch up). I did however notice a significant growl that was't there before; the intake is significantly louder than the exhaust now (doesn't bother me, but might bother someone if they really like the fact that stock setup is so quiet).

            Ordered 4 gram sliders yesterday, can't wait to try them out. Going with the stock variator with the washer moved to the back side, based on what I've been reading online.

            After that, I want to focus on improving the ride comfort. Currently it feels like the rear shock is nonexistant (springs slam the seat back to full travel position after each compression), and when I'm cornering at speed or under power the rear wheel feels squirrelly (sp?).

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            • I finished off my first tank of gas the other day; came in at 93 mpg! WTF? Then I checked the tire pressure; previous owner had it set at 10 psi front and 15 psi back. Increased both to 25 psi each and (obviously) noticed a huge improvement in the free-rolling characteristic, hoping for the 110 mpg next tank.

            • Yesterday I installed the 4 gram Dr Pulley sliders, and moved the restrictor washer behind the variater. HFS it's made a huge difference. I gained about 4.5 mph top end (42 mph, didn't hit any form of limiter yet that I can tell), and I'm accelerating up hills that I struggled to climb previously.

              I also had to add a missing bracket between the muffler and the fender. Apparently the previous owner bent the muffle inwards when he laid it over. For the record, it IS possible to bend the muffle/bracket back out by hand.

            • A heavier rear shock is a big difference.. only problem is then the front shocks feel too soft... I fitted new shocks and front wheel with disck brakes from a Zuma on my C3. Rides great now.. It is a big job requiring some machining so not an easy swap.

            1986 JaxMax with new 6in extension — Yamaha V-Max

            1986 JaxMax with new 6in extension.

            hmmmmm What's next on the tweak list......................

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            • Sorry for hijacking your thread George, sweet bike! Lots of seat options out there these days.

            • No worries. It is clear that I am proud of my bike and it should be noted that I would not have this bike in the condition it is without the expertice and creativity of James McElroy. Do not forget to check out the triple clamps that he designed!

            • @ james, No offence taken, when I designed the MAXGASSER I knew not everyone would like it............. but it does work Really well, and Ive sold enough of them to put a new gen II in my garage. Good luck with your casting venture!

            Hi folks. Just decided to upgrade to a V Max from my 87 Fazer 750. fzx — Yamaha V-Max

            Hi folks. Just decided to upgrade to a V-Max from my '87 Fazer 750 (fzx). It's so fast and mean, Im not sure if I can part with it, but I want something that fits my frame - I'm 6'4.

            Anyone got a handle on one for sale in Southern Ontario? Hell, I'd even travel for the right deal.

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            • I can see or do as much on my phone either.

            • Sorry Terri, I thought I was facebook savvy, but this timeline business gives me trouble. I don't see any postings from you after March 23, and I don't see anything about "red solo cup". The most recent thing on your timeline (visible to me) is about a criminal case. It's ok if you give up on helping me now. Thanks anyway.

            • I just posted it again but to the wall so that everyone can see it. Try that.

            Chicos como están me presento me llamo Roberto pero desde chico me dicen Tito — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

            Chicos como están, me presento, me llamo Roberto, pero desde chico me dicen Tito. Les hago una consulta, para la lubricación: Autolube o hacer la mezcla uno mismo?

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            • yo la castigo bastante con el 710 y se la banca y eso q. no tiene el nicasil porque le hice el motor..

            • No tiene nikasil porque le hiciste el motor? el Vr-R no trae nikasil de fabrica. Muchisimas gracias por las respuestas! :)

            • Tenía entendido q. si trae... Alguien con el motor sin abrir q. lo habrá y se fije jajaja

            I have just fitted my new Tank knee grips they went on very easy I had the... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            I have just fitted my new Tank knee grips, they went on very easy. I had the universal ones and cut them to shape, simple as that, and with a hair dryer to warm them during application, they moulded well to the shape of the tank. These are almost Half the price of the stomp grip and just as good if not better. Try them yourself, and save 10% on every order when you mention, *Chicken Strips Racing*. Check out there site, and remember, mention *Chicken Strips Racing* when ordering to save 10%.

   Motorbike-Accessories-/_i.html?_fsub=1910093013&_s id=916348963&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

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              The Final instruction allocation Thanks to all those LATE requests I dunno... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              The Final instruction allocation. Thanks to all those LATE requests! I dunno did I teach you nothing about preparation and early notification! ;-)

              See you there folks...Wohoooo we're going racing!


              Andy Stenning/Dave Harviek

              Gary Rodwell/Dave Harviek

              Steve Paddock/Dave Harviek

              Adam Green/Dave Harviek

              Marcus Newall/Gabriel Burne

              Mark Hazelgrove/Gabriel Burne

              Paul Bryant/Gabriel Burne

              Alan Wood/Jeremy

              Dave Wass/Jeremy

              Joe Ransom/Jeremy

              Leon Collins/Jeremy

              Rick Windas/Jeremy

              Steve Dyke/Jeremy

              Richard Payne (AM)/Jeremy

              Erol Tanir/Keith Roissetter

              Malcolm Howell/Keith Roissetter

              Andy Smith/Kevin Higarty

              Barry Owen/Kevin Higarty

              Garry Samett/Kevin Higarty

              Shane Fox/Kevin Higarty

              Ben Doolan/Mark Trowell

              Darren Warner/Mark Trowell

              Allan Clark/Nick Griggs

              Graham Haynes/Nick Griggs

              Max Maud/Nick Griggs

              Pete Woodall/Nick Griggs

              Russell Taylor/Seb Kelly

              Carl Power/Tony Russo

              Ian Davies/Tony Russo

              Mike Rikards/Tony Russo

              Danny Campion/Will Dalton

              Richard Payne (PM)/Will Dalton

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                Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha V-Max

                This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.

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                • Muchachos, esta pagina es de todos, suban fotos comenten y compartan, si puden pasenla x twiter, por donde sea aganla circular, quizas podemos hacer algo, un abrazo a todos.-

                • I don't know if you are having a pop at the British but that surrender was at the begining of the war, the Brits were outnumbered 100 to one at the time. And 2 months later thousands of Argentinians surrendered to a British force that was still outnumbered by 12 to 1. The Falklands will always be British.

                Time to upgrade the C3 First I need to do the fuel pump thing Then I need to... — Yamaha C3

                Time to upgrade the C3. First I need to do the fuel pump thing. Then I need to install new sliders, belt and clutch. Lastly a new rear tire and a windshield that doesn't look lame. Any suggestions on any/all of the above?

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                • Call Yamaha at 800 962 7926 with your vin# handy to get that fuel pump dealt with.(If your's is an early '07 model, some have a recall for an improperly heat treated connecting rod/crankshaft also.)Putting a set of Dr.Pulley 4gr sliders in your stock variator in conjunction with derestricting it...(Search Youtube for,"Yamaha C3 Scooter variator derestriction." 5 vids by zaran1, adds 6 or 7 mph and better takeoff. A Michelin Bopper 130/90x10 tire is low profile enough to replace your rear tire with, without rubbing anywhere. Remove the metal noise restricting plate from the rear of the airfilter...(It also restricts power, Can anybody say "Nascar?" lol!) adds noticable mid range grunt, The Yamaha factory C3 windshield mounts to the mirror brackets, is solid, looks good, and offers decent protection. The stock belt and clutch on my scoot have worked so well, that except for cleaning the inside of the clutch bell housing, removing the glaze from the clutches with some 80 grit sandpaper,and replacing the belt when it's width gets close to the limits... It's had no problems getting my 230lbs down the road. Gabe

                To this — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                To this...

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                And now the latest upgrades Heavier black bridge black tuners and a maple neck — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                And now the latest upgrades - Heavier black bridge, black tuners, and a maple neck!!! If anyone is interested i'll add more details and photos later! let me know what you think!

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                Anyone here use a Guitar head or Amp in their rig If you use a guitar can too... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Anyone here use a Guitar head or Amp in their rig? (If you use a guitar can too please say) As I've got a couple questions :)

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                • Wow thanks Billy! Hope you had a good easter! knowing you, you'll have had a feast prepared :D

                • Adam in Gear Whore shocker, lol. Actually, you are slightly scaring me now. Let me know when you are gigging in Northern England.

                • Oh the Shame the shame! I need an intervention ;)

                  I'll tone it back I promise...

                mikes xs pwk carbs suck. hoping i just got a bad pair and they can swap them — Yamaha XS650

                mikes xs pwk carbs suck!!! hoping i just got a bad pair and they can swap them... these ones are actually garbage!

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                • be aware that snowmobile carbies are fitted with very small needles and seats, and have to be changed for motor cycles

                • I wish I could remember what model I got a set of 3 x 34mm flat slides from but only the jets needed replacing (advice from a carb specialist) - even the spacing of the carbs was correct. I just cut off the end unit and have run the bike for a good year with no issues. However, good advice Keith - always do your homework, kids.

                • they are sending me a new pair.

                Just did an Iron Maiden cover band audition for some extra money on the and for... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Just did an Iron Maiden cover band audition for some extra money on the and for fun! Was the only bass player there with out a Fender, 3 Harris signatures, 2 Fender P-basses, both made up to look like the orginal.

                The Attitude impressed!

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                • Haha!

                  Just got the message, i'm their man! :D

                  Thanks for the support guys!

                  Karl, I think I might pimp my old squire P-bass, it's white with a mirror pickguard anyway haha! Just needs a maple neck and some flats ;)

                • Never in doubt for a second. Brilliantly done Adam, enjoy. Let me know when you are closish to the North West, if I aint gigging, I'll be there. Well done mate.

                • Thanks man :D

                Mike Fev shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Another Bass Player Bootleg Secret Recording!

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                • Thanks Mike! I've got the IMHO DVD (it's so good! but Billy is too quick even in slow mo haha!) I worked it out by Ear and it's the right notes I think BUT for when it's played faster (like at the end) I think I missed some parts.

                  Thanks I really appreciate it!

                  What I play(ed) is/was across the neck starting on the C on the G string and across the neck then playing down the E string, which is more sweat than needed haha!

                • This is why I LOVE this group so much it's like a family!

                • Quick note: The open D gives you time (albeit a second) to move your left hand to the next position!

                Do any one know where the cam shafts are on the XV 535 engine — Yamaha Virago 535

                Do any one know where the cam shafts are on the XV 535 engine?

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                My warrior people I need some help My 1999 warrior lost spark don t know why... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                My warrior people I need some help! ! My 1999 warrior lost spark...don't know why thought it was the a new one from rm stator, didn't fix it...bought a new procom chi to replace the procom that was on there nothing...coil tested on another atv fine...looked at all the grounds...lost! Still no spark. Dose anyone know how to bypass the kill switch so I can see if that is at fault?

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                • no where does it say cdi it says chi so learn to write

                • Coil may be bad

                • check the wire to the coil itself. the lil one... i had a problem wherre it was just barely hanging n not doin its job, bit of a squeeze with pliers fixed it.

                  Also, check your plug wire itself. Sometimes it needs a lil trim, or just replace it. Check it with a multi meter set to ohms.

                  Im sure the manual would tell you how to diagnose the rest of it, which can be found at the forum.

                  Otherwise, grab the wiring diagrams, and start testing.. lol.

                  To test the switch, im sure there must be a plug there for it someplace... if not, worse case scenario, cut the wires, knowing you'll have to put some shrink butt connectors on there, or just plain old old poke through the insul, and then re-seal with liquid tape or some such.. but just test with ohms again, one way should have no continuity, the other should have full.

                  about 1.5mins found me this threadm, which has something that may be of great use to you, now, and in the future...


                  Anyways, enjoy!


                — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


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                • I'd love a full parametric, like the Empress, but alas, haven't got pedal board space. Already got a graphic for each pickup, nova drive, nova dynamics, tuner, octaver and fuzz. My poor PT jnr is struggling to contain it all.

                • Totally agree RE the Sparkle Drive. AKAIK, that is similarly based upon the TS type circuit, but with the added blend control. The OD side of the Nova is practically the same thing, with the added bonus of the distortion circuit.

                  FWIW, the Digitech Bad Monkey is pretty darn good for those on a budget. Doesn't have a blend, but has a 2 band eq that makes up for any low end loss.

                • Front row at power of 3 with this setup... Powerful...