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Had a crazy day on Utah Lake yesterday. A thunderstorm blew through - weather alerts were for 50mph wind. We were luckily travelling w/ the wind. It is difficult to tell, be these swells were probably 8-10 ft. Utah Lake is only about 12-15 ft deep, so the the waves get big, and close together.

  • Man! No pics!!

  • heheh! that was great!!

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Information to Empower Filipinos

LTO-Nor Min to run after owners of illegally modified motor vehicles

Friday 13th of July 2012


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 13 --Owners of illegally modified motor vehicles will be apprehended.

In a directive, Land Transportation Office (LTO) Northern Mindanao Regional Director Esteban M. Salazar Jr. said illegal modifications may consist of making a change in the body or configuration of the vehicle or motorcycle, or an attachment of an accessory or device that is prohibited under existing land transport and traffic laws, rules and regulations.

Under the present Land Transportation and Traffic Code and Anti-Carnapping Law, changes in the vehicle require a Philippine National Police (PNP) permit and clearance, as well the registration of the change (of body, engine, chassis or color) from the LTO. Stiff fines and penalties are imposed by the law on violators, said Salazar.

The same policy directive is addressed to dealers and motorcycle shops that are unlawfully engaged in making illegal modifications.

Salazar said re-location of brake system done in some motorcycles may endanger the lives of drivers and pedestrians alike.

The law also prohibits the illegal use of horns and signaling devices that emit exceptionally loud or startling noise. Removal or changing of mufflers in motorcycles that cause it to emit loud noises . (ECR/LTO/PIA10)


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To BILLY: dear Billy Sheehan, the sound of your rig in this version of Lucky this time probably is the best and my preferred of all times. I think this period was near Live in Sanfrancisco (maybe little prior to it), but I can ear substantial difference (maybe less amount of chorus). Could you explain actually (if you remember), what are the differences to your today's sound? (apart from using Hartke), even If I know you always used pearce preamps. What is this sound difference coming from? I'd love if you could take a little indepth to it!!!

Sincerely Fede (RLS) v=Iqd1JKO1SL8&feature=related

  • might be ADT pre amps/effects both Billy and Paul were using at the time ?? I had no idea at the time about compression etc or even the Attitude bass. All I'd seen was what I thought was a natural wood body precision with tortoise shell pickguard, had no idea of Billys customisation, i was only 15. However I saw an article around 1991 that talked about the ADT units, I think it was ADT might be something else AST etc. You're right thought great sound, might even be the Attitude 1 that's pulling that great sound and not amps etc.

  • Ada???? I think paul used them but i didnt know billy may have used one also.

  • PS. PAT's playing and sound there is simply AWSOME!!

  • Still pretty much Pearce pre-amps, some kind of power amps, and I didn't see the speakers, so either Ampeg (older) or JBL. Its the same basic set-up as always, just recorded well on this clip. Thats how it sounds to me on stage, so its an accurate recording I think

bro sist ayo kita galakan tertib lalulintas di jalan — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

bro sist ayo kita galakan tertib lalulintas di jalan ,,,,

chek selalu kondisi kendaraan sebelum meluncur di jalanan

selalu konsentrasi di jalan agar kita selamat sampai tujuan kita bersilahturahmi.

Sudah banyak rekan2 kita yang menjadi korban di jalanan .

Jangan biarkan korban bertambah......

mari kita berdoa untuk rekan2 yang mendahului kita semua agar selalu di terima di sisiNya......

prephare ramadhan .

Mohon maaf atas segala dosa dan tingkah laku kami selama ini,

selamat menjalankan ibadah ramadhan semoga selalu dalam lindunganNya.

MTC 2Ban.


ok so i bought my warrior an recieved nothing with it registration wise — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

ok so i bought my warrior an recieved nothing with it registration there anyway i can register it im in nys :(

  • Below is a summary of New York State Motor Vehicle laws and regulations regarding ATV and off-road motorcycle use:

    ATVs may not be operated on public lands, including roads and highways, unless specifically designated and marked for ATV use;

    ATVs must be registered and display the license plate on the rear of the vehicle to operate anywhere in the state, including the owner's property;

    Owners of ATVs must have liability insurance in place, except for riding on the owner's property;

    ATVs may not be operated on private property without permission of the property owner;

    ATVs may not be operated on a railroad right of way;

    ATVs may not be operated in a tree nursery or other planting;

    ATVs must not be operated at an unreasonable or imprudent speed, or in a reckless or negligent manner;

    ATVs may not be operated with more than the designed number of riders;

    ATVs may not be operated while using drugs or alcohol;

    ATVs must have proper mufflers, brakes, spark arresters, tire tread depth, and lights at night;

    ATV riders must wear helmets;

    ATV operators must stop when directed by a police officer; and

    On public roads, all other Vehicle and Traffic Laws also apply; e.g., turn signals, speed zones and rules of the road.

    this is posted directly from the state web site and not changed....

  • there now this issue is all cleared up

  • well i do anyway but if they pull me over its j a warning if im registrerd so i need to register it is there anyway

The Current rig — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

The Current rig...

  • John, the BB714 is smaller and lighter. The image, if you look carefully is showing the attitude sitting more forward, on an angle, at the body, therefore, looking smaller.

  • I concur, my Doris bought me a BB714bs at xmas and I luuuuuve it, gonna split the picks and get another output + a drop d tuner. I've got small hands and find both the neck width and reach more comfy. Saying that though the Att makes hands work harder and therefore stronger. In essence, love them both. Jon do the decent thing, forget the wedding anniversary pressie and get your missus one of these and then add to your collection. Done deal.

  • I have the bb714bs with a chandler neck, drop d tuner, added

    J p/u, dual output. I do not own an att, however have had long term

    Access to a friends and had them side by side as well. I will say the neck isn't bigger, per se, on the att but thinner and wider. The old Yamaha is a beast and def. Much heavier than att but not the heaviest bass. After playing the att a lot when i first borrowed it I realized what a sweet sound the big bass has and missed it.

    Long story short, I was given the option of a brand new att first series and the old billy bass- still love the bb714.

how are c4 valves an lifters for a warrior any good — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

how are c4 valves an lifters for a warrior any good ?

  • i had a stage two cam in with stock valves an it fucked everything up but i didnt know bc i bought it like that

  • Ahhh.. Yea when i did mine I upgraded everything

  • ya i got stock bore an piston with hot rod crank an bearings cv4 valves raptor exhaust 38mm carb an few other things

Celal Çakmakçı — Yamaha TDM 850 Forum

Celal Çakmakçı

Sevgili Dostlarım,

2013 İstanbul Uluslar arası Motosiklet Festival tarihimiz ve yerimiz belli olmuştur; 13-16 Haziran 2013 Sarıyer-Bahçeköy Mehmet Akif Ersoy Tabiat Parkı.

Ülke çapındaki tüm klüplerimiz davetli olurken uluslar arası motosikletli dostlarımız da bu festivale isştirak edecektir. Bu sebeple destekleriniz çok önemli..


Lütfen klüpleriniz bazında destek yazılarınızı klüp isimleri, logoları ve kontak kişi bilgileri ile bana bu sayfamda mesaj ile ulaşınız. Festival tanıtım dosyalarında sizlere de yer vermek istiyoruz.

Diğer ricam da bu maili bağlantılı odluğunuz üyelere ve klüplere ulaştırmanızdır.

Amacımız Tüm Dünya'daki motosikletsever dostlarımızla buluşmak, biribirimizden haberdar olmak, eğlenmek ve güzel İstanbulumuz da nasıl bir festival yapıldığını göstermek olacaktır, Türkiye ve Dünya basını festivali yakından izleyecektir.

Festival Web sayfamız da çok yakında hizmete açılacaktır, alt yapı çalışmaları bitmiştir, sizleri bilgilendireceğim.




alguien sabe de donde saco data para conectar correctamente el tablero de luces... — Yamaha Virago 535

alguien sabe de donde saco data para conectar correctamente el tablero de luces de mi 535,

  • la tenes linda, faro d cola, los cristos le tooneaste un par d cosas, el guardabarros trasero es el de vulcan?

  • El trasero es de v-max, ahora le cambie el manubrio, le puse uno semi recto con las torres un poco mas elevadas.

  • ta wena. toy aprendiendo mecanica a las piñas, ahora el sabado me anote un par de cosas pork tengo la perla negra parada, creo ke si tengo suerte con una buena limpieza del burro deberia arrancar

hey i wanna paint my warrior plastics flat black is there anything i can do so... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

hey i wanna paint my warrior plastics flat black..... is there anything i can do so it looks good an wont chip like some steps or something HELP!

  • ok an u j sanded the stock finish off an then primed it 3 times then do actual paint 2 times ?

  • No, I sanded it down to no major scratches.... Filler Priner 1 time... let dry for 24 hours... Painted 3 times ( with 30 minutes of waiting between each coat ) after last coat let sit for 24 hrs. Clear coat twice with 30 mins between each coat. wait another 24 hrs then your good

  • ya im gonna do it this winter so i got the sled to ride !

Saludos desde venezuela tengo un virago xv535 del año 97 recientemente me vi en... — Yamaha Virago 535

Saludos desde venezuela, tengo un virago xv535 del año 97, recientemente me vi en la necesidad de cambiarle pistones y anillos al motor, luego de armar el motor, cuadrar los tiempos y demás la moto enciende pero esta funcionando mal, hace succión por los escapes y expulsar aire hacia los carburadores, varios mecánicos me han asesorado pero no han logrado dar con la razón de esa falla. Les agradecería cualquier sugerencia

  • Vale muchisimas gracias voy a revisar eso

  • Chemi Maza Urcola, allá son de cambiar las cosas. Están más accesibles porque acá tienen muchos impuestos. Por ejemplo: un transalp xlv700 en Argentina cuesta U$S25mil y un sueldo mensual promedio U$S900 a 1000. Entonces cuando se rompe algo hay que arreglarlo. Hay muy buena mano de obra, también muchos chantas. Yo tengo un Virago 535 y pasó por un par de manos hasta que dí con un buen mecánico. Al desarmar hubo que hacer todo. El cigueñal mío también hacía ruido y fué a la retificadora. La semana que viene espero comprar los repuestos que faltan y a terminar de armar. Luego te cuento. Saludos

  • Gracias Chemi x el dato. Cuando la tenga en marcha te cuento. Te mando un abrazo

Does anyone use bar end mirrors on their Max I think it s the stock mirrors on... — Yamaha V-Max

Does anyone use bar end mirrors on their Max? I think it's the stock mirrors on my 99 and I'm getting tired of looking at my shoulders. Any advice on styles/brands? Also, is there a big difference in visibility between 2"-3" etc? If you can post pics, that would be great!

  • The size seems to be equal to yours and it works, many fellow Vmaxxers here in Germany use them. Go to my Album: /set/?set=a.100830703279166.16 27.100000567099274&type=3

  • That does look pretty gnarley! I'll have to imagine what it would be like using mirrors in that position, next time I ride. "Nape muscles instead of windshield" - lol! Hey Thomas, do they ever touch the gas tank when you turn the wheel?

  • You mention the Scoops? No, I still have a little bit room left, the mirrors are right under the bar. There exist also a another company that build mirrors like these and they are cheaper. It's named "Shin Yo". You have to look if you can get them in Can/ USA.

The 6 Billy Sheehan instructional videos — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

The 6 Billy Sheehan instructional videos.

  • I know John. No prob buddy! :-)

  • I think we are all guilty in a way or another...! we are all the "monsters" billy talked about in one of those videos were he said that after he showed tapping, everywhere people were doing it!

  • Glad you have them, and I hope you found them helpful. Thanks bro!

Yamaha Vmax 2009 model STOLEN — Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha Vmax 2009 model STOLEN

VIN JYARP211000001542

Swedish registration JRH 543

Do you know anything contact the police in Sandviken, Sweden

  • Shit! >-(

  • Bummer, a bullet for the thief . . .

  • death penalty for stealing a Vmax

  • Engine Serial Number: P623E-001905

  • Shoot to KILL~~~~~~~~~~!

Trik Mengerem dengan Benar — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

Trik Mengerem dengan Benar

Seberapa pun mahalnya kendaraan milik Anda tidak akan menjamin selamat dari sebuah kecelakaan. Akan tetapi faktor keselamatan itu ditentukan oleh sikap Anda dalam berkendara.

Namun banyak terjadinya kecelakaan juga bisa disebabkan akibat tidak tahunya para pengendara melakukan pemberhentian kendaraan dengan baik dan benar.

Cara berhenti yang baik dan benar itu menjadi hal yang sangat penting. Namun memang ada beberapa cara untuk bisa melakukannya dengan baik dan benar

Nah untuk mengetahui bagaimana melakukan pemberhentian dengan baik dan benar, ada baiknya anda membaca yang satu ini.

1. Pemberhentian di situasi normal.

Kondisi normal sudah pasti Anda mengetahuinya, dimana pemberhentian dilakukan secara biasa yang sering dilakukan para pengendara dan kedua di saat kondisi darurat.

2. Pemberhentian dalam kondisi darurat.

Ada dua cara untuk bila anda bertemu di situasi seperti ini.

Pertama, disebut dengan Threshold atau dengan cara mengambang. Dengan menekan kuat pedal rem hingga batas sesaat sebelum roda terkunci agar roda depan tetap bisa diarahkanketempat yang lebih aman. Karena ban masih memiliki cengkraman terhadap permukaan jalan.

Kedua, disebut dengan cara mengocok rem atau biasa disebut Cadence or pulse braking. Pemberhentian ini dilakukan dengan cara memompa atau mengocok pedal rem. Namun dengan tekanan dan felkuensi yang tetap,"

3. Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi jarak pengereman

* Kecepatan

* Kondisi Jalan

* Kondisi kendaraan

* Inklinasi Jalan

* Berat Kendaraan

* Kekerasan Jalan

* Ban

* Koefesien gesek

* Sistem rem

* Teknik Pengereman

* Sistem Suspensi

* Cuaca

sumber :RTMC

  • trma ksh atas saran nya bang mga brmanfa'at bgi yg lain.

Anyone have any suggestions why one of my MR1 engines in my 2004 SX230 is... — Yamaha Boat Owners

Anyone have any suggestions why one of my MR1 engines in my 2004 SX230 is running @ ~8,000rpms and seems to put out less horsepower while the other runs the norm @ ~9,500-10,000rpm.

Everything was running great until a few weeks ago where I keep my boat in a slip and the bilge was unadvertently turned off between trips out to the lake where the water level got high in the engine compartment, but not over them (besides they are sealed?). It took me a few times to get them started where I figured the wiring was likely wet and then it ran great once things got warned up. I did not run the boat that long today, so the engine may have reved higher again given longer running time...just wondering what to check causing this.

  • Definitely change the plugs. Also spend the extra $$ and go with the NGK Iridiums.

  • I changed out the plugs and had to replace the battery too. Now both are running ~9,500rpm again. I think time to replace my air filters...any suggestions on best price? I was checking the oil when cold versus when hot, so I know the air filters have soaked up some oil. Secondary question...I keep my boat in a slip plugged in all the time with the power on. I know the bilge use to come on automatically, but today it seemed to only run when i had the engine running. Ideas?

  • Also, my front bimini straps broke...suggestions on replacements? I tried some generic ones that came loose at the top where I think the loops like the OEM at the way to go, but how do you get those around the steel pole?

My bike still at the service First they suspected that the pick up assy was... — Yamaha V-Max

My bike still at the service. First they suspected that the pick-up assy was broken. They tested it and it was working. Checked almost every electrical part in the bike, and it still does not start. Now they suspect that the ECU is broken. Trying to get one for loan so can test it, if it is actually the broken item in the bike. Summer is probaply over when my bike is again running......


Hey guys — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hey guys,

Thinking about gear and gassing at the moment ... really interested in an Orange bass terror and 2x10 isobaric cab.

So, my question ... wait for it ... Pat Torpey drum roll ... cue and in! Has any of you good guys or gals played through ones of these with an Attitude? If so, please tell me all about it.

  • Will be interesting to see what that one goes for Adam. The other one already has £40 worth of replacements valves, a must in my opinion, especially for folks recording or going through PA at gigs.

  • Thanks guys and bugger, bugger, bugger! Damn skint at the moment! Tried one yesterday in RedDog

  • Music - sounded great and as you said Karl open and vintage. Loved it but need to gig one to get real feel for it.

I need it. can you help me — Yamaha V-Max

I need it . .. can you help me? ? ?

  • WANT!!!

  • Reminds me of my Big Wheel / Green Machine when I was a kid!

  • holy crap thats sweet

hm. well that doesn t seem good — Yamaha C3

hm. well, that doesn't seem good.

  • thanks gabe, there are some cosmetic bits I've been waiting on replacing...

  • The bolt rattled off the part, the whole asslmbly fell. Muffler melted it.

  • 900 degrees in that area 'cause of the catalytic converter...

I ve been modding my scooter s transmission a lot since the spring of 09 — Yamaha C3

I've been modding my scooter's transmission a lot, since the spring of '09. The clutch and variator assemblies, both have to come off of the scooter,to change variator total weight, or to swap out a drive belt. (Likely, upwards of 25 times.)Yesterday, as I was in the process of installing my DR.Pulley Variator, with a set of D/P 3.5gr sliders, I noticed that the 17mm flanged nut that secures the clutch assembly, (Secondary Sheave.) to the rear axle, was unusually easy to remove. A closer look, revealed that it's threads were stripped out, +that the axle threads were undamaged. For several years now, I've been using slippage marks painted on the Variator + Clutch assemblies + I've been been removing and reinstalling the 17mm attachment nuts, with my Craftsman 1/2" drive air impact wrench, with a 6 point 17mm socket, using the lowest pressure setting it can be set to, along with 75psi of air pressure on my Shop's low pressure air line.

  • You tighten the nuts until the marks align & can be reasonably sure that they'll stay put, and that they haven't been overtightened. Well, this is all about to change! I don't like to consider what the results might have been, had that nut come loose going down the highway! I've ordered new attach hardware for both the Primary & Secondary Sheaves, along with a Yamaha 4T Variator Fan Pulley/Clutch Pulley, holding tool...From now on I'll use a ratchet + 6 point socket ,to loosen the nuts, & my Torquewrench to tighten then to the proper torque.

Ya I got to ride my C3 Because of the monsoons here in Tucson Az the temp... — Yamaha C3

Ya!!! I got to ride my C3. Because of the monsoons here in Tucson,Az the temp went down to 81. Clouds and no rain at that time. So I pulled my scoot out dusted her off and gave her a start. She fired right up. She has been sitting for awhile because of the Heat. One thing that was funny she did hick up and shut down. Took a few seconds to get her started again. But once she was running it was time. Went for a 50 mile ride round trip. So much fun. My little work horse just turned 13,000 miles today. Stoked...

  • That possibly was the ECU, and throttle position sensor getting on the same page...

  • Mine does that too, if it hasn't been ridden in awhile...

    3 hours ago · Like · 1

  • If it ever refuses to start,If you spray some carburetor cleaner up into the air intake on your airbox lid, you can then crank your engine while slowly moving your throttle, until it syncs with the ECU and your engine starts...

Clive H Jones shared GoneWild Ph's photo to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

hmmm mysterious Attitude bass alert! 2 separate jack sockets and regular square block inlays rather than usual attitude type. Control knobs in weird position.. ?

  • I like it:)

  • Cool Ricardo Rodriguez! Where did ya find the info? I don't see the inlay info though. I like the J-Bass inlays on the ATT. The Strat outputs too. I want to put a third output in mine, I might change the stock 2 to them & add the 3rd the same say.

Alex This is part of your Scoot s Pollution Control System that provides... — Yamaha C3

Alex...This is part of your Scoot's Pollution Control System that provides filtered air to the catalyst that's part of your stock exhaust...The hose that you see curled around the filter and secured with a tyrap,(Because of my pipe.) attaches to a fitting towards the inside rear of the stock exhaust, & is likely what came loose and melted. Your scooter will probably work better with it attached to Your muffler. (The air it supplies to the catalyst helps it to get hot.) Your Yamaha Shop may have to order one for you, since it looks to be a "Special Part..." However, it's just a rubber hose, & NAPA sells it every day, shouldn't be hard to make it fit! Gabe

  • I'll look again in the daylight. Happy 4th!

  • You too Bro!

Brotherhood sungguh suatu kata mutiara di kalangan bikers Sebuah kata yang... — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

Brotherhood! .... sungguh suatu kata "mutiara" di kalangan bikers. Sebuah kata yang penuh arti bagi kalangan biker Indonesia. Hampir seluruh lapisan klub atau komunitas motor di Indonesia memahami arti dari Brotherhood. Liat aja di stiker-stiker mereka pasti ada kata-kata "Brotherhood".

Dalam pengertiannya, Brother adalah saudara pria yang lahir dari Ibu yang sama atau sekandung. Dan apabila dikaitkan dengan slogan Bahasa Inggris. Brotherhood mengartikan persaudaraan pada keseharian kita.

Bagaimana seharusnya kita dapat bersikap dan memperlakukan setiap individu baik itu pria atau wanita, khalayaknya kita memperlakukan individu-individu tersebut sama seperti saudara tanpa membedakan status, suku dan agama. Karena bagaimanapun manusia adalah mahluk sosial yang saling hidup berdampingan dan saling bergantung satu dengan yang lain.

Brotherhood tidak memandang jenis dan keadaan seseorang, tetapi lebih mementingkan hak dari seseorang, seperti kejadian yang dialami oleh saudara-saudara kita yang tertimpa musibah bencana alam.

Sampai saat ini makna Brotherhood masih teramat jauh dari arti yang sesungguhnya. Sehingga Brotherhood terkadang menimbulkan citra ekslusif antara klub atau komunitas. Perbedaan-perbedaan prinsiplah yang menjadikan jarak pemisah persaudaraan didalam suatu klub atau komunitas.

Inti dari Brotherhood itu adalah persaudaraan sejati. Persaudaraan yang tanpa mengenal batas antara klub atau komunitas. Brotherhood dapat dijadikan symbol kekuatan pemersatu bikers di Indonesia.

Brotherhood adalah spirit atau semangat biker Indonesia untuk terus maju dan berkembang sampai sekarang ini. Terbukti dengan semakin banyaknya bermunculan klub atau komunitas motor baru di Indonesia.

Sangat disayangkan jika rasa persaudaraan dinodai hanya karena ego dan kepentingan semata. Sungguh berat memahami arti sesungguhnya Brotherhood.

Yang terpenting adalah Brotherhood dapat dirasakan dan dimulai didalam diri kita masing-masing, kemana arah tujuan dan pencapaian arti Brotherhood yang sesungguhnya.

Sesungguhnya persaudaraan itu sangatlah indah...

  • siiap bro. ..!

  • ok mas bro....

    kami bikers bukan gangsters :)

Ok here is my issue In the last two weeks i have had to push my C3 4 times... — Yamaha C3

Ok here is my issue, In the last two weeks i have had to push my C3 4 times between 2 and 4 miles home after i get out of work because it stalls when i sit at lights. On a side note it has been in the mid 90s most of this time and my C3 has to sit in a parking lot with little to no shade. Does anyone have a suggestion on what i can do to prevent this from happening or what the problem is?

  • Fuel pump, call the Yamaha 800 number, there is no formal recall, but they replaced mine for free due to some kind of safety warrenty on the fuel system.

  • click on the magnifying glass to the upper right of page and do a search for "fuel pump" you will find a bunch of posts on the issue.

  • Same thing happened to mine got my pump replaced for free

  • If you'll go over to the other C3 Site and search, "Yamaha C3 Scooter Fuel Pump problems," it's been well documented for several years.The quickest thing to do is, NOT TO talk to a Dealer... Call 800 962 7926 early in the am (P.C.T.) with your vin# handy (It's behind the oblong plastic panel, located right at your ankles, when you're riding your scoot.) there's a Lady Supervisor, that's been authorizing replacement of pumps, "Parts + Labor" and, has been for several years. You just have to keep calling 'till you get her.Thus far, I've had owners of '07, '08, & '09 models have their pumps replaced, after contacting me from finding my email address online, and asking for help. Gabe

Attn All VMaxers attending the Indiana Rally Aug 3 5 the manager at our hotel... — Yamaha V-Max

Attn All VMaxers attending the Indiana Rally Aug 3-5: the manager at our hotel just informed me he is holding our 20 rooms no later than Friday, July 6th. So if you plan on attending and haven't reserved your room please do so before Friday. That is a busy season for Brown County and he said they have already turned other possible guests away because of our rooms that are blocked. Thanks everyone!


149775281755727. 33345. 149539401779315 type 3 — Yamaha V-Max /set/?set=a.149775281755727.33 345.149539401779315&type=3

FORCE142pcs Full Set Tools for Sales...

We providing Automotive Hand Tools, Special Tools, Mechanical Tools, Electrical Tools and Workshop Equipment.


We providing Automotive Hand Tools, Special Tools, Mechanical Tools, Electrical Tools and Workshop Equipment.

Brand : FORCE

Design by Taiwan, made in Taiwan, Original import from Taiwan.

Supplier Location : Penang, Malaysia


I talked to a guy at a bar the other day He was wearing a Harley Davidson t... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I talked to a guy at a bar the other day. He was wearing a Harley-Davidson t-shirt so I asked him what kind of bike he rode. Of course he answered "A Harley". So I kept within my urge to smack him in the mouth and asked calmly "yes I can see that..what year and model, I meant?" He said it was a 70 something something or rather. He said he also owned a 2000 something whatever. He proceeds to tell me that he enjoys Harleys because he likes working on bikes. I told him "I don't ride a Harley because I like to RIDE on bikes." He openly admitted he has to do work on his Harleys just about each and every time he wants to ride them. I mean, I know guys who own newer Harleys that never have to do anything on them. Something about the twin cam and fuel injection models. I'm not a mechanical person. I join my own oil in my car and that's about all the good I am for maintenance. The less the better. I think shit that doesn't run right or doesn't run at all is great for guys who like to tinker and work on engines and whatever all the time. For me, I'll stick with my "Ricer" as he called it.


Just bought this 1992 XV750. The previous owner had a small front end accident — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Just bought this 1992 XV750. The previous owner had a small front end accident. Brought it in a new living home, evaluated the damages, removed front fender for now and looks already. My boyfriend fixed the headlight unit and the meter. I had to remove the sissy bar, was in my way getting off the bike. Now I need to find a way to "close" the backseat frame, I need a "grip". I would like to remove the passenger seat all together, but this can wait. Cleaned all the chrome, now it shines like is ready for a showroom.

  • LOVING home. Living home works too, this bike was left to die slowly but surely.

  • Yeaaah great :-DD im glad to see resuscitate ur bike :-)

Alexandru Pascu shared a link to the group: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Is this worth it ?

  • I still drive 23 km on 1 liter. I drive to work every day, 300 km a week

  • I´ve got DynoJet, 2 open K&N-filters and DEVIL-exhaust...and last summer the fuel consumption was about 0,54 l/10 km (a bit more on Autobahn) with two fully loaded 41 l GIVI-panniers, Yamaha-topbox and tankbag....and me of course ;o)

  • I also have a K& N filter with Tophamkit. and a topbox.

Kenny Chesney concert Pittsburgh Pa — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Kenny Chesney concert Pittsburgh Pa.

  • What is this? Tell more....that wouldn't be a long trip for us

  • That was Saturday but the Pittsburgh Regatta go's on all week with the biggest fireworks ever on the fourth at the point.

has anyone mounted speakers on their C3 — Yamaha C3

has anyone mounted speakers on their C3?!

  • Can you hear them well at speed?

  • This is better than headphones. Headphones you can't hear anything around you. I know because I did it for a while.

  • yeah, headphones aren't safe. but a properly made/installed helmet set will give you good (hands free) sound while still allowing you to hear important outside noise.

— Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350


  • Yeah, the max RPM was something like 10,050 or something, I only had it completely topped out for a few seconds but it sounded like it was gonna explode so I let off. What Alvin says sounds right and he seems like a pretty smart cookie so I'll go with him somewhat on that haha

  • Just an automotive machinist/computer geek. I don't really know much, but I try!!

  • Haha dude you sound like a genius. I'm a grease monkey, my life is motors lol. I could do a complete rebuild, port and polish, you name it, at around 7 years old. I don't have a chance at anything besides mechanics though, its the only thing that naturally just comes to me

Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

The greatest bike ever. Loyal to the end. Even protecting his owner from the highway traffic.

We love you, Big Beast. And your 1100 sister is crying. (also mi Ninja is). :'(

  • best bike for ever.....yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • opssssss!!!!

  • Give her another chance at life. Fiix her up again, she deserves it.

question last week we were on the freeway running about 65 70 and after about... — Yamaha V-Star riders

question, last week, we were on the freeway, running about 65, 70 and after about 50 mi my bike quit. It was a hot day for here( around 90 that day I think) I had plenty of gas, I pulled over, switched over to reserve and it started, I was at around 120 on the tank so figured I was good til the next station, I usually fill between 100-125 mi on a tank. After I filled again( 2.2gal) no more prob, and we rode freeway the rest of the day, HARD riding. Has this happened to anyone else? It happened when I first got the bike, once too, at 100 mi, I had to put it on reserve and fill up it wasn't empty, it's a 4.75 gal tank. I didn't ride it then like I do now:) B grateful for any ideas thanks.


Hey everyone I asked a question over on the forum I guess I ll ask it here as... — Yamaha C3

Hey everyone, I asked a question over on the forum. I guess I'll ask it here as well... I am about to hit 1500 miles and its almost oil change time. I checked the oil level this morning and it is exactly on full, right where it was 500 miles ago when I changed it.

Is it too early to make the switch over to amsoil?

Thanks much!

  • Waaayyy too early...You'll do yourself, + your wee engine, a big favor, if you leave the, "Dino" based lubes in your scooter until the 2nd service is due, at 4,000 miles.

  • The reason is, Synthetic lubes are so good at cutting friction, that they greatly increases the "Break In" time on load bearing surfaces within your engine & transmission, & especially your cylinder...

  • I'm an Aircraft Mechanic, When we install either a newly remanufactured engine, or replace a cylinder(s). We service it with straight non detergent oil, and release the aircraft to be flown for 50 hours, like that. Then, a compression check is pulled, the oil strainer checked for metal, the oil filter cut open, and also inspected. If there's nothing in them, Then a multi grade synthetic oil, is put into the sump. The nondetergent oil aids the engine's rings, guides, & bearings in "Bedding In..." And, results in long life for the engine.

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  • I keep preaching "Patience" y'all...Here's another opprotunity! <grin!>Synthetic lubes are awesome! I first got involved in them in Army Aviation in the mid 70s...We used syn lubes in about everything that took to the air. You'd be adding Syn oil to an aircraft's engine out on the flightline in 25 deg weather, be clumsy + spill some on the ramp, and have a large thin puddle, if you didn't wipe it up pretty quickly. It's the same way inside of your cold C3 Scooter...As soon as your engine starts, it's flowing from the oil pump through oil passdages, while "Dino's" still in bed...But, if you switch to it too soon, you'll be adding a bit to your scooter every once in awhile, until your cylinder/ rings finally get on the same page. Gabe

Random thought If my speedometer is off reading fast doesn t that mean that... — Yamaha C3

Random thought: If my speedometer is off (reading fast), doesn't that mean that my gas mileage calculations are off? (I know the answer, just putting it out there).

  • if you change tire sizes, MPH readings will be noticeably different

  • I'm told that installing a 130/90-10 tire front and back (I already have one on the rear...) will correct the speedo error...I have a new 130 tire up on the shelf, and I'll find out in a couple of months! If you use the Michelin Bopper or Pirelli tires, they are said to be low enough in profile to fit with no clearance problems with the rear fender.

  • On my C3 with a new set of Bridgestone ML-50 tires, the error is only 2mph or so.

Q for the V Star crowd Over the weekend I climbed to the top of Okemo Mt in... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Q for the V-Star crowd: Over the weekend I climbed to the top of Okemo Mt in Ludlow VT. Outdoor temp ~ 92 in the shade. On the way down I used third gear to basically ride the backlash of the gear train every once and a while applying the rear brake with fr brake. At the end of the descent, my rear brakes went out for the last 1000 yards or so (pedal to the bottom and no resistance. Rode on low gears and gentle application of front brakes. Pulled over and let the bike settle / cool down. Checked the rear caliper / disc / and pads. Besides the disc being "very hot" I pumped the brake pedal with my hand in rapid succession and felt hydraulic resistance again. Any theories out there? Heat of hydraulic fluid cause gas to escape into system? Hydraulic fluid get so hot that the viscosity ran down to "machine oil like weight" and bypassed the hydraulic pistons in the caliper????? Anyone else ever experience this? Losing rear brakes on a downgrade is not a great experience.


Hi All need some Drop D Tuner Advice — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hi All, need some Drop D Tuner Advice:

For the 2nd time in 2 yrs, the allen head screw has "poppeed" off 9out of the mounting hole.

The mounting design seems Lacking. The Hip-shot mounts to the bass with a single allen head screw.

The screw passes thru a brass sleeve (oil tight fitting I thnk) which rotates freely around it alowing for the tuner to rotate to an adjustable hardstop that allows you set the pitch of the Drop D.

The screw only taps into the head about 1/8" so it barely holds up to the tension of the E string.

I think I'm going to change the screw to a finer thread (it looks like a 6-32 screw) and see what that gains me.

Alternate solution (but ugly) is to drill thru the headstock and use a washer and nut to secure the screw.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how have you solved?

Thanks! - Dok

  • Hi All, here's the udate on the hipshot issue I'm having. I contacted Interlaven as Billy suggested (Thanks!) and spoke with Jason. He is having me send the unit in where he will either rplace the subplate or the entire unit no charge!!! Interlaven Rocks.. I'll let everyone know how this ends but thank you all for the help!!! - Dan Dwyer

  • That's good news Dan! I'm on my second where the gear has stripped in one spot. I think I'll give Jason a call.

  • I took my 23 year old hipshot to pieces, (att mk1) greased it up , put it back together and, hey presto, not a problem!