• Just got back from dinner went to the local safeway to get gas The guy in... — Yamaha C3

    Just got back from dinner went to the local safeway to get gas. The guy in front of me asked for 45 dollars in gas. When he was walking away I asked for a Dollars worth of gas. He turned really quickly and looked at me with a confused expression on his face. The clerk said you cant get very for on a dollar...over the loud speaker. I replied Oh yes you can when you ride a scooter. I added about 30 to 40 miles on a dollar. Those are the bennies to ridong a scooter. The guy turned and walked away in shock. The Clerk She just laughed. Gotta Love it. LMAO

    • Treat them gently Bro. Many are maxing out credit cards at 28% intrest, just to drive back & forth to work.Encourage them to consider getting a scooter.We need them!

    • True that. I like to think of myself as a Minister Of Scooters. Befriend them and let them in on our little secret. The Goodes and the Bades of writing a scooter. Love it.. hahaha

    • I ment Riding. Wow

    • Yeah, get some cat that's putting $150 a week, into his expedition, on a Yamaha C3 and let him get some wind in his face....FREEDOM!! I feel it everytime I ride anything....Been feeling it for 40 years!

    • Yeah, I figured it out!

    Hey everyone. Good to see you re all stayin safe and enjoying the season — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Hey everyone. Good to see you're all stayin' safe and enjoying the season! Put the Twin Bros exhaust on, makes a huge difference and highly suggest it to anyone. Keep up the riding and stay safe!

    • Yea I'll post a pic of mine. There are a few options as far as finish on can; carbon(mine), all black, titanium, and polished.

    • I pruchased the twin brothers exhaust about a month ago. I highly recommend it to any one looking to upgrade your exhaust, it is well worth the price you pay. Personally I don't think there is any other out there that will give you that deep, throaty sound you're looking for.

    • The most important part is that cars can hear you coming. Right after I put mine on, the number of incidents of stupid cagers almost turning into me (without looking) decreased dramatically. For longer rides, totally recommend ear plugs.

    Babe Bike Wash July 3rd 1 3pm at Tim s Ugly Mug 1281 E. Main St. rte 724 — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Babe Bike Wash - July 3rd 1 - 3pm at Tim's Ugly Mug 1281 E. Main St (rte 724) Douglassville, PA - Come and help with the Grand Opening of the Patio/Outside Bar at Tim's Ugly Mug and Donate a Minimum of $5 to get get your bike washed. All proceeds will benefit the family of 16 Yr old Corey Mitchell, who is a 10th Grader at Daniel Boone High School and loves Baseball. He is Autistic and only 3 wks ago was diagnosed with Lukemia. He is being treated in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. If you don't have a bike or just don't want it washed we will still accept your donations to help this family in need of your support! While you are here, enjoy a nice cold beverage and a great variety of food from their menu.


    My list of what I have done to my C3. One. Removed the washer from the variator — Yamaha C3

    My list of what I have done to my C3. One: Removed the washer from the variator. Two: Replaced the stock pipe with a Jwayne Short fattie Pipe. Three: Replaced stock tires with 130/70/10 in front 130/90/10 in the rear. Four: Oil Change to Motul injection synth. Five: Replaced Stock Rollers with Dr. Pulley 3.5g sliders. Six: Replaced Stock broken headlight with a Stock New Head light hopefully soon a 12" harley headlight. Seven: Gear oil with Motul gear oil. Eight: replaced the spark plug with a indrium spark plug. Nine: Removed the metal plate from the Air Filter and installed it. Soon replace the stock handle bars with Jwayne drag Bars. Thats it for now. Soon part two of my tuning list Cosmetics and Lighting. All the above was done with Gabes help and knowledge. Thank you again broham

    • Yes he has a great selection of cool parts for the C3/Vox/Giggle. So stoked. I did find another web sit that has C3 parts in japan. Good prices and they do all of the exchange rates when you add a part to your cart. You know excatly how much it costs. Here isthe link. http://japan.webike.net/catego ries/100000_120000_121000_1210 11.html

    • just get any 7/8" drag bar (or other handelbar) off eBay or other places, more choices and save you $$. I recently swapped in a 2" low rise handlebar, really love it and cleans up the look

    • also there's a hole in either side of the stock handlebar where a pin from the casing goes in (keeps it from rotating). You'll either have to drill a hole in your new handlebar or shave that pin off; I shaved the pin off mine.

    How do I reset ECU — Yamaha C3

    How do I reset ECU?

    • ok thanks gabe!

    • after 15 min I just hang up the negative and turn on the scooter?

    • That's right, Start it as usual, waiting for the fuel pump to quit, and the lights to go out.

    let me ask everyone something a friend of mine thinks that scooter riders are a... — Yamaha C3

    let me ask everyone something, a friend of mine thinks that scooter riders are a bunch of Ipad owning hipsters. I would like to say that I don't own an ipad. How do I defend myself against stupid stereotypical attacks like this?

    • yeah i was told all the things i said before by an Indianapolis police officer when i was pulled over and yelled at...lucky i didnt get that badge number

    • I think the stigma is going away as the gas prices increase, there are more and more people buying scooters as alternate transportation around town.

    • Some laughed, but not for long! Gas jumped to $4.30/gallon here in may of '08, when I got my C3. I was getting my $3.75 fillup next to people maxing out credit cards to drive to work and back every day...I quit worrying about what folks thought years ago. Good way to end up in a rubber room! Just enjoy the ride. Getting the wind in your face every day is better for your emotions, than anything a Psychiatrist can do!

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • I've pushed mine to 110 but usually fuel up at 90.

    • j'aimerai tops la voir

    • le traducteur deforme mes phrase

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • mean... just flat out mean i say...

    • Very mental !! Nice one.

    • oh wow! that is one awesome bike!

    • Roger tiger owns this bike I be leave.

    • Wow, nice!

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • Looks like Caterpiller had a hand in the engine, but I like it!

    • I like the front brake!

    • dik of niet

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • ff door sleutelen dan ziet hij er ook zo uit

    • Wow, what a beast. Very cool !!

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • Where is the Flux Capacitor? :)

    • hmmmm . .intercooled turbokompresor . .how much HP? ?

    • Josef, I reckon just enough power....

    • . .. its true . . ;-))

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • I think I may have just done a little pee........that is stunning!!!

    • Looks like one of those Rocket engines at NASA... SWEET

    • Now that is art. Beautiful.

    • Fkn ehhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

    • I think I saw it in the movie Transformers II. It was a bad guy.

    Any tips on getting that stand down I don t weigh very much and I m having a... — Yamaha C3

    Any tips on getting that stand down? I don't weigh very much and I'm having a hard time.

    • You might want to look into getting a sidestand/kickstand. There's a hole already cut in the bottom panel on the left side for one. I think they cost up to around $70, but might make your life easier. Good luck!

    • that is what it is designed for...

    • Thanks for the tips guys! I was thinking about getting a kick stand, it's really hard for me to stand it and I look like a total idiot because it takes me so long and the bike outweighs me by a lot. I already tipped it over once trying.

    — Yamaha XS650

    • Ebay has 2 listings, it says '74- '81 xs650, which I believe 447 engine with 20mm pins. 256/306 engine has 22mm piston pins. :(

    • try 'xs650 spares australia'

    • Nice, I googled it, it looks like they have quite complete catalogue. Thanks alot for the info... cheers

    Hey everyone I am looking to get a after market rear Shock any suggestions on... — Yamaha C3

    Hey everyone I am looking to get a after market rear Shock any suggestions on where to find one. What size would I having to get. I think the stock is a 235mm. But not 100% sure.

    • I ride daily. My c3 is my commuter. What difference would shocks make? Is it like a car and stiffer springs will make it sportier?

    • Wonderful. I will go check him out tonight. Thank you again bro.

    • The weak, stock shock is prone to bottoming out, when you're riding city streets over bumps, manhole covers, and potholes...

    Any tips on how to lube the advance rod on my 75 XS650B — Yamaha XS650

    Any tips on how to lube the advance rod on my '75 XS650B?

    • @ Michael M.thanks., I'm sure that's all in the manualbut I recently had a minor stroke & the little gray cells have problems connecting nough to decypher technical manuals.

    • Some good forums for xs650s are: The xs650 Garage http://xs650temp.proboards.com / and xs650.com. The guy who invented and makes the Pamco ignition system is on both those forums. And MikesXS.com is a great place for parts.

    • thnanks, I've dealt with MIke's XS actually, I'm trying to prep it to sell.

    Upgrading from my Yamaha FZ6R to a Kawasaki ZX 10R mid June FZ6R was not what... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Upgrading from my Yamaha FZ6R to a Kawasaki ZX-10R mid-June. FZ6R was not what I expected, put up with it for a year, can't wait for my ZX-10R.

    • You can get 4900 for an FZ6R on trade in? I bought mine with 150 miles on it for 4500... now I need that title...

    • Just got back from a 2 day ride with dad to the Dragon's Tail in North Carolina. Have a total of 1208 miles on it right now. Amazing bike :)

    • I live in NC as well, lookin forward to the dragon's tail later this summer !

    Searching for 50mph — Yamaha C3

    Searching for 50mph!

    • My Dr.Pulley variator has ramps like that,going all the way to the top.

    • I just got a call from my Yamaha Dealer, My Zuma is finished. The mechanic said it's really fast. Maybe 75mph.....I'm about to go fetch it!

    • Just got back home on my Zuma155cc Scooter.I rode 67miles on .988 gal of gasoline.....about 68mpg. (Thirty miles of that was at 65-70mph, on the 4 lane hwy.) Cruises comfortably at 65mph & hits the rev limiter at 72.

    guys help just started my bike starts and runs fine when i put it inti 1st it... — Yamaha V-Max

    guys help just started my bike , starts and runs fine when i put it inti 1st it leaps forward and stalls. Whats wrong??


    • Hydraulic clutch? Adjusted correctly?

    • this may sound VERY wrong, but I took off my clutch lever, coiled a very smal piece of wire about 1/16 inch thick (the coil, not the wire) and put it in the hole in the lever where master clylinder push rod goes. no more problem. even starts easy in gear now. and no clutch slippage. hydraulic clutches are not adjustable.

    • Mark Carruthers this is not a permanent fix. great idea and it was effective but to me, it sounds like one or two problems here; 1. air buble in the line somewhere. flush it out and add new fluid. 6 bucks done!. or 2. you need to rebuild the clutch reservoir on the handlebars. dunno if its called slave or master but the kit is usually available on ebay from various vendors for 30 dollars! I think pumping the lever and working it over and over could eventually work out the bubble. give it a try..... and a side note, hydraulic clutches are adjustable if u buy those damn expensive adjustable levers...

    Derestricting SATURDAY. I m PSYCHED — Yamaha C3

    Derestricting SATURDAY! I'm PSYCHED!

    • I carried my Yamaha Zuma155cc Scooter, to my Dealer's shop today to have the last stage of parts installed, that will transform it into a 70+mph / 70+mpg Interstate capable scoot that I can ride all day at 65-70mph, in comfort. I think of it as my Majesty155! lol!

    • Roger~ I removed my restriction plate, and the sound increase is minimal, I think it changed it to a slightly deeper tone, which I thought was fine. I didnt remove the snorkel tube or drill any additional holes, that may make it considerably louder.

    • You can tell even more of a difference if you pull that snorkle tube. It can be removed if you lie on your back under your scooter, and reach up into the bottom of the airbox.....Saves time & worth doing!

    Had a spill on some loose gravel some road rash on the right side bend the... — Yamaha C3

    Had a spill on some loose gravel.. some road rash on the right side... bend the pipe too :( at least it is back together and running.

    • Luckily i've been close. I've had more problems with vehicles not seeing me when they are turning on to the road. I've almost been hit at least 5 times. I've got the one handed salute and horn button press down pat.

    • i too took a wicked tumble yesterday when traveling down a road and then traffic coming to an imidiate stop...sprained ankle....C3 scratched, sad faces and anger!!!

    • There's a FB member Bob Neisen, you should befriend immediately....Bro Robert is an instructor at a Evansville,In., High School. The class project is this extremely light, and high tech, "Vehicle" powered by a Yamaha C3 drivetrane, with which they've set some records. As the result, he's got a whole basement full of C3 body parts, he'd love to sell! Very reasonably......

    What is the farthest trip you ve taken on your C3 I m going to make a 90 mile... — Yamaha C3

    What is the farthest trip you've taken on your C3? I'm going to make a 90 mile voyage from Central Maryland to West Virginia tomorrow. Please share!

    • When you do... The Yamaha C3 Windshield, which mounts solidly to the C3's mirror mounts. Has the best mounting system, and rigidity. www.xtremeusa.com, (An old line, family owned Yamaha Dealer, in Hammond, In.) generally has the best price on windshields, and C3 parts, in the country. (30% below what your shop charges.

    • Glad to hear more endorsements--I just ordered a C3 windshield yesterday. Looking forward to it!

    • The instructions may have you scratching your head! When you get ready to install it, holler and I'll post some closeup pics of mine.

    — Yamaha C3

    • you gotta be kidding...

    • Not everyone, it seems enjoys the "Canadian Goose honking sound," that an opened up C3 airbox produces! Except an old "Gearhead," like me! lol!

    • then stick the snorkle back on and drill some holes, then it sounds normal. and still gets the air..

    Well there you go. I hope I made this easy to understand. A note of caution — Yamaha C3

    Well, there you go...I hope I made this easy to understand! A note of caution: If you are running, or intend to run an aftermarket exhaust on your C3, the rubber snorklehead tube must be reinstalled,(The airflow is a lot more than the C3's ECU can adjust for, resulting in an overly lean mixture & cylinder damage.)The metal plate removal is all the extra air the ECU can adjust for with a pipe installed.The holes you cut around where the tube attached must also be covered, and are easily covered by Gorilla Tape applied to each side.

    • Thanks for the pics and explanation Gabe!

    • Glad to help, I kind of had to find most of this out as I went along. My mindset most of the time was,"Gee, I wonder what will happen if I do this?!" lol!

    If you want You can cut several 1 2 holes around where the snorkleheaded tube... — Yamaha C3

    If you want, You can cut several 1/2" holes around where the snorkleheaded tube attaches. It effectively doubles your inlet airflow. Put your modded airfilter back into your modded airbox cover, and reattach it to the airbox. You'll notice better throttle response all the way across the powerband, an increase in midrange power right where it's most needed, from 25 to 35mph, better fuel economy, and perhaps a mph more top speed. And,the next time you get to your,"Hill..." it's not going to kick your tail nearly as bad as it has been! ***Please note: This mod is only dealing with the snorkleheaded air inlet tube on your C3's Airbox COVER....Do not confuse it with the similar, but larger in diameter, tube that connects the airbox to your scoot's throttlebody!*** Gabe


    This is the metal Noise Reducing plate that s attached to the rear of the... — Yamaha C3

    This is the metal "Noise Reducing" plate that's attached to the rear of the airfilter by some nylon "Rivets." Cut them, remove the plate, and chuck it. It also reduces power! Can anyone say,"Nascar!?"

    • Im gonna need some pics man...

    • I've got the stock airbox sitting out on a shelf, I'll take some pics today & post them.

    • Some closeups of the airfilter too.

    Modded stock airbox and gained acceleration — Yamaha C3

    Modded stock airbox and gained acceleration.

    • Derestriction generally adds 5-7 mph to top speed.

    • Not this weekend, but maybe next, I will get that done

    • There are 5 vids, on Youtube: "How to derestrict a Yamaha C3 variator." by a friend, zaran1 who walks you through it. It can be done, using basic hand tools, with a strap wrench, available at Auto Zone, or Harbor Freight for five bucks. If, while you have your variator off of the crankshaft (Vid 5) you insert the derestricting washer behind the variator. It will help your performance a good bit.

    William Canning shared a link to the group: Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT -. — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    Has anyone purchased this or can anyone suggest me a better jet kit?

    I have an 85 FJ1100 in desperate need of more fuel. Upgraded intake & exhaust, feeling the lean burn

    • William - From what I understand its the needle in the kit that makes the main difference (different tapers than stock). My 86 has an old V&H header with a Leo muffler, slight porting, and drilled air box with K&N filter. I have tried shimming the needles and went back to stock, went up one size on pilots. My old 86 had pod filters and never really did get it to run perfect. Your location will have alot to do with how it runs. I live in the Seattle area - cooler temps and sea level.

    • David - Ya, thats the same site. All they wanted to do was bash the bike and the builder. Its a clean build and I like it just fine.

    • If you have upgraded your intake and exhaust, then I would increase your main and pilot jet sizes. You'll be glad you did.

    2007 V Star Custom Midnight — Yamaha V-Star riders

    2007 V-Star Custom Midnight

    Cobra Slash Cut slipon mufflers

    Gonzo Air Kit from ZIV

    Stage 3 Jets and adjustable needles

    Lowered 4" with homemade hard tail bar

    12" Black Apes

    ISO Grips

    650 Classic Floorboards

    Bi-Xenon HID Headlight 8000K

    LED Turn Signals, Dash Lights, Plate Lights and Headlight Accenting

    Aftermarket Mirrors

    Motorcycle Alarm with 4 110db Sirens

    General Evertrek 195/65R15 Car Tire

    Dyna Beeds in Both Tires

    Added Extra hidden switch to disable headlight low beam

    Added USB power ports installed in glove box

    and More...


    Flat spots on roller weights causing me top end hesitation on acceleration — Yamaha C3

    Flat spots on roller weights causing me top end hesitation on acceleration. It has to be it. I've tried everything else and two of my weights have 2 flats spots per roller. It's gotta be the culprit! I don't think it's compression or clutch related.

    • They're noisy, and may slightly hinder acceleration...

    • Yea my issues happen when i'm gunning the throttle full blast and it revs, then slows, then revs, then slows,. It only happens at around 34 MPH then when I start to go up hills and full throttle it will act like that around 25mph.

    • it is normal at 25-30 on flats and and slight inclines.

    Size of roller weights to buy I want to keep it as close to stock since I m... — Yamaha C3

    Size of roller weights to buy? I want to keep it as close to stock since I'm doing well with speed and power. Also, how do I intall them in my stock variator is their a certain way. I noticed with Stock their is a pink side and a copper side. I have no idea what it means.

    • Hey Guys ! After 25,000 km on my last C3 i took the decision to start this year with a new C3. I bought it lately and i asked to my dealership to change the tires before the delivery. My old one was on Michelin Bopper and that fit perfectly for me. Why Motocross style tires for a scooter anyway...? I also chosen for the new scooter to place a bigger rear tire (130x10) and that give 5 more and so precious kmh at the top speed. The next step is to place soon 6 x 4.5g rollers and removing the washer in the middle of the front clutch for 5 more kmh. I'm not a mecanical expert but i really think that nice small motor is a 4 stroke and is not made to turn at a too high revolution. Have fun ! ;-)

    • Best place to buy Dr Pulley rollers and can I use my existing variator?

    • My experiments have shown that from between 3.5 and 4.5 gr (times 6 weights ) 21 gr to 27gr of total weight, works best in a C3 Scooter's variator. I'm often pushing 250lbs with armored jacket, helmet,gloves & boots. And, in our hilly terrain, a set of 4gr Dr.Pulley sliding weights, works best for me. I have tried a set of 4.5gr sliders and found that my scoot was a tad slower starting up and didn't quite address hills as well as the 4gr sliders. However, it got a bit better fuel mileage. Gabe

    Hi. Can anyone tell me why my C3 at full throttle begins to lose power — Yamaha C3

    Hi. Can anyone tell me why my C3 at full throttle begins to lose power. It starts around 3/4 throttle and then it feels like it has a governator on it. I've thrown in some Seafoam and have run 35 miles with it in fuel, but no improvement. The scoot has 8500 miles with new belt, filter, changed the plug as well. I deresticted it at 200 miles, but no idea why it is acting like it isn't getting gas and beings to die but not completely since I let up on the throttle.

    • To talk directly with Yamaha USA's "Customer Relations," folks. (Where Dealers are supposed to go, when they encounter something out of the ordinary.) Call 800 962 7926, they have the authority to approve free fuel pump replacement, should your scooter need it, no matter if you're the 4th owner, and your scoot is way out of warranty. Have your vin# handy. (It's behind the oblong panel, just in front of your feet.) Gabe

    • my fuel pump is not the"bad" pump gotcha.

    • I spoke with my dealer and they say it maybe is a clutch or variator issue. I replaced the belt myself and wonder if I didn't tighten it hard enought or what, but I've been riding it for 1 month with my new belt and i didn't see any issues til the other day and when I gun the throttle to make a hill or speed, I feel as if the gas cuts off then turns back on and then repeats. I can ride it, but it seems annoying. Has anyone had clutch or variator issues?

    — Yamaha V-Max

    • I`ve got mine in yellow as well - nice color. But the question is: are you out for fishing?

    • yes 12ozers, get about a six pack in the net

    My 92 FJ 1200 ABS is not switching to reserve anyone know how to bypass it and... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

    My '92 FJ 1200 ABS is not switching to reserve, anyone know how to bypass it and leave it in reserve permenantly?

    • Hmm, perhaps I do have problems. My FJ stops running before you switch her to reserve.

    • it shouldn't lose all four cylinders just drop to two till you flick the switch.

    • or at least i think it should!!!

    2010 212x — Yamaha Boat Owners

    2010 212x

    Hey wondering if any of you guys have this boat? We are looking into buying it? Are you happy with the wake board tower?

    • cobra jet fins are attachments to the jets by drilling i prefer to go thrust vectors as its a bolt ol application

    • I have the Cobra Fins they are a great addition.

    • We to have Cobra Fins and they are awsome. Erin you may notice that when the throttles are in neutral the boat will start to rotate. This is because jet boats are not true neutral. The internal blades continue to spin. Additionally in my opinion the design flaw of yamaha jet boats are that the exhaust ports (2 of them) are on the same side. This causes the boat to naturally spin. The disadvantage of this whole thing is that at low speeds (especially when trying to load the boat on the trailer) the boat has horrible handling. The cobra fins aid in correcting some of that problem allowing for better steering at low speeds. It sure makes loading easier especially when there is a cross wind.

    Attachment Unavailable — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    On the trailer at Ray Roberts State Park campsite.

    • I love the from-the-front hull picture, Dennis...is this Dennis from YJB? Great photos!

    • That's me!

    I Have a K N airfilter installed on a 10 intake tract Also installed a two... — Yamaha C3

    I Have a K+N airfilter installed on a 10" intake tract. Also, installed a two sizes taller 140/90-10 rear tire. Experimenting with the fuel controller, and intake length for best power output in the upper rpm range.Yesterday, I put my gps

    on the mount. Topping out at 45 mph comimg off of a hill, 42mph straight and level. Excellent takeoff and 0-30mph time. However,the power is still soft on top end.Thinking about going to a 130/90-10 rear tire and see what happens,gearing may be too high. I've got a ways to go yet! GabeSee More


    Made a nice Low Restriction airfilter Cut the pleated paper element from my C3... — Yamaha C3

    Made a nice "Low Restriction" airfilter. Cut the pleated paper element from my C3's filter housing, and replaced it with one cut from a 3M $8.00 pleated fiberglass furnace filter. Sealed it into the housing with Permatex Blue RTV that's used for making gaskets & let it set up for 30 hours. I rode my scooter 80 miles the other day (after getting on the same page with Matt at Dobeck Performance about how to set the fuel/air mixture with their controller.) Picked up a bit of top speed,and a good bit of midrange power. It still needs more air to make the power needed to pull the higher gearing. I'm trying to contact (The Yamaha C3 performance Experts) Jason and Nick, at KSPower about this.....They've recently relocated to a new shop building in Des Moines,Ia. Their website is down, and they haven't been answering their phone....


    Two Brother s zuma 125 Juiceox reprogrammed by Dobeck Performance www... — Yamaha C3

    Two Brother's zuma 125 Juiceox, reprogrammed by Dobeck Performance <www'dobeckperformance.com> to work on a C3 scooter.

    • Thanks! We'll find out tomorrow.

    • The Dobeck fuel controller works as advertised....I've been tuning my intake tract for best power.I went a bit too far in length, and got waaayy lean. However, I was able to make adjustments on the roadside that added enough fuel to get home. The plug was a really light tan color when I looked at it....

    • I've modded my scooter back towards stock & the F/C sits on the workbench in the shop...Anybody interested? I've also got a set of Polini Performance Gears (3.18:1) with about 4,000 miles on them, and a K&N airfilter...A package deal for $140 + Postage!

      a few seconds ago · Like

    Kurt Brosch shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

    I took my C3 through the mountains the other day and it was a blast. does anyone wanna come next time 455kms 13hrs 41mins

    • It is a band called Black Strobe, my video quality has gotten better now that I got a GoPro camera

    • Kurt - great vid. what speeds are you achieving on this?

    • on flat ground around 70 kph and steep hills with a tail wind I broke 80.....lol

    one of the things I have been looking for is something to carry a bottle of... — Yamaha C3

    one of the things I have been looking for is something to carry a bottle of water or soda in to drink on my C3 without shelling out 100 bucks apiece for a front or rear rack.

    • Go to walmart and buy one of those drink holders that are designed to hook over the inner track of the driver's window. Cut the lip off of it...Remove the #30 Torx Security bolt that secures your scoot's front cover, drill a hole in the cup holder the bolt will snugly pass through, put a light washer a tad bigger in diameter under it's head, and assemble the cupholder, washer and bolt to the front cover..... You've got a $2.50 C3 Scooter cupholder! lol!

    • I saw Nicanors post a while back and bought a cup holder at the dollar store, it holds really good under the helmet latch, and I can take it off and put my bag back on if I want real easy.

    I have just the thing your looking for here is the website of a couple from... — Yamaha C3

    I have just the thing your looking for...here is the website of a couple from Canada who went from BC to Ontario, 3000 miles, in 11 days. I emailed the guy and he said the total weight of him, his girlfriend and luggage was about 450lbs. His C3 made the trip and survived, which amazed me. Anyway, the guy sold the C3 in Ontario for $1500 (C) and they used the money for a trip to Europe. Its a great read, and he has some good tips, lots of photos, some videos and other stuff.

    http://scootercanada.weebly.co m/index.html


    Little update holidays going good rode from Calgary AB to NB A few long days... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Little update, holidays going good, rode from Calgary, AB to NB. A few long days and lots of miles, returning through USA. Laid the V-star down in Portland, ME 2 days ago but unhurt other than a couple bruises and a few scratches to the bike and bent hwy bars, otherwise no prob... made it to Rhode Island border for the night, heading for New York tomorrow, after riding through Boston I think I can handle anything that comes at me now..LOL - BTW, good riding boots saved my foot and damn glad we had our full helmets on too. ALWAYS wear your gear, it does work...


    Hi Thomas been riding my 1100 for 5 yrs and the first thing I added was a new... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Hi Thomas, been riding my 1100 for 5 yrs and the first thing I added was a new seat, so far rode over 85000 km with my Mustang seat and my butt still loves it, worth every penny of it. It does move you forward slightly, the Corbin is also a great seat a lot of riders like. If you don't mind spending the extra bucks, Ultimate makes an excellent saddle, a bit pricey but it's the Rolls-Royce of saddles for any bike, but it is pricey.

    Overall you can't go wrong with a Mustang or Corbin - check E-Bay or any V-star forum as there is sometimes good deals happening, got mine used for less than half the price


    Rob I had my bike delivered from over 500 miles away by friends who were coming... — Yamaha C3

    Rob, I had my bike delivered from over 500 miles away by friends who were coming my way with a pickup. (I got the C3 on an online auction and was responsible for getting it home from a dealer 500 miles away)

    They put the C3 in the pickup box..made a bed of 4 tires then large styrofoam pieces and then the C3 was cushioned by some pillows, cushions,etc. The bike was laid down on a cornering type angle to rest against the pillows and 2 straps were used to secure it from side to side, with the straps applied over more pillows (a towel, clothes, etc would be ok too). The tie down straps were then tightened snugly but not too tight and then everything was covered with a tarp for protection against rain, dust, etc. It arrived without a scratch..



    Selling my 650 — Yamaha XS650

    Selling my 650

    I'm looking to sell my XS650, It's a Heritage Special, blacked out edition. I believe it's a 1982. I live in Michigan. Bay City area. I have some extra parts. I just don't ride it and I can't stand to see her sitting in the garage being neglected. Needs some minor work, turn signals, and instrument cluster lights are the main problems, (Not a big deal if someone plans on chopping it) I cleaned the carbs and rode it around, runs ok, but hasn't been driven in the last year, always stored inside a garage. It's in pretty decent shape. Comes with leather saddle bags. If anyone wants the full face helmet they can have that as well.