I d like to apologise to 69 for dismissing his comment about oil at Montreal — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum


I'd like to apologise to #69 for dismissing his comment about oil at Montreal. It's just that if I had a penny for every time a racer said he fell on oil and there wasn't any, I'd be a very rich marshal!! Humble apologies xx

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  • Gavin - I would understand if there was some criticism and I have an ego so it's hard to apologise, believe me. But it's the right thing to clarify for you guys. Sorry again. xx

  • Hey Karen its not marshals fault sidecars cant keep oil inside them, shame it seems to happen every meeting the oil tankers are out. Awesome weekend though roll on Brands.. :)

  • No appology needed Karen. You guys do a great job!



    YPM #69

Practiced for 2hrs today just with the slow manoevers weaving stopping etc — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Practiced for 2hrs today, just with the slow manoevers, weaving, stopping etc. I found out that I like turning left way more than right! Does anyone else notice that they have a preference? So counterclockwise is my favorite way! wierd. Anyways, all in all a good practice session. I was finding at the beginning I was using too much front brake and the bike would stop too hard sending my pubic bone into the tank. Ouch! Eased up and stops were way more smooth with more back brake and just a little squeeze of the front. No stalls or drops, which is very positive.

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  • Even the MotoGP riders have a preference. It is pretty interesting. You can usually tell a somebody's preference by looking at their chicken-strips! :-)

  • Left for me as well.

  • Ditto prefer right turns though.i use both brakes, and engine brake with gears

OK everyone we are back from our epic ride to the east coast My GPS on my... — Yamaha V-Star riders

OK everyone we are back from our epic ride to the east coast. My GPS on my phone did not work so my wife did all the posting, but now I can post everything. We put just over 5700 miles on the bikes in 16 days. We were in the saddle all but one day.

The roads in the north east are great for riding, they are smooth and curvy and fun to ride. We even got to do the Tail Of The Dragon all the curve and the day we went it was pretty dead so we pretty much had it to our selves. It was nice but they've got nothing on the roads here in Colorado. I think I better end for now and send more later.

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    Janice Pinsent created a poll in Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Any advice for new riders on just getting experience... I have done more parking lots, with slow manoevers then I can count... I feel good with just going around the neighborhood, but when I think of going on the highway, I end up having a mental block...do any other riders have advice on getting past this anxiety problem? or has anyone else experienced this. Maybe I am overanalyzing things and I just should suck it up and ride it out... I have taken the MSF course for the basics. let me know!

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    • just ride take MSF course it helps!

    • I was more comfortable riding in town when I had a smaller motorcycle (Buell Blast), in fact never wanted to get on interstates. Since I switched to FZ6R I do not get scared interstates much. Though it has a lot to do with my height and what bikes meant for, I guess.

    • Plus I had a Honda shadow 750VT, I was used to quiet bikes, it takes a while to accept the higher pitch scream as normal, I have a D&D slip on.

    Instruction for Snetterton — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Instruction for Snetterton:

    Ok you lucky folks here is the instruction list for Snett (below this message!). Remember to donate to the Rider development fund through me or the paddock office if you have enjoyed your sessions with the instructor. These lovely people volunteer their time, bikes, fuel and knowledge for nothing in support of the club and making you quicker. A small donation goes right back into the Development Program to help you and others get quicker in the future. Its the Bemsee way of members helping members and we love it!

    Ok enjoy your sessions and see you Friday. a safe weekends racing to all of you.


    Rookie - Instructor

    Andy Smith #51 - Nick Griggs

    Dan Burdett - Nick Griggs

    Doug Edmonson - Fish

    Greg Nicol #8 - Mark Trowell

    Jack Russell - Tony Russo

    Marcus Newall - Chris Mitchell

    Mark Hazelgrove - Dave Shelvey

    Paul Whitby #74 - Kev Higarty

    Richard Payne - Giles Olley

    Richard Sawyer - Fish

    Rick Windas - Jeremy

    Roger Marsh - Tony Russo

    Tim Moore - Kev Higarty

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    • It's the oirish spelling bro

    • Will be in garage 15

    • I was going to spell it FAST but is that a misspelling too Kev?

    Im toying with the idea of putting my mint Pearce BC1 with the. Sheehan mod — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    Im toying with the idea of putting my mint Pearce BC1 with the (Sheehan mod) on ebay. I am the first owner. Yup bought it in 1986 directly from Dan Pearce when he was in business. In any event im curious if anyone has seen these sell and for how much. I really dont want to let it go but just havent been using it lately and bills need to get paid. So im curious how much I can get for it? Thoughts?

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    • I solemnly swear to do my best to get pics of everything. And some cool video as well. I have a 35Gb card for my camera. I am going to try to fill it up !!

    • Sooo Envious!! hope you all have a fantastic time.

    • Me too Andy.

    Hello Yamaha Jetboaters My husband and I are the proud new owners of a 2000... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Hello Yamaha Jetboaters! My husband and I are the proud new owners of a 2000 Yamaha LS2000. We are in Ontario, Canada. A little late in the season to buy a boat, but we figure we have another good two months of boating to go! Love all the pics on this page. Hope to have some of our own to share very soon!

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    • Awesome!!!

    • We thought of adding them to our boat, but decided against it. We just learned how to park the boat, end of story. It is more important to have the best handling at top speeds. Safer.

    • We haven't had too much problem docking the boat actually, except for one day when there was a very strong on shore wind, other than that we find it a pretty easy boat to work with. I agree with you, at high speeds it's best to have all the all the handling possible. Thanks for that input Karen!

    I would love a go stereo but I just can t seem to justify buying another SVT... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    I would love a go stereo, but I just can't seem to justify buying another SVT and 4x10, due to the expense and portability of the rig. Has anyone got any suggestions for creating a slightly more compact setup?

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    • The 15's have more surface area and (therefore) smoother disbursement of highs. Like electrostatic speakers. The lows, with small speakers in clusters, couple together and create multiple phasing discrepancies that result in smooth generation of low end. OR --- it's just a wacky way to do it!

    • At the mo, I've got a TC RH450 handling all of the lows, going into a SVT 410 cab and the highs through a Keeley modded Tubescreamer into a Roland bass cube 100 for highs. Its all very experimental at the moment, but the rig is as compact as i can get it as sometimes i do play big venues. The Roland bass cube is a superb amp with lots of power, and so compact. Need to get my head around compression a bit more, as its something I dont truly understand and never really used. I hear some guys overcompressing the shit out of their basses and it sounds terrible, so always been very wary.

    • A handy rule of thumb that I've found useful many times concerning effects is dial in an effect that sounds good, then halve it. It'll sit a lot better in the mix. A bit like packing a suitcase for your holiday. Sort out the clothes you want to take, and pack half of them. You never wear all of them when you get there.

    On this day in history August 31 2007 at precisely 11 45 a m CDT my... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    On this day in history August 31, 2007 at precisely 11:45 a.m. CDT my motorcycle arrived from California. I'd actually bought it on August 5, 2007 on Ebay, but it took the shipping company a month to get it here. That was about the longest month of my life. Like this year it was the Friday befor the Labor Day weekend. I put 600 miles on her that weekend. I actually considered sleeping in the drive way next to her the first night. And to be honest if I could get her into my bedroom I'd sleep with her. She has been a source of constant joy for the last 5 years. I will be dead before I'm too old to ride. Ride to live, Live to ride.

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      New hotness — Yamaha Boat Owners

      New hotness

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      • Never tries fins reviews said they made the steering heavy from the drag at high speeds

      • I have cobra finns and they work great but I am interested to know why they are different.

      • I belong to the Yamaha Jet Boaters. We have the Cobra which get us around, but two of our friends have the new xl Thrust Vectors and are extremely pleased with them and have had NO issue at low speed. In fact one comments he feels his is just like a stern drive. You made an excellent choice!

      — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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      • Yes Thanks for the advice, I did indeed get some sliders. Really good investment.

      • The mechanics at the shop installed them for me, and i kinda wish they hadn't cut into the fairing :(

      • Yeah that is the downside to cutting..it's a permanent alteration to a very expensive part of the bike, but you can buy cheap fairing copy's from china for around$500 + postage, as opposed to maybe a couple grand if you buy from Yamaha.

      Post WIFE. Pre Attitude. very cool — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      Post WIFE... Pre Attitude.. very cool.

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      • I remember that! Still have that bass. Schecter body, Kahler term. The vest I borrowed from DLR's wardrobe room in his house---I think Alex VH wore it in a VH video. Make up (ugh! WAY too much!) was done by Marisa Roebuck, who later became "Lace" on "American Gladiator" tv show--ha!

      • Is that a Dsus2/B chord Billy Sheehan or did you just like the look of the fingering? :)

      • Billy Sheehan-- I still have that issue. I've been in love with that bass forever. If you ever clean out your closets... I'd love a chance to buy it from you. (Too bad I can't make it to Attitude Day- I'd ask you to bring it.){Consolation prize for myself: Going to see Marcus Miller Live in Buffalo @ The Tralf that night}-It's much easier for me to get from Syracuse, NY to Buffalo than to L.A. -lol

      I live in St. Louis MO. I am wondering about some nice lakes out west. names — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      I live in St. Louis MO. I am wondering about some nice lakes out west (names) Looking to get as much boating in as possible over Labor day and out of the path of Isaac. Needing a resort to stay at to.

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      • Lake Eufaula ok. is the biggest in oklahoma and one of the best. Follow rt69 down from Big Cabin OK and while your at it

      • check out grand lake in NE OK

      Anyone — Yamaha Virago XV 750


      last minute appeal for anyone who might have a cdi/ignitorunit for a 1994 virago 1100 lying about or for sale????...the part needed urgently before my bike get kicked out of garage.. part from model 1990/1998 will do the trick ...ive tried everywhere to get one with no luck and even bought a fake one from america/china.....even if you have one i could borrow to see if it will allow my bike to run ill leave money with you for it,,,,,thank anyone for any help offered ...i can come and pick it up no matter where you are....thank you

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      • Wow !! looking for something just a bit cheaper :¬(

      • If you keep looking down the list, you can find some for around 150 US dollars, but thats about as cheap as your gonna get

      • Thanks Sean will keep looking.

      — Yamaha Virago XV 750

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      • Eh si non e' decisamente da fare in un week end ;-) gia a farlo in nord italia potrebbe andare bene ma bisognerebbe reclutare un po di gente ;-)

      • what year?

      • 92'

      For y all I need to lower my 2009 bike approx 1 2 If I install a lowering... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      ?? For y'all.. I need to lower my 2009 bike approx. 1-2".. If I install a lowering link, do I need to also change the kickstand??.. Any input would be appreciated.. Thx!!

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      • I believe I saw front fork lowering springs somewhere... Not a clue where, though.

      • How much CAN you lower it before it bottoms out? (I am all about free mods!)

      • I'm only 5ft so I had the same thought first I bought mine in June this year. But I really love the way how it turns and I did not upset the original comfort so I decided not to lower. Instead, the preload is all the way down to 0 (but I believe you have already tried that) and changed the stock seat to jell/memory foam type seat. I believe I got 1" down but bear in mind I still have to stand one foot on the ground and I still claim myself as a beginner. After a couple (OK, more than just a couple...) of dropping the bike, I am used to and gained confidence. Hope this info helps :)



      1. SAMSAT Gresik di Simpang 3 Tengger Manyar jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      2. SAMSAT Jember di Pasar Mumbulsari dan Alun-alun Puger jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 Wib.

      3. SAMSAT Tuban di Kec. Palang Jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

      4. SAMSAT Nganjuk di Ds. Bagor jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      5. SAMSAT Trenggalek di Kec. Trenggalek jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

      6. SAMSAT Bojonegoro di Terminal Temayang jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

      7. SAMSAT Kediri di Kec. Wates jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      8. SAMSAT Pasuruan didepan Mall giant Pasuruan jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      9. SAMSAT Pasuruan Kota di depan Mall Poncol jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      10. SAMSAT Bondowoso di Kec. Wonosari jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      11. SAMSAT Lumajang di Depan Pasar Gucialit jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      12. SAMSAT Blitar di Lotim/Sutojayan jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      13. SAMSAT Situbondo di Alun2 Kota jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      14. SAMSAT Lamongan di Pasar Geneng jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      15. SAMSAT Madiun di Pasar Sumberbening jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      16. SAMSAT Batu di Pos Lantas Batu depan Plaza jam 08.00 s/d selesai

      17. SAMSAT Sampang di Pangarengan jam 09.00 - 12.00 Wib

      Khusus melayani perpanjangan STNK dan pembayaran pajak tahunan dengan syarat lengkap, tidak denda dan tidak blokir.

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        Matt Peters shared his photo to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Here's my replica of Billy's Fender, using split P instead of the standard Dimarzio P pickup, might change it sometime.

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        • Awesome looking bass!

        • I can see it! Very cool!!!

        • Yeah, the split P's are definitely Thunderous ! I was going to get white ones , but the local store here didnt have one. So I just made do with what they had, plan to twik it a little with a hipshot D, and some scallops when I have time of course. You can also find videos on youtube of me playing it. Just look up Take Cover bass cover, you should find it. Thanks for checkin it out ! :)

        Had a new experience today after gassing up my 1100 I tried to reset the trip... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Had a new experience today, after gassing up my 1100. I tried to reset the trip meter but it wasn't working. no odometer, no speedo, no trip, nothing. Till I hit the brake then it all came back on. But when I released the brake nothing again. Long story short, I looked it up on web and found it was a blown 10 amp fuse. I replaced it and all is well. Can't recall which fuse, but will post that in comments below when I look at it in the morning. Just thought to pass the info along before I forgot to post any of it.

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          just posted this on xs650. com but maybe someone has an idea here — Yamaha XS650

          just posted this on xs650.com but maybe someone has an idea here

          so ive had the hughes handbuilt pma in my bike for about a month or so and new ballistic 8cell battery and bike seemed to charge fine until a few weeks back when the battery slowly drained. i reground everything and bought one of those onboard battery diagnostic things. charged the battery with a regular bike battery charger and it wasnt taking more than10 volts of a charge and then start to get hot. the other day i put the battery on charge at 6amps and the battery got up to 14 so i took the charger off and the battery started to drain so i unplugged it, checked it with a multi meter and battery started draining even with nothing plugged into it. my ballistic charger should be in on monday or tues but id like to ride today. back to my original question, upon installing the pma the instructions said you dont need the keyway so i left it out but just found on the wix site they use it with theirs ...... could this be the reason why my charging system is failing or battery or both

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          • Thanks Tom for the info!

          • almost for certain.....a dead cell in batterie....

          • Battery has dropped a cell for sure

          Daryl Supprime shared a Page to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

          Hi everyone,

          I'm the young (16 years old) director of a french web-magazine called Moto Quotidien. Our objective is to speak about the actuality of motorcycle racing in all his disciplines. It will be a great pleasure if you can like our facebook's page <> http://www.facebook.com/MotoQuotidien

          Thank you so much and have a great week-end (of motorbike of course !)

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            Here is a very cool pic of Tim Bogert playing his Fender P with the Tele neck — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Here is a very cool pic of Tim Bogert playing his Fender P with the 'Tele' neck. (Sorry to post a pic that isn't an Attitude but I still think this pic is important to what eventually became the Attitude bass we all know and love) Peace :)

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            • Ha ha, I used to think it was a Jazz pickup too Jay. It's good to know that Tim used to use the thumb rest as a 'brace' to control the volume and it wasn't just for looks.

            • Wow! I want cabs like that..! :-P

            • -the soundguy will hate me (even more..)

            20 tips berkendara R 2 yang aman — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

            20 tips berkendara R-2 yang aman

            1. Patuhi peraturan lalu lintas, rambu, marka dan petunjuk petugas

            2. Siapkan surat-surat identitas (KTP, SIM, STNK)

            3. Tidak mengendarai motor lebih dari 2 orang

            4. Pastikan kendaraan anda laik jalan

            5. Jangan zig-zag/ jangan memaksa diri menyalip kendaraan orang lain

            6. Jaga jarak aman dan waspadai kendaraan lain

            7. Waspadai posisi “Blind spot”

            8. Tidak melaju dengan kecepatan tinggi

            9. Gunakan helm pengaman bagi pengemudi maupun pembonceng

            10. Beristirahatlah bila mengantuk atau lelah

            11. Konsentrasi Perjalanan anda

            12. Bila berombongan tidak memenuhi badan jalan

            13. Beri kesempatan pada penyeberang jalan

            14. Waspadai kendaraan parkir (bila membuka pintu mendadak)

            15. Waspada dan kurangi kecepatan di daerah padat lalu lintas (pasar, terminal, sekolahan dll)

            16. Kondisi fisik tidak dipengaruhi obat

            17. Gunakan bahan dan warna pakaian/ helm yang kontras agar mudah dilihat oleh pengendara lain

            18. Nyalakan lampu walau siang hari

            19. Waspadai jalan rusak/ berlubang saat musim hujan

            20. Jangan lupa berdo’a sebelum dan sesudah berjalan

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              Hi I m a proud owner of a Yamaha C3 2009 and I m starting to have problem to... — Yamaha C3

              Hi, I'm a proud owner of a Yamaha C3 2009 and I'm starting to have problem to start it. Even when gas tank is full. I searched and find that my problem is apparently a ''Vapor Lock''. I called Yamaha customer service and they told me to change the fuel pump. Anyone has this problem ? How have you fix it ? Is changing my gas pump by the same model will fix my problem ? Thnx for respond !

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              • Follow this link to the C3 forum, there you will find all the info you need to get the fuel pump replaced for free. Don't forget to thank Gabe! http://c3riders.freeforums.org/index.php

              • Alex Williams~ You ca go to the top of the page annd click "Files" and make a Document that will sort of act like a sticky.

              • If I find time I'll do it. Someone else may beat me to it.

              — Yamaha V-Max

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              • How about "not for sissys"

              • B S ...girls ride them too Right Terri, Randi, give em hell!

              • Tam you are very right...not for sissys

              Did you note something really original and unique in Billy s tone and way of... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

              Did you note something really original and unique in Billy's tone and way of playing ?

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              • I just think it's overdrive tone is he best int the bass world. Never heard something that I liked that much. he's been experimentig all his life and knows gear very well. I admire this a lot...apart from being tachnically above all, he's also about gear knowledge

              • billy´s tone for me is the best

              anyone have any experience flying with their bass trying to figure out how to... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

              anyone have any experience flying with their bass ? trying to figure out how to get my bass to LA to meet Billy Sheehan... I am refering to carry-on

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              • You might be better off shipping it Fed Ex. Ship it to your hotel or even Fed Ex location. If you ship to your hotel notify them beforehand and they will accept it and hold it for you. (remember to detune your strings!) In a hardshell case you should be able to ship it for well under $100.

              • Then afterwards ship it home.

              looking to install a drilled rotor on my bike dont want to send my rotor out... — Yamaha XS650

              looking to install a drilled rotor on my bike, dont want to send my rotor out but... anyone have any ideas or one for sale for my 77 xs650d im also aware of a few other yamahas that fit as well, looking to get one for under 75 hopefully

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              • makes the project a bit more money but...

              • oh yea, i already know it gonna cost a arm and a leg. but ill save in labor cost with good ol do it yourself. lol

              • I saw a "how to" in 650motorcycles.com on using points ignition with a 277 rephase. That would save some money. Thinking of doing a rephase myself.

              BEMSEE END OF SEASON CYCLE RACE Its the LAW to take part — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              BEMSEE END OF SEASON CYCLE RACE - Its the LAW to take part!

              Ok its nearly the last round at Brands so remember we have the traditional end of season cycle race for the Bemsee Benevolent fund. When our riders need help the help is there.

              It's £5 per person, teams of 3 and its a lap each. Winner takes all...... Oh and its fancy dress and anything goes ;-)

              Prepare your bikes (yes we have had everything from tricycles to tridems to cycle sidecars........) and prepare your outfits (These have been from a Banana, a monkey, to pirates and ....well the indescribable!). Just have a look at the pics in the Bemsee Club Riders FB page.

              Everyone can take part so enter your helpers, mechanics, mums, butlers and kids. Its a fun way to end the season and takes part on the Saturday night after racing and before the presentation.

              You will be able to enter at Brands so more details will be posted around that time. This is just for PREPARATION!!!

              Remember...fail to prepare and prepare to fail. Get the welding kit out for that old bike...its a potential winner!

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                Jon Willis shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                How i epoxied my pickups

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                • I noticed Billy epoxies his Dimarzios as well.. give it a try. It's fairly easy to do.

                • best part about the epoxy is that it allows pickups to be closer to strings while keeping magnets away from the strings. If magnets get too close they can cause problems with the pull on the strings and slight tuning issues. After playing my bass for a week I, personally, only notice a difference on the G-String. Like it was said before it comes down to technique. Billy created this mod to help perfect his technique, so it may not be useful for everyone.

                • Apart from the benefits Jon listed, I also like the epoxy coating because it diminishes the POP! sound the string makes when it hits the magnets. When it cures well, the fingers truly fly over it, too!

                My first attempt to epoxy the pickup covers for my WIFE replica — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                My first attempt to epoxy the pickup covers for my WIFE replica....

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                I woke up at 0400 this am Had gotten in bed early for me at 2200hrs couldn t... — Yamaha C3

                I woke up at 0400 this am (Had gotten in bed early for me, at 2200hrs) & couldn't sleep any longer. So, I started tinkering with my Polini variator a bit more...I reinstalled the Dr.Pulley 16X13mm 4gr sliders, with one 1/32" shim behind the variator, just to see what would happen. On the way,I stopped & refueled. It appears the new clutch spring cost me 9mpg, dropping from 109.5 to 100.7mpg) But, the performance is waaaayyy better with the new spring, holding 33-38mph indicated, in the steadily rolling hills, + pulling the bad hills better, than with the worn out Contra spring. The new spring, new weights,& new variator, will all begin to work together, after several hundred miles, likely bringing mpg back up....The 1/32" shim behind the variator,caused a noticable drop in performance over just the 4gr weights, with slower takeoff and 0-30mph time, plus having to have assistance from a good hill to hit the limiter at 9,000 rpms vs 9,200rpms without the shim, without a lot of downhill help. So, I'm reinstalling the covers and put some miles on them! I don't really like mixing sliding and roller weights, because the mixture won't perform as well as a set of sliders. But it will do, until I can either acquire a set of 4.25gr D-P sliders, or a set of 5gr sliders to mix with my set of 3.5gr sliders... The 4.25gr won't outrun the 4gr sliders 0-40mph, or in medium hills. However, in bad hills, it's stronger, as it's not hitting the limiter on the down hill, and it's better overall straight and level, at 38-40mph, because the engine speed is 1,000rpms less. (7,500 rpm vs 8,500rpm @40mph indicated, with the 4gr weights.) Ride Safely y'all! Blessings! Gabe


                '07 Yamaha C3 Scooter

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                  Fernando Rey shared his album to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Hi! Here is my Attitude Ltd., I bought it used around last November and it's my flagship instrument now :P

                  The pickguard is a custom one, it had 2 lines of blue Leds inbetween the neck and the pickups, but when I got it the battery was as good as dead (only a flash and they were out) and when trying to replace it I burnt the Leds =( electronics aren't my area xP I also have the original pickguard but I like this one more over the plain white of the original.

                  I'm still experimenting with the sound, I'm using a "Y" cable to plug both outputs to the amp, and I really think I'm missing a lot from this feature =/

                  I'd love to hear from you guys what setups you use with your Attitudes, I've been thinking of using diferrent effect pedals for each pickup (like some reverb or delay in the woofer and maybe OD or even a wah for the DiMarzios) but then do I still "mix" them to the amp Input? I don't really know a lot about amp models and haven't have the time to figure this out, so it will be very interesting to have your input ^^

                  Sorry for the long post! U^^

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                  • Quick research, the first ltd was around '84-'85 so yes, this must be a '91

                  • -got mine i 1991 :-)

                  • Yep, Mine too are dated 1991, I believe all of the att. ltd. series one were given birth that year!!

                  Tom Nielson shared a link to the group: Yamaha XS650. — Yamaha XS650

                  Install one of these on your bike and you will know what is going on with the press of a button. I have one on my XS650, it shows battery charge and also that your alternator is putting out charge - cheap insurance!

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                  • Like I said earlier some are luckier than others.... Your bike and motors were prob maintained well

                  • Very Well

                  • My bike has been in the family since about 79

                  The final revised instruction list for Tomorrow at Cadders. See you there — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                  The final revised instruction list for Tomorrow at Cadders!!! See you there:

                  Rookie - Instructor

                  Andy Smith #51 - Nick Griggs

                  Barry Davison - Will Dalton

                  Ben O'Keefe #93 - Des Davis

                  Dave Wass - Jeremy

                  Gary French - Des Davis

                  Gary O'Keefe #94 - Nick Griggs

                  Jocelyn Bond #20 - Giles Olley

                  Kevin Coldwell - Tony Russo

                  Kevin Lilley #19 - Tony Russo

                  Marcus Newell - Tony Russo

                  Mark Fincham - Jeremy

                  Mark Hazelgrove - Will Dalton

                  Paul Fullick - Jeremy

                  Paul Whitby #74 - Kev Higarty

                  Sam Rickard - Jeremy

                  Simon Shug - Tony Russo

                  Stephen Cullen - Kev Higarty

                  Tara Pill - Giles Olley

                  Tom Schofield - Giles Olley

                  Trevor Sharpe - Tony Hoare

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                    "BAZIZ MAMI dan ZAKAT ON THE ROAD"

                    Kami mengajak seluruh kawan/sodara yang mempunyai kewajiban Zakat Fitrah ataupun ingin Bersedekah bersama Club kami MAMI (madiun automatic independent),Mengenai batas akhir penyetoran hingga SABTU Siang pukul 12:00,18-08-12 di BaseCamp MAMI atau jika berupa uang sejumlah Rp.25.000.

                    Pembagian "Zakat On The Road" akan di laksanakan pada Sabtu pukul 20:00 di jalanan sekitaran kota Madiun.

                    Insyaallah Zakat Fitrah Dan Sodaqoh Anda Amanah.

                    Untuk Info:085645885758-(0351) 8072345

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                    • mantaps

                    • ˚°º΅ά♏in..ά♏in..ά♏in΅º°


                    I had ordered a new Clutch Contra Spring last week at my Yamaha Dealer I rode... — Yamaha C3

                    I had ordered a new Clutch, "Contra Spring" last week at my Yamaha Dealer & I rode the 43 miles over there after lunch, my scooter dragging around more + more , the farther I went. Since I had my covers off, the shop swapped out the weak spring with the new one. ($26 including parts.) On the way home, my scooter ran 7,500rpms at 40mph indicated, & 8,100rpms at 42-43mph. On the down hills, it now winds up to 8,900 rpms without being near the limiter. Fuel mileage has increased from 96.5 to 109.8...I'm putting the covers back on & put some miles on the new variator & weights , while I try to source a set of Dr.Pulley 4.25gr 16X13mm sliders...

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                      I awoke at 0400 couldn t go back to sleep Decided to go out to the shop and... — Yamaha C3

                      I awoke at 0400 + couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to go out to the shop and mess with my C3's variator some more...I pulled it and set it on the bench, searching for a way to set total variator weight at 25.5gr... Or, a set of 4.25gr weights...The new Prodegy variator came in last week, with bonus sets of 4, 5 ,& 6gr 16X13mm roller weights...I also recently received sets of Dr.Pulley 3.5 gr and 4gr 16X13mm sliders, I'd found at autotech355 on Ebay......I did the math, & three 3.5gr weights, mixed with three 5gr weights is 10.50gr + 15gr which =25.5gr... I've mixed rollers and sliders before, with no issues... It's kind of like an Auburn fan + an Alabama fan being married...Here in Alabama, it's called a "Mixed Marriage," But, it'll work! :) The test ride showed 40mph arriving at 7,900rpms vs 8,500rpms with the set of 4gr weights, and 43mph at 8,600rpms... 600 rpms below, where my limiter has been kicking in...It's pulling hills better than it was at the higher revs, because now I can keep the throttle at WOT going downhill. There's zero miles on these new weights, and only 1,200 miles or so, on the Polini variator...It will get better! :) Blessings! Gabe

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                        Here s something I ve been wondering what kind of music do you guys play — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                        Here's something I've been wondering, what kind of music do you guys play? We know Billy does everything on the bass and uses his Attitude for almost all of it. So what is your music like?

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                        • http://www.circlesofficial.com/ Is my band's site with links to our stuff. I did it all on my Attitude X which I then swapped with Karl Altdorfer for his Ltd 1 to record our single 'send a light' on. I haven't used it on any other gig though.

                        • I play metal. Some original stuff, some Dio/Whitesnake covers.

                        • Trying to play some Mr. Big stuff, but you know...Billy's gone too far! :P

                        Instruction for Cadwell — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                        Instruction for Cadwell:

                        The instruction is full now so thanks to all of the instructors who are giving up their time and resources to help those that have requested instruction in good time. The Rider/Instruction allocation is below in rider name order.

                        Please remember that if you have had some great instruction to donate a small voluntary contribution to the Rider Development Fund through me or the Race Office. All monies are re-invested back into the development program for you to get quicker....so its a win-win! Thanks folks and See you at Cadders.

                        News on the Track Walk is coming out on another post.

                        Rider - Instructor

                        Andy Smith #51 - Nick Griggs

                        Barry Davison - Giles Olley

                        Ben O'Keefe #93 - Des Davis

                        Dave Wass - Jeremy

                        Gary French - Des Davis

                        Gary O'Keefe #94 - Nick Griggs

                        Jocelyn Bond #20 - Giles Olley

                        Kevin Coldwell - Tony Russo

                        Kevin Lilley #19 - Tony Russo

                        Marcus Newell - Tony Russo

                        Mark Fincham - Jeremy

                        Paul Fullick - Jeremy

                        Paul Whitby #74 - Kev Higarty

                        Sam Rickard - Jeremy

                        Simon Shug - Tony Russo

                        Tara Pill - Giles Olley

                        Tim Moor - Kev Higarty

                        Tom Schofield - Giles Olley

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                          Gary French shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                          Hi fellow racers, i am fortunate enough to now, to be sponsored for the 2013 race season by a local powder coating sprayer. Chris has been working in powder coating for a company many years, nut now works from home. The benefit of this, is that Chris will do the smallest of items such as an exhaust hanger, upto the largest, this being a Motorcycle Frame. Chris will only take one job on at a time, and offers a a one -to-one Personal service, which grantees your item will be worked on from the moment he receives it, and unlike large companies, your item will not be left to one side until they have a run of small items to do. Chris will also turn your items around within 24hrs, no fuss, no bother. Check out his website, and give him a call, and don’t forget to mention ChickenStrips Racing for your 10% discount.

                          %d comments
                          • If Any of you are wanting any work done but cant get your job to him, give it to me at Cadders, and i will bring it back with me and give it to Chris to be done, then, i can either post it back to you or you can collect it from me ate the next race meeting.

                          • Ok Folks, a few of you were inquiring about colors etc, will here is a link to the RAL site, where you can choose any color you want. Also, as a price guide, and to give you an idea of how well priced hobbypowdercoatings are, if you mention chickenstrips racing, he will do a pair of wheels for £40, and would turn them around in a day, You wont get better, So, good luck with your racing, and let me knnow if you have any problems getting hold of Chris from HobbyPowderCoatings.. http://www.ralcolor.com/

                          Taking a survey at work So they want to group us into age brackets and... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                          Taking a survey at work. So they want to group us into age brackets, and actually named them. I always knew I was at the tail end of the Boomers, but GenX - can it really be such a small time period? I don't think the term GenX was even coined until long after that period. And what is up with Mellennial? Are we missing some option?

                          seems to me the result groups are going to be pretty skewed by building demographic brackets with such unequal sizes.

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                            Bruce Gabriel — Yamaha C3

                            Bruce Gabriel

                            Just messing around in the, "Wee Hours" Saturday morning, with my new polini variator, with a new set of Dr.Pulley 16x13mm 4gr sliding weights, that's causing my scooter to run 8,500rpms at 40mph indicated,and,a max speed of about 43mph gps, at 9,200rpms, with the speedo pegged. (My scoot saying,"Hills,What hills?!) I began searching for a better way to back the rpms off away from the hated limiter, without having to go to more total variator weight...I remembered how removing that restricting washer caused a resulting 5-7mph increase in speed. So, I inserted one Dr.Pulley 1/32" thick, variator shim, between the outer fan pulley and the sliding sheave. (Where the restricting washer had originally been.) and went for a ride...First thing I found was that the 0-30 to max speed times, didn't go down, like a set of heavier weights would cause, and I'm back to running 40mph indicated at around 7,500 rpms and max speed (43mph) at 8,200rpms, like with a set of 4.5gr weights...It no longer was into the limiter at 9,200 rpms and the take off and hill pulling ability may have been a half second slower...SO, if a 1/32" shim between the outer pulley and the sliding sheave, cuts engine speed by 1,000 rpm...Half of that, a 1/64" shim, should cut those results in half, with only a 500 rpm drop in engine speed, and nearly as stout hill pulling power

                            as before! , (The equlvalent of running a set of 4.25gr weights.) Somebody do this with a tachometer, and check out my theories! It seems to simple to be right! Now, let me see if I can find some 1/64" shims or, some shim stock, so I can cut some out! :) Blessings!


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                              Mati Audia shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                              Talking about strings: how often do you change the strings? and, are new strings the key to get this tone?(besides the gear, obviously) ->

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                              • Every month for me.

                              • Well, that really is dependent on how often I'm playing.

                              • It depends on which bass (I use different manufacturers on different basses to achieve tones which sound the same). Some of my basses go through strings like mad.