I though this was a cool shot of the Yammi around sunset — YAMAHA JETBOATERS


I though this was a cool shot of the Yammi around sunset.

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  • Love the tinted windows!

  • Thanks! Will, I got the boat from cycle springs and I assume they tinted the windows because I bought it like that. Although I would have had them tinted anyway.

  • The tinted windows rock!

Glad to find this group. My wife and I have a vacation house on Lake Havasu AZ — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Glad to find this group. My wife and I have a vacation house on Lake Havasu, AZ. We purchased a Yamaha LS 2000 in 1999. This has been a great boat but we wanted to upgrade. We have purchased a 2013 242 Limited S. Today will be it's birthday. It is scheduled for completion at the factory today. We are excited and we post some photos in April when we take it for it's first ride on Lake Havasu.

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  • Congrats on the new boat. Let us know when the water warms up out there!!!

  • enjoy your new boat and post some pictures when you get it.

  • Cool deal!

Hello I m very interested Yamaha Attitude 10 th anniversary — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hello, I'm very interested Yamaha Attitude 10 th anniversary

If anybody has one of these basses, or knows anybody who has one, I'm very interested in buying it,

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  • Good! I agree

  • I've got the details from the bank, I'll sent you a PM when in front of computer, its massive the number ;)

  • I am not willing to continue any further with this deal, I called the number you gave me to get someone extremely dodgy and not willing to disclose any information about herself or her so called company. I said that I was concerned about a deal I was trying to with a Russian gentlemen and had taken advice from bank and Police and she hung up the phone on me.

    You might be genuine but Im not opening myself up to being robbed.

El escape del vrr la la parte inferior de la vejiga lleva un tornillito... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

El escape del vrr,, la la parte inferior de la vejiga lleva un tornillito,,, obviamente que cuando se lo sacas pierde por ahi... Para que es ? que hace ? tenia ganas de sacarlo...y hacerle una conexion que VALLA AL FILTRO DE AIRE...OPINIONES ??????

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  • Si amigo...aca en este grupo hay un chabon que el padre tien eun taller de motor y me DISCUTIA que la BP8ES ES CALIENTE y la que VENDE EL que es la B8ES...o sea sin la P( la letra p significa electrodo proyectado )el me decia que la B8ES ES FRIA...y la que yo le pido BP8ES es caliente...Es un señor grande viste? no me quise poner a discutir con Una pared...SOLO QUE ME REVIENTA LA SOBERBIA de Algunos...Que Creer que por estar mas años metidos en algo...SABEN MAS

  • Taller de motos puse....CASA DE REPUERTOS ERA..

  • sisi aca igual, yo agarre y compre esa porqe no me qedo de otra, te pone nervioso eso vite

Jipere Renoir this is the only i have so far I just got him delivered before i... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Jipere Renoir, this is the only i have so far. I just got him delivered before i left for work. The mirrors are pointing forward because I just took him out of the transport box. And as you see,my first trip i still a few weeks away.....

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  • Looking forward how he will react!

  • Sorted it out with the seller. Got som money back but not as much as i had hoped for. So now i am the lucky owner of a 2003 bulldog named Balder. :-)

    Thanks for the help.

  • Welcome Balder!!! happy to meet you, dont listen what people says: 2003 is a VERY good birthing year, wish you and Ken a bunch of fun ;)

Tenho um problemão para resolver da minha moto sobre bateria eu não posso deixa... — Yamaha Virago 535

Tenho um problemão para resolver da minha moto sobre bateria, eu não posso deixa ela desligada uma semana que a bateria descarrega, alguém poderia me ajudar para não deixar isso acontecer.

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  • eu creio que tenha baixado agua! completa e carrega que funfa... agora se ja tiver mais de 18 meses sugiro troca pela selada mesmo

  • segundo me disse um amigo mecanico, a virago não carrega a bateria se não estiver rodando... tipo... deixar ela só ligada na garagem não dará carga, tem que rodar pela rua!

  • Muito bom esse tuto:)

Rectifique el cilindro cambie piston y aros — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Rectifique el cilindro cambie piston y aros.

Cuantos km tengo que hacerle tranqui para asentarla bien?

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  • capaaa q la ando a 60km/h jajajaja. yo trataba de no pasarla de las 6500rpm (justo cuando empieza la furia) . le hice Mil km. quedo joya nunca nada. de lo posible mandale Motul 800 al 4% y una vez acentada al 2.5 o 3 % si no te animas al 2.5 No te asustes por los porcentajes es un aceitazo nada q ver al yamalube castrol (el de botella roja) o esos aceites de 50 pesos... y si te da el bolsillo usa R40. pero con el Motul 800 sobra para cagarla a palo y q no pase nada R40 Si sos medio fanatico. MEZCLA AL TANQUE EL AUTOLUBE DEL VR-R LE GUSTA FALLAR Y HACERTE COMER EL GARRON DE TENER QUE HACERLE EL MOTOR. anulalo y tapa las entradas de la bombita para que no te chupe aire.

  • si que se yo...6.500 vueltas...no esta mal que se yo...yo no tengo el tacometro,como muchos...tengo el velocimetro y trato de no pasarla de 60km/h y de evitar los acelerones bruscos

  • Yo los 200 km voy los hice entre 80 y 90 5 mil vueltas mas se eso no. Igual en 6ta a esa velocidad va paseando


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  • Been there, done that! At a search on google I found that this had happened to others as well.

  • Moral: 650-owners, check your rear wheels spokes!

  • and front!

Rookie Instructor Allocations for Snetterton this Friday — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Rookie/Instructor Allocations for Snetterton this Friday:

Your instructors will be in touch folks. Welcome to the Rider Developemnt Program.

Thanks to all the instructors giving up their time, bikes, petrol and fantastic racing experience to instruct on Thursday for the Club and the Rider development Program. you're fab!

See you all there Thursday night!


Rookie / Class / Instructor

Aaron Coady / Rookie 600 / Mark Trowell

Alan Wood / Club1000 / Barry Chapman

Ash Frances / Rookie 600 / Chris Mitchell

Claire Beckett / Minitwin / Gabby Burne

Colin Clune / Rooke 1000 / Adam Nelson

Dan Nemati / Rookie 600 / Mark Trowell

Danielle Cooper / 400 / Chris Camps

Howard Priestley / YPM / Jeremy

James Putrell / Rookie 600 / Dave Shelvey

Jocelyn Bond / Club1000 / Adam Nelson

Jose Touceda / Minitwin / Gabby Burne

Karl Bray / Rooke 1000 / Jeremy

Loris Hunt / NJC / Jeremy

Mark Piper / NJC / Keith Roissetter

Matt Barber / YPM / Nick Griggs

Olly Savage / Club 600 / Sam Coventry

Paul Davis / 400 / Chris Camps

Paul Fullick / Rookie 600 / Dave Shelvey

Paul Wilson / Rookie 600 / Chris Mitchell

Peter Moore / YPM / Nick Griggs

Reece Guyette / NJC / Keith Roissetter

Richard Payne / Club 1000 / Barry Chapman

Rob Williams / Minitwin / Tony Russo

Scott Hilliard / Rooke 1000 / Giles Olley

Shane herbert / Rookie 600 / Sam Coventry

Stuart Young / Rooke 1000 / Jeremy

Tara Pill / Rookie 600 / Giles Olley

Tom Williams / Thunderbike / Rick Windas

The instruction window is closed now but if you need an instructor for Brands all you need to do is indicate it on your practice form or Race Entry form or drop me or Tracey a note. Simples Eeeek! :-)

Please dont leave it to the last minute as it takes a bit to organise and you miss out on some great instruction! (Remember the rule of preparation..."Fail to prepare and prepare to fail") ;-)

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    Please see My PP ввм™

    Kami dari Motorexpertz.com brmaksud utk mengundang Bro n Sis dari Club/Komunitas Motor dan Mobil utk hadir pada acara Launching: Media Online "Motorexpertz.com" di PARJO 2, 6-7 April 2013, Parkir Timur Senayan..

    Banyak acara serunya Lho, Spt; "Contezz Modifikasi Yamaha.. Lomba foto model bersama JP Helmet.. "Safety riding" games bareng TVS Motor, Harlem Shake Shooting, Rally games dan masih banyak lg.. (Semua ada hadiahnya) assiikk kan??


    Free HTM buat komunitas/Club pembaca Motorexpertz.com , syaratnya mudah: cukup "LIKE" Fanpage Fb Motorexpertz

    *Bagi Komunitas/Club yg ingin buka Stand/Lapak kami dari Motorexpertz akan memberikan Subsidi ringan di PARJO2 dan dpt fasilitas harga khusus..

    Ayo Jangan lewati acara seru MotorExpertz di Parjo2 (Pasar Jongkok Otomotif), ajangnya kumpul2 bikers..

    PARJO 2, 6-7 April, Parkir Timur Senayan


    Info Lanjut bisa add PIN 24B2AFEE (Motorexpertz)

    Atw Call: 081230166661 (Umar/Bacenk)

    *Bantu di Share yaa Bro n Sis...

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      • Is that a 232 seat

      • Yes it is. The yamaha is a 2008 212ss and when I bought it, the seat was torn so I bought this seat on ebay for $150. Very observent!

      • A much better seat than the stock one for that year.

      So has anybody heard of people using car fuel pumps instead of the yamaha C3... — Yamaha C3

      So has anybody heard of people using car fuel pumps instead of the yamaha C3 fuel pump

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      • You ve reach the edge of what I can do online. SOmeone else might be able to help. To bad there was not one of those places you become a member at and you can use there tools and get the mechanic knowledge at the same time.

      • Oh well thanks anyway Dave....i have a garage and mooore than enough tools to go around this whole group lol...im just tryn to make the project as easy and as budget as i can get

      • At www.c3riders.freeforums.org we have a member in France that installed one on his Giggle and is happy with the results...

      Unchained Gang M M Mission Statement — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Unchained Gang M/M Mission Statement

      Our Mission purpose, is to take the Light of Gospel.. into the Darkness of this world.

      To be Bold witness, in sharing the reality of the WORD OF GOD, through our testimonies, and through the Miracles that the Holy Spirit has done in our lives!

      Matthew 22:9 " Go into the highways, and as many as you can find, compel then to come in!"

      ... taking JESUS into the streets, and to those who are jailed, prisons and to wherever the lord may lead,... to "SET and CAPTIVE FREE" by the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

      John 8:36 says: Whom the SON has SET FREE, is FREE INDEED!"

      It is Doing things, they say, "can't be done," And Doing it with People you Love!

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        Was out just doing some normal runing around yesterday evening ran into a guy... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        Was out just doing some normal runing around yesterday evening , ran into a guy said I got a v star i'm thinking of selling !: DARN I hate it when People just out of the Blue start Talking to Me then say they have something For Sale !! WELL YUPP !! I BOUGHT IT !! 2008 Midnight Custom 3,010.miles looks brand new was in his heated garage on a bike stand the tires wasn't even touching the floor..as i was pulling out of his drive today with the bike in the trailer his wife comes out yelling ,My son yells Stop Hell ! I thought I ran over there Dog or something ! she Gives my son a full set Mens and womens Chaps and Vest An jackets said they aren't needing them so I might as well take them !! {{ Now I"M STARTING TO LIKE IT WHEN STRANG PEOPLE COME UP AND TALKE TO ME RANDOMLY LOL>>>} I'll post a pic. here later..

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          Yesterday evening I was cruising at about 40 MPH in 5th gear when I suddenly... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          Yesterday evening, I was cruising at about 40 MPH in 5th gear when I suddenly had to open up the throttle to keep up my speed. The motor stalled on me when I applied the clutch to disengage the transmission but I got her running again when I popped the clutch back out. I had to manually control the idle at a red light because the motor did not want to stay on. About 5 miles later, the motor stalled and did not want to restart. I have noticed at times that the idle goes erratic all by itself without me giving it throttle and last night was one of those times immediately after stalling. Any ideas on what could be causing this and what I can do to resolve this problem? By the way, she's an 04 650 with 3800 miles.

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            1976 Honda CJ360T which proved to be a waaayyy better touring bike than I... — Yamaha C3

            1976 Honda CJ360T which proved to be a waaayyy better touring bike than I thought!

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            • just watch out for cam chains going on them. IF I remembe they were an issues back in the day.

            • I put 41,000 mi on my CJ360T in just over two years with no issues other than the exhaust studs on the right cylinder would break every 5,000mi or so...I finally put a stop to that by replacing all 4 studs with Titanium studs I had a machinest make for me...Expensive, but it worked! :)

            • At about 22,000 miles a buddy sold me a medium sized fairing that really made the bike smooth & comfortable...I put highway pegs on it to stretch out my legs and saw upwards of 70mpg, at 65-70mph...

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • VERY slick!

            • It's bolted on good right? That thing would cause major damage if it came undone

            Forgive my ignorance if this has been covered earlier but how can the pedal be... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Forgive my ignorance if this has been covered earlier but how can the pedal be used for bi-amping? That is, clean signal to a low range amp and distorted signal to a high range amp? I assume you just take the send from the respective effects loops and input into the two amps without using the returns?

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            • Many thanks Billy. All clear now.

            • Or if your not using an Attitude bass this article in combination with the new pedal & the Y chord mentioned. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=26181485812 82&set=o.294500090592&type=3&theater

            • I guess you could use the two loops as sends to two amps, one eq'd for high end and distorted, and one eq'd for clean low end for pseudo bi-amping. However, it appears that the pedal's two volume controls are post loop, so you'd have to balance the mix on the amplifiers.

              That's the beauty of this pedal. I can't wait to see how other people start to get creative with those loops.

            Mike Fev posted in YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — with Billy Sheehan. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Rockin out with the new pedal, upon my initial tests, I find the pedal to be flawless, it works exactly as I had hoped by itself and is also infinitely alterable as well! This is the single best pedal I have ever purchased and that's wild because I'm usually a "no pedals" guy these days, but I couldn't pass this one up and I'm so glad I didn't!

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            • Next week after I run through the whole gamut of tones and stuff!

            • Cool! I haven't seen a video yet that gives a good representation of the distorted tone.

            • Rockstar :-)

            — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


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            • Nice Billy! I like your can do attitude :)

            • TRS is a stereo jack - 2 black lines splitting the jack into 3 sections: Tip, Ring and Sleeve.

              TS is a mono jack with one black line, splitting it into Tip and Sleeve.

              Thus, the ring section on the TRS jack is send, and the tip section is return, each of which is wired to a separate TS jack, one for input to other pedal (send) and one for their subsequent output (return).

              Hope this helps.

            • Thanks Greg Edwards

            2nd Annual Ride for Dallas Kids — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            2nd Annual Ride for Dallas' Kids


            Tell a friend New! Share

            Saturday, August 17, 2013

            9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

            Catholic Veteran Home Association

            721 Furnace Street, Emmaus, PA (edit map) no

            details, yet

            Dallas was a dear friend and Navy Vet, who passed due to a motorcycle crash. He has two young children we wish to help. All the money that is raised wil be added to a trust fund to further their education as they grow. Anyone that was with us last year knows that the ride could of been better. This year it will be. We have been preparing with more detail. The route will be better. There will be food, live entertainment, prizes, lots of bikes and good people. Please come join us and help to give our fallen brothers children a better future. Registration from 9a.m. to 11a.m. at the Catholic War Vets on Furnace St. in Emmaus. Ride will end at the VFW in emmaus (across from Buss Paints). Breakfast is available for purchase at the CWV. 20$ for rider registration,5$ for passenger. Shirts and patches are available for purchase during registration and after party. Thank you and hope to see you there.

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              Andre Hofmann shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

              John Furbur this is truly above and beyond. Now's the time to do a little upgrading for a cause.

              OK, here's a thought: ANYTHING (used/new parts &/or service) purchased at www.RMSportMax.com until the end of March will be eligible for a 10% discount, & ANOTHER 10% will go to a R Scott Burnheimer V-Max Recovery Fund. (This WILL need to be requested, & paid for with US Postal M/Os or 'Personal' PayPal payments PLEASE-so no extra fees...) GET WELL,...& SOON, my MAX bud...!!!

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              • thank you so much. brings tears to my eyes the help from people i will probably never meet. thanks again andre. fb will not allow me to message you personally.

              • Don't sweat it, just get better.

              • andre, please send me a friend request.

              I have an 09 vstar classic 650 Put on Vance Hines short shots installed... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              I have an 09 vstar classic 650. Put on Vance & Hines short shots, installed recommended jets and a K&N filter. I did remove the baffles though. The bike is now backfiring when decelerating and is burning fuel. Anyone have any suggestions?? Tried adjusting the fuel and idle but still having the backfiring as well as seeing the flame come out the pipe but only the short one. I'm lost and frustrated and just want to ride but need to make it run right. Would putting the baffle back in give it the back pressure it needs to be right or something else? Any help would be appreciated.

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                A maxer friend is down and needs our help any body with me — Yamaha V-Max

                A maxer friend is down and needs our help, any body with me?

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                • OK, here's a thought: ANYTHING (used/new parts &/or service) purchased at www.RMSportMax.com until the end of March will be eligible for a 10% discount, & ANOTHER 10% will go to a R Scott Burnheimer V-Max Recovery Fund. (This WILL need to be requested, & paid for with US Postal M/Os or 'Personal' PayPal payments PLEASE-so no extra fees...) GET WELL,...& SOON, my MAX bud...!!!

                • Any products already on sale are eligible; (the discount would be split,& 10% given to R Scott Burnheimer V-Max)

                • John, pm me

                Ok now I ve tested Billys Signature Drive at rehersal and it did NOT let me... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                Ok, now I've tested Billys Signature Drive at rehersal and it did NOT let me down. It actually came out much better than I thought it would. I just put everything at 12 o'clock and tried it. I run the effects on the P-pickup only and then merge the sound with the Model One sound via the Morley mixer before I run it out through the Sansamp and into the Mesa 400+ head.

                It was fantastic - it made my sound come through in a totally new way and the other guys loved it too. We ran through 4 songs and normally I just use distortion on one of them but we all thought it was good to have this mild and a bit grindy setting on all of them. The sound is even and full of harmonics and works all over the neck.

                It really really really works in a band situation and makes the bass sound stand out without being too loud.

                Love it! Well done Billy Sheehan and thank you! :)

                (Apologies to those who had liked this post. I messed up the facebook app and had to repost this)

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                • Yeah, I know. Was just joshing you. I do find personally that having a separate compressor with different setting for each signal path is quite beneficial. Almost like a dual band compressor. Might be worth experimenting now you have the new pedal with built in compression.

                • There's so much experementing that needs to be done and so little time... :-D

                • I know the feeling. Work gets in the way! ;)

                — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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                • It does Jon! I used to have a tube screamer in place of the Billy drive and that was good but this is super!

                  (Sorry for editing - I had to fix my english)

                • And you get a better sound using the compression at the end of the chain. I've always had the compressor as the first thing, I don't know why, I'll have to try it at the end.

                • Yeah I like it at the end to even things out a bit, take care of spikes, smoothing out differences in volume between different pedal combinations etc. I think that if you put it at the very beginning of the signal chain you kind of lose a lot of opportunities when it comes to for example manipulating the distorsion by playing hard or gentle. But keeping it first in the chain may be good for other reasons i guess - all depending on what you want to accomplish.

                ROOKIE ALERT. Snett is nearly here — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                ROOKIE ALERT.......Snett is nearly here!

                Ok you wonderful rookies of 2013 the clock is ticking and this time next week you will be looking forward to driving to the circuit the next day ready to setup for your race weekend!

                Remember if you need a paddock buddy just let me know. You are never alone in the Bemsee paddock and a few of you have already been contacted by your experienced buddies to help you through the weekend.

                Also if you would like an instructor for the Friday sessions just drop me a line too and I will be drawing up the list of instructors to pupils this weekend. Closing date is Friday! The instructors get booked up really fast so its first come first served.

                All of us at Bemsee from Riders, officials, Marshals and medics are all ready to welcome you and ensure you have the most amazing weekend in this great club and amazing sport. Dreams will be achieved this weekend and we will share them with you.

                Good luck and remember to ask for any help you need and we will are only too happy to help.


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                  What would a Good deal be on buying a 2000 worrier all stock Guys said it... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                  What would a Good deal be on buying a 2000 worrier all stock. Guys said it needs a clip on the spring cause it back fires ?

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                  • The one with the timing chain issue I'm trying to trade my HK416 .22lr for it. Lol that way no $ out of pocket just to fix it

                  • I bought mine for $80 bucks and it just needed carb cleaning Js.

                  • lmao ^ gd deal

                  John Kontos shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

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                  • I've suggested some ways to explore via a mono bass on this vid's'comments...people got to understand the fabulous panels of differents tones we can get with that (deep) purple magix box...infinite,innovative,evolutive, versatile... with a global vision at 360 degrees about bass tones...imagine an enveloppe filter+bass micro synth on the drive loop...killa one that's the way I'm gonna to use it...

                  • How cool! So glad to see people experimenting & tweaking with it. That's the whole idea--tweakability!

                  • I saw this video and didn't get anything from it. With respect to reviewer he doesn't really play anything. I can't wait to see some of you guys doing video's. I use a compressor and sparkle overdrive which does similar, being a light overdrive with a clean blend, but its a guitar pedal. I'm hoping this will sound more like a bi-amped bass rig.

                  How hard is it to change rings an valve seats on a warrior Im sure it cant be... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                  How hard is it to change rings an valve seats on a warrior? Im sure it cant be that hard.

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                  • Hell yea.. I think mine is a 97? I posted a pic.

                  • Its not hard at all, they are verry easy to rebuild

                  • Im just doin rings an valve seats. Shouldnt be hard

                  Maintenance preference question My 2004 v star 650 Classic has only 177miles... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                  Maintenance/preference question: My 2004 v-star 650 Classic has only 177miles on her and has had difficulty starting - I have had no issues starting it after removing and cleaning original plugs, now for the price of plugs im going to replace them. What are people using - and are you using a "hotter" plug?

                  %d comments
                  • I'll be happy to fix your heads if you make the wrong decision.... and promise not to put "I told you so" on the receipt...........

                  • I deleted some of my post cause I'm not here to be in a pissing contest. Everybody has their own opinion and if I can help someone with mine good. Take all the advice and use it the best you can.

                  • Sure did Tommie, hey I kinda like it - sit back and enjoy the scenery. It's interesting how we have all had or heard different experiences.

                    It really does boil down to what works for our own bikes I suppose.

                    Todd Hartman

                    (Sent from my iPhone)

                  john furbur from rmsportmax beat me for 200 — Yamaha V-Max

                  john furbur from rmsportmax beat me for $200.

                  %d comments
                  • YOU didn't get to "put one over" on US, Joe...(nice try though...) If you really think that wheel off your bike WAS straight, LIKE YOU SWORE IT WAS, then come over & pick it up...It's worth at least $200. with a tire...IF THEY'RE BOTH GOOD...!!!...You WON'T, BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT'S JUNK ,...just like the motor!!!...Didn't even get warm, before it LOCKED UP...Already had a bad bearing in it...!!!

                  • I CALLED YOU JUST AS SOON AS WE KNEW THINGS WERE BAD (the day after I got home with the bike...YOU couldn't even CALL BACK...E-mailed me instead...A WEEK LATER...!!!...) Did it take that long for you to get up the NERVE to ask me for more money for JUNK, or what...??? I took the bike on 2 conditions; That the motor was GOOD, & that the front wheel was straight. BOTH WERE BAD. END OF STORY.

                  • YOU got GOOD money & a GOOD Corbin seat, Joe; I got JUNK & BS. ANYTIME you REALLY think YOU got a bad deal, bring my money & seat, pick up your JUNK, & I will EAT MY time & trouble...(picking it up, & the time, labor, fresh oil & fuel it took to verify the motor was indeed JUNK...) Put up...OR SHUT UP.

                  Innalillahi Wainailaihi Rojiun — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                  Innalillahi Wainailaihi Rojiun


                  selamat jalan kawan..

                  R.I.P: Iie Mareta Anjanie (KONAMI_MAJENANG)

                  sem0ga amal ibadahmu d trima d sisi ALLAH SWT..,

                  %d comments
                  • .ymcb_blitar turut berdukaa..selamad jalan kawan..

                  • .ymcb_blitar turut berdukaa..selamad jalan kawan..

                  • .ymcb_blitar turut berdukaa..selamad jalan kawan..

                  Hey you guys. I m finally back up to speed. I was devastated by a MONTH of flu — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Hey you guys! I'm finally back up to speed! I was devastated by a MONTH of flu (everyone who went to NAMM got it, it seems), then a R&R Fantasy camp (which takes up every hour of every day), but I'm finally done. I will try to re-establish my original communications to EBS about getting some kind of deal on the new pedal for everyone here. I apologize for being out of it for so long, but I was really sick. I'll do what I can. Hope everyone is doing well! I'll scroll down and answer anything I can on this page.

                  %d comments
                  • Billy SheehanI work for a national chain music store,so if EBS needs you to go through an authorized dealer to give the "attitude page" group discount,maybe I can help!

                  • I was at the NAMM Show, but I've got no flu. :) Good to see you back!

                  • Hi Billy - any shows or clinics on the horizon for the bay area?

                  Snetterton 300 Race Entries — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                  Snetterton 300 Race Entries

                  Bemsee have 11 YPM entries as of this morning which means we're on a split grid with the NJC's

                  Get your arses in gear, get your entries in and let the Bemsee office know your entering please.

                  %d comments
                  • My garage request was for a rider.DtB has the details.Well it's no secret now is it.Me,I'll be in the garage making the tea.....hang on....only 11 entries...I might enter the spare and see if I can squeeze in the top 10.

                  • Dexter.....it never was. You're the only one that belived that. As for tea....you should be the YPM tea co-ordinator based on how much you drink.

                  • Hmmm, i somehow get the feeling that if there were only nine entries i would still fail to get into the top ten he he he!

                  I have a question for a group of experienced bike owners My wife is buying her... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                  I have a question for a group of experienced bike owners. My wife is buying her 1st bike, it will be used to commute to college. She has decided on a Vstar 250 as a first choice. She can probably move up to a Classic 650 but wants to wait for a year, maybe 2.

                  My main question is about warrantys. Do you get one when you buy a new bike? Standard length? If you sell a bike before the warranty, is it transferred.?

                  We found a bike with 1200 miles on it, a 2012, looks like a good deal, it was a trade- in at a Harley Dealership. I was wondering if there may be a warranty. I will call and ask tomorrow, they have been closed since Saturday.

                  I have attached a picture of the bike. It looks new. They added a bar of some sort, any clue the name of bar, looks like it is there to protect rider? or bike in case of laydown,drop? BTW, wife has completed MSC in CA and has her endorsement. Thank you all for advice!

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                    I have a question My ultimate dream is to ride the roads of the south west of... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    I have a question. My ultimate dream is to ride the roads of the south - west of the USA. I'm thinking about Nevada (desert), perhaps route 66 or parts of it. A friend of mine has had that experience and I saw his mouthwatering pictures. Furthermore I'm following a series on TV (travel channel) 'The greatest motorcycle rides in the world' over here in The Netherlands (perhaps you know it) and a number of episodes were about the south west and route 66. Does one or more of you can tell me more about riding the south west from experience are there better roads I can travel on that I've never heard of?

                    Looking forward to your replies.


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                      James Huddleston added 4 photos to Final Drive: V-Star vs. BT1100 in Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

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                      • Well, the one part I'm curious about is the shaft drive assembly and they give a price. But I want to know if it will work first. I Googled the part (5EL-46171-00-00), clicked on the images tab. It's amazing to see how many sites have that brilliant ordering system! The Google results page looked like a tiled bathroom wall. The whole rear axle gear case assembly costs $650 if someone wants to go through it bit by bit, seeing where the Dragstar can bolt on to the BT! :-D

                      • Thanks, Ronald. It is good advice. I will print the two out and cross reference them to see if there is compatibility. I would be surprised, though. I expect both systems to be unique. What I am looking for, in that case, is to identify a dragstar component that can be machined to match the corresponding BT part.

                      • 80% MOTOR parts fits :)

                      1980 Yamaha XS650S Street Tracker — Yamaha XS650

                      1980 Yamaha XS650S Street Tracker

                      * Full ground up rebuild less than 1400 km ago with:

                      * 707cc Wiseco piston, rebuilt crank, ported head, all new rods, bearings seals.

                      * Heavy duty clutch.

                      * Boyer electronic ignition and VM34 Mikuni carbs with K&N pod filters.

                      * 19" front wheel with dual discs stopped by CBR twin piston calipers. SS braided lines and Kawasaki ZX6 master cylinder.

                      * Hagon heavy duty springs in the front. New remote res. gas shocks and heavy duty springs in the rear.

                      * 18" rear wheel with cush drive and rear disc with SS braided line.

                      * LED blinkers, stop and tail lights.

                      * HID headlight.

                      * Battery is only couple of months old.

                      * Include workshop manual and a couple of spares.

                      * Rego till December 2013.

                      * This is a really nice bike to ride and it goes, stops and handles very well.

                      * I don't want to sell it but need the money. Great value at $6800.

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                      • You'll regret it when it goes, I did...

                      • Bike is now sold.

                      • HOT!

                      Maaf numpang promo sebentar — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                      Maaf numpang promo sebentar

                      Kami memproduksi Jaket Motor yg berguna untuk melindungi body motor dari terik matahari , debu , hujan , goresan dll, sehingga membuat cat kendaraan kesayangan anda lebih awet dan tahan lama. Disamping itu juga mempersulit pencurian kendaraan karna ada sabuk pengikat / pengamannya.

                      kami menawarkan banyak variasi warna yg bisa dipadukan dengan warna motor anda. Jaket motor ini terbuat dari bahan terbaik (waterproof) sehingga mudah dilipat dan tdk mudah sobek / getas seperti pada mantel hujan pada umumnya.

                      Silahkan inbox / kirim sms di nomor 085735906227 atau hub pin BB 26B9ADCA utk pemesanan atau sekedar bertanya.

                      Pengiriman melalui Tiki , JNE , pandu , kantor pos atau yg lainnya sesuai dg kondisi daerah pemesan.

                      pembayaran melalui transfer rekening ke BCA 0480952863 a/n ach. amiruddin

                      atau Mandiri 9000014735600 a/n ach. amiruddin

                      melayani eceran & grosir

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                        no spark new stator coil reads out to be fine all grounds are good what else... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                        no spark, new stator coil reads out to be fine all grounds are good... what else is there..

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                        • My 99 the park brake switch will keep it from firing, crank all day but no spark..

                        • yeah its gone to the shop now getting serviced an fixed

                        • Fixed yet?

                        2010 Meine 2. Max — Yamaha V-Max

                        2010 Meine 2. Max

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                        • One of the best max's I have ever seen :)

                        • Where did you get that front fork?!?!?! That is awesome!

                        • awesome you kept the agressive look going

                        Any ideas. crazy bent front axle. can t get it out — Yamaha C3


                        Any ideas?. .crazy bent front axle....can't get it out

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                        • Hmmm! A bit of front rake on a short wheelbase scoot may find you on your back with your scooter getting "Intimate" with you, if too sharp of a turn is attempted at low speeds! :)

                        • You don't want to know how I came to find this out! :)

                        • *heartdrop*.....ok big dogg im with u when your right