Ready na ba kyo mga paps — YAMAHA T135 T150 Luzon Unity Ride


Ready na ba kyo mga paps?

2011 pa pala tong pic..haha

Caliraya Ride..

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  • Ipaparehistro muna kc expired pa last october..hahaha

    Puro lng rehistro..nkatambak nman sa garahe..

  • uno is back?

  • Cguro paps Guiller..

thinking about going 10 or 12 inch apes what are some options also bought a... — Yamaha Bolt

thinking about going 10 or 12 inch apes, what are some options? also, bought a hid kit with this gift card i have. ill post pics soon as i get it on. along with the fuel sink i did awhile back.

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  • i saw the 10" narrow bars, same style as yours, decent price too, David, i can cut the harness and re-wire my self, as for the cables, im gonna say new throttle, new brake, and new brake line correct??? and im assuming those are gonna cost more then the handle bars themselves

  • Jesse yes all you need to rewire is electrical wires. If you go with the 10in get the 4 plus cable kit. For clean rewiring threw bars(electrical cable only), that is a bitch. Running cables sucks a big one. I used a wire hanger to help slide wires trough. Makes life a whole lot easier

  • I just took off my cowl. For sale by the way to start my hid kit. I'll order the bars soon.

350 raptor the same as my warrior — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

350 raptor the same as my warrior??

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  • Those were probably maier fenders

  • Aaron Larson Well that is because they were Maier plastics made to bolt on the Warrior. Yamaha never made pink plastics and the ones they did make do not bolt right on.

  • Idk probly I got rid of it

2004 yz250 I have an fmf fatty with a boysen reed cage and reeds how can I get... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

2004 yz250: I have an fmf fatty with a boysen reed cage and reeds, how can I get more power with keeping the same bore and stock jug?

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  • Dep exhaust and 929$ for everything for the motor

  • I definitely appreciate it you guys all great information!

  • Take ten thou off the head have some porting done by some one who you can tell where you want the power band to bechanged Polish the top of the piston and the head As well as the exhaust ports only. If you can get vp racing fuels get u44! It is oxygenated and you have to run two sizes bigger main jets and pilot jets but you will have a big difference in power all the way across the power band it works wonders at high altitude it makes a bike at 8000 ft run like it would at sea level so if you are at sea level even better

Here s a better pic — Yamaha Bolt

Here's a better pic

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  • Danny, I think the stick seat would look bad. Low and mean did a video check it out. In my opinion it's to much.

    Jonice- the seat change color. I've been meaning to call Yamaha.

  • Wow! I guess its too late for me now. How long have you had it? Is your bike often parked under the sun? Just wondering what caused it. Anyway, on the brighter side, it has that distressed look on it which can be good if you plan to go that route.

  • Yeah not extremely long in the sun or anything. I think it's just crappy leather curing.

I made this about a week ago kind of sums up the max in all it s lunacy — Yamaha V-Max

I made this about a week ago, kind of sums up the 'max in all it's lunacy. I wouldn't have her any other way :)

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  • I would love to learn to intentionally learn how to drift my max. it tends to happen when I least expect it aha!!

  • I can do a nice drift with both wheels, followed by a professional highsider. Did that 1998 on the circuit Anneau de Rhin:-( not fun at all. Cold tires....but you can survive, if the max doesn't hit you. :-)

  • I can get laid... Jokes haha

Photos from James Woodroffe's post — Yamaha V-Max

The Blunderbuss....Do I need a girlfriend when I have my Blunderbuss? NOPE ;-)

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  • Thanks man! I liken her to a beautiful, uncontrollable female axe murderer.. With that crazy look in her eyes demanding respect..Or she will kill you. But everything is worth it, for the thrill of the ride. :D

  • You just described ex-wife. .except the beautiful

  • Lmao! Hahaha

Photos from TJ Bias's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Got a new helmet and some new tires! Ready to ride

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  • I dont wear a helmet on either of my warriors! Id do that though. Lol

  • I play too rough not to wear one.

  • I use to never wear a helmet. Didn't think I needed one. Rode at a park one day which required them. Things were going great until the banshee tires decided to bite going up a very tall and steep hill. Long story short, the banshee bit in and flipped backwards before I even had time to realize what happened. The bike flipped and I'm not sure if it was the bike or the boulders that knocked me unconscious, but something did and in the process, cracked my helmet. Twenty some years of riding never prepared me for that day and I have no doubt that that helmet either saved my life or at least kept me from scrambling my brains. Needless to say, I strap one on every time now. Be safe, you never know.

Does anyone know the handle bar s diameter I m thinking about customizing some... — Yamaha Bolt

Does anyone know the handle bar's diameter? I'm thinking about customizing some hand guards on it so winter riding won't be such torture on the hands.

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  • What about putting heat grip, it does the job..

  • I was hoping for a cheaper alternative. Riding in the 20s is not joke.

What s the best way to clean inside of carburetor What cleaner won t hurt... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

What's the best way to clean inside of carburetor? What cleaner won't hurt seals etc?

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  • Carb cleaner. Air hose out the main jet pilot jet and all the little ports inside carb

  • Bill Webster is completely 100% correct!

  • Derrek, musta been derived from Evil and Rude after all eh haha!

Here was my boat last summer at Melton hill dam went for a 30 mile ride with my... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Here was my boat last summer at Melton hill dam went for a 30 mile ride with my wife and daughter was a perfect day for a ride

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  • I Want your top

  • Noooo I love mine best thing in the world

  • It came with factory top fitted cover 4 yamaha boat bumpers and factory sound

Kevin Brown shared a link to the group: Yamaha XS250/XS360/XS400. — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

this is the bike I'm considering buying

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  • looks nice, but i would try to find out, what is ment with "valve work".

    I read about the xs500 that the original valve seats are weak so yamaha had to replace them....

    Good luck! would be nice to see that beautiful bike running!

  • ahh, the problem with the valve seats appeared with the 1976 models... the later ones were better

Tanong po hindi na kce gana yung elec start ko Ok naman battery may ilaw pa... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Tanong po hindi na kce gana yung elec start ko. Ok naman battery. may ilaw pa at busina malakas. Pinatest ko na din battery ok. Pag nag push ako ng start. Tick lang ng tick. ano kaya prob nito

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  • Same here paps tinaktak ko lang starter relay ko baklas kabit lang para matanggal ung dumi sa loob ngaun ala na ko problema.

  • eh ano po ung sinasabi pa nila na carbon blah blah... baka dun daw ang sira

  • Starter relay yan sir

did anyone that got the low and mean front fender have to shim one side to make... — Private Yamaha Raider

did anyone that got the low and mean front fender have to shim one side to make it centered. mine is hitting the tire on one side at the bottom

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  • Not at first, but after about 8,000 miles now it's rubbing at the top on one side.

  • Yep. I enlarged the holes before I even rode it. Not near enough room for tire growth

  • I haven't heard many good thing about fit. I went with the Mortons. Had to drill and fit it myself but its right. 14 ga metal.

Went for a New Years Ride A little cold at 35 degrees but sparked off a new... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Went for a New Years Ride! A little cold at 35 degrees but sparked off a new change, new year, new focus on life, business, friends and FAMILY! Last year had some great things but many hurt and sorrows as well. I lost two great fathers and almost our baby boy. We also got to see some wonderful sights and do some amazing things with our trip to Colorado and Utah. It has really taught me to focus on family and the short life we have here. How fragile we are but also to not hesitate to DO instead of regretting that you DIDN'T. I live with a lot of "I should have...." and it eats me up. I don't want to feel that way anymore. On the flip side of that if you're shady or full of shit, undependable I'll call you on it. Constructive Criticism if you will and I would expect the same. Let's all work together to better ourselves and each other towards a better quality of life. Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  • Thanks & Blessings for their & your service!

  • Thanks James and same back at ya. Seen your money pit on your page. Beautiful bike man. The more I look at it the more changes I see. I can see there's going to be a lot of hidden purchases for mine to stay off momma's

  • "Naaa baby. That's always been on there"

Bolt owners — Yamaha Bolt

Bolt owners,

What all bikes did you look at while shopping for for your bike ?

Reasons for not buying the others ??

I'm currently looking. Might purchace after grizzly is paid off.

The last bike I had was a 01 suzuki gs500 and it's been a few years now.

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  • HAHAHA! no no lol you look fine lol

  • I was looking at the Suzuki Boulevard, then the owner introduced me to the Bolt. It looked different from any other bike and once I sat on it, I felt so comfortable. I haven't bought it yet but not because I'm not sure I will.

  • 2016 is my target. Grizz will be paid off then.

Cranked up the beast. 02 warrior with straight pipe — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Cranked up the beast...02 warrior with straight pipe

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  • After riding yesterday, I wondered what power I was losing so I also bought a stock exhaust...we'll see the difference when it comes'll be good to have both

  • because they don't tune the motor to the open head when they pull the exhaust I would be willing to be they run it with the exhaust change nothing pull the exhaust and run it again

  • Ty Maines

What is the coldest temp you will ride in. Just curious — Yamaha Bolt

What is the coldest temp you will ride in? Just curious

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  • 5°C (41F) last week all week long

  • 0 degrees centigrade

  • Left my house about two weeks ago. It was 37 degrees. Sitting still. Moving along at 55 or 60 mph. I began to question my desicion! LOL

I have a chance to buy a 86 yamaha 225cc DX. Are they pretty good u think — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

I have a chance to buy a 86 yamaha 225cc DX ..Are they pretty good u think...Just curious. ...Always owned Honda's.....Thanks......

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  • Cool

  • Ya I traded my sled for it and I have absolutely no regrets

  • Yea rode it for like 10 mins tonight. .Never had a yamaha. .Always 200s Honda's. .But feeling the 225cc better..Plus ride..Is more better I think, .

Tom Tranchell shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

It is the first day of 2015. I have high hopes for this year. It seems The New Order of the North and South RC is starting the new year with a new Utah member, Robert Rich. Welcome brother. I will start planning rides and other activities soon so we can all get to know each other better and just have some fun. If you are looking for a change this year you might want to consider joining our family of brothers and sisters. This year is going to be a hell of a ride. For more info on how to join, click the link below. You can also get my number on the state reps page in you have any questions. Twisted Tom. Utah State Rep for the New Order of the North and South RC.

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    A lil rig I put together to cover some synth parts ala Billy s Live Speed On... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    A lil rig I put together to cover some synth parts ala Billy's Live Speed On Ice sound in small clubs. Using the zoom for a pitch transposeer & a few mild additives. It covered a lot of ground. Between the EBS & the B5R multiple clean/ overdrive/distortion options-mixes-blends.

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    • Hey Durk!!! Was wondering where you came across that info? ""That B5R has the same OD circuit as the BSP preamp"" I thought probably so due to release times etc etc but was not able to verify.

    • Actually, I just figured it had to be because of the dual channels with combine function. How does the octaver track?

    • Never recorded with it nor used the octive feature live. Not really my thing & I like this amp for the high end stuff. I usually use a Carvin BX500 & only use this Ampeg when I run the dual amp/stereo out thing. It all depends on the gig, room size, if I'm doing my thing or the cover thing or need special purpose set up. The Phase 90 I like for mellow bebop jazz solo stuff, some VH covers & of course Stranglehold. Crank it up a bit with distortion & a PT it kind of has that synth thing. The B5R has a superior distortion & clean mix compared to the overdrive/clean-grind mix of the EBS. IMO.

    Saved this 250k. Time to restart her heart — Enduro Yamaha IT Series

    Saved this 250k . Time to restart her heart.

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    • Yes eBay has a lot of parts. not much in new Zealand . Those who have them don't let them go. Or you pay a pretty penny.

    • Thanks for the info Stuart Neal

    • any time Ian..Ive restored an IT400F as well..thats great fun to ride!

    SOC Inc Luzon Officers — YAMAHA T135 T150 Luzon Unity Ride

    SOC Inc Luzon Officers

    Main Chapter c/o EJ Martin & Kent Rainier C Buenaventura

    South Luzon 1 Chapter c/o Lou Bernard Carlos Bonagua & MoLek KhaLiques

    South Luzon 2 Chapter c/o Louwinzky Oliva / John Paul Lagumen & Kebee Matias

    North Luzon 2 Chapter c/o Vince Albert Nixel

    North Luzon 3 Chapter c/o Jaehjaeh Garcia

    Nueva Ecija Chapter c/o Edward Jener Linsangan Iniwan

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    • saan po gaganapin e2?

    • Samat ang bagak paps

    • nice sasama ako jan

    Photos from Paul Dillena's post — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

    mga k snipee patulong naman kahapon humahagok n tapos knina umaga 10 mins lng tumirik n pwede b dhilan to spark plug? 4 weeks ago nalinis n carb ok nman after non

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    • mga paps wula mbilihan ng sp sarado p bukas n lng anu po maganda n brand

    • Aw kahit ordinary muna .. kahit ano.. pantest lng bah... kung aayos xa sa ordinary e d mas aayos sa mamahalin... tapos ayun sp reading na lng..

    • yahooo mga paps salamat ok n ok n ulit snipee ko nagpalit lng ao sp ngk platinum pwede n ulit pang rat ratan so happy

    happy new year po sa mga mamaw ng t135 — YAMAHA T135 T150 Luzon Unity Ride

    happy new year po sa mga mamaw ng t135

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    • pwd ka makapagdala sa jan 9 meeting? tnx

    • sir try ko makaluwas..nasa pampanga kasi kmi..but if ever po nmin pra sa approval. what ever po maging decision ng mga pres of clubs about the unity..full support po ang YST

    • Ganda PAP's!!

    Hey everyone Thanks for the ad to the group I m from Illinois and I have a... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Hey everyone, Thanks for the ad to the group. I'm from Illinois and I have a 1994 Yamaha Warrior 350 that I just got a few days ago not running. Anyways the first day I had it I noticed it had weak spark. So I changed the spark plug and it fired right up, I ran it for about 15-20 minutes. Ran really good. I shut it off and it wouldn't restart. So I checked the spark again and it was still really weak. I changed the plug again it started up ran pretty good again, but died out on me when I gave it gas. So I went ahead and replaced the coil and now it's get extremely good spark and its constant, but it will not start with the new coil. I am thinking that its not getting enough gas or any gas or maybe, just maybe the adjustments are off on the carb? Could that be causing it to not start? Because I did idle it down some since it was idling really high and when I gave it full throttle it wanted to die so I did adjust what I believe is the idle screw? Any suggestions or comments to help would be great. Thanks And Have A Nice DAY

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    • Check the air/ fuel mixture screw adjustment. Or check your float to see if its adjusted right.

    • I feel like it's still not getting enough spark. One of my friends put there hand on the coil wire and it didn't even give him a shock at all maybe I'm still not getting good spark

    Thinking about buying a Yamaha Jetboat for the New Year What are things you... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Thinking about buying a Yamaha Jetboat for the New Year. What are things you would have wanted to know BEFORE you bought your boat? Advice for a rookie?

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    • On the trailer issue: I was considering the same (and posted a question about it here some time ago). The downside is the expense of storing it (if you don't have space for it yourself).

    • The secret to keep them out to side to sling shoot

    • The other secret to tubing is to use an extension line of 10-20 feet depending on the tow point (tower vs transom)

    Ready na kami ni piper sa new year — YAMAHA T135 T150 Luzon Unity Ride

    Ready na kami ni piper sa new year !!!

    Braaang .... braaang ...

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    • Hahaha ... happy new year seven khit lagi. Moko pinagti tripan lab na lab kita ..

      and to all wag po kayo maniwala sa babala nyan ni Seven Perucho hahaha ...

    • boom !

    Plastics UFO Racetech Polisport acerbis and why I have Acerbis on the bike... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

    Plastics.... UFO, Racetech, Polisport, acerbis, and why. I have Acerbis on the bike now but it is dry rotted in places, but am not sure how old the kit is. 1999 yz250.

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    • Cycra?

    • Anybody tried UFO or the polisport/race tech plastic kits on ebay?

    • These crumbling plastics are UFO.