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Project "Bt1100 Bulldog Art gallery". Hello Folks, you love BT1100? Me too, so i set an album called "Bt1100 Bulldog Art gallery" and i plan to show nice picts of our preferate bike from bull-lovers all around the world. Only two rules: a fullsize bulldog alone (or with other bulldogs) AND a nice background. If i add yours, ill link it to your personal page, with your FB name. So ... show us your artistic photos, here with the tag "BBartgal" or send me a message with the link, or the url .. Cmon dudes, lets show that bullbikers are artists ,o)

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.443515349 057126.1073741841.441492805926047&type=3

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  • like yu seat :-)

  • This seat has a long story, but the result is perfect, the owner will tell you maybe

  • ok .. th eproject grows slowly ... waiting some allowing, but it looks like becoming a great BT1100 Show ... nice nice :)


RTMC Jatim


1. SAMSAT Sidoarjo di simpang 3 Pasar Tulangan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

2. SAMSAT Mojokerto Kota di Simp Klenteng jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

3. SAMSAT Malang kota di Alun2 Kota jam 09.00 s/d selesai.

4. SAMSAT Malang di Wisata Wendit Kec. Pakis jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

5. SAMSAT Batu di Pos BATOS jam 08.00 s/d selesai

6. SAMSAT Pasuruan Kota di Pasar Besar jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

7. SAMSAT Jember di Polsek Arjasa dan Depan Telkom Balung jam 09.00 s/d selesai.

8. SAMSAT Bondowoso di Kec. Wonosari jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

9. SAMSAT Lumajang di depan Terminal Minak Koncar jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

10. SAMSAT Situbondo di Simp3 Pasar Kampung Jangkar jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

11. SAMSAT Banyuwangi di Pasar Pedotan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

12. SAMSAT Kediri Kota di Kantor Pos jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

13. SAMSAT Kediri di Kec. Semen jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

14. SAMSAT Nganjuk di Kec. berbek jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

15. SAMSAT Jombang di Kec. Sumobito jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

16. SAMSAT Blitar Kota Hal. Swalayan Bentar jam 18.00 s/d selesai.

17. SAMSAT Blitar di Pasar Kademangan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

18. SAMSAT Trenggalek di Kec. Pogalan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

19. SAMSAT Madiun di Pasar Gemarang dan Lap. Gulung jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

20. SAMSAT Ponorogo di Kec. Sawu jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

21. SAMSAT Ngawi di Kec. Kendal jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

22. SAMSAT Magetan di Kec. Parang jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

23. SAMSAT Pacitan di Kec. Nawangan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

24. SAMSAT Bojonegoro di Swalayan Bravo jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

25. SAMSAT Lamongan di Kec. Kembang Bahu jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

26. SAMSAT Tuban di Kec. Palang jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

27. SAMSAT Sumenep di kec. Pasongsongan jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

28. SAMSAT Bangkalan di Kec. Galis jam 08.00 s/d selesai.

29. SAMSAT Pamekasan di Kec. Galis jam 09.00 s/d selesai.

SAMSAT Unggulan :

1. SAMSAT Corner : PTC Lt. 1, Galaxy Mall, Carrefour Rungkut, Royal Plaza Lt. 1, ITC Mega Grosir

2. SAMSAT Drive Thru : Dinas Peternakan Jl. A. Yani, depan SAMSAT Manyar

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    Como funciona el mecanismo regulador del monoshok cuando lo ajusto al mango... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    Como funciona el mecanismo regulador del monoshok? cuando lo ajusto al mango funciona, pero no se pone DURO DEL TODO...( y a los dias se pone flancito de nuevo )............como si le faltara aceite o algo,,,Alguien sabe algo...?

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    • el original es negro con el regulador color tipo "zincado". proba desarmandolo y haciendole una mueca mas profunda para q trabe bien. igual deberias hacerte la cabeza y ir pensando en q lo vas a tener q cambiar..

    • correcto...por ahi lei algo de $1.400 mangos...pero por 450 compro de la FZ...medi el mio y mide si mal no recuerdo de buje a buje mide...27.5 creo si mal no reacuerdo...y el de la fz mide 30 cm...quetal anda el de la fz ? ...otra cosa...sino tenia pensado en comprar un " levanta suspencion " vi en ML que venden uno...tendria q prguntar aca a ver si se lo consigue...

    Anyone ever jet their machine to run straight piped. lol — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    Anyone ever jet their machine to run straight piped? lol

    I have a worn out supertrapp on mine, the baffle etc blew out onto the trail one day while riding. So not only was it straight piped, it basicaly had a megaphone attached to it as well... loudest freakin machine I've ever heard!! No one could ride behind me on the way back to camp.. lol the whole camp ground was PO'd at me, hear it from 10 miles away through the bush.. it sounded pretty cool, but you couldnt ride it like.. ears ringing after about 10-15mins, despite the helmat.. lol

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    • daamn i had an old cr 125 with no pipe just the fatty pipe xD sounded like a 900hp lawn mower haha

    • Pack the pipe with steel wool I did it 2 mine still have it in

    • It needs a whole new exhaust... blew a chunk outta the headpipe. I worked at a shop with pipebender etc for doin exhaust, so i just cut a chunk of pipe and shaped it and welded it up around the hole.. lol

    Cuantos quieren calcos ANOTENSE pongan el Numero correspondiente al orden... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

    Cuantos quieren calcos? ANOTENSE pongan el Numero correspondiente al orden Nombre y el color de moto.. cuando tenga un numero de calcos voy y veo si algun local de aca me hace el pedido y me tira un precio.

    1- Lucas - Negra.

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    • No Tenes que venir a lujan? Jajaja. De ultima correo andreani o algo de eso

    • micro a la terminal?.

    • Yo ya no los necesito, Gracias igual por la buena onda.

    son iguales la bobinas de alta de la 125 y 175 — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

    son iguales la bobinas de alta de la 125 y 175 ???

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    • interesantee muchachos!! muchas gracias!!

    • Gastón Berrutti seguramente te entra por el respiradero de la caja, es una manguerita que sale atras del cilindro, abajo del carburador. fijate que este bien conectada y si podes alargarla y hacerle un rulo mejor!

    • voy a fijarme si es eso, gracias viejo

    Hi after my long ride yesterday on my way back home bike started to lose... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

    Hi after my long ride yesterday :-)) on my way back home bike started to lose power and seem to misfire any suggestions?

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    • Yea someone had asked me if my petrol was low,it was before I started my journey,but I filled her up before I started my ride? So again don't know what issue was but seems ok now :-))

    • beware pal, nothing happends perchance with mechanic ... if i get some trouble like this one u got, i always check to find out ... i still think you should at least verify the fuel pump electric connexion .. but, its up to you and i hope you will never get it again

    • Thanks Jipere probably will check things at weekend :-)

    Ok guys here are some pictures of the V Star 1100 Classic seats being offered... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Ok guys, here are some pictures of the V-Star 1100 Classic seats being offered right now from E.D. Seats.

    In case you have missed the introductory price, here it is.

    Rider seat w/ studs $269.

    Without studs $249.

    Passenger seat w/ studs $189. Without studs $169.

    Passenger Seat with built in rider backrest w/ studs $349. Without studs $329.

    There is a limited amount available at this price and equates to a 20% savings off retail.

    If you are not familiar with E.D. Seats, then please take some time to look at my Facebook page and read the reviews and check out the customer photos.

    I think you will find it very encouraging to know what people think of our products.

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/ED-Seats-USA/582077 191821795

    Thanks for taking the time to look,

    Mike Couch

    USA Sales E.D. Seats



    < p>mike@edseats.ca

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      Photos from Mike Couch's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Ok guys, here are some pictures of the V-Star 1100 Classic seats being offered right now from E.D. Seats.

      In case you have missed the introductory price, here it is.

      Rider seat w/ studs $269.

      Without studs $249.

      Passenger seat w/ studs $189. Without studs $169.

      Passenger Seat with built in rider backrest w/ studs $349. Without studs $329.

      There is a limited amount available at this price and equates to a 20% savings off retail.

      If you are not familiar with E.D. Seats, then please take some time to look at my Facebook page and read the reviews and check out the customer photos.

      I think you will find it very encouraging to know what people think of our products.

      https://www.facebook.com/pages/ED-Seats-USA/582077 191821795

      Thanks for taking the time to look,

      Mike Couch

      USA Sales E.D. Seats



      < p>mike@edseats.ca

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        My British take on the flat tracker I sold it a year and a half ago Do I... — Yamaha XS650

        My British take on the flat tracker, I sold it a year and a half ago. Do I regret it? Yes!

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        • Steen Christiansen I spent two years building it and another two riding it. Just wanted a change. You can get those seat on ebay uk. I ride an Ironhead Sportster now which also has a great engine.

        • Ok Pete.W you just wanted a change!! Well, i have bin driving bikes for38-39 years, and i had several difrent bikes starting with Triumph Tunderbird 650 1953!! And i always had Twins or V-Twins, and some of them big, but the bike i was most happy about was my XS650!! The first i had from new in -79, and the one i have now is my second and from -78. I have renovated the engine in this winter, and almost every thing in the engine is new. Now i´m wayting for the last parts so i can get finnish and be ready for springtime (THAT´S NOW!!!!) AND GET ON THE ROAD!!!! Good luck with your old "Ironhead" Sportster 1000c i stick to my XS650 YAMAHA FROM -78. stay cool and be happy Pete.

        • Mine was a 78 too! I re-built the top end with rebore new pistons, cam chain, tensioner, valves. Great engine to work on.

        V Metal bits seem to be high on the interest list Here is a parts list to... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

        V.Metal bits seem to be high on the interest list. Here is a parts list to make it easier to find things:

        5JN-W0751-00-00 Screen Alu BT

        5JN-W0766-00-00 V-Style Mirror Left

        5JN-W0766-10-00 V-Style Mirror Right

        5JN-W0785-00-00 28,5mm Handlebar Tapered Aluminium

        5JN-W0791-00-00 28,5mm Handlebar Ends V-Style Gold

        5JN-W0791-10-00 28,5mm Handlebar Ends V-Style Blue

        5JN-W0748-00-00 28,5mm Handlebar Clamp Set BT

        5JN-W0740-00-00 Frame Plug Set BT (6) Gold

        5JN-W0740-10-00 Frame Plug Set BT (6) Blue

        5JN-W0708-00-00 Front Fender Alu BT

        5JN-W0702-00-00 V-Metal Alu Seat Cover

        5JN-W0720-00-00 V-Metal Vinyl Seat Cover

        5JN-W0709-00-00 V-Metal Complete Seat

        5JN-W0753-00-00 V-Style Sprayguard

        5JN-W0706-00-00 V-Metal Rear Fender

        5JN-W0745-00-00 V-Style Muffler Cover

        5JN-W0714-00-00 V-Metal Sub Cowling

        5JN-W0707-00-00 Short Tail Kit BT

        5JN-W0707-10-00 V-Style Licence plate Holder

        5JN-W0707-11-00 Reflector mount for short tail

        5JN-W0707-20-00 Aluminium Side Covers

        5JN-W0707-30-00 V-Style Frame Covers Brushed Aluminium

        5JN-W0707-35-00 V-Style Frame Covers Black aluminium

        5JN-W0709-10-00 Head Stock Kit Alu BT

        5JN-W0736-00-00 Luggage Rack Satin Chrome

        5JN-W0736-10-00 Luggage Rack Black

        5JN-W0710-00-00 Flip Up Windshield Smoke

        5JN-W0710-10-00 Touring Windshield Smoke

        5JN-W0710-30-00 BT Sports screen

        5JN-W0741-00-00 Engine Guards Satin Chrome

        5JN-W0741-10-00 Engine Guards Black

        5JN-W0759-10-00 Topcase Carrier BT 30L

        30L-W0754-00-00 30 Litre Topcase, Unpainted

        YMD-9Z835-Y0-00 Topcase Hook & Screws

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        • In the files part of this forum you can find a 2006 folder with Yamaha accessories (posted by Robert Jadeborg himself ;-) ). It has most (?) of the V.Metal parts that were available at that time in it.

        • Ha! I don't usually look through other parts of the group page, so I missed it. Oh well, here it is again :-)

        — Yamaha V-Max

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        • say beatiful...is not enough ...i'm speechless....

        • fantastic !

        • Richtig schön !

        Mike Couch shared a post to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Here is the best way for you to get the the most comfort on your V-Star 1100 Classic.

        Buy an E.D. Seat. We specialize in replacement seats for the Star family of Motorcycles.

        We are offering these seats at 20% off retail in order to get

        V-Star riders familiar with our products.

        You can own one of our Rider Seat seats for: $249 plain cover. $269 with studs.

        Passenger Seats: $169 plain cover. $189 with studs.

        There are a limited amount of these seats available at this price.

        For further details please email me direct at: mike@edseats.ca

        Or call me at 419-654-6235.

        For customer reviews and pictures, please visit my Facebook page at:

        https://www.facebook.com/pages/ED-Seats-USA/582077 191821795

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          looking for a Van preferably a high top 1000 is all i have but dont want a... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

          looking for a Van, preferably a high top. £1000 is all i have, but dont want a wreck, i know, i can hear you all saying, what the fek does he expect to get for a Grand. lol. Let me know what you can help with, thanks.

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          • Kev 'Dad ' Marshall is selling his sprinter van, it's old but well sorted, it'll be at Snetterton, I'd drive it anywhere and it's about that money, bot a high top though

          • Sorry, not a high top

          • Thanks Steve, i am supposed to be picking one up on Thursday, but if that falls through will bare that in mind, thanks.

          Thanks to everyone putting up with my project with the recent addition of a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

          Thanks to everyone putting up with my project.. with the recent addition of a few items I never thought I could get for the bass, Schecter pickup, correct # neck plate, and a vintage pickguard, I am officially DONE... thanks to Bluesman Vintage for building this bass, thanks to my actual wife for letting me spend way too much money , and thanks to GOD for everything he does. Enjoy guys... if any of you ever want to come play it.. I live in Savannah GA... let's do it !!

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          • thats it!

          • thanks Kurt Schaefer.. now get down here and come play this beast !! :)..

          • having the bass built was a task I didnt think I could handle.. all the tedious aging and detail work was right up my alley though. The hardest part was getting the nerve to cut, scratch and epoxy a $200 vintage guard. Not to mention making the thumb wear mark beside the pickup !!

          Jadwal SIM Keliling Hari Kamis tgl 28 Pebruari 2013 — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

          Jadwal SIM Keliling Hari Kamis tgl 28 Pebruari 2013 :

          1.Wilayah Surabaya : Taman Bungkul & Pasar tambakrejo, pkl:10.00 s/d 16.00 wib

          2.Wilayah Sidoarjo : Halaman Sentra Tropodo Waru, pkl:08.30 s/d 13.30 wib

          3.Wilayah Gresik : Alun-alun Sidayu

          4.Wilayah Malang Kota : Pos Pol Bandung Jl.Bandung, pkl:08.00 s/d 12.00 wib

          5.Wilayah Batu : Pos 90 (Plaza Batu), pkl:16.00 s/d selesai

          6.Wilayah Pasuruan : Alun-alun Bangil, pkl:08.30 s/d selesai

          7.Wilayah Lumajang : Depan Pemkab Lumajang

          8.Wilayah Situbondo : Pasar Panarukan Situbondo, pkl:09.00 s/d selesai

          9.Wilayah Jombang : Kantor Kec.Ngoro, pkl:08.00 s/d 14.30 wib

          10.Wilayah Tuban : Supermarket Bravo Tuban, pkl:08.00 s/d 12.00 wib

          11.Wilayah Lamongan : Terminal Ngimbang

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          • pandaan = pasuruan

          • kediri blitar ..bane bise gembos palingo ixixixixix

          • :( untung blum pny sim,jd gk usah keliling :p

          I have about 15 of snow piled on the Yamaha in Missouri ready for summer — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

          I have about 15" of snow piled on the Yamaha in Missouri, ready for summer :(

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          • I've got the opposite problem over here in Mackay in Australia , it's hot and humid but it's pissing down with rain , blowing a gale and flooding everywhere :( I just want to get Jetaway in the water

          • Nothing but wet snow here today, but it's mild (relatively speaking) with the temperature hovering just above freezing, so it's tolerable. Better than the minus 18 Celsius that we've been having (that'

          • Was going to say... that's about -4 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends. 21 days to spring?? Woo hoo!!! that's the best news i've heard all day! (sorry for the typo's...my dog insists on licking my hands as i type!!) LOL!!!

          — Yamaha V-Max

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          • Painted and polished? Nice and tidy looking power lump! I have some flakey clearcoat on mine..

          • μμμμμμμμ

          Dave Kennett shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

          Anyone know if the Fuel tanks pushrized system ? Thinking of adding a aceribis .8 gallon tank for long rides. Simple system . It's siphon type tank. Drains first then the main tank. I Pick one up use for 25 bucks.

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          • I use a 1.5 gallon gas container strapped into my milk crate. Mostly though 100 miles at a time without stopping, on a C3 is about all I want...:)

          • And, like Jeff has noted a Camp Fuel bottle works quite nicely!

          • However I have a bro that used to tour on a 500cc Suzuki T-500 motorcycle out west from lower Al that had a saddlebag with a fuel can on each side "Teed" into his suzuki's fuel selector valve that worked quite nicely...

          Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

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          • I tried saying it fast...Came out sounding slightly obscene! :)

          • Kids, "Don't try this at home!" :)

          • Anyone know if the Fuel tanks pushurised system ? Thinking of adding a aceribis .8 gallon tank http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Acerbis-Front-Auxiliary-Fue l-Tanks-1-3-Gallon-White-/02/!BrIdSNwBGk~$(KGrHqQH-CgEvCCpCcRGBLybYmei0Q~~_35.JP G

          The best my scooter runs straight and level is 43mph or so The thinking with... — Yamaha C3

          The best my scooter runs straight and level is 43mph or so...The thinking with installing aftermarket variator kits is to get a scooter at speed going up and down hill, from point a to point z and keep it there, by keeping it away from the limiter, so it gains a lot of speed going off of hills, and retaining this speed going into the next straight & level stretch of road + into the next hill. If I can cut my travel time from point A to point Z in this fashion, it's $$$ and time well spent...I'm gaining on it! :)

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          • Stock variator and 4GR Dr P sliders got me doing 46 when I had that scooter and setup.

          Yesterday afternoon I reinstalled the stock drive belt on the Malossi variator... — Yamaha C3

          Yesterday afternoon, I reinstalled the stock drive belt on the Malossi variator in my older C3 Scooter & rode 30miles...Going down several half mile 7% grades on my favorite backroad, I was able to hit the limiter at 9,270rpms...Likely approaching 50mph. So, the stock belt backs engine speed off about 200rpms on top end. When it stops raining tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get the engine away from the limiter, by inserting one 1/32" Dr.Pulley shim at a time behind the variator, and test riding my scoot...I'll also have my gps installed.:) Gabe

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            Hi ya all I just bought myself a Garmin Zumo 660 nav system at the annual... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

            Hi ya all! I just bought myself a Garmin Zumo 660 nav system at the annual Utrecht Motorbeurs this weekend and I thought it couldn't be the world's most difficult thing to mount it on my bike myself.

            But... Somehow the legs of the U-ring (if that's what it's called) that comes with it seem a little short for my steering bar (or my steering bar is to thick for the U-ring ;-) ). Anyway, I was hoping there would be some of you out there who have experience with mounting the Zumo 660 on a (2006) Bulldog and who have overcome this same challenge.

            Thanx in advance! Hugo

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            • I've send a picture of my handlebar to waypoint in Moordrecht.

              When i came to pick uo mij ram mount knob they gave me another U bolt which fits perfectly

            • James, the xxST2 indeed can only rotate around the handle bar. That is exactly why I didn't choose the xxST2. With the xxST1, apart from rotating the mount, you can also adjust the angle of your nav. That way you can position it in the best way for yourself. Since the flat bits of the parts that go around the handle bar are slightly flattened (so if you'd join them together they wouldn't make a perfect circle) there's more than enough grip for the mount to stay in position... My Zumo is way from being heavy enough to make it slide the least bit. I guess I'm pretty enthousiastic about it, from my (short) experience with this mount. By the way, mine is black!

            • Nice!

            Where can I buy it — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

            Where can I buy it

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            • Treating privately V-1 kit I paid all metal 1000, oo € new , excluding tank....

            • I saw a v.metal dressed bike for sale for about £3.5K. The guy was prepared to sell the v.metal bits for about £2K. Can't find it now, but it was just a couple of weeks ago.

            Have got a video of Jess s awesome wheelie on the ypm today if anyone knows... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            Have got a video of Jess's awesome wheelie on the ypm today..if anyone knows jess can you let her know x

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            • I couldn't believe the difference the new part made - well worth the investment next time you have the clutch cover off for some new friction plates or steels or whatever. The F3 race kit springs are worthwhile too: 90501-23700 - you'll be needing four........

            • Closer video up on the YPM Facebook group now Jess. Also, who was the near side front row 2 stroke rider who took off like a scalded cat! :)

            • That was Howard Priestley Marcus

            E ae galera tudo bem alguém sabe como retirar a bateria preciso ver como que... — Yamaha Virago 535

            E ae galera, tudo bem? alguém sabe como retirar a bateria?? preciso ver como que tá o nível da solução.

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            • Tira o banco, solta a capinha da bateria, se a tua ainda tiver, solta os fios, solta o tubo de respiro e puxa. Puxa vida, não sai.

            • Bateria selada 12v 12a... e adeus manutenção com água destialda!

            • Essa caixa da bateria dela é imoral, deveria sair pela lateral como a Shadow 600...

            Adrian Byrne shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&it em=111015692341

            Anyone know anything about this TZR? Good provenance??

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            • Tony,Gav that's brill! Well, I have bitten the bullet and made Shane an offer so good to recirculate it amongst the YPM family!

            • Good luck with it Adrian. Any info I can help you with on the bike just ask

            • Thanks Tony!

            Q. Do you need to use the top motor mounts when building a bobber or chopper — Yamaha XS650

            Q: Do you need to use the top motor-mounts when building a bobber or chopper???

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            • that and road vibration. hold your arm straight out in front of you and walk down the hallway... now imagine its made out of aluminum that gets brittle with fatigue and do it for 10 years....

            • don't walk...hop...both pistons rise & fall at the same time.

            • Not on mine they don't

            I rode my new Old C3 Scooter 30 miles yesterday morning in bright sunshine... — Yamaha C3

            I rode my new (Old) C3 Scooter 30 miles yesterday morning in bright sunshine + 65deg weather, putting more break-in miles on the new Malossi Overange variator. It just touches the limiter going down bigger hills vs stuttering when it kicks in like my older scooter...Likely caused by the stock 120/90-10 rubber it has on it...My older scoot has the taller 130 tires. It's raining this am...Looks like it will last for several days. It'll be a good time to reinstall a stock drive belt on the older scoot, & see if I can get a ride in between the showers + see what happens! :)

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            • If this doesn't work, I'll try putting 1/32" shims behind the variator one at a time until it comes off of big hills + stays away from that limitrt. I really don't want to put anymore weight in the variator, will go to a set of 6.5gr weights as a last resort...

            Ok guys this is the last of the TZR parts that I have in the garage so shout if... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            Ok guys, this is the last of the TZR parts that I have in the garage, so shout if you want anything. I’ll be at Brands in April on Saturday evening and Sunday with everything in the van, along with the parts that various peeps have already bought. Here’s what I’ve got:

            4” rear wheel - not YPM legal, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers: £150.00

            4” rear wheel - not YPM legal, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers, decent Dunlop 209GP: £150.00

            Clutch perch and lever - R1 spec, Pazzo lever in black and red: £50.00

            Complete clutch - basket, pressure plate, boss, steels, friction plates: £50.00

            Huxley TZ end cans - for Jollies, pair: £50.00

            Michelin Power One - 110/70/17, almost brand new: £50.00

            Barrels - pair, circa-58.8mm, for re-sleeve or big bore project: £25.00

            Gearbox – at least three complete gearboxes, both shafts and selector forks/drums etc: £25.00

            Rear brake line - braded, blue: £20.00

            Reed blocks x 4: £20.00

            Crankcases – empty: £15.00

            Swinging arm - eye/eye spec, tatty black paint: £15.00

            I also have the following parts that can be combined in a bit of a deal if you want anything – let me know and we’ll talk £££’s or beers:

            Throttle and cables – standard, Throttle and switchgear – standard, Various seals and clips - for engine, wheels and swinging arm, Water pump seal – new, Clutch boss x 4, Clutch case internal parts - gears, filter, oil pipes, washers, screws, actuator, water pump impellor etc, Clutch pressure plate x 2, Crankcase and other engine bolts/studs, EBC front pads x 5 – used but ok, Front wheel bearings x 2 – new, Hangers x 3 – standard, Head - some detonation damage, needs machining and skimming, Master cylinder – front, Pegs and brake levers and gear levers – standard, PV cable housing, PV end cap, PV motor, PV motor/bracket/cables, Reed block spacers x 3, Seals - for wheel bearings, crank/gearbox etc, Stator x 2, Water pump cover - vapour blasted and painted black, as new, Choke/fairing bracket, Clutch cable, Clutch lock washer x 2 – new, Clutch spacers, nuts, washers etc, Clutch springs x 17 – standard, used, Clutch thrust gear dive x 4, Clutch thrust washer – new, Exhaust gaskets x 2 – new, Fuel cap x 2, Fuel lines & breather tube, Gear selector rod x 2, Kick start gear x 2, Kick start lever x 2, Oil pump, PV cables, PV pulley cover, Radiator x 3, Radiator cap, Rear calliper, Seat pad, Small end bearing – new, speedo drive x 2, Sprocket carrier bearing – new, Thermostat housing x 2, Throttle grip – grey Renthal, Throttle tube, Top yoke, Water pump cover.

            %d comments


              SEKILAS INFO :

              mhn maaf sebelumnya bila ada tutur kata saya yang krg berkenan tp ini demi kebaikan kita semua, dimohon agar kiranya smua member club motor sblm masuk menjadi member diharapkan melalui proses DIKLAT etika dan moral, jd bs memahami btl2 brotherhood. bs memilah-memilih antara kepentingan pribadi dan tdk mengganggu kepentingan org. suatu contoh : bila mana ada tamu club yg masuk ke kota anda dimhn melihat sikon jd jgn memaksakan utk hrs ditemui, dan bila akan ditemui jgn tiba2 pergi tanpa pamit dan tanpa menunggu tuan rumah. skali lg maaf,,, ini seringkali terjadi di kota kami, mhn pengertian sesama BIKER'S,,,, trims

              %d comments
              • (Y)

              • mungkin perlu adanya kesepakatan bersama pada ketua club yg bernaung di YMJT untk menegaskan hal tsb

              • Contone koyok tamune MCPRO wingi iku yo........


              cada cuanto le cambian el aseite. cuants kmtrs — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

              cada cuanto le cambian el aseite? cuants kmtrs?

              %d comments
              • Yo aca vez que me subo a la moto LA COJO DE PARADO...Lo mismo hacia con mi Rx-z Son motos japonesas, ECHAS PARA SOPORTAR VIOLADAS....

              • Che de onda Javi Cavs Martinez esto es un intercambio de opiniones... No es para ser ironico , yo no te critique tu forma de cuidar a tu moto , te conte mis razones para cambiarlo cada 8mil...

              • Esta bien, no estoy siendo ironico.. vos tenes tu forma y yo la mia. chau

              Bro. Jeff Seaward s Yamaha C3 Scooter with a Disc Brake Mod — Yamaha C3

              Bro.Jeff Seaward's Yamaha C3 Scooter with a Disc Brake Mod...

              %d comments
              • Looks like your rear fender's long gone like mine...It fits perfectly on back.

              • Rear fender is attached to the engine... this engine has a small fender that you cannot see.

              • Mine was cut back like that too. Whenever I lost the K+N airfilter, & the Juicebox fuel controller, & went back with an all stock airbox, I noticed how raggedy what was left of it was + removed it.:)

              My original C3 Scooter is for sale It has just turned 13 000 miles I bought... — Yamaha C3

              My original C3 Scooter is for sale. It has just turned 13,000 miles...I bought it new on 5apr'08 at Ward's Yamaha- Troy,Al...Their Shop has performed the bulk of it's maintenance,for which, I have all of the records. It has just had the 12,000mi service performed (Valve Clearance checked.) Features:

              1) 130/90-10 Bridgestone tires installed front and rear...(No rear fender!) Which corrected the speedo so that it stays with my gps up to 40mph indicated.

              2) Front forks were rebuilt with all new parts and over filled a bit with 20wt fluid & 3) I recently installed a new Nitrogen/Oil rear shock absorber (The one on EBAY) Together, along with the 130 Bridgestone tires, it rides like a much larger vehicle than it is, over rough roads, manhole covers, & R/R tracks...

              4) Yamaha C3 Scooter Windshield...Mounts solidly to the mirror brackets.

              5) Yamaha C3 Rear Carrier...

              6) I recently installed a completey new stock intake system. (Airbox, crankcase vent hose,new air filter element...)

              7) Jiangwayne stainless steel exhaust with the lower header pipe which keeps the engine's exhaust from frying the side cover...

              8)Yamaha Blue side covers...(I'm installing the custom painted covers with the flags on my newer scooter.)

              9) I just completed the installation of a Malossi Multivar, Complete Performance Variator...(Both Primary & Secondary Sheaves...) The jury's still out on how this will work...I expect it to work quite well! The reason for selling it is, I just acquired a new C3 scooter with only 600mi on it, & I'm about to get an '80 model Kawasaki KZ 250 ltd, with only 3,500mi on it. Then, there's my Ural Motorcycle... I'm running out of clean, dry places to put them! Gabe

              %d comments
              • thats the link bruse for the thread . 101 pages of it. LOL. Don't get me wrong ural ok but it was the 35mpg that turn me off. I ve read some people of trasplanted more modern bwm engines into the frame .

              • I regularly use my Ural-T as a 31 mpg truck (If someone says he's getting 35, he should be President and have his nose grooowwww! :)

              • I can put a whole basket of groceries in the sidecar & boot at Walmart and have my bike not even know it, + draw a crowd of people watching me load up...:) My old pickup gets 17mpg on a good day!

              Rookie School countdown has officially begun — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              Rookie School countdown has officially begun....

              My work here is done. Instruction sheet out to the instructors with the allocated rookies, garages, timetable and groups.

              you will be hearing from your instructors over the next few days so ask everything you wanted to (apart from if they are any good!!).

              We are really looking forward to seeing all of the new racers at Race School and I am also looking forward to all the lovely club members coming down to be in the garages on Sunday just to help out if needed.

              The friendships and racing start here.

              What a great club!

              %d comments
              • Jeremy, thanks for your hospitality today. Looking forward to racing with Bemsee and YPM!

              • Yes, thank you to all, very professional, and to think I was worried about the test!

              • You boys are more than welcome. Cant wait to see you on that grid at Snett :-)

              Does anyone know if any of the Blue Spot calipers are not suitable for the TZR... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              Does anyone know if any of the Blue Spot calipers are not suitable for the TZR - I'm still working on mine so defo not going to be at Brands on Sunday but I'll get out as soon as I can!!!! Cheers

              %d comments
              • Cheers Andy, just need to find some pipes..!!!! Need to sort that wheel you have for me too...

              • It's in the garage with your name on it. I'll be at Brands in April if you can wait 'til then.......

              • Cool, good plan Sir - my Mum is 15 mins from Brands so I'll go and see her and aim to come along to the track. Wicked!!

              Jeremy Hill shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

              Next Sunday at Brands - 24th February

              We've configured the Bemsee Schoolday to allow for General Members testing during the day:

              There will be 4 x 20 min sessions at the following times, 10am - 11.20 - 1.30 - 3.50

              General testing - all bikes, open pitlane at these times.

              Just £65, price includes a garage space (please go to garages 21-31, first come). Dyno available on site and Technical Team on hand to help with compliance checks.

              Entry forms here: http://bemsee.net/info-centre/doc_download/991-gen eral-pre-season-testing-brands-24th-feb

              Nothing like starting the season sharing the day with the new rookies to show them how amazing racing brings your riding along in a general testing session! :-)

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                Has anyone tried active pickups on their attitude — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Has anyone tried active pickups on their attitude?

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                • Active electronics and pickups aren't that bad. My Warwick Thumbs has just as much snarl and growl, if not more, than my Attitude. Not to mention more mids - they don't always have exaggerated lows and highs, that's just how you set the eq.

                  That said, part of the magic of the Attitude is its back to basics naked passive circuitry and tone. As handy as on the fly eq changes might be, if you're using it in 'stereo' mode pseudo bi-amp setup, I don't think having on board electronics will help matters. Although being able to roll the low end off the P pickup would be handy!

                • I think the Attitude is what it is because of the set of pickups it has and the 2 amp configuration.

                  I don't think active pickups would work with two amps, I don't see what you would gain. I happen to be changing pickups in my slap bass and I'll put a jazz and a musicman both active, but no dual output. just don't see the point.

                • The guitar player were talking about how great they are, but i was not sure. Now i know better. Maybe i will try on my standard or another bass. Thanks

                Well I ve nearly finalised the Rookies to instructors to garages list for next... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                Well I've nearly finalised the Rookies to instructors to garages list for next weekends Race School........watch this space we are nearly there folks! :-)

                I'm just as excited as you are!

                If you want to assist the instructors in the garages next sunday (I know a few of you have already contacted me) then please email me at:

                jeremy@jhill-racing.com and I'll put your name down. We always need assistance in the garages with rookie bikes and info runs for the Instructors to race office etc so if you want to help out please let me know and it will be most welcome.

                %d comments

                  antes de cmprar un rgv250 cmprarian un nsr 150 — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                  antes de cmprar un rgv250 cmprarian un nsr 150¿

                  %d comments
                  • por eo digo nsr 150

                  • Son 2 motos distintas. un rgv250 tenes otra posición de manejo mucho mas pista que el vrr por lo cual ya no vas a doblar como con un vrr que si te tiras un poquito dobla por ser una moto liviana, vas a tener q empezar a jugar con contramanillar frenos pedalines posición del cuerpo etc y es cuestión de pasar tanques y tanques practicando para no cagarte un palo haciéndose el valentino.

                    El nsr150 es la opción "mas picante que el vrr" (es hermosa aparte) esta echa para iniciarse para desp poder domar motos mas grandes..


                    *gastos mensuales en combustible y posibles reparaciones

                    *uso que le vas a dar.

                    Fijate cada pro y cada contra de cada moto..

                    Yo iría por el nsr.

                    Mas barata en todo sentido, mantenimiento repuestos (cubiertas mecanica) consumo, precio de compra

                    Es mas Moto que el Vr-R subís varios escalones (** también roba mas miradas, a quien no le gusta que le elogien la moto no?)

                    Potencia/peso/posición de manejo justo para aprender a manejar y no terminar en forma de puré con huesos. (aunque tranquilamente podes ir a 60 o a 170 km/h y hacerte verga igual) Ojo el vrr también se presta y mucho para aprender.

                    La ninja 250 es otra opcion.

                  • o el RGT2 150

                  I hate my Akku from my Bullgog and so i build my own one — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog


                  I hate my Akku from my Bullgog and so i build my own one ;-)

                  with 6,9AH (full Power from SOC State of Charge 20% ) so i have 5,5AH with full Power to start up. 1 Cell can discharge with 70A so i got 210A for Start upand peak discharge 120 A so you have 360 A peak (max. 10 Sek.)

                  http://www.eflug-technik.de/downloads/a123-systems -anr26650-data-sheet.pdf

                  %d comments
                  • was quality with 6 point welding :-)

                  • Tom, I have started wondering: Did I understand correctly that you have replaced the original Bulldog battery with this one? You did not connect the two together, or did you? (call me stupid, but I'm not too good with electrics)

                  • yes i replace the original Battery with this one and start up is soooo great with this one......(you can have Light´s on and is no Problem)

                    But you need a charger for Model (so for a LiFePo Batterie) and the smal Wire what you can see with the conector is for Balancing the Batterie Cell´s ;-)

                    Tom Lisa Charger is only 4 Balancing and when the Battery is emty .......charging from Bulldog alternator works :-)