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Bemsee on the Radio!......TONIGHT

The right week this week and its time to make an impression because you can ALL interact through the message box on the web page. Its a live message box straight to he presenter so lets make some noise Bemsee folks :-)

Thanks to some connections and efforts by one of the clubs members, Gerrard Spear, Bemsee was given the opportunity to have a slot on Biker FM to talk about the club, its members and what we are doing for the sport.

Its in Gails (Catlass) show tonight between 8pm and 10pm.

If you are interested you can listen to it on Also please big it up for everything great in this sport and the club with the message box opportunity.

I hope I represented you well!


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Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha V-Max

Dear OEM Seat Hater:

I installed my Maxgasser ( a little under a year ago. I am hear to attest to its remarkable quality and comfort. Rick's years of experience in fabrication shows in facet of the build--all the way down to each stitch and staple; and his customer service is on par to that of any highly-rated manufacturing plant. Throughout my build, he exercised endless amounts of patience (with me and my non-stock material) and responded lickety-split to all my emails and text messages.

The seat's 100-mile maiden voyage was SO comfortable and was hands down the most enjoyable "long" drive to date. It was like I was driving a pillow that was made by pouring foam into a mold I made of my butt. My ass bone wedges wonderfully into the "backrest" that the "raised" pillion provides the driver giving my lower back the much needed support it had been aching for. My family jewels no longer feel like they're getting crushed into diamonds. Waiting for green lights, I now don't feel like I barely have me feet on the ground and it doesn't feel like I'm straddling a cow. And most importantly, the wife had the best ride yet she said. She said she no longer felt like she was sitting on a tree trunk with a couple of knots pushed up into her ass cheeks. She enjoys the "elevated" sitting position finding, much to my chagrin, comfort in now being able to know the reason why the cars are "standing still". I like that I no longer see her in my mirrors because of her peeking out from behind my helmet in order to see what's going on in front of us.

After 8 months and somewhere around 6500 miles of Florida's humid sunshine, the seat has shown no signs of wear and is as comfortable as the day I unboxed it. I still receive all kinds of complements from Maxxers and other motorcyclists who venture to hop into the saddle. 07483.2146565.1154975066&type=1&l=77b24b591a

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  • Nice!

More progress brake discs turned up today — Yamaha XS650

More progress, brake discs turned up today

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  • I have a '79 XS650 and a '78 Triumph Bonneville. I would rate them about even in the vibration they produce.

  • OK Tom.N. i only know the old triumph from the 1950es, the one i had was from -52 (Thunderbird 650), and it had a lot more vibrations as the XS650 Yamaha. Shall we call it a draw Tom.N?? hahaha

  • A 78 Bonneville should not shake as much, as the frames were upgraded following Doug Hele's work on the 500 Twin at the end of the 60's for the Daytona Beach Race. The development on the 500 was shared with the 650. If you look at a Thunderbird frame, you will find radical differences in the bracing, swingarm area and gooseneck.

Emi Popovic added 18 photos to Dt 175 restauracion y modificaciones.. in YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA. — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

Mi dt 175 mod 94!les comento lo que le estoy haciendo. Motor:completo todo nuevo ,. los 12 engranajes de caja 0km original yamaha, ejes, rulemanes ,embreague biela ,piston ,todo japon y de lo mejor.!

Cuadro: se le adapto el horquillon y monoshock del XTZ cachas del xtz ,manubrio writz manijas WRITZ, guardabarros CIRCUIT MANOPLAS CIRCUIT, COLITA FMF Y PROXIMAMENTE BEJIGA DE YZ.!

Me faltaria pintar el cuadro que va del color del FORD FIESTA KINETICK AZUL ELECTRICO! ;)


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    While trying to hit 55mph before installing the bbk. There s my baby s — Yamaha C3

    While trying to hit 55mph, before installing the bbk. There's my baby's :-)

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    • With a 3.18 gearing, a 130/90-10 rear tire, a Jiangwayne exhaust, & a Dr.Pulley variator, w/4gr sliders, I was hitting 52.3mph gps @ 9,150rpms, lightly hitting the limiter,coming off of the biggest hill in the county...However, for everyday riding, it started off slowly,& would only run 42 mph... Crying about hills, like Mainerd G. Krebbs on Dobie Gills, used to do about finding a job! :) But, it got 117mpg.

    • Bruce sounds like you have your ride nicely tuned...

    • I got rid of the 4" K&N airfilter, the Fuel Controller, & the high gearing + went back to the factory airbox tweeked just a bit, with stock gearing...Installed a Malossi Multivar variator their 6gr rollers, & their white clutch spring...Now I run 48mph off most of the local hills and stay around 43-44mph in between them @ 108mpg...I just got the rest of the Malossi parts to make my scooter's transmission all Malossi,"Over Range." Their Torque Driver, Fly Clutch, & Clutch Bell, A Clutch Spring kit, & Kelvar Performance belt...I'm going to install it a bit at a time & see what each added part does for performance...

    OK Owners and Fans I really need your help to spread the MAXGASSER word I got... — Yamaha V-Max

    OK Owners and Fans, I really need your help to spread the MAXGASSER word, I got layed off today so its time to "push"the gasser's. Not that the MAXGASSER needs pushing it a great product,very comfortable and effective design make it the best aftermarket vmax seat available.So if you could tell your Vmax buddies,or think hard about getting one for yourself, we'll both Appreciate it, Thanks

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    • whats the cost on one do you have a web site?

    • I think it's awesome looking seat, beats Corbin any day. I wanna one too!

    • Nate, price is on the web site but just in case you didn't make it there Its $459 + shipping.Keep in mind this IS NOT a cut down stock seat and I DON'T NEED a core.

    A bit off topic but who better to ask than this group I want to try picks on... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

    A bit off topic, but who better to ask than this group? I want to try picks-on-the-electric-drill thing, but not quite sure where to begin, besides the drill and standard picks, which I have. Are there certain picks that are better than others? And how can you attach the picks (understanding multiple picks are used at once) to the drill bit?

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    • I've tried the violin bow, it looked good but I could only play the e string and it sounded like a scratchy cello.

    • I always find the drill just slows me down ;)

    • I like to put alligator clips on my strings near the bridge.. budget ring modulator.

    I Went to start my C3 today the battery was dead it has been a few months — Yamaha C3

    I Went to start my C3 today the battery was dead it has been a few months. I jumpstarted it and it started to run But wouldn't go more than 5 miles an hour when I turn on the blinker I can get it to 20 but it seems to still be bogging Any ideas on what might be wrong with it?

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    • Resetting the ECU won't necessairly erase a fault code...Turn your switch on and leave it there, now watch your yellow light...It should flash a series of long and short flashes...Count them, and tell me what you get...

    • Do you have a C3 Service Manual?

    hi all i just bought it a week ago a 2008 v star 1300 i like it nice ride... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    hi all, i just bought it a week ago, a 2008 v-star 1300. i like it nice ride comfortable BUT. i had yamaha FZ1 1000CC it had a huge power so comparing my v star to FZ1 power i feel that i'm so slow now any ideas how to make vstar faster better in acceleration?

    the gear box : is it normal that it makes a big TICK every time you change gear ? first to second to third gear up or down ?? is that ok ?

    the 2nd gear on low spead? no power at all and the whole engine shaking or the gear box i don't know.

    my v star done 12800KM only so i don't think there is any mechanical problem for those ticking i hear

    for the truth i thought that i will be satisfied more have a v star.

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      Richard Poirier shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

      Time for me to get growing, Please join and tell your vmax friends of the MAXGASSER OWNERS and fans group. If you've ever wanted a COMFORTABLE,AFTERMARKET seat for your VMAX Now is the time. in production for three years with many Happy,COMFORTABLE customers in six countries.Be the first (or last)in your country to get one!Right now,the last one went to Canada,where will the next MAXGASSER go?

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        Ok guys this is the last of the main TZR YPM parts that I have left in the... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

        Ok guys, this is the last of the main TZR/YPM parts that I have left in the garage. I'm in Bristol so factor in shipping costs too:

        4” rear wheel - not YPM legal but perfect for 400's/GP Classic etc, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers, new 155/620/17 Bridgestone wet: £175.00

        4” rear wheel - not YPM legal but perfect for 400's/GP Classic etc, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers, decent Dunlop 209GP: £150.00

        Bridgestone wet - 110/590/17, new: £65.00 - or £225 with the 4" rim/wet as above....

        Clutch perch and lever - R1 spec, genuine Pazzo lever in black and red: £50.00

        Complete used clutch - basket, pressure plate, boss, steels, friction plates: £50.00

        2 x Dunlop 209GP's - 110/70/17, perfect for a 2.75" or 3" front rim, new: £50.00 each

        Huxley TZ end cans - for Jollies, pair: £50.00

        Michelin Power One - 110/70/17, perfect for a 2.75" or 3" front rim, nearly new: £50.00

        Barrels - pair, circa-58.8mm, for re-sleeve or big bore project: £25.00

        Crankcases - with unknown crank and gearbox: £Sold

        Fork parts - for rebuild/modification, tubes x 2, legs x 2, internal spacers, springs, tops etc: £25.00

        Gearbox - box of parts, three complete sets, both shafts and selector forks/drums etc: £25.00

        Crankcases - with unknown gearbox: £20.00

        KR1S radiator - decent upgrade from standard, easy fit: £20.00

        Rear brake line - braded, blue: £20.00

        Reed blocks x 4: £20.00

        PM me for a deal........

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        • Both 209GP's, the fork parts, crankcases with gearbox and the KR1S rad are now sold.......

        The Club is delighted to announce a three year agreement with TSL Timing for... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

        The Club is delighted to announce a three year agreement with TSL Timing for the provision of timing services at all meetings in 2013 and beyond. TSL are well known and respected for their top-level service to BSB and others, now the same facilities will be offered to Bemsee riders in the paddock and beyond.

        The new TSL service will see the introduction of “live” timing services both on the web, to enable friends and family to track Bemsee races in real-time as well as on mobile devices. This will enable riders to pick up the same data and also observe real-time notices from Race Control, valuable if you can’t hear the tannoy!

        This reorganisation was negotiated as the Club’s previous timing service, RS Timing has decided to disband. The Club thanks Ray and Craig Smith of RS for their huge support of Bemsee over many years.

        We hope riders will welcome and take advantage of the new facilities that the service from TSL will offer.

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          — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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          • Nice bike, when i bought mine last year my daughter bought hers at the exact same time, hers is the burnt orange too and is a really nice colour, stands out from other bikes..

          • Hey Brett know a heap of good roads out gippsland way. I'm up to just under 11000 on this bike got 10000 up on the last one before I totaled it on Jamison rd last oct been riding road bikes since last jan.

          • You looking at heading out on the weekend Bret. A few if us will be heading into gippsland on the weekend if you want to tag alone.

          Is there anyone that can tell me alittle about tailraising. Is it hard to do — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

          Is there anyone that can tell me alittle about tailraising? Is it hard to do? does it affect the bike alot?

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          • It's not hard to do. The bike worked alot better after, much easier in corners. I think you have to make two plates where the length between the holes should be 5mm less. On my bike it raised the back with 35 mm. I also lowered the front with 10mm wich gave a Bulldog that cornered really good.

          • I checked at, if you search for "Höja sitthöjden" the you will find some posts regarding this. Original length between holes on the dogbones is 125mm if you changed that to 120mm you will raise the rear with 35mm. It's possible to do by your self but it's good if you have a friend with you when you make the change. You have to remove both mufflers to be able to remove the long bolts. Mine was really hard to start using some fluids (5-56 or similar) before you will do the actual work.

          • Tobias, would it be possible to post a photo of your bike, seen from the side, to visualize the effects of the tail rising and front lowering. I'm 'only' interested in the visual effects...

          Why does my poor XS suffer from rust — Yamaha XS650

          Why does my poor XS suffer from rust????

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          • Well i wish you luck and enjoy the spring, I thought we had it bad in England with our laws and fuel costing over £1.30p a ltr!!!!

          • Thank´s Peter and luck to you to. We pay 13 kr ltr,=1.46pund ( to day we pay 8.91 kr for one pund). But we also have the worlds best social help system, and that is one of the reason for those extreme takses.PS. It´s nice talking to you Peter, and have a good evning.

          • And you Steen, be lucky.

          It has been noted on someones blog that they have the only 270 degree rephased... — Yamaha XS650

          It has been noted on someones blog that they have the only 270 degree rephased engine that is alive and running in the USA, this is total BS. I have been supplying my rephase pins for around 10 years with most going to the USA, I think to date I have shipped around 75 pins to the USA. Professional Motorcycle Tuning is the ONE AND ONLY source of these pins in the world, I also thve cams (not cut and twisted, YUK) and Ignitions to suit this awesome modification, thanks Daryl Hutcheon

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          • It's good to see that Daryl is still a people person. I wrote him years ago asking a simple question, and received a very crass response.

          • "So we did it! This is possibly the only runnning 270 XS650 Engine in the US. If not, I'm ok with that - because it's still freaking cool!" Hugh Owings definitely did not say That he had "the only 270 degree rephased engine" in the USA. Mr. Hutcheon needs to get his facts straight.

          • OK guys, 1st, did I mention any names?? NO, I just made it clear that it was not the only one in the USA and Brett if you have still got that email I would like to read it. 277 is not better than 270, it is only the cheap way of getting it close, but not a perfect 90 degree crank as I do with all of my engines.

          Anyone running 8 in wheels in back What gearing you rocking I can get 2 sets... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

          Anyone running 8 in wheels in back? What gearing you rocking? I can get 2 sets of brand new hole shot tires (f&r) for $100 and want to know what gearing.

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          • Fantastic! 14/40 or 13/40 gears and I should be set on that!

          • 14/40 is the way to go on that setup

          • Yep 14/40, Im still rocking 13/40 gearing though. Alot of my riding is just messing around. Once I get the top end rebiult I dont think Im gonna have a choice but to go up a tooth or 2 with 366 and megacycle cam!

          Jocelyn Limtangco shared Unofficial: Mr Big (band)'s photo to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          To all of you who are in California or some of you who are planning to be in California for the WINTER NAMM SHOW 2013. You might want to check this event out. Billy Sheehan will be there along with many other special guests!!! This event is the Ultimate Tribute to the Ultimate Drummer, John Henry Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Please don't forget to spread the word. Let your friends know about this good stuff!

          For tickets, check out this link: ispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3221984

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          • I'll be going!

          Attachment Unavailable — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Wanted to throw an invite out to my Attitude brothers to join a FB page I put together with Jeff Berlin's approval. I got turned onto to Jeff via Billy way back in the day. The two combined are my biggest influences. Jeff puts out some great lessons & of course has a school in Florida for those who want to know more. Mixing Billy's shredin Rock style & technique with Jeff's Fusion/Jazz know how has sure led to some interesting musical concepts for me. So check it out & check in.

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          • Pretty appropriate considering that today is Jeff Berlin's 60th birthday.

          • Thanks Rick!

          ACC Billet engineering situated in Kya Sands Gauteng specialize in... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          ACC Billet engineering, situated in Kya Sands, Gauteng, specialize in manufacturing aftermarket motorcycle accessories to meet individual customer needs. Specializing in: CNC machined motorcycle parts such as triple clamps, rear sets, mirror blanks, brake and clutch reservoirs, aluminium sprockets, engine case protectors etc. Custom made using aircraft grade aluminium and machined to customer specification. Once off and low quantities are no problem. Terms and Conditions apply. Visit

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            Hi looking for a new seat for my bulldog I ve been looking on all kind of site... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

            Hi looking for a new seat for my bulldog,I've been looking on all kind of site but no luck,any suggestions?

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            • no worries, but you'll need an electric stapler lol

            • The gel pad is similar to this one. Most tack shops will sell them. I cut mine to shape and reseled the gel cover 48&ref=froogle

            • Cheers again Dave.

            The studio rig with the Pearce Preamp as the centerpiece — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            The studio rig with the Pearce Preamp as the centerpiece!!

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            • You could steer the Starship Enterprise with that!

            • it's not top quality but i can surely said that in my rig chain it did a very good job

            • Of course, an Ashly would be my first choice, but the Alesis will have to do for now! I've had it for what seems like decades, it works for me , is as consistent as anyone could hope for, and at a price of $99.00, it can't be beat!

            Mick McEvoy shared a link to the group: Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            Sorry folks try this one

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            • Mick for the last couple of years after my bike has wintered in the garage, I have had to strip down the carbs and found that the needle inlet valves had both seized in, preventing fuel from entering the carbs.There is pitting and corrosion on the aluminium needles. On reading about Bio-fuel addatives, the following is a piece from Wickepedia about bio-ethanol: " Ethanol contains soluble and insoluble contaminants.[31] These soluble contaminants, halide ions such as chloride ions, have a large effect on the corrosivity of alcohol fuels. Halide ions increase corrosion in two ways; they chemically attack passivating oxide films on several metals causing pitting corrosion, and they increase the conductivity of the fuel. Increased electrical conductivity promotes electric, galvanic, and ordinary corrosion in the fuel system. Soluble contaminants, such as aluminum hydroxide, itself a product of corrosion by halide ions, clog the fuel system over time.

              Ethanol is hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb water vapor directly from the atmosphere. Because absorbed water dilutes the fuel value of the ethanol (although it suppresses engine knock) and may cause phase separation of ethanol-gasoline blends, containers of ethanol fuels must be kept tightly sealed. This high miscibility with water means that ethanol cannot be efficiently shipped through modern pipelines, like liquid hydrocarbons, over long distances.[32] Mechanics also have seen increased cases of damage to small engines, in particular, the carburetor, attributable to the increased water retention by ethanol in fuel".... and so it goes on. So the above could be the reason for the corrosion on the needle valves. What do you think?

            Minha 535 com guidão reto — Yamaha Virago 535

            Minha 535 com guidão reto

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            • Mercado livre está assim o povo acostumou a ver primeiro nele. Esses dias cotei a tela do celular que trincou nele e na autorizada saiu mais em conta. Mas valeu o aviso Vinícius

            • 150 num filtro ainda é caro!

            • Isso é verdade, 40 reais estaria mais que bem pago. mas sabe como é, moto fora de linha, concessionaria senta em cima. Ontem procurando encontrei esse ( iltro-de-ar-compc-virago-535-esportivo-_JM) "esportivo" no mercado livre. o vendedor cobra 80, alguém já testou?

            Photos from Max Rehm's post — Yamaha C3

            TorqOwl mold making, part 1

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            • Thanks!

            • By varying the size of the stock air intake rubber hose (The one in the airbox cover, not the larger hose that connects the airbox to the throttlebody.) it is possible to tune the airbox to whatever setup you're running...Stock diameter is 3/4" a 1-1/2" tube helps a lot, with a mininum of added airbox noise...:)

            • It's a 1.5

            hey folks can somebody tell me how i have to do a correct oilchange including... — Yamaha XS650

            hey folks! can somebody tell me how i have to do a correct oilchange (including the swamp filter) on my 447. Antworten auch gerne auf Deutsch ;-)! Cheers and THanx!

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            • Oha, danke für die Info! Muss jetzt erstmal die vorderbremse richten damit ich den Österreichischen tüv krieg. Ich hab das teil nämlich in Deutschland gekauft.

            • Already see that setup with the filter screwed on the sump plate. Not sure I would try it, it must be low under the bike, near the ground. I wouldn't like to hurt it while passing on a bump...

            • Not low at all, it would need to be a very big bump. I've got it fitted to my bike with a "plus 50%" oil pump and paper filter/ cooler in the clutch cover. All works great and my engine is quiet. No more holes in my sump filter, idle my bike for a few minutes at start up to allow the oil to circulate and warm up then ready to do whatever I like with it. ia/1978%20Yamaha%20XS650%20Special/DSCF2916_zpsda2 8ea2d.jpg.html?sort=3&o=16

            Question my FZ6R is a year old next month I have a problem with it when it runs... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            Question, my FZ6R is a year old next month, I have a problem with it, when it runs cold or hot she is fine, but when first out on her and she gets to the 45 to 55c she will cut out between gear changes and it bump starts when u let the clutch out. Remember when bikes had a choke ? Well I know injection hasn't but it does feed extra fuel untill running temp is reached, is like it stops giving extra fuel too early just like a choke being switched off too quick. Now I don't know if these bikes have a cat or not, but if it does then doing this could destroy it. It is due its 10,000 service next month although I have only done 4500 and will get them to look at it, just wondered if anyone had the same probs ?

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            • Lol I kinda like the look but also it makes me more visible at night so I guess it would be safer lol

            • Quite true mate, we all have our own likes, would like too see what's its like when done though

            • Will do, when I get that far lol

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • BTW, If any of you out there are from the greater Houston area you should "like" the Houston Yamaha Vmax Owners page.

            Hello I want to put a single carb on my 535 Has anyone done this What... — Yamaha Virago 535

            Hello, I want to put a single carb on my 535. Has anyone done this? What carburetor should be compatible?

            BR: Olá, quero colocar um único carburador na minha 535. Alguém já fez isso? Qual carburador seria compatível?

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            • O Vinicius Arantes da uma olhada neste site, a loja é em são paulo mas ele vende pela net e marcado livre.

            • u can find harley 883 or veber karburator...

            • se e só o diafragma o problema, tem no mercado livre por r$25,00.

            Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

            I talked with Joel Sacher at ( after lunch today & my Multivar Overange performance kit is on the way...I'm excited about installing it on my, "New" '07 C3 scooter. Especially about the, "Torque Driver" that's part of the kit, said to add more top speed to a scooter, like an overdrive unit does to an automobile. I've been searching, and I may be the first to put the whole Malossi Performance kit on aYamaha XF50 scoot. As our Bro Roger Smiley says," I'm

            Stoked!" :)

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            • Nearly $400

            • If it get decent top speed and holds it in the hills...It may be a viable alternative to a waaayyy more expensive + complicated 70cc kit & some high gearing...

            • We'll find out before long...Been too busy with remodeling on this end, to get out into the shop! :)

            Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company FORK Co. Ltd — Yamaha XS650

            Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company,FORK Co.,Ltd.

            It is the ignition timing cover made of cast alminum.

            Please check our Facebook pages


            and web site


            We ship all over the world.

            And we have special limited offer for Facebook user.

            If you push "like" on our facebook page, your shipping cost will be free within this month.

            (until Jan 31st 2013. this offer is only for this parts.Payment must be through Paypal)

            To get free shipping,your order name and facebook name should be the same.

            Thank you for reading.

            (I had a permission to post this information from page manager.)

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            • Damn cool ride Tsutomu Hasegawa, i really like the style, no "bling-bling"-shit , just a cool ride.

            Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company FORK Co. Ltd — Yamaha XS650

            Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company,FORK Co.,Ltd.

            It is the ignition timing cover made of cast alminum.

            Please check our Facebook pages


            and web site


            We ship all over the world.

            And we have special limited offer for Facebook user.

            If you push "like" on our facebook page, your shipping cost will be free within this month.

            (until Jan 31st 2013. this offer is only for this parts.Payment must be through Paypal)

            To get free shipping,your order name and facebook name should be the same.

            Thank you for reading.

            (I had a permission to post this information from page manager.)

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              Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company FORK Co. Ltd — Yamaha XS650

              Let me introduce the parts from Japan made by our company,FORK Co.,Ltd.

              It is the ignition timing cover made of cast alminum.

              Please check our Facebook pages


              and web site


              We ship all over the world.

              And we have special limited offer for Facebook user.

              If you push "like" on our facebook page, your shipping cost will be free within this month.

              (until Jan 31st 2013. this offer is only for this parts.Payment must be through Paypal)

              To get free shipping,your order name and facebook name should be the same.

              Thank you for reading.

              (I had a permission to post this information from page manager.)

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              • How much would it be when you sent the covers to germany?

              • Oh, I´ve found another interesting part: Side Manifold for Triumph, Item# 2130-70; How much will this be?

              • >Karlheinz shipping cost to Germany is 1,500yen. It's about 12EUR.

              How it all started Scored this 09 w 400 mi for 1200 off craigslist Was really... — Yamaha C3

              How it all started.. Scored this 09 w 400 mi for 1200 off craigslist. Was really gonna do a met or a ruckus, but didn't see a lot of the c3's bein done

              My inspiration (if u r on here) was a guy on c3 forum w the grey and orange one. Seriously thought his was so cool I had to do one. So happy w the c3 they are sooo underrated. Loved squeezing every new mph out of her as I did upgrades. Still gonna do a met soon but sure happy w the way it turned out. Unfortunately as you know not many parts and I had to do a lot of fab work. Dumped so much $ into this one it wont be getting ridden for a while. Strictly a show bike

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                — Yamaha C3

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                • How is the HID headlight working out for ya? Is your system charging enough to keep it on long periods of time?

                • I actually have a seperate battery in my trunk space running all extra accessories like my gps is hard wired to it and I have 2 led strips under the bike on a toggle switch I just charge the extra battery.

                • The hid is awesome though super bright

                My joker c3 — Yamaha C3

                My joker c3

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                • Under it is a stand I just recently built for shows it has led lighting around it and small holes in the platform where I stick dry ice under the platform it comes out like fog it's pretty awesome

                • Thats pretty sweet man

                • Nice exhaust and drag bars mount , well done ;)

                Another quickie is there anyone in Dorset. or between B mth and Dorchester — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                Another quickie - is there anyone in Dorset (or between B'mth and Dorchester) who is into (or wants to get into) YPMRC - I wobbled around in 1992 with KRC and BEMSEE on a TZR. I've recently picked up a cosmetically tatty J reg TZR250 with the view to getting it race ready and backmarking a couple of races! My guru in those days was Sir Martin Taylor but alas I'm a fair distance from the hallowed piggeries these days and too old and slow too. Does anyone want to get involved in any way...I also have Honda (and Aprilia) RS250s which I'd like to ride this year as well (funds permitting) - just putting the idea out there - could even share...any suggestions welcome?? Hope to see y'all at some point soon!!

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                • Cheers Martin Ratcliffe that's a great idea - it's ironically in Marlboro at the moment...but wasn't it Lambert & Butler that would have been more appropriate for Paul...(eh Calvin Hogan...??!!) Has anyone got any pics of Paul's colours and would Calvin fancy testing it for me???

                • I might have some pics of us together. Might even have some of his paint on an old bit of bodywork I have lol. I would be happy to whizz it round Mallory when it's done

                • You're on!! PM on its way!!

                Photos from Joseph Knapp's post — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                Warrior heel guards for sale. Freshly powder Coated in black texture

                All work is professionally done

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                • We do not have the fixtures set up for stretching swing arms. However, we do coating work for a shop that I believe does swing arms for quads. I am pretty sure they make aftermarket arms. I know most of the guys we work with will go aftermarket rather than just stretching stock due to the stress and support that needs to be added.

                • Personal message sent

                • Items are still for sale... buyer decided to have us powder coat some other items for him. Items are still available for purchase

                Qual a média km l das motos dos irmãos ãs A minha faz 14 15km l na cidade e... — Yamaha Virago 535

                Qual a média km/l das motos dos irmãos(ãs)? A minha faz 14-15km/l na cidade e 17-18km/l na estrada. Queria melhorar esse consumo.

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                • Isso de altitude é pra quem anda Oiapoque ao Chuí rs altitudes minimas acho que nem altera tanto a mistura, ou será que estou enganado? Helio Góes

                • Em altitudes tem que regular o giclê

                • Altitude é para viagens ao Peru por exemplo. Tem que tem uma noção senão pode ficar no caminho caso precise regular. Frio só tive problema uma vez em Montevidéo quando deixei ela parada no frio (próximo de 0) por 3 dias e quando fui ligar não pegava, como se tivesse afogado, e tive que dar carga. Alan, o que você disse sobre a injeção está correto, mas vai que resolve dar problema na estrada? Tem que tomar cuidado com a Lei de Murphy! rs

                Greg Edwards shared a post to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Seems there is an informal EBS announcement of sorts:


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                • Hi Cesar,

                  Found the source of the limited edition rumor.

                  Some US stores placed pre-orders on the pedal from our US distributor, and

                  our distributor made a pre-order from us on 100 units. However, the pedal

                  itself is not made in any limited edition, so this only refer to the first

                  100 units to hit the states, not the numbers we make it in.

                  Thank you,

                  Ralf, EBS

                • My local musicstore called EBS and booked one for me, they said there will be enough of pedals for the market. But now i`m safe to have one, probably in February. :-) Price in Sweden is approx 250-300usd

                • now has prices, and are taking preorders - states coming in beginning of February.

                  £165 inc UK mainland p&p

                  £175 inc EU mainland p&p

                Free quote for new income protection not combined insurance hospital plans but... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                Free quote for new income protection, not combined insurance hospital plans, but a full blown weekly wage from day one for as long as needed even to retirement. I have offered this and covered a number of you already, but been unable to see or speak to all, so hope you don't mind me posting this offer, but as an ex racer, of tzr's in the early 90's and well as other forms, and a sales manager for combined insurance for 8 years, I understand the need and benefit of good cover, combined has its limitations and is mainly a hospital plan, and not a full blown income protection to cover you 24/7 worldwide and to protect you and your family's income loss, this is! Free to just call or ask for a quote and full run down, now is the time to discuss as takes a couple of months to set up due to covering illness as well as accident. It's not a sales pitch, it's the only real offer from someone who has been there and done it, and needed it.


                And please have a very very happy new year

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                • Quote me happy - 43 (never too late to have fun!) - non smoker - home owner...??

                • Blimey; an insurance company that is happy to pay out? Whatever next? You'll tell me that one day, Tories and Lib Dems would work together. Oh; I may have missed that one. As Paul J-B-G pointed out, if compromise can be made, everyone wins.

                • Simon, I messaged you last week via fb. Did you see it as waiting for a reply. Ta

                Jared Vee shared a link to the group: Yamaha XS650. — Yamaha XS650

                has anyone used the 750 kit from mikes? and is it reliable? is there anything else that ill need to do to have it complete? ie oil cooling options?

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                • so 455/2= 227.5 gram for each piston!

                • it si right?

                • Hi Tommy, 340 grams is for one bare piston, no rings, no pin, and no clips. MikesXS pins are about 8 grams lighter. Rings are about the same, clips same. I have a kit here at my shop, Professional Motorcycle Tuning, Melbourne, Australia. I can help you all with your 650 needs. :)

                Lifestyle Transformation Wellness Centre — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you a fantastic year full of safe racing and pots galore!

                Remember we are here for you to help you get the best out of tuning your body for the race season.

                Healthy eating and great sports nutrition can mean the difference between feeling as good at the end of a race day as you did at the beginning, and shedding those few pounds that the holiday season has inevitably brought, will also help you to be at your best.

                We can also help with arm pump and your fitness away from the BEMSEE tracks.

                Call to see how we can help - 01708 782048.

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