I ve found this pic of Billy s basses. Two of my favorite colors. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


I've found this pic of Billy's basses. Two of my favorite colors :-)

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  • Yup I remember reading that Billy fell on it very hard. I'm might have bookmarked the interview so if I can find it I'll post it here

  • That was one of my favourite basses! :'(

    I'd appreciate it if you could find it!

  • Here you are Adam ;) scroll down to the part were Billy is asked "Did you use a Yamaha Attitude for recording the new album?"

    http://www.vintageguitar.dreamhosters.com/4687/bil ly-sheehan-3/

ANDERS you are a pathetic little despot Frankly you can stick you attitude and... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

ANDERS, you are a pathetic little despot. Frankly you can stick you attitude and your ATTITUDE up your anal tract. Talk about "my ball and I'm taking it away", you small minded cyber bully.

And yes, I hope more people on Basschat point this out to you.

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  • Cool Anders. Karl appreciates the page and is upset about losing his contribution.

  • I've written to him. So I hope he'll rejoin.

  • Fantastic Anders - much respect your way.

Julian Mitchell shared a link to the group: YAMAHA JETBOATERS. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

3rd Annual SE Yamaha Gathering is planned for the first weekend in August (3rd,4th and 5th) at Lake Gaston. Head to http://yamahajetboaters.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f= 48&t=41910 for details....we'd love to see you there!

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  • LOL....a little far to trailer the boat....but don't count us out completely! Bought a new tow vehicle so I can now tow over the mountains....so perhaps we'll return "home" to Shelbyville in years to come!

  • We are all ready Julian! We'll have to set a dial-a-drink with Shelbyville!! How about 1pmEST/12pmCST....it's 5 o'clock somewhere!!!

  • Absolute-ly! :-)


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  • Alton pool, behind two branch island

  • Cool. We launch from Eagles Landing. Occasionally spend time on Iowa and Enterprise, but mostly wakeboarding and surfing on the Illinois north of Grafton.

  • We were on enterprise last thursday, before the party started getting good. I always keep an eye out for more yammi's

Bad News — Yamaha C3

Bad News !!

The dealership called and it appears the engine in my '08 C3 is toast... at only 8,000 kms and change.

They quoted me $1,000 to fix !!!

I hung up in disgust after telling the guy I would call him back tomorrow.

Anyone hear of C3 engines dying so young??

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  • Things started wearing out and breaking on it! If I'd had the PC, and knowledge of how to find parts for scooters, (And, the place to work on them.) then that I have now...I'd probably still be riding it...

  • I love the C3 as it has given me very very few problems and a lot of ride.

    When asked if I want a bigger CC or a cycle I laugh!

    In the country why would I want to get there any faster, it is the ride that I am after. Getting there faster does me no good.

    In the city practically no one is getting there any faster than I am!

    I am a throttle wide open, engine running as hard as it can. With the C3 I can do that without risking death.

  • It's a hassle, but a C3 scooter can be made to give 2-3 more mpg if once you get to speed, you back the power off until there's just enough to maintain that speed....I use my "Crampbuster" like a cruise control, when I'm riding long distances. (Up to 100 miles.

masio suka nge gas jangan lupa yoo surat kelengkapan pengemudi — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

masio suka nge gas jangan lupa yoo surat kelengkapan pengemudi


1. Polrestabes Surabaya di Taman Bungkul jam 09.00 s/d 20.00 wib dan Pasar Tambak Rejo jam 10.00 s/d 16.00 WIB

2. Polres Sidoarjo di Hal. Ramayana Sidoarjo jam 08.30 s/d 13.30 WIB

3. Polres Banyuwangi di Pasar Sumberayu jam 08.00 s/d selesai

4. Polres Pamekasan di Polsek Palengaan jam 08.00 s/d selesai

5. Polres Gresik Simpang 3 Tengger Manyar jam 08.00 s/d selesai

6. Polres Tuban di Supermarket Bravo jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

7. Polres Jember di Depan Pasar Sukowono jam 08.00 s/d selesai

8. Polres Malang di Terminal Bis Dampit jam 08.00 s/d selesai

SIM Corner :

1. Polrestabes Surabaya di PTC dan TP 1

2. Polres Sidoarjo di Giant Suncity Mall

Jam pelayanan mengikuti jam buka mall

Khusus melayani perpanjangan SIM A dan SIM C dengan membawa KTP asli dan SIM asli serta jika SIM mati, maksimal 1 tahun


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    I just got in from a 35 mile test ride on my scooter after replacing it s... — Yamaha C3

    I just got in from a 35 mile test ride on my scooter, after replacing it's variator with a new POlini, "Hi Speed" unit...It took 15 miles, before my scoot would even hit 40mph indicated...After that, it slowly started getting better, until the speedo was pegging on long straightaways...Because it has 6gr rollers, it's a tad sluggish getting underway. The variator looks much like a Dr.Pulley, with the weight ramps going all the way up to the top of the housing....So, once you get the heavy weights wound up good and proper, it slows very little on slight hills. At $80, it an affordable alternative to the stock Yamaha variator. I'm going to put several hundred miles on it, then put my 4gr Dr.Pulley sliders in it, and see how it does.I expect it to become a wee hot rod! I took pics of the installation I'll post tomorrow...Gabe

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    • Put another 20 miles on early this am, still dragging around, and only occasionally getting past 40mph indicated, on looonnngg straightaways.I put my scoot back on the "Operating Table..." My Dr.Pulley 4gr sliders are going in next... Anything any heavier,than 4gr, is counterproductive, with the terrain being what it is hereabouts...And, after another test ride, the next thing I'm going to do is install the three 1/32" shims behind the Polini variator just to see if it helps. (It didn't do a thing, may even have hurt the performance, behind my Dr.Pulley variator, several years ago, last time I tried it.)

    SO my 08 C3 is in the shop apparently it s suffering from something for which... — Yamaha C3

    SO... my '08 C3 is in the shop... apparently it's suffering from something for which the '07 C3 was recalled... the connecting rod has developed a problem. My dealer will do the work and put it under the '07 recall so I shouldn't have to pay much. However, the repair could take a couple weeks as the dealer is crazy busy.

    The good news is that I have lined up another C3 I can borrow while mine is being fixed. Sweet !!!

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    • true !

    • It won't cost you a dime...See if you can get them to replace the troublesome Fuel Pump under their,"Enviromental Clause" while they have your C3 in their shop. If your scoot's one of those,(Like mine) that gets the con rod/crank replaced, it's likely an early '07 model, & may soon be having pump problems...Take care to allow yourself ample time to test ride your scooter for at least 15 miles, once you pick it up at the shop. Check for lube leaking from your transmission....The grease seal behind the variator, is really easy to flat spot when installing the crank. It takes the transmission lube 15 miles to get hot, and thin enough, to get past the seal, and leak, if it's going to...If you allow extra time , you've got time to ride back to the Shop & it's a 20 minute job to replace that seal...Gabe

    • You don't want to know how I found this out! :)

    OULTON TRACK WALK SUNDAY NIGHT — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum


    All you racer folk we have a track walk arranged for 8pm on the Sunday night from pitlane. Michael Neeves and Keith Roissetter will be sharing their wisdom on lines for 1000's to 250's with you all and a few tips and tricks so please join them and have a giggle too.

    If you have never joined in with a track walk of mine or another instructor, you don't know what you are missing (actually some might want to after their first experience!) and you will get into the habit of walking the track yourself going forward, its invaluable to help your racing.

    Michael will be on his pushie as his knee plays him up by the second corner but will go at walking pace for those without bikes. Keith will be eating doughnuts and cracking jokes :-)

    I intend on being more organised with track walk notifications for the remainder of the season so watch this space!

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      The boat will run fine without them especailly in FL curious what is the reason... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      The boat will run fine without them,especailly in FL, curious what is the reason to take them out.

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      • Thank you for the reply. I noticed that after not using it (two times) for five months one motor heats up then it clears itself and works great… I just don’t want it or them to stick closed and mess things up… I will be moving to Tennessee at the end of the year and will only use the boat in fresh water (very happy about that).

      I have a 2005 SX230 H O with 75Hrs I want to replace the water thermostats... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      I have a 2005 SX230 H.O. with 75Hrs. I want to replace the water thermostats in both motors, and wanted to know if anyone has ever taken them out completely and did the boat run fine?? I know they are used to control the operating temp for the motors, but living in Miami the waters are always hot! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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        I can t believe it s been almost a year since I took this picture — Yamaha V-Star riders

        I can't believe it's been almost a year since I took this picture.

        My bike had to go into the shop when I first got it because it had been sitting for quite a few months. The carbs were rebuilt, the oil was changed, the valves were checked and adjusted, and new tires were installed among other things.

        I got it back from the shop on June 10, 2011 and really took it out and about on the streets for the first time on June 11, 2011 which is when this was taken at Spring Mountain Ranch in Red Rock Canyon. I remember being freaked out by curves I now take at the posted limit with ease and being a bit overcautious of traffic around me as well ;-)

        It's funny how life comes around sometimes. I'm moving to Utah on June 10, 2012 because my girlfriend and I are expecting a daughter in August and I'll probably take my first exploratory ride up there on June 11, 2012. Life has quite a twisty path sometimes and I'm just happy I'm along for the ride!

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          A question How can make the harmonic sound more clear or bright Billy s bass... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          A question...How can make the harmonic sound more clear or bright? Billy's bass harmonic are very clear and loud...Is the amp setting or effect pedal?? And all harmonic are same setting? Thanks:)

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          • This is why Billy is so fantastic, he's a philosopher, a great man, and a fantastic musician!

            A great role model out side of music as well as in music!

          • The pertinent information is @ the 6 minute mark!

          • Thanks for spreading this interview out, Mike!

          Dustin Clark shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

          here they are side by side

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          • Use rollers for experimenting...three 4gr and three 6gr weights= a set of 5gr weights. If you like, once you've finished the experiment, sell your roller weights on Ebay and buy a set of D-P weights that you found to work best!

          • I used to do all of this at three in the morning when it wascool+ quiet, & I was the only one out there! You can run your scooter with the transmission cover off and it doesn't cause issues if you tape up all of the cover's screw attach holes, as trash somehow gets into them that you have to remove!

          • I posted much of the data at www.c3riders.freeforums.org in the Scooter Talk section of the Forums, unter a Thread called,"Variator experiments..." Gabe

          I went down to the local Harley dealer yesterday for some free food Hey I ain... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          I went down to the local Harley dealer yesterday for some free food. Hey, I ain't turnin' down a free lunch! I also drooled all over the Softail Slim and Deluxe along with some vintage and exotic bikes they have on display. I love the bobber look of the Slim and the classic lines of the deluxe. I don't like the $17,000 price tag!

          When I was done goofing off I went out to the parking lot, fired up my V-Star 650 Classic, and rode off with a goofy grin on my face. Funny how that always seems to happen LOL!

          My bike is paid for, it's never failed to do anything I've asked it, and I love the way it rides. The Softail can wait for many more years - I'm just going to keep on riding the awesome bike I already have ;-)

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            Jog Variator work for the C3 — Yamaha C3

            Jog Variator work for the C3?

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            • I need all the acceleration and top speed I can get out of it. I may just go all back the way I had it when I was going 43. stock on 4gr sliders.

            • I have a new polini "Hi-Speed" variator I'm going to play with this next week when I get my scooter back from the shop with the stock 3.58 gears reinstalled...I'll let y'all know how it does...Gabe

            • The 4.5gr sliders ran about 43mph on top,the mpg was awesome, and readily available, if you'll slow down just a bit.. About 5 minutes, on a 20 mile trip.

            Instruction at Oulton — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            Instruction at Oulton.........

            Ok good people here is the instruction list for Oulton. The doors are now closed as there is limited instruction time and instructors so well done those who got in early ;-)

            I hope you all have a great ime on the best circuit in the country (my opinion!) and the sun shines on the Bemsee Paddock. I wont be there as I'll be in the Alps on my annual bike tour with some mates. Be fast and be safe and have fun.



            Charlie Thomas #101 / Rookie Minitwin / Carl Johnstone

            Marcus Newall / Rookie Minitwin / Carl Johnstone

            Barry Davison / Rookie 1000 / Giles Olley

            Richard Payne / Rookie 1000 / Giles Olley

            Stefan Hill / National Junior Cup / Keith Roissetter

            Paul Whitby #74 / YPM / Kev Higarty

            Darren Warner / Rookie 600 / Mark Trowell

            Olly Savage / Rookie 600 / Mark Trowell

            Paul Johnston / Rookie Minitwin / Tony Russo

            Heather Knowles / Rookie 600 / Tony Russo

            Jack Russell / Rookie Minitwin / Will Dalton

            Mark Hazelgrove / Rookie Minitwin / Will Dalton

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            • Was a good weekend for Thundersport just gone, great to see Phil Crowe and Pete Baker battling it out, CB500 lap record smashed and Josh Daley's ZXR400 keeping up with the big boys in Goldern Era. Hope the sun shines for Bemsee

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • mi piacerebbe sapere le misure di cerchi dischi e pinze

            • 300mm davanti , 282mm indietro :)

            • mi piace un casinooo ...vorrei fare dei ritocchi simili al mio v.max ma nn so da dove cominciare !!!!!:-)

            met siang dulur dulur — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

            met siang dulur dulur ..

            siang yang cerah ...

            ## sedikit Tips ##

            Jangan buru-buru matikan mesin mobil

            Mesin yang langsung dimatikan setelah dipacu pada kecepatan tinggi adalah cara yang kurang tepat. Karena saat itu dapur pacu baru saja bekerja keras dari menempuh perjalanan. Dalam keadaan mesin bertemperatur tinggi, tentu komponen di dalamnya masih mengembang, jika tiba-tiba dimatikan hal itu akan merusak dinding silinder. Kebiasaan mematikan mesin tiba-tiba sehabis melaju pada kecepatan tinggi dapat menyebabkan ring piston cepat aus. Selanjutnya merembet pada penurunan kompresi sehingga tenaga menjadi berkurang.

            Untuk itu saat mematikan mesin diamkan putaran iddling beberapa saat sampai mesin benar benar dalam keadaan stationer. Setelah itu putar kunci kontak ke posisi off

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              OK last pic for tonight This one s from a truly wonderful trip I took last... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              OK, last pic for tonight. This one's from a truly wonderful trip I took last September to visit family in Prescott, AZ. I'd only been riding on the street for about two months and didn't want to take I-40 from Kingman, AZ all the way to Ash Fork where I'd turn south. I took historic Old Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman, AZ instead and it was a wonderful long, lonely highway! Cruising at 65 on a two lane blacktop road in the middle of nowhere felt like exactly what this bike was made to do ;-)

              One other nice bit on this leg of the trip was that I got to ride through Valentine, AZ where Dad grew up on a dairy farm just off of Route 66 - I thought that was pretty cool, too.

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                Time to give the C3 a tune up I firmly believe Yamaha designed the sparkplug... — Yamaha C3

                Time to give the C3 a tune-up. I firmly believe Yamaha designed the sparkplug access port for midgets (not that I have anything against midgets) but there is NO WAY I can get my hand in there to remove the sparkplug cap. I ended up pulling of the platform cover !!

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                  The C3's sparkplug is in a rather hard to reach place. Harbor Freight sells a set of two extra long (10") needle nosed pliers for about ten bucks. One has the standard straight nose. However,about 2/3 of the way down the nose, the other one has a 60 degree bend. If you'll pull your front cover. (That oblong, flat black, job that's right behind your heels.You'll need a #30 Torx Security bit, to remove it.Although a pair of pliers will work.) Then, pull your sparkplug access cover. (On the lower right side of your floorboards.) The spark plug boot is then easily removed by shining a light into the ECU area, behind the front cover, and using the slick pair of bentnosed pliers to gently work it loose. A 12" 3/8" drive extension that has a "Wobble" designed into the business end, gives added room to remove, and reinstall the plug. The best way to put the sparkplug wire back onto the plug, is to reach up under the front of the engine with your left hand, and guide the sparkplug wire boot-end over the end of the plug while holding it with the pliers.Then, tighten it on the electrode, with a 12" long 1" tip, straight screwdriver. Ease the tip down into the boot until you feel the top of the clamp on the spark plug wire, and wiggle the screwdriver while gently hitting the end of the handle until it tightens on the plug's electrode.I've heard stories of Owners tearing the end of the plugwire off, trying to remove it from the plug. Even breaking the end off of the plug! This will make this job much easier. Gabe

                • Got a new air filter & sparkplug in her and reassembled everything this afternoon with the help of my 7-year old daughter. That kid has an iron grip and was tightening those screws like there was no tomorrow.

                  Anyhow, the C3 runs nicer now... with a bit more zip !!



                TIPS IRIT BBM SEPEDA MOTOR :

                Sepeda motor sudah bukan menjadi barang istimewa, hampir semua lapisan masyarakat mempunyainya. Hemat bahan bakar menjadi perhatian khusus setelah harga semakin lama semakin mahal.Bagi orang kaya, BBM tidak menjadi masalah tapi jadi perhitungan penting untuk masyarakat menengah kebawah.Bagaimana harus hemat BBM. Simak trik agar berkendara super hemat BBM, Bahan bakar yang boros selalu menjadi masalah bagi pengendara sepeda motor. Menguras kantong dan membuat repot, harus sering kali mencari SPBU.

                Lalu, bagaimana caranya agar motor yang kita kendarai, tidak terlalu banyak ‘memakan’ bahan bakar?. Berikut tipsnya:

                1. cek tekanan ban.

                Mungkin terlihat sepele, tapi manfaatnya cukup besar dalam menekan konsumsi bahan bakar. Karena kalau tekanan angin kurang, sesuai riset, dapat menimbulkan keborosan BBM 10-15%. Jadi, pastikan tekanan ban di motor kesayangan selalu tepat sebelum mengendarainya.

                2.cek kondisi roda.

                Contoh dari kelurusan putaran, kelancaran putaran roda dan lainnya. Service bila putaran roda berat atau tak presisi, jelas akan memperlambat laju motor, pemicunya pelek tidak center(speleng),bearing roda aus, atau kurang pelumasan dan sebagainya.

                3. atur jarak main rem.

                Sebab,bila rem sampai menempel,tentu akan membuat lari motor jadi berat. Sehingga pemakaian bahan bakar tidak sesuai sama jarak tempuh motor. Makanya,atur jarak main tuas rem motor baik depan maupun belakang minimal 1/3 dari jarak main tuas secara keseluruhan. Jangan telalu rapat, karena dikhawatirkan kampas rem jadi menempel.

                4. pelumas.

                Daya lumas oli yang baik, mampu membuat putaran mesin lebih enteng serta dapat menjaga kompresi di ruang bakar sempurna. Ini akan menciptakan tenaga mesin lebih optima, sehingga lari motor lebih cepat (jarak tempuh jauh), namun bahan bakar hemat. Ingat pengantian oli yang rutin dan tidak melebihi batas servis yang di anjurkan (tiap 2.000-2.500KM) akan membuat performa mesin selalu segar dan putarannya lancer.

                5. setel katup.

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                  Anyone know where the oil filter is on the 85 FJ 1100 and does the transmission... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

                  Anyone know where the oil filter is on the 85 FJ 1100 and does the transmission get lubricated by the engine oil?

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                  • ya right on about looks on there faces my fj 1100 1984 , will idle at the light bit yeah it has a lightning start of the line and its only when there fuel injection kick in they have the edge , say cbr , r1 , stuff like that

                  • i saw a article in a british biker mag they did up a fj 11 and did 10s the quarter and bet a r1 on a race track , go the mighty fjs

                  • i think the quarter mile statistics are 10.8 seconds, terminal speed 128.7mph if i remember it correctly!!! not bad for a 24year old bike is it? and i have also seen articles where they say that roll on acceleration from 50mph in top gear figures beat most modern superbikes hands down, and i can believe it cos when ya want a lazy ride ya don't need to change down for overtakin Etc. just wind it up in top and away it goes!!

                  H 5 Jamda YMJT 4. sedulur mio — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                  H-5 Jamda YMJT 4...sedulur mio

                  Tekanan angin ban yang tepat akan membuat kerja ban optimal dan konsumsi bahan bakar sesuai kompresi.

                  Semisal tekanan angin kurang 6 psi ini sama dengan 20% dari tekanan angin ban untuk mobil penumpang. Ini menyebabkan pemborosan BBM sampai 5%, mengurangi umur ban hingga 25% dan kendali kemudi saat berkendara dan menikung juga kurang sesuai.

                  Begitu juga dengan kelebihan tekanan angin, ban tidak dapat membantu meredam guncangan atau kerusakan di jalan yang berakibat pada rasa tidak nyaman.

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                    Check the angle on that wheel — Yamaha C3

                    Check the angle on that wheel

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                    • haha thx...umm naw man 2nd....my first accident I was one hand riding car stop right in front of me...i couldnt grab rear brake fast enough so I immediatly squeezed the front and...splash..uhhhh -_0

                    • smoke and drink less before u ride ............LOL

                    • haha thx Lazy!!! :)_~~

                    Marko Aarnio shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

                    Anyone know about this item:

                    http://www.temeculamotorsports.com/fiche_section_d etail.asp?section=38547&category=Motorcycles&make= YAMAHA&year=2001&fveh=1031.

                    And the part: 3UF816700000 1 PICK-UP ASSY 464,86 €

                    Had my bike spending winter at a warehouse and when picking it back, it did not start. Now the service says that this almost 500 e part is broken and I have to buy new one. The part would take about 8 hours to change, so the service invoice will be quite high. Any thoughts about this? Anywhere cheaper spareparts? In Finland, maybe? Bike is model 2001.

                    %d comments
                    • Yeah, perverse is another word for this bike. Only two ways - to love it or to pass it by. Well, let's hope the solution is simple and cheap. Otherwise you'd better to use Ebay. As a final measure i can ask guys from Russian VMax owner's community living in St. Petersburg to find you one and to assist with shipment.

                    • My bike still at the service. First they suspected that the pick-up assy was broken. They tested it and it was working. Checked almost every electrical part in the bike, and it still does not start. Now they suspect that the ECU is broken. Trying to get one for loan so can test it, if it is actually the broken item in the bike. Summer is probaply over when my bike is again running......

                    • Orkkis Pick up coil on ainut vaihtoehto :/

                    What s the lowest you guys can get the action too Without a counter sunk... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    What's the lowest you guys can get the action too? Without a counter sunk bridge. The action of my LTD II still feels a little high at times.


                    %d comments
                    • I mean John Entwistle at times hammered his strings, had obscenely low action and had next to no buzz, it's crazy!

                      Also the nut slots are a little deeper than factor standard

                    • It's really hard to say, without seeing the bass. We typically try and slot the nut to about .015 but in some cases we can go lower The natural resonance of each instrument can vary heh string height as well. Iie a more resonant bass has a "vibration orbit" that is larger than a less resonant one. Meaning the string travels more and needs more room.

                    • So basically I just need to experiment a bit more?

                      Thanks John! Means alot :)

                      My attitude is the one bass I like to just leave (out of fear haha!)

                      but at a recent gig the action was kind of slowing me down.

                      I think a truss rod tweak is also in order with the shifting climates!

                    Axels bent n front end. better look in the AM — Yamaha C3

                    Axels bent n front end...better look in the AM

                    %d comments
                    • well i got a scooter brother from Taiwan and he do lots of order for States and he might can help u out .... check this out http://www.facebook.com/lazy.polo?ref=tn_tnmn#!/RCscooters

                    • right on bro...damn he got a bad ass BWs!!!

                    • me too u can check out my albums later on ... dont scream out loud after watching our fotos LOL

                    Jangan sepelekan masalah angin di ban kendaraan Sebab menurut penelitian... — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                    Jangan sepelekan masalah 'angin' di ban kendaraan. Sebab, menurut penelitian terbaru, 'kurang angin' pada ban menyumbang potensi boros bahan bakar tiap kendaraan yang pada akhirnya menyebabkan biaya perjalanan menjadi lebih tinggi.

                    karena ban kendaraan kurang angin, konsumsi bahan bakar pun akan meningkat yang pada akhirnya akan menyebabkan si pemilik kendaraan membeli bensin yang lebih banyak dari yang semestinya.

                    pengendara yang mematikan AC ketika berkendara dalam cuaca hangat juga menyumbang pemborosan bahan bakar. Karena, 'niat baik' untuk menghemat bahan bakar dengan mematikan AC diklaim malah akan menambah konsumsi bahan bakar kendaraan.

                    Alasannya, ketika AC dimatikan dan jendela dibuka, maka hambatan angin yang diciptakan oleh jendela yang terbuka secara signifikan dapat mempengaruhi aerodinamika mobil dan karena itu akan meningkatkan konsumsi bahan bakar.

                    Tapi ada beberapa langkah pengendara dapat dilakukan untuk membuat bahan bakar yang mereka miliki jadi lebih irit seperti memeriksa tekanan ban

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                      Ok it s getting close to the time for replacing my rear tire on my 650 custom — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      Ok, it's getting close to the time for replacing my rear tire on my 650 custom. I have narrowed it down to two tires:

                      Metzler ME 880 Marathon or the Shinko 777

                      The Metzler is more expensive, but that's what was on the bike when I bought it (it was used when I bought it) and I know how it's going to run. I have yet to see a bad review from someone who actually checked the pressure of the tire also. But it's twice the price.

                      The Shinko is half the price, but I've seen mixed reviews from the same type of people, and the wear ratings are lower.

                      Any inputs on these two tires are much appreciated.

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                        Took the boat out last night for the first ride of the season Starboard engine... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                        Took the boat out last night for the first ride of the season. Starboard engine was revving 1k less than the Port. I changed the spark plugs last week - pulled the air filter while on the lake - noticed the #4 spark plug wire wasn't plugged in - runs awesome now!

                        Gotta love how simple these boats are for winter/summer-izing

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                          after 6 months on a trailer in a storage lot I took my 07 AR230 home for Spring... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                          after 6 months on a trailer in a storage lot, I took my 07 AR230 home for Spring Cleaning. Fired up after about 5 seconds of cranking. I stared at it for a while racking my brain on what else to do as I had just replaced the oil and plugs at the end of last year.

                          Ended up charging the batteries (dual deep cell marines so it took a day) and running it 2 days straight to get rid of the old gas.

                          Love not having an outdrive at times like this.

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                            Are me and Pete Fishwick the first to get the 2012 YPMRC badges fitted to our... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                            Are me and Pete Fishwick the first to get the 2012 YPMRC badges fitted to our leathers?? Here's what they look like - great job by Hill 4 Leather by the way..........

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                            • Ah great! Yer Iv paid. Im looking forward to getting mine. :-) Cheers.

                            • ok pete im cool to do that let me have ur details and i can transfer funds to u patch and bottle

                            • still racing the lc here down under in nz and its the one i had in the uk even took it to philip island a few times in international post classic event

                            David Fernandez posted in YAMAHA JETBOATERS — with Chris Fair and Evo Rodriguez. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                            Enjoying a day in the Florida keys with Evo and Fairpilot.

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                            • Marvin key. A few miles boat ride due north from sugarloaf key.

                            • I'm jealous....

                            • Small world! We were in Grassy Key/Marathon last weekend for our anniversary. It was a beautiful weekend for boating.

                            Was messing with variator weights. Pulled the ecu for my dad to look at — Yamaha C3

                            Was messing with variator weights. Pulled the ecu for my dad to look at. Won't run over 35ish now. Does the ecu have to relearn? Or did I eff up my variator?

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                            • The nut threads seem fine, the splines are still there, but you have a slight wiggle to get the pieces on.

                            • Take some pics man. If I was there I could tell you right away.

                            • To get to it without a repair is too much work. I took it apart and put it together from an hour after work to dark.

                            Drove my C3 home from work last night Was about 70 degrees and it just stalled... — Yamaha C3

                            Drove my C3 home from work last night. Was about 70 degrees and it just stalled out after 6 miles. Wouldn't start back up, wouldn't kick start. Had to walk it home. Had just filled the tank that morning. Later that evening it started right up with key. Thoughts?

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                            • I decided to take it straight to the dealer, they admitted the recall and are taking care of it for me.

                            • Glad to hear they are up front and good about it!

                            • I had an Owner several years ago, that I tried to help, that was getting the "runaround. Finally, he got their mailing address and wrote a letter, telling them about his Pump woes, & mailed it to them , C/O "The nice Lady that knows about the Yamaha C3 Scooter's Fuel Pump Issues, & get things done!!" Several days later, they called him on the phone, & made arrangements for a local Dealer to replace his pump parts + Labor..! Gabe

                            19 Mei pukul 9. 00 sampai 20 Mei pukul 17. 00 — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                            19 Mei pukul 9:00 sampai 20 Mei pukul 17:00

                            Tanjung PAPUMA BIKERS DAY

                            sebuah acara tempat berkumpulnya para bikers se-Indonesia tanpa melihat Jenis,Merek,CC, Tua, Muda Motor anda ( semua motor bisa ikut bergabung ) karena ALL BIKERS ALL BROTHER

                            sebagai ajang silahturahmi semua bikers se-indonesia

                            di isi dengan berbagai macam hiburan all bikers ( Fun Games, free Style, Musik, Sexy Dancer ) Tersedia berbagai macam Door Price yang menarik

                            Registrasi Rp. 20.000,- / Motor atau Bikers

                            anda akan mendapatkan :

                            1. Free Ticket Masuk pantai papuma

                            2. Produk Sponsor Senilai 5.000,- ( Rokok A Satu Mild )

                            3. Pin Acara

                            4. Stiker Acara

                            5. Kupon door price

                            6. Cek accu gratis

                            7. service gratis by masing - masing atpm

                            8. Welcome drink ( Kopi Pangku Khas Ambulu Jember )

                            dan masih banyak hadiah menarik lainya khusus para Bikers se- Indonesia

                            Registrasi Mulai tgl. 25 Maret 2012 Via sms dgn format :

                            #nama Club/independent#Jumlah peserta yg datang#No telp#nama Ketua/kordinator# kirim ke : 082141001277 / 085749798777

                            untuk mendapatkan tenda penginapan ( mohon maaf kami panitia hanya menyediakan 50 tenda gratis karna sulitnya mencari tenda /barak di wil Kab. jember......

                            tapi kami juga menyediakan hotel di lokasi acara dgn tarif : 100.000 - 350.000 tersedia 50 kamar hotel......

                            Untuk Info lebih Lanjut silahkan Hub Kami :

                            Triple Seven Production

                            Bro - Ivan GG

                            Telp : 0331 - 9195777 / 085749798777 / 082141001277

                            Gak perduli motor loe ( Yamaha,Honda,Suzuki,Kawasaki,Bajaj,Vespa motor Cina,Korea,india dll) Tahun Muda Ato Tahun Tua INDEPENDEN ATO CLUB MOTOR semua bisa ikut

                            gak ada yang melarang.............so

                            All Bikers COME N JOINT WITH US

                            " HANCURKAN PERBEDAAN "

                            AMAZING, FUN N MORE CHALENGE

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                            • wah sebener'e pengen ikut kumpul,,tapi waktu gag bisa libur kerja boz,,,,

                            If it s broken fix it. or replace it. In this case a shift pedal and c — Yamaha V-Max

                            If it's broken, fix it... or replace it. In this case, a shift pedal and c.case cover plate. 99Max

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                            • ask rmsportmax.com no telling what john has laying around.

                            • Well he did have one laying around, and it was reasonably priced, and quickly shipped. Thanks for the suggestion Mark.

                            • your'e welcome. I just got a shifter, carb boots and frame braces from him myself!

                            Awakening my 95 VMax after winter sleep — Yamaha V-Max

                            Awakening my '95 VMax after winter sleep

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                            • ... especially when they wake up easily

                            • Hoping You've had some fun with Your bike. Mine still at service. Asked about total cost, not yet an answer.

                            • It has started instantly after the winter spent in cold gararge so that's the main fun. By the way the correct name of this part is stator. However i still can't understand how could it break during winter spent in warm storage.Good news is that you can buy it much cheaper http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570. l1313&_nkw=yamaha+v+max+stator&_sacat=0

                            — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

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                            • claaaaaaaro si lo habia visto

                            • hola, soy de colombia y tengo una dt modificada, hable con varios mecanicos y me dicen que nadie le ha puesto caja de 6ta a una rx100, lo que se puede poner es caja de rx115 que es de 5

                            • por lo poco que se si se puede, siempre y cuando entre en el interior de los carters, es decir hay un engraje mas el un arbol y dos con el de la patada en el otro, pero de cambiar la caja tenes que poner selectora, varillas, es decir sacas todo lo de rx y pones todo de dt, si te da el ancho creo que va todo bien

                            I have an 08 1100 with just over 19k on it and I ve been having more and more... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                            I have an '08 1100 with just over 19k on it and I've been having more and more problems with clunks and starting it. When it's cold it won't start if I touch the choke at all (weather in the 70s), and then I have to make sure I give it gas/adjust the choke to let it warm up. If I've been out riding and it's nice and hot, it has a hard time starting if I don't wait long enough. When I finally get it started in these cases, I have noticed a fuel smell, and right after I start moving again it'll sputter a little, and then be fine. To me this sounds like something with the carbs, but it's also been doing the notorious 'clunk' at times, more on shut off than start, and it seems to be getting worse. From what I've heard this is an issue with the starter clutch/TPS.

                            Does anyone have any experience with similar problems? I've found information, I'm just not real sure where to start to narrow down which is the actual cause of my problem(s)..

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                              Carl Flood shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

                              Anyone in Ontario want a baby V-Max? It's sad, but I'm just a little too tall for it, and I must make room in the garage for the '99 Carbon Fiber Max arriving shortly!!!

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                              • Thanks Terri. Holy Crap! Thanks Andre! I'll message you.

                              • Andre, did you get my message?

                              • Never got a message Carl, I'll PM you and see if that works

                              Aight 92 warrior blue n white currently in the edmonton area for sale saay... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                              Aight, 92 warrior, blue n white, currently in the edmonton area, for sale, saay roughly 600$, needs engine rebuilt, the rest of the machine is all good to go, altho could use a new exhaust, or fix the supertrap, not too big of a deal to do either way, drill a couple new holes and put the baffle/guts back in.

                              Im pretty much done with this machine, went and looked at some bikes today, decided I'll sell off the warrior that I'll never get around to fixing, and sell of my 82 magna 750 that im never gona ride, and get something to ride.. can pick up a decent bike for cheap, soooo...

                              Anyone interested let me know, I'll be posting it in the classifieds here right quick.

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