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The 2012 Bemsee Prize giving and Dinner & Dance...... Best of the Best!

Congratulations to all of the trophy winners at last nights fantastic D&D. For those of you who have never been to a Bemsee D&D I'm sure the trophies on display took your breath away. All the years I have been going it never ceases to be an incredible spectacle of history and excitement

All of the great announcements that were mentioned by Mike about the 2013 season couldn't make the Bemsee paddock a better place to be...and we look forward to seeing you there.

For those that missed the brilliant end of season review video I attach the link to it and the links to Racing Line Photography's side for all the D&D pics and Bemsee Calendars. Thanks to Racing Line for supporting the club with some great pics on the night and throughout the season.

The end of season video. Sound up!:

D&D pics: ?event=JT&gallery=1

BMCRC calendars: ?event=13&gallery=1

Thanks to all of our great racers, Marshals, Medics and officials for an exciting safe and fun 2012. We all make Bemsee the greatest club and the best of the best!

Heres to 2014...............

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I was wondering if any of you guys in States might be able to give me some... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I was wondering if any of you guys in States might be able to give me some advice.

A local musician here in Reading UK is going to LA to try and get signed in the next few weeks and his plan seems to be to busk and give out demo's.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice so he can come up with a more construction plan.

He's 18, good looking, great drummer, ambitious and has written a load of songs, singing and playing guitar.

I've played with him on drums in the past and I'm really impressed that he's willing to leave everything to try and get signed.

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  • National musicians referral. They may help.

Hello fellow jetboaters We are so excited to connect with you here as there... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Hello fellow jetboaters! We are so excited to connect with you here as there are very few jetboat owners in Australia. We live on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and our jetboat is the most awesome thing we could have ever bought. We take it out all of the time and our furry little friends love to join us. We have a baby on the way and can't wait to introduce her to the wonderful world of boating. If you want any advice on holidays to Australia, don't hesitate to ask myself or husband Pedr Francis. Thanks guys - we can't wait to visit America some time soon!

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  • Wow...the Hamilton Island area looks amazing! Do you live on the island? Looks like it has a small population (not including tourists? Google Earth is cool to use to look at the areas people live!

  • If you google the island you will find out more, it's a really fun island with lots to do. We live in Mackay and can either launch from here, or the faster way is to launch from Airlie Beach which is an hour and a half drive. Mackay is a hub for tourism, sugar cane and the mining industry. Our region is very rich in natural resources.

  • Hello Melissa! Unbelievably beautiful down there! I have always wanted to go there. I have a question for you. What kind of fish, crabs, seafood do you catch there? I am from Stafford, Virginia, and most of our days are spent on the Chesapeake or the Potomac River. Blue crab, Striped bass, oysters, clams, mackeral, blue fish, all kinds of fish are caught here, but I bet it is a lot different down there.

Hello Fellow Yamaha Jetboaters on Facebook We have the only 07 SX230 in... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Hello Fellow Yamaha Jetboaters on Facebook . We have the only 07 SX230 in Queensland Australia . He's Jetaway on Whitehaven beach on the Whitsunday's :)

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  • So what are you trying to say? You can't please a woman no matter what you do?? huh? lol

  • Spent my honeymoon in the whitsundays. Brampton island. Enjoy!

  • We've been over to Brampton in the boat from Mackay , great trip , hour and a half each way at 7,000rpm :)

I ve mentioned multiple times that I customized my bike Most of this was done... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I've mentioned multiple times that I customized my bike. Most of this was done in 2008. I spent about a year making these mods. Here is the list of everything I've done to it so far:

Motorcycle Modifications

Stock 2000 Yamaha VStar 1100

Replaced the following:

1. Crash bars

2. Front and back tire and wheel.

3. Right rear turn signal

4. Saddle Bags

5. Seat mounting screw (Factory recall)

6. Stock Air Cleaner with Kuryakin Skull Air Cleaner and K&N air filter

7. Stock Brake and Clutch Levers with Chrome Wide-Blade levers.

8. Chrome Wide-Blade levers with skull head chrome levers.

9. Stock Brake Pedal with Kuryakin Brake Pedal cover.

10. Stock Brake Reservoir cover with Chrome reservoir cover.

11. Stock cables with stainless steel cables.

12. Stock console mounting bolts with chrome spike bolts.

13. Stock Driver Foot Pegs with Kuryakin Driver Foot Pegs.

14. Stock engine bolts with hard chrome engine bolts.

15. Stock Grips with Kuryakin ISO Flame Grips.

16. Stock Handle Bars with Vice Industries Handle Bars.

17. Stock License plate frame with spiked license plate frame and skull fasteners.

18. Stock Mirrors with Emgo Big One Mirrors.

19. Stock Mufflers with Cobra Turnout mufflers.

20. Stock Neck trim with Show Chrome neck trim.

21. Stock Oil filler cap with chrome oil filler cap.

22. Stock Passenger Foot Pegs with Kuryakin Passenger Foot Pegs.

23. Stock Seat with Corbin Stiletto seat.

23a. Replaced Cobin Stilleto seat with studded Yamaha seat and pillion.

24. Stock Shifter knob with Kuryakin Shifter knob.

25. Stock turn signal lenses with chrome turn signal lenses.

Added the following:

1. Bell fork mounted tool bag

2. Chrome fender trim

3. Chrome tank trim

4. Deer whistles

5. Drink Thing

6. Emgo Highway pegs

7. Kuryakin Chrome Horn cover

8. Kuryakin clutch perch cover

9. Kuryakin handle bar control covers

10. Kuryakin mid frame covers

11. Kuryakin Phantom rear axle covers

12. Kuryakin shaft drive cover

13. Leather lever covers with skull tassels

14. Rear Luggage Rack

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    Karl Altdorfer shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    OK chaps. Not one to flout FEEBay regs, but hopefully attached is a link to a lovely Att for sale very close to me. He states collection only, but in the full blurb he says he will send anywhere in the world! I know he had this up a couple of times earlier in the year at a much higher price. If you want it, you may get it a bit cheaper with bank transfer payment. Please hurry up and buy it, I am getting more tempted to sell next doors first born, with every passing minute. Fingers crossed for the link nature-Attitude-II-Ltd-Bass-Guitar-/330831499467?p t=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item4d071 810cb

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    • Spied it earlier in the week....nice

    Chip Smith shared a post to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    In case this hasn't been posted here yet....

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    • Since my return I updated the replica with more accurate wear. Look for Wife replica MACRO album in pictures section on this page.

    • Chip Smith thank you for the time to put this together and sharing it. This was a day was amazing to say the least! I will always remember it. Billy and everyone at Yamaha were all just so gracious. Billy was very humble and very easy to talk to. I've been a fan of Billy's since Eat'em & Smile and to have the opportunity to be apart of this day was one bug check off the bucket list. Thank you again!!!

    Fuel Tank back from the Powder coaters feking nice job — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Fuel Tank back from the Powder coaters, feking nice job.

    Now just waiting for the rest to be done, cant wait to get it all back.

    Chris Dowling, Well i think its you, he said Chris and he described you, i believe your wheels and frame are down there, i had a look, they are very nice indeed, and what a bargain, £20 per wheel is great, And folks, please be aware, that if your items are already powdercoated, £15 extra will be charged per wheel to cover chemical treatment and time.

    Also, be quick folks, as this offer of £20 per wheel will end the last day of February 2013, as he will have to raise this to £25 per wheel after this date to assist with the costs.

    Have a great winter Guys, Ride safe and see you all next season, and dont forget to mention, CHICKENSTRIPS RACING, on your first order to get discounted powdercoating.

    Guy's 'n' Girls, Get your race bike, wheels or Frame done in any colour for the new race season, by contacting Chris on 07540050748 or visit his website below.

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      I am driving a chainsaw prop plane — Yamaha C3

      I am driving a chainsaw/prop plane...

      The super salty Massachusetts roads and my winter driving have taken their toll on the exhaust line, which disconnected from the engine. I feel like I need to wear hearing protection while driving as it is so loud at full throttle! On the plus side, I get a lot of street cred driving through downtown.

      Now, to be honest, it did come loose, not during normal driving conditions on the street, but when I had her off-roading on deeply rutted dirt back roads. So I dare say that I may have been pushing things just a wee bit.


      I'll have to get that fixed.

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      • I wouldn't ride it a long way on a warm day...A local welding shop may be able to fix it...

      • Or, the Welding Class Instructor, at your local Vocational / Technical College,better yet...

      • Where you might get the prerttiest welds.

      Very sorry to all concerned especially Paul Bowling who generously offered me... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

      Very sorry to all concerned, especially Paul Bowling who generously offered me his tickets, but I have finally had to accept that I can't make it to the D&D this year... My three biggest debtors have evaporated leaving me skint and stranded. One died, another has buggered off to France to sort out the mess of his ex-wife having their daughter sectioned and the third has been arrested for a massive property fraud! How's your luck??? Anyway, I will be with you in spirit and am working on having a bit more of a season next year. Have a great time :-)

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      • Got the same problem Neillie, we're still going but it's by a wing and a prayer! Total lack of cash flow, plenty of work but nobody wants to pay for it :-( Hope you have better luck than we're having getting your dosh!

      • Sorry to hear that Nellie. Hope to see you next season and that you manage to recoup some of your debts. x

      • Aw whay a shame, hope to see you about next year mate. Hope Al Alan Russells pleased with his site :)

      I just got back from a nice ride on a sunny calm afternoom The first thing my... — Yamaha C3

      I just got back from a nice ride on a sunny calm afternoom...The first thing my gps revealed was that with a 130/90-10 front tire, the gps + speedometer run about even (+/- 1/2 mph) up to 40mph... After that point, when the speedometer is past the tuning fork, (Where one would think 45-46mph would be.) my scooter was running 43.4 mph. In the rolling hills hereabouts, once I reached 40mph and started going up and down half mile or so long hills, the road speed varied from 38 to 48 mph, according to the severity of the hills, with the average speed running 42mph...This is waaayyy improved from the last gps run I made in the spring, with my modded stock variator. (3/32" shim behind the variator and D/P 4gr sliders...) That would run out to 38mph or so, hit the limiter and quit at 43mph...It also explains, the much quicker 52 mile trips I've been making to Walmart for groceries, since I installed the Malossi Multivar variator. So, there you have it! Call Joel Sacher in New York City, at (631) 470-2296 and get a Malossi Variator P/N 5113603 ($89.95 + 15.00 S+H) on the way...$105 is an inexpensive, "Bolt on" mod, that actually increases performance enough to put a grin on your face, + make it worth the possible 6 week wait to get it fron Italy! I've got a Malossi drive belt, #6112741 on the way, & will test it as soon as it arrives. (#6112742 is the Kelvar version) Gabe

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        Mensajes. 1. 167 — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

        Mensajes: 1.167

        Desde: 07/Jul/2009

        #1 · Publicado por Explorador22, el 19 de Noviembre de 2012 a las 11:45

        Estimados amigos: No suelo escribir cosas tan personales en el foro, pero necesito nuestro consejo en lo que puede ser una decisión crucial, por favor tomarlo como tal.

        Desde hace un tiempo sospecho que mi mujer me engaña. Ya saben, las cosas típicas como esas llamadas a casa que cuando descuelgas no contesta nadie.

        Mi mujer sale con amigas últimamente, pero le pregunto sus nombres y me dice que no las conozco, que son amigas del trabajo... Me quedo despierto para verla llegar en taxi, pero ella baja por la calle a pie y a lo lejos escucho un coche alejarse del que se ha bajado a la vuelta de la esquina. ¿Quizás no volvió en taxi...?

        El otro día agarre su móvil sólo para mirar la hora y se puso como loca gritándome que nunca agarre otra vez su móvil y que si la estaba espiando.

        Nunca he hablado de esto con mi mujer. Creo que en el fondo no quiero saber la verdad, pero anoche ella volvió a salir y decidí que iba a investigar. Estacione mi moto cerca del garaje y me escondí detrás de ella de manera que tuviera una buena visión de toda la calle cuando ella llegara a casa.

        En ese momento, agachado detrás de la moto, me di cuenta de que la tapa de balancines perdía algo de aceite. Y... aquí viene mi pregunta: ¿Reaprieto los tornillos y me la juego a que se pasen de rosca o me mando y cambio la junta?

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        • cambia de junta

        • jajjaajjaaj

        — Yamaha V-Max

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        • I roughly plus - minus 170 km in reserve

        • en mode ballade tranquille, je fais 220 km avant réserve avec la mienne. driving cool at an average speed around 100-110 km/h, i can go up to 220 km before switcinhg to reserve.

        • who wants to go a "mode ballade tranquille" ?? When i am riding my Max, i want to feel the ultimate power of the acceleration, feeling my arms going longer and longer..... :) But of course you are right, by going in a relaxed way, there are trips possible ´til 200 km.....

        Winter is definitely coming it s getting colder fast Sending my fat lady into... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Winter is definitely coming, it's getting colder fast. Sending my fat lady into hibernation. Having one look on her pretty fat ass :-). She's going to sleep and I start dreaming about fair weather and the moment that spring is sending out her first signals and it's time to wake her up. At first gently, rolling her outside, let her sniff the crisp air, letting her warm up in the first true sunshine. Then ad the necessary fluids and a good massage with sponge and soft cloth before flipping the key and let her rumble for the first time. From that time on enough with the gentility, time to kick her out on the road and letting her scream, howl, stomping that clutch and cutting trough that cold morning air left over from winter, returning home with that red cold face and loving it. Mmmm, I'm already dreaming.

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          I don t post here much but i have a new problem with my warrior It will run... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          I don't post here much but i have a new problem with my warrior. It will run fine for about 2 minutes from a cold start but after that it will bog out at anything more than 1/8-1/4 throttle. What i know is that there is no water in fuel and from the little time i have looked at it due to being away at college it appears to be an ignition or stator issue

          Background info: 1990 warrior 350 bored 40 over with higher compression wiseco piston, and ported and polished head, modified air box and exhaust with bigger jets in carb, and 50/50 mix of premium and 110 turbo blue

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          • Did you pull the gas tank to make sure there is no water in the bottom? There are dead spots in the tanks that just draining will not get. Happened on my sons Raptor 80. It had just enough water in the dead areas that it would slosh and mix with the fuel. After a few minutes of riding it would bog and act stupid. Once I pulled the tank and dumped it and cleaned it, never had an issue again. We dumped the fuel into a bucket and when it settled, I was shocked at how much water there was. I had drained the tank before that and it obviously didn't get it all. Also you could try adding some Heet to the fuel. We do that on every tank full now.

          • I didn't pull the tank but what is weird is that i had been riding it all day at an orv park, then later that day i washed it and rode it for probably 20 min in my backyard to dry it off then parked it in my garage. When it started acting up is a couple days later my dad went to move it, Also the battery is now draining while sitting, so me and my dad thought maybe some water made it's way into the stator assembly but idk if that could cause whats seems like a misfire kinda like when a car is due for spark plug wires.

          • Stator runs in the engine oil so doubtful it affected it there. Could be a break in the insulation coming out of the side cover, though.

          Copas — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)


          Just Info dari TMC Satlantas Polres Malang Polda

          Jatim ; Telah terjadi lakalantas TKP Pasuruan Jatim


          turing dari Bali atas nama : DENI+MELISA; alamat


          Jakarta, kendaraan Moge Kawasaki ZX1000 warna

          merah nopol B-6311-UWY dg kondisi kedua

          pengendara tsb MENINGGAL DUNIA.

          Jenazah berada di RS. Sudarsono Pasuruan Jatim.

          Dimohon apabila ada kawan,kerabat,s audara atau

          rekan Klub Kawasaki yang mengenali bisa

          menghubungi :

          Pak GeDe Kasatlantas Polres Pasuruan

          telp :+6281332628585

          untuk proses identifikasi+ke terangan lanjut. Mohon

          BC ini tdk berhenti di anda demi kebaikan


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            Any suggestions on strings — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Any suggestions on strings?

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            • Joshua - the string gague doesn't necessarily reflect how "hard" it is to play the string. The tension har more of an impact here and tension does not really relate directly to the gague since the strings are spun and not solid. There are light strings that are really stiff and heavy strings that are like rubberbands and the other way around. All depending och how they are made and for what use. The thing you can do - except for trying them all - is to ask around of course.

            • Thanks, Magnus Andersson! I'm learning so much through this forum, and I'm amazed to realize how much I never knew! Bass is a different beast entirely!

            • ROTOSOUND ! Its the only way !

            Mike Fev shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            The Long Awaited Pearce Preamp and Attitude Video! If anyone was ever wondering how to get close to Billy Sheehan tone wise, this is your best bet at the moment! I will trade this preamp for two EBS Billy Sheehan pedals (or equivalent value!), when they become available!

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            • Nice find on the bottom shelf! Not sure if it's just the audio in the mix or what but your other rig demo IMO has that thing that this one is lacking. The part where you blend the 2 amps & get the beefy, smooth tone with the sustain sold me on the B5R. It's almost like a in phase out of phase thing with the pick ups/amps. Sounds like there is compression somewhere in your mix in this video but not like your other demos. Have your ever tried the harmonizer with any of these rigs like the live Talas stuff? I was able to simulate it with an ART Night bass EFX/Preamp.

            • Well, to address all the issues at once I should tell you that as a stand alone unit the Pearce has it flaws, but as a component part of a more complicated setup. after all the issues are dealt with, (compression, noise gates, crossovers) the unit really does shine! Like I said, I only was using the unit alone, direct, and with nothing else, not even an EQ to enhance anything, and it still makes the Attitude sound amazing.

            • Understood! Nothing is perfect or will do anything & everything off the shelf or as is. That's part of what I love about guys like Billy & EVH. Mismatch, hack ,tap & drill, taboo stuff to others if ya know what I mean. I love these little ideas you have about how to use the ATT bass with your gear, using line outs & stereo comps as A/B type units to keep the stereo outputs independent with one amp. True to the spirit of the aforementioned. Myself I have 6 zillion gear configurations depending on the what & where the gig is & keep learning of more niffty little economical methods from you guys. In fact that Comp/gate unit we both use, your the first other guy I ever heard have anything good to say about it. not that it matters but it was nice to see another person using something that others would dismiss.

            Hey guys I don t know if I shared this little secret But if you are wanting a... — Yamaha C3

            Hey guys I don't know if I shared this little secret. But if you are wanting a Dr pulley Variator set up but they don't make them for our model scooter? Well here is a solution. Buy a Dr Pulley for a Zuma 50 or BMS 50 it will work. The one thing you have to do is remove the teeth on the ramp plate. Using a 13mm drill bit you can drill out the teeth of the ramp and BANG you have a Dr. Pulley Variator setup. I have all Dr. Pulley in my C3. Dr. Pulley Variator,Dr. Pulley HIT Clutch and Dr Pulley 3.5 Sliders. I'am very pleased with the out come. Hope all is well friends. Scoot Scoot

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            • THe 4gr Sliders work best for my 230 lbs and the hilly terrain hereabouts in a Dr.Pulley variator...The 4.5 gr sliders are a bit slower getting started off & getting up to speed...However, they get 2-3 more mph in the process...

            • I'm in the process of turning my 5.5gr dr sliders to 4.4

            • If you mix three 3.5gr weights, with three 5.5gr weights, you'll have the equalivalent of a set of 4.5gr weights...Be sure and mark one set with paint or magic marker if you do this, as it's impossible to tell them apart without a way to weigh them...:)

            So last night while cruising with my bro my belt shred into a million pieces — Yamaha C3

            So last night while cruising with my bro, my belt shred into a million pieces. So we ended up using my hoodie as a tow rope for the remainder of the trip. It was still fun.

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            • Want to race my 2001 Malaguti Ducati Foggy Replica 49cc 2 stroke water cooled, LeoVince

              ZX Hand-Made TT Scooter Exhaust Chrome/ Carbon Fiber, Pirelli SL 36 Performance Scooter Tires, I sure would like a bbk C3 in the shed ;^)>>

            • Wait until he gets the 3.18:1 gearing installed...He may give you a hard time!

            • I'll have him for lunch, I can hit 62mph and with taller gears I don't think it would be called a race, Pretty hard to race a 2 stroke with a 4 stroke ;^)>

            Leonard Bruno created a poll in Yamaha XS650. — Yamaha XS650

            Thanks for all the help on the engine degreasing methods. I Started the engine tear down yesterday and I am looking for a suggestion on the Cam Chain. In your opinion, should I loosen the cam tensioner and try to slip the chain off in one piece or should i not worry about it, cut it off, and put a new one on there on the rebuild???

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            • remove the cam bearings first and you can slip the cam our of the chain....

            • if you're looking at the big bore kit.....have a look at the 840 kit......

            • If the chain is still ok keep it, it matches the other parts after so many years...

            Hey guys hi im in francé and i can buy a pedalboard like the boss pedal... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Hey guys hi im in francé and i can buy a pedalboard like the boss pedal overdrive. someone could tell me if it's a good idea to buy this pedalboar or something to have a better billy sheehan sound. Equivalent 110€ please. Thanks sheehan maniacs

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            • Or, perhaps a cheap multi effect unit such as the zoom B1 or B2.

            • The Zoom B2 was the first bass effect gadget I ever bought, and I still often gig with it gladly. It offers some really cool overdrive and fuzzy tones, especially if you get tweaking ;)

            • I second Greg Edwards on the BOSS Bass Overdrive! I've got one but only as a last resort to annoy the guitarist..! ;-)

            I need your opinions I m using 20w50 oil is it good for my bike or should I use... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            I need your opinions, I'm using 20w50 oil, is it good for my bike or should I use another?

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            • in my Hynes Manual its specificated that for all model this:

              Consistently below 15 degrees C (60 degrees F) SAE 10W30

              Consistently above 5 degrees C (40 degrees F) SAE 20W40

              I think ur oil its good :)

            • i paste all specification for u:

              1981 through 1983 XV750 through 1000 models and all TR1


              Spark plugs

              Type NGK BP7ES or ND W22EP-U

              Gap... 0.7 to 0.8 mm (0.028 to 0.032 inch)

              Valve clearances (COLD engine)

              Intake 0.10 mm (0.004 inch)

              Exhaust 0.15 mm (0.006 inch)

              Engine idle speed .. 950 to 1050 rpm

              Cylinder compression pressure (at sea level)

              XV750 and TR1 Not specified

              XV920 . 9.30 Bars (135 psi) at 300 rpm

              Carburetor synchronization

              Vacuum at idle speed " 180 +/-10 mm Hg (7.09 +/- 0.4 inch Hg)

              Maximum vacuum difference between cylinders 10 mm Hg (0.4 inch Hg)

              Cylinder numbering (from rear to front of bike) 1-2


              Brake pedal position Not specified

              Shift pedal position Not specified

              Freeplay adjustments

              Throttle grip Not specified

              Clutch lever 2 to 3 mm (0.08 to 0.12 inch)

              Front brake lever 5 to 8 mm (0.20 to 0.30 inch)

              Rear brake pedal 20 to 30 mm (0.8 to 1.2 inches)

              Battery electrolyte specific gravity 1.280 at 20-degrees C (68-degrees F)

              Minimum tire tread depth* 1 mm (0.04 inch)

              Tire pressures (cold)

              XV750, XV920 K and MK


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) load 1.79 Bars (26 psi)

              90 to 160 kg (198 to 353 lbs) load 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              High speed riding 2.20 Bars (32 psi)


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              90 to 160 kg (198 to 353 lbs) 2.48 bars (36 psi)

              High speed riding 2.20 Bars (32 psi)


              F r o n t '

              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) load 1.79 Bars (26 psi)

              90 to 213 kg (198 to 470 lbs) load 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              High speed riding 2.20 Bars (32 psi)


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              90 to 213 kg (198 to 470 lbs) 2.76 bars (40 psi)

              High speed riding 2.48 Bars (36 psi)

              XV920RH and RJ


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) load 1.79 Bars (26 psi)

              90 to 213 kg (198 to 470 lbs) load 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              High speed riding 1.93 Bars (28 psi)


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              90 to 213 kg (198 to 470 lbs) 2.20 bars (32 psi)

              High speed riding 2.20 Bars (32 psi)

              TR1 (XV1000 chain drive) models


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) load . 1.79 Bars (26 psi)

              90 to 201 kg (198 to 443 lbs) load 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              High speed riding . 1.93 Bars (28 psi)


              Up to 90 kg (198 lbs) . 1.93 Bars (28 psi)

              90 to 201 kg (198 to 443 lbs) 2.20 bars (32 psi)

              High speed riding 2.20 Bars (32 psi)

              Torque specifications

              Oil drain plug 43 Nm (31 ft-lbs)

              Oil filter cover bolts 10 Nm (7.2 ft-lbs)

              Spark plugs 14 Nm (10 ft-lbs)

              Steering head bearing ring nuts

              Initial torque 25 Nm (18 ft-lbs)

              Final torque Back off 1/4 turn

              Steering stem bolt

              XV920J, K, MK 54 Nm (39 ft-lbs)

              All others 50 Nm (36 ft-lbs)

              Valve adjuster locknuts 27 Nm (19 ft-lbs)

              Rocker cover bolts 10 Nm (7.2 ft-lbs)

              Final drive filler and drain plugs 23 Nm (17 ft-lbs)

              Recommended lubricants and fluids

              Engine/transmission oil

              Type API grade SE or SF


              Consistently below 15 degrees C (60 degrees F) SAE 10W30

              Consistently above 5 degrees C (40 degrees F) SAE 20W40


              With filter change 3.1 liters (3.3 US qt, 5.46 Imperial pt)

              Oil change only 3.0 liters (3.2 US qt, 5.28 Imperial pt)

              Brake fluid DOT 4

              Final gear

              Type SAE 80 API GL-4 hypoid gear oil

              Capacity 0.20 liters (6.76 US fl oz, 7.04 Imp fl oz

              Wheel bearings Medium weight, lithium-based multi-purpose grease

              Swingarm pivot bearings Medium weight, lithium-based multi-purpose grease

              Cables and lever pivots Chain and cable lubricant or 10W30 motor oil

              Sidestand/centerstand pivots Chain and cable lubricant or 10W30 motor oil

              Brake pedal/shift lever pivots Chain and cable lubricant or 10W30 motor oil

              Throttle grip Multi-purpose grease or dry film lubricant

              *ln the UK, tread depth must be at least 1 mm over 3/4 of the tread breadth all the way around the tire, with no bald patches.

            • thank you :-)

            Hi does someone knows how I can get the att II manual or service manual thanks — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Hi, does someone knows how I can get the att II manual or service manual, thanks

            %d comments
            • How stereo and mono modes are activated?

            • typically the knob closest to output jacks is a push activated knob and that selects the stereo/mono.... the middle knob push in/out is a high cut for the tone control.

            • Been a great help, thank you

            — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

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            • va ser roja?

            • quiero ver ese proyecto en marcha

            • no creo que sea roja, mencione roja por que el tanque que quedo en casa es rojo, pero el rojo a mi no me gusta para las motos

            OMG don t ask — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

            OMG don't ask!!!

            %d comments
            • Clipped the corner of my walk trough window drilling in snap. Time for a replacement

            • Whoops

            • NOT what I said!! LOL! Any way the rest of the cockpit went on great and looking good!

            Rodrigo Ric shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            What happens when you mount a helmut cam on a Attitude bass?

            %d comments
            • Maybe I can get Dave Bown to chime in and discuss his thoughts on the sound differences between my ATT II and his ATT III. He had both at same time and had interesting thoughts about the sounds of each.. He said he prefered my ATT II... I can believe it. BUT I played well over 500 shows on that bass. Just another testimony as to the AWESOMENESS behind the A.R.E. and I.R.A. technology.

            • very interesting. get him to chime in please .

            • Thanks for all this info Dave! Very much appreciated! :)

            Hi guys help suggestions needed Finally sent the scratchplate from my 95 Att... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Hi guys, help/suggestions needed. Finally sent the scratchplate from my 95 Att Spec off to Aurora Projects 3 weeks ago. Cheque and scratchplate in jiffy bag. 3 weeks later, no sign, short story, the twats done a runner!!

            So I have no scratchplate, can't use my main gigging bass, having to use a F****r and Cataldo JAEBird. Any ideas where I can get a scratchplate from? I can't even use my old one as a template, as I won't get it back. Well hacked off and seriously sulking!!!

            %d comments
            • So, if he had had the courtesy to respond to his mail or to have an ansaphone with a message on, I would have wasted less of my life on this. I have been in almost exactly his same situation but dealt with it better than that in my opinion.

            • Many, many thanks Andy, you saved my girl!!! Beers on me!

            • Marvelous!! Glad it all worked out for you. Would be great to share beers with ya buddy!

            All you lovely club members out there its time to help you club recruit the... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            All you lovely club members out there its time to help you club recruit the next lucky lot to come and race with us next season.

            As you know Bemsee's ground breaking Open Day is on Sunday the 9th December and we are working hard behind the scenes to prepare it all.

            Part of that preparation are the promotional leaflets with all the information on them for new racers to "Come racing with Bemsee in 2013".

            Mike and Tracey have packs of these leaflets to give to you and we would appreciate it if you can distribute them in any bike shop or bike outlet you know. We have already started to our bit in getting the leaflets out there, so if you would like some please contact Mike or Tracey in the Race Office.

            The more we get out there the more people we can help love this sport of ours. They just don't know how good it really is, but they will get a taste of the enthusiasm on the 9th.

            Thanks for your help in advance if you get some leaflets out there for your club.


            %d comments

              Favorite Billy Moment — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

              Favorite Billy Moment...

              At Yamaha Attitude Day gathering, there were some kind gentlemen who filmed/recorded the proceedings and conducted interviews with the guests. One of the questions asked of me was "What is your favorite Billy Sheehan moment?" I think my answer was "the moment when Dennis Chambers counts off the song "Niacin" however, it occured to me afterwards that my favorite moment (which isn't actually mine) occured when my good friend Mike and his wife bumped into Billy across the street from Guitar Center here in Sherman Oaks. This was right before High Bias came out but Niacin had performed some of the songs at the Baked Potato which we attended… so they exchanged greetings and some pleasant conversation about the recent shows and each went about their days. Well, before my friend got too far he hears "MIKE! MIKE! Wait Up!" and Billy , who had run to his car and back to hand him a copy of the as of yet unreleased High Bias cd. Wow! had I had my wits about me, that would have been my answer… so I figure I'd state here, for the record, THAT is my fav Billy monent. Thanks everybody! Peas!

              %d comments

                Kepada — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)


                Seluruh Bikers Community/Club/Bikers perseorangan.

                di Seluruh Indonesia

                Salam Brotherhood, Salam Bikers, kepada semua teman-teman Bikers yang dimanapun berada. Dengan ini, Yamaha Jatim(PT. STSJ) selaku main dealer di Jawa Timur telah mengundang atau mengajak untuk ikut serta dalam acara JAMBORE YAMAHA FI RIDER CAMP 2012 yang akan diadakan pada:

                Tanggal : 14 - 16 December 2012

                Tempat : Di Pantai PAPUMA - JEMBER


                -. 1 UNIT MIO J

                -. Uang Juta'an rupiah

                (Semua hadiah siap dibawa pulang, jika berungtung)

                Adapun syarat dan ketentuannya untuk ikut dalam JAMBORE YAMAHA FI RIDER CAMP 2012 ini adalah sebagai berikut:

                Syarat peserta:

                Pemakai Produk Yamaha All Series yang bermesin 4tak ( Matic / Sport / Bebek )

                Memiliki SIM C

                Anggota Community atau Club / Individual=Umum juga bisa.

                Cara pendaftaran:

                Bersedia membayar uang Rp. 50.000,-

                Serahkan FC SIM C + STNK kendaraan Yamaha yang dipakai (4 tak, all series)

                Fasilitas yang didapat peserta:


                Rompi Bikers


                Konsumsi selama 3hari, 2Malam



                Asuransi< /p>

                Pendaftaran Surabaya.

                Yamaha Central

                Jln.Basuki Rachmat no 45-47


                Up . Ibu Alda

                Pendaftaran Jember

                Yamaha Central

                Jln Gajah Mada 296,Jember


                Up. Ibu Ainun

                Pendaftaran Malang

                Yamaha Blimbing

                Jln Ach.Yani no 20 A-B Malang


                < /p>

                Up. Bpk Aries

                Info Lebih Detail

                081 230 436 889/085 755 148 452

                Untuk Bikers diseluruh tempat berada, jika memang siap untuk ikut serta bisa mendaftarkan diri segera di 3 Tempat yang telah disebutkan diatas.Demikian info yang dapat disampaikan, jika ada salah kata ataupun salah ketik mohon maaf sebesar-sebesarnya.

                Salam BrotherHood, Salam Bikers.

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                  Info JAMBORE YAMAHA 2012 — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                  Info JAMBORE YAMAHA 2012:

                  Hallo Bikers seJawa Timur, ini dia yg ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba. JAMBORE YAMAHA 2012, yg akan digelar sebagai berikut:

                  Tgl.14-16 Desember 2012

                  Pantai PAPUMA, JEMBER

                  Pendaftaran Only Rp.50.000,-



                  -.Rompi Bikers


                  -.Konsumsi selama 3hari, 2malam



                  -.Asu ransi

                  Syarat peserta:

                  -.Memiliki kendaraan Yamaha type 4tak

                  -.Dan Matic/Sport 4tak

                  -.Memiliki SIM

                  Pendaftaran SURABAYA:

                  Yamaha Central

                  Jln. Basuki Rachmat no.45-47


                  Up. Ibu ALDA

                  Pendaftaran JEMBER:

                  Yamaha Central

                  Jln. Gajah Mada 296, Jember


                  Up. Ibu AINUN

                  Pendaftaran MALANG:

                  Yamaha Blimbing

                  Jl. Ach. Yani no.20 A-B, Malang

                  Telp.0341-403775, 403116

                  Up. Bpk. ARIES

                  Info lebih detail:

                  081 230 436 889

                  085 755 148 452

                  %d comments
                  • kyo'e ngno... takok nang deler seng wes d sbutno ae!!!

                  • ok

                  • wkwkwkwkwk... kyaknya wajib punya SIM...

                    dr pda kna mrah sma pak gub ato pak pres...

                  Hello attituders I m new new here my name is aiden from Australia I m chasing... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Hello attituders , I'm new new here my name is aiden , from Australia :) . I'm chasing info about my ATT custom 1992 model made in Taiwan ?? I've owned this bass for around 8 years and has seen little use :( . The problem is I think the neck has some issues , twisted/ bent ! The bridge saddles are as low as they can go and action is still very high , I cannot get a decent tone on the e and a string above the twelfth fret . New neck ? Is there a replacement ? Also what timber the body is made from? Is it worth fixing ? All replies appreciated . Thank you .

                  %d comments
                  • My advice would be to take it to a luthier for advice as without seeing the bass, it's difficult to diagnose. Only then I think can you work out if it's worth Spending money on. If you can, post a pic or too of the bass, that may encourage more comments or advice.

                  Hi guys. n gals. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Hi guys (n'gals),

                  Compression/overdrive question.....what's the favoured placement amongst attitude users? comp before or after overdrive?

                  %d comments
                  • Thanks guys, good info here! I have an EBS multidrive that doesn't work well before comp, but is quite ok after comp. Have also tested an ibanez TS9B which works great, but I think the new EBS pedal will solve all problems as you explained so well, Greg.

                  • You are very welcome David.

                    The TS9B like my Nova Drive has a clean blend, whereas your Multidrive like my Bad Monkey doesn't. I would guess that a clean blend is essential to make drive behave when put before compression in that case - as the new BS EBS pedal will allow, in a round-about way.

                  • Well said! I seem to remember Billy explaining his setup here on the Attitude page aswell.....and if I remember correctly he had an Ibanez TS before compression. Can't seem to find the post to verify this though.

                  Mateusz Rok shared a link to the group: Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                  Hi guys! I'm about to buy this 1995 Virago xv750 which is in really good shape visually but I want to know if the engine sound is OK because when it sits on the side stand (a little tilted to the left) you can hear a slight knocking sound in front of it. It's actually much more quiet than on the video. When you put the bike in vertical position (ready to ride) it dissapears. The bike has abt 38K km on it. I'm not an expert - this will be my first Virago so I wanted to hear from you if this is normal. Thanks in advance for your help.

                  %d comments
                  • That does not sound good at all........... :(

                  • I sound excessive thats for sure... i dont think it is in top but in the buttom.

                  Came into a problem yesterday riding I heard my chain making noise and very... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                  Came into a problem yesterday riding. I heard my chain making noise and very loose. My adjusters are maxed out. It finally threw it off after a hill climb. The sprocket teeth look sharp/worn out. Can anyone suggest an "economy" chain/sprocket set? Its all stock and I ride maybe 8 times a year.

                  %d comments
                  • You would probably have to take the Cain adjusters all the way out then take a link out of your chain and then tighten It... It has happend to mine before

                  • ebay

                  • You should get the chain and sprockets together. Primary Drive sells good sets.

                  Info for UK riders who store their bike in winter — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                  Info for UK riders who store their bike in winter;

                  Motorcyclists storing their bike for winter could be unwittingly invalidating their insurance if they declare it off road to the DVLA.

                  MCN reader Alan Charlton, 64, was told his underwriter would no longer insure his Kawasaki ZZR1400 after he completed a Statutory Off-Road Notification.

                  To be covered against theft, broker Swinton said he needed ‘laid-up’ insurance from another underwriter.

                  Charlton, from Harrogate, North Yorks, said: “I hadn’t known it wasn’t covered until I mentioned it was SORN.”

                  Swinton said: ‘Bikers should always double check with their insurance provider that they will still be covered when they declare their vehicle off the road.

                  ‘In Mr Charlton's case cover was maintained until it was due for renewal.’

                  By Steve Farrell via MCN

                  %d comments
                  • more money then regardless if you use the bike or not!

                  Heading in to the cave for winter storage — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                  Heading in to the cave for winter storage

                  %d comments
                  • Yes it's called cave storage and it's an actual cave, it's 65 degrees all year round

                  • What's the humidity in there year round ?

                  • I no longer store my boat there because we bought a new house with a garage. Not sure what the humidity is in there but they will always have our boats out by mid April before the heat and humidity skyrocketed

                  This might or might not be the place to post such a comment But given that... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                  This might, or might not, be the place to post such a comment. But...given that Small and myself spent a lot of time with you chaps...I thought that you might want to know that Small has a bit of a medical issue.

                  He's got a tumour on his lung and is needing an op that, should be done within the next week or so.

                  The prog is good for his recovery, having been caught in the early stages.

                  The geeza is very special to me and I wish the best for his outcome.

                  It humbles me that, he is concerned that he has time to build my Aprilia up to top spec.

                  I think he needs to be in top spec first.

                  Love Colonel

                  %d comments
                  • Great news! Wish him all the best!

                  • Cheers Colonel Sanders. Give our best wishes to the small chap please.

                  • Great to hear he is doing well .. Keep us updated Kernel...

                  cuantos de este grupo hablan castellano español — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                  cuantos de este grupo hablan castellano/español?

                  %d comments
                  • ummmm ps ya es mucho para un quad pero ps cada quien....

                  • yo

                  • soy de chihuahua y mi warrior a mi opinion tiene aceleracion y velocidad perfectas y tengo entendido es la relacion de fabrica

                  Va tomando forma — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

                  Va tomando forma

                  %d comments
                  • jaja, estoy en eso, apenas invente un soporte para la camara, va uno tirando...

                  • te felicito locura ! estas terminando el proyecto, eso es bueno, poenet una cam que quedaria copadooo. Abrazo

                  • me parece que va a ser una camara con soporte de gps al manubrio...

                  Rodrigo Ric shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  i am not sure if I shared this or not. But on the topic of distortion stomp boxes I am curious what everyone here uses right now, while we await the Sheehan Pedal. :) This is a video of me trying a bunch of different pedals out.

                  %d comments
                  • +1 on the Nova Drive. I have modded several pedals to get closer to the sound I was looking for. I had great luck with my modded Sparkle Drive. I am really excited to get the Sheehan pedal, it works extremely well and sounds great !

                  • Cool.

                  • Thanks Billy! :)

                  does anyone know how much it would cost to bore out a cylinder to a 366 — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                  does anyone know how much it would cost to bore out a cylinder to a 366?

                  %d comments
                  • God Im going to miss my money haha

                  • theres a guy on ebay hes doing mine now you have to type in 400ex cylinder bore its buy it now for $40.00 he charges $40.00 for .010, .020, .040 for .060 its $50.00 and .080 is $60.00 he has done 3 worrior jugs for me and 2 400ex jugs and does great work! he also has done and is doing mine porting and polishing of the head. if you want the info or his seller name let me know.

                  • if its stock bore rite now there no reason to go to a 366 mine is .040 rite now and it just messed up so now im going to .060 thats a 362 then i can ride for a good amount of time then if i ever have another piston problem i can go up again to 366. once you go past .080 you have to get it sleeved or buy a new jug

                  posting this for my husband Mark Carruthers please help him out if you can — Yamaha V-Max


                  posting this for my husband Mark Carruthers please help him out if you can.

                  Hey maxer friends...closer too florida the better...does anybody have a gen 1 coil lying around and want it gone? I found one for 10.50 on ebay, but just thought I would ask. if so, I would want too work out second day shipping, no Idea what that runs yet.

                  thanks guys. and ladies.

                  %d comments
                  • Did you have any luck yet finding a coil?

                  • got it saturday, then foun weak battery too, but it was 3 years old. is all good now.