Hi everyone I usually post something about my 950 but I realize I m leaving... — Yamaha V-Star riders


Hi everyone, I usually post something about my 950, but I realize I'm leaving someone very important out. Here is my girls 93' Yamaha Virago 535. She just got into riding last season. We picked this up for $1,100 bucks. When purchased, it already had 2 new tires and brakes all around, new one way starter clutch, flywheel, stator, and oil change. About a week ago just got done doing a 4K service to it, valve adjustment etc... And new clutch frictions and steels. She's got 26K miles on her but still runs terrific!

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My 1972 XS 2 project not been used or started in over 10 years I got it... — Yamaha XS650

My 1972 XS-2 project, not been used or started in over 10 years. I got it running yesterday but it wont rev up, it spits back through the carbs and backfires through the exhaust. Any ideas ???

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  • While we're all stabbing in the dark (lol) float levels and fuel starvation? Lots of info here http://www.xs650.com/forum/showthread.php?t=390

  • Fixed it. It now runs like a sewing machine. Not bad for a bike that has stood idle for over 10 years. Quality Yamaha engineering. The problem was the condensers not earthing to the frame properly, I took them off cleaned everything up, put them back and the engine was running before the kick start lever got to the end of its travel. Have now balanced the carb and she runs sweeeeeeeet. Thanks for all your comments guys. Now to cut the frame to bits !!!!!

  • Fantastic and thanks for posting what the solution was :-) (I wouldn't have been able to sleep). "Now to cut the frame to bits !!!!!" - Don' t you dare....:-( Aaaah, do what you like then. :-)

Hey guys can someone tell me how I am supposed to fix this hole in my case — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Hey guys, can someone tell me how I am supposed to fix this hole in my case. Or is my engine/trans done for? It's been like this for a while.. And I just noticed.

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  • Ya that would have been fun

  • you can use liquid steel or jb weld

  • jb blew out my whole chain case with the chain guard used to jb to hold the peace in place and just went crazy with it #the best stuff

Great day on the lake but spent 2 1 2 hours cutting out ski rope from BOTH... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Great day on the lake but spent 2 1/2 hours cutting out ski rope from BOTH impellers. My best friend (wife) backed down on it! Well, bad day on lake better than no lake at all! LOL

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  • Had the knife and had the tool kit!

  • Still wasn't a happy camper though, were ya? ha!

  • been there. done that. more than once :(

Presented by Guitar Center Hartke and Rotosound Billy Sheehan will embark on an... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Presented by Guitar Center, Hartke and Rotosound, Billy Sheehan will embark on an "At: Guitar Center" workshop tour spanning eight Guitar Center locations across the United States. Join Billy as he demonstrates the skills that have established him as a master of hard rock low end. He'll also hold Q&A and meet-and-greet/signing sessions with audience members. As all of the workshops are FREE to the public and capacity is limited, attendees should arrive early at the following locations:

Monday, May 13, 2013


Guitar Center West LA

10831 West Pico Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 475-0637

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Guitar Center San Jose

3677 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408) 249-0455

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Guitar Center Reno

6663 South Virginia Street

Reno, NV 89511

(775) 853-3961

Friday, May 17, 2013


Guitar Center Scottsdale

8949 East Indian Bend Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

(480) 362-1150

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Guitar Center Albuquerque

6001 Menaul Boulevard Northeast, Suite B

Albuquerque, NM 87110

(505) 889-6300

Monday, May 20, 2013


Guitar Center Englewood

9647 East County Line Road

Englewood, CO 80112

(303) 858-0858

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Guitar Center Manhattan

25 West 14th Street

New York, NY 10011

(212) 463-7500

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Guitar Center Danbury

15 Backus Avenue

Danbury, CT 06810

(203) 796-0148

All attendees can enter to win the workshop tour's grand prize, a Billy Sheehan Hartke rig* featuring an LH1000 Bass Amplifier and AK410/AK115 Bass Cabinets, or Billy Sheehan-signed Rotosound Swing Bass 66 (BS66) Bass Strings given away at each location.

*Only one (1) Billy Sheehan Hartke rig will be given away. All entrants from all eight workshops will be eligible to win.

For more information on this workshop tour, visit BillySheehan.com or GuitarCenter.com.

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  • Uk always missed out on Clinic tours haha!

    Haha if only I could :(

    Hard for 17 year old school kids to muster the cash short notice.

    In the studio with my Attitude on those days, so it's all good ;)

  • Yeah we are made of money and leisure time in Britain.

  • Need a Southeast Stop Billy Shehaan!

Bueno a ver. Que dilema No. Que aceite les parece mejor — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

Bueno a ver...Que dilema No ???? Que aceite les parece mejor?

MOTUL 7100 sintetico 10w40

CASTROL MTX sintetico 10w40

YAMALUBE 20w40....(este es el que aconseja el manual)

QUE DENSIDADES USAN ???? y que marca recomiendan

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  • El MTX es la que va.

  • mas densidad en verano menos en invierno

  • Para la caja el transoil

Your longest ride ever on fz6r. Mine was 566 miles one way — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Your longest ride ever on fz6r? Mine was 566 miles one way..

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  • 950 miles one way. then a track weekend! then 950 back home :)

  • I have only had mine for a month or so, most i have done in one day is about 180miles (300k's) 90% of that was mountain work.

  • Did the Great Alpine Road from the Hume Highway & thru to Gippsland & back to Melbourne in one day over a year ago 550-600 miles, 1/3 straight highway, 1/3 alpine twisties in the mountains, 1/3 long sometimes curvy flat roads back home. Left at 0630, back at 2100.

Jap bike and american car in melbourne australia this is my first legal bike — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Jap bike and american car in melbourne australia, this is my first legal bike (i have a 94 yzf600r but its not lams) have about 11 months of my restriction to go but have already removed the restricter.

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  • Just the airbox to do and the Closed Loop,, then your done,, with exception of exhaust...

  • I just found the closed loop thing a few minutes ago, i knew about the air box but was not going to bother untill i got an exhaust which im not going to do untill im off my restriction, i only have 1300k's of riding experience so atm with the restrictor off its enough for me, the first big run i did (was only meant to be 4 hours) was around reefton spur and lake mountain area's, was still restricted then (was still on my L's) and still had some very hairy moments so not really interested in chasing more power atm, come the end of next summer when im off my restrcition and have many more K's under my belt it will probably be a different story :)

  • Thats very sensible Brett, I like to hear when people think seriously about what they are doing, you will do well in the bike world with that attitude mate. The airbox mod doesn't make much difference but it does give it a good growl which you will like, and the closed loop doesn't make it much better speed wise but it does make it smoother as well as tick over much better. I havent done my exhaust, i think the main reason is I want to keep it near standard so when i sell or trade I can still do it as a LAMS, when i did my re-stricter i only bent it rather than replace it, so it only needs bent back, the airbox mod wont need reversed as it actually sounds much better. You will need to get out with the boys some time for a cruise, quite a few of us in the Melbourne area,,, Im out at Werribee...

Charles Brian Blackburn shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

Anyone living in the Fort Worth, Texas area, should come join me on this ride. Me and 2 other riders are heading to Glen Rose around 8:30am or so Saturday morning. All 3 of us are riding 2-up (me and my daughter, and they are both bringing wifes).

April 6, 2013 Glen Rose, Texas

Riverbend Road Rally

Sponsored by Riverbend Retreat Center

The ride starts at Riverbend Retreat Center, 1232-C County Road 411B in Glen Rose. The ride is for Christian Motorcycle Groups and will begin at 10:00 am. The ride will go around Texas hill country and end with lunch and more.

http://www.riverbendretreat.org/bend/roadrally.php .

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    Inalilahiwainalilahirojiun Telah Berpulang kerahmatuloh

    Rekan Qt sedulur Qt Sahabat Qt

    Bro Rezza 002 Bikers Soul Independent Cikampek(BISICK)

    Tadi Sore krNa Kecelakaan Dengan Sebuah Mobil Didaerah BREBES saat Ini AlmarHuma Beserta Keluarga Ada dsana dan Akan dimakamkan Bsok

    Cp Romy 001 08981736365. Turut berduka cita. -Eko kmc bekasi #005

    -Yanu(ucup) ARCI Bekasi #003

    -benny (bendot) MRS salatiga. #050

    - Nucii ?��M� Lampung

    - chandra MaTic17indonesia zona Depok

    -G.B.C jakarta

    - Fighter Army Jakarta

    -ricky 025 mio2an jogjakarta

    -Nucky jendral ?�� Ԟ??�

    -amier #05 YMC'Sumenep

    -woko #048 KYM'C Kertosono

    -azhevic #058 Sukabumi MIO Club

    -Eko #002 J'Mac ;ember

    -yanda #014 Rider Mio Besuki

    -desi #006 JBMC

    -maulana #001 BRC

    -Ervin #003 Pop'Mic

    ADI.R #001 YBLI

    MA'RUF # 006 Y-MAC Parepare

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    • Inalilahiwainalilahirojiun........

    • Turut b'duka cita,,,,

    • Kami keluarga besar KNC Mengucapkan turut berduka cita atas meninggal Rezza 002 BISICK ,,

      Semoga amal ibadahnya diterima disisi allah swt..

      Dan keluarga diberi ketabahan selalu ..

    Gavin Price shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    My bike for sale here:

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    • That is a lovely bit of kit, Gav! I thought it might of been the ex-Pete Barratt bike you bought from Lin, for a mo...until I read it was your 3rd Teeza! It can be a very emotional experience selling a bike! I can remember how I felt when I sold the Yamanana .....although, it was tempered by the fact that I had fallen out of love with racing. Good luck with the sale, chap. Someone out there doesn't know they love it yet! Emotional Colonial.

    • Have to agree with all that has been said here, I priced up building a sorted bike for a mate recently, he's already got a ratty TZR, perfect for a race bike basis. We stopped when the bill got past three grand, it's not cheap and I don't want to think how much my bikes have cost me all told. But getting it prepared properly in the first place is the key, I started with a knackered bike with some good bits on it, it wasn't race ready and I was too naive to know any better. I nearly jacked it in during my first year, but perseverance and some good advice from those in the know made me get it sorted properly, can't be that bad now, Doug won the Clubmans on it! Your bikes not overpriced Gav, it's about right for all the work involved, you could buy it and go straight out competitively whitch is the key.

    • I'm in the process of converting a tatty (bodywork) J reg. road bike and luckily I can do most of the work myself - however I'm still looking at £2k+ including buying the bike for £600 so the bike above represents good value for a competitive racer

    Again and again I have to remind people that XS650 is not any low rpm sloping... — Yamaha XS650

    Again and again I have to "remind" people that XS650 is not any low rpm sloping torque twin. See there is no letter V attached to twin ;-)

    The power and torque curves tell about rev hungry speeder:


    Below 5000 rpm you have only little bit more that half of the peak power in use. Why people want to ride an underpowered XS650?

    XS650 motor in tune will vibrate most heavily around 4500 - 5500 rpm and above that vibrations get minor and motor starts to feel more like a turbine.

    You can hear the proffessionally recorded sound of high rpm XS650 at

    http://www.xs650.fi/jukka/temp/Jusupov_XS650_1978s td.mp3

    (My only adventure in the recording industry http://www.sinivire.fi/DowebEasyCMS/?Page=histmoto )

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    • that's what makes these xs 650 bullet proof....

    • I'm thinking back to last October, running my 743cc flat out in fifth, tucked in behind the screen, down the Oosterwolde straight at 7500 rpm. Can't remember any vibration, was too busy being overtaken by #!@% 250 twostroke Yamaha.

    • just ride it like you stole it!

    Ok I ve gota Question or 2 to Ask a 2004 650 clasic V H pipes iwas told when... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Ok ! I've gota Question or 2 to Ask ! a 2004 650 clasic V&H pipes [iwas told when i bought it that it had a carb kit put in it I'm not sure ] a 2008 650 midnight custom V&H pipes [that's it] // now with what i have told you so far how far apart are the motor specs on these 2 bikes becouse that 08 custom will SPANK ! the 04 clasic all day every day?? you can even tell the 08 custom has a more quicker throttle responce, could it be that they did do a carb kit and didn't get it tuned rite?? it runs fine other wise No miss, idles fine, it will backfire/pop when let off the throttle tho quite sometimes I'm up for some input an sugestions !!

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    • nick should they have given me 2- of the main jets #91.3 ?? I got 4 packages those are them starting at pack #1 .

    • 91.3 r factory jets.

    • The 04 classic should have #90 main jets, unless it is a California bike. From what I can see on the parts Diagrams both carbs should have the same jet sizes...... If your bike is a Cali bike 91.3 is the stock size, but for me cali emissions is a foreign planet that I don't even want to visit....Having said that even if you have a cali bike by changing the pipes you lost the catalytic converters and I would jet it like the 49 state models #90 mains and #20 pilots both carbs.

    Luke Maxim shared his video to the group: Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350. — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    pop starts pretty easy...... you can hear it breaking up in first

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    • my bike was doing the same thing keeps breaking up over half throttle, great if i just feather it up and shift early. Changed my exhaust..cobra straight pipe over to a quieter stock style pipe and it works great.

    • my bike has aftermarket clutch perch witch just has the clutch cable going through it, no more sensors or parking brake line, but my rear caliber doesnt have a parking brake blockoff plate just has the spring on it. i messed around with my carb yesterday and noticed the accelerator pump was stuck down, so i yanked on it and it seems to keep it from breaking up at higher rpms, now i have a problem with the bike wanting to idle high and always wants to stay at a constant throttle even tho its at idle. and for whatever reason the pilet jet keeps falling out. any ideas?

    • i hope the threads arent stripped

    Would anyone be able to accommodate Team Zebra for Brands in the paddock please — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Would anyone be able to accommodate Team Zebra for Brands in the paddock please? My gazebo got trashed last year and I've not got round to fixing it, and my plan to buy a caravan has stalled slightly (although it may still happen in time). As a contingency, would anyone space in their team sized gazebo for the bike, tool box & a couple of boxes of bits and pieces? I'll be sleeping in the van as usual if the caravan plan doesn't come to fruition but need some 'technical accommodation'. I plan on doing the practice day and will gladly help setting up / stripping out etc. Rent payable in lager or any other preferred currency :) Have genny to assist power if reqd.

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    • I'm going to fix it!!

    • So are you going Thurs or Fri?

    • Thursday my dear !!

    Bemsee Instruction Paddock Buddy Track walk for Brands 13 14th April Simples... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

    Bemsee Instruction/Paddock Buddy/Track walk for Brands 13/14th April....... Simples Eeeek


    Want to tap into the experience available to you at Bemsee in the Rider Development Program? Rookie or not all you need to do is ask while the spaces with instructors are available. Its simple....

    Drop me a PM on Facebook or email me at jeremy@jhill-racing.com and I'll get you on the list. Cut off point for requests (if not full) is Friday 5th April.

    Paddock Buddy:

    If you didn't request a paddock buddy for Snett and struggled a bit knowing where to be and what to do (in the snow!) then just ask for one for Brands. Remember everyone helps out in the club and its never a big ask so its as simple as the instruction to request. Drop me a PM on Facebook or email me at jeremy@jhill-racing.com and I'll get you on the list. Cut off point for requests (if not full) is Friday 5th April.

    Track Walk:

    It will be from the pit lane near the starting lights at 6.30 on Friday night after practice. Invaluable for the ground level tips on the track and its quirks to help you get that best lap in.

    For those that have used one, two or all three of the above can testify as to how good, and friendly, these support programs are. Dont be proud be sensible and ask, we are only too pleased to help make your racing the best it can be at Bemsee.

    Bring your shorts I have planned sun for Brands :-)


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      Charles Brian Blackburn shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

      27th Annual Big Texas Toy Run: December 15th, 2012

      (This is video from Gateway Park in Fort Worth, Texas to Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie, Texas. This video does not include the ride from Dallas, Texas starting position)


      The Big Texas Toy Run (TBTTR) is a 501c(3) Charity.

      The Big Texas Toy Run benefits Mental Health-Mental Retardation (MHMR) of Tarrant County, Metrocare Services (the MHMR in Dallas County), and other children's charities in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The toys are distributed to thousands of underprivileged and challenged children all over the Metroplex. All funds disbursed are earmarked for educational needs & recreational use only.

      Immediately after the toy run, the abundance of toys that are so graciously donated are divided, as equally as humanly possible, by our staff and loaded into trucks to be transported to MHMR of Tarrant County and Metrocare Services, and other children's charities in the Dallas / Fort Worth area where they are distributed, beginning as early as the following day, to thousands of children from all over the Metroplex.

      Proceeds are disbursed to MHMR of Tarrant County and Metrocare Services and are earmarked for recreational, and educational use.

      2012 marks the 27th Annual Big Texas Toy Run.

      Approximately 15,000-20,000 motorcycles rumbled down I-30 from Fort Worth and Dallas to converge on Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie.

      An estimated $450,000.00 - $500,000.00 in toy were donated.


      The Big Texas Toy Run is proof of this. Since 1985, thousands of gallant bikers in North Texas have joined together each year to put joy in the hearts of children by delivering toys to those in need at Christmas.


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        Hello my Name is Kai I come from Germany Can you help me to find a heckfender... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        Hello , my Name is Kai . I come from Germany. Can you help me to find a heckfender for " Yamaha Warrior 350 - red" ? With best greatings Kai.

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        • Mhh um es mal kurz zu halten hab soon splien alles was ich gebraucht kaufe an fahrzeugen muß ich wieder aufen neusten stand bringen kein rost und soo naja der bock iss ja auch schon von 99 .

        • hey da hast du es genau so wie ich...gefällt mir

        • an meinem quad werd ich auch noch einiges machen hab es ja noch nicht so lange und momentan auch viel zu tu aber will auch alles neu lackieren rahmen felgen usw....

        I m liking the Honda RS TSR seat unit on the next YPM backmarker not illegal... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

        I'm liking the Honda RS/TSR seat unit on the next YPM backmarker...not illegal is it??

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        • Cheers again guys, but I'm not making any changes to the frame or subframe. I'm just removing the plastic rear mudguard and light (after the MOT) which will allow the seat unit to drop onto the existing spars as it's too high at the mo. Hopefully it'll cover the last couple of inches of subframe showing...!!

        • That'll be fine Paul :-) Looking forward to seeing it

        • I'll be coming to Brands on 13th to meet Andy and hopefully spend a few hours with the YPM massive...! I'm hoping to do my first track session on the TZR at Cadwell on May 4th and then I'll be looking to join the grid...fingers crossed...!!

        Look is for discussion but sound is quite stunning Next time i will take a... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

        Look is for discussion, but sound is quite stunning. Next time i will take a video in HD.

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        • Vidar, please don't misunderstand... I love the look and the sound of those cans on your Bull. I have just been thinking of how I'd want to pimp mine by replacing the exhausts (and some more changes).

        • I dont misunderstand Hugo :) The look has been a drawback since i order the system. But i dont find any thing else at a reasonably price. After i put on the bike i dont regret. Maybe you can ask the maker of mine; http://www.spengineering.co.uk/ to fulfill your dreams Hugo :)

        • Bring this up again, very soon spring and a lots of riding :D

        Thanks to EBS and Billy Sheehan for creating a pedal that actually does what it... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        Thanks to EBS and Billy Sheehan for creating a pedal that actually does what it claims to do. I enjoy the clarity the pedal brings forth as well as the fact it retains the low end. I was impressed with it at Yamaha, but now I am blown away with it, now that I own it.

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        • Tried it at Bass Direct here in the UK last week. Very impressive bit of kit.

        • Whats the last pedal in the chain?

        • Craig Stephenson That is the EP Booster by Xotic. It's a magical pedal that every bassist who likes Vintage bass tones should try. Look it up. It is actually the preamp from the old EchoPlex delay units. I can't say enough about it. Well, that's all I have to say about it.. HAHAH

        Last of the TZR bits from my garage can bring to Brands on the 12th of April or... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

        Last of the TZR bits from my garage - can bring to Brands on the 12th of April or post out the smaller items:

        4” rear wheel - Not YPM legal, powder coated black, wavy disc, high spec bearings, cush drive rubbers: £150.00

        Clutch perch and lever - R1, Pazzo lever - black and red: £50.00

        Michelin Power One - 110/70/17, nearly new: £50.00

        Barrels - Pair, circa-58.8mm, for re-sleeve or big bore project: £25.00

        Gearbox - Box of parts, both shafts and selector forks/drums x 3: £25.00

        Rear brake line - Braded, blue: £20.00

        Reed blocks x 4: £20.00

        Swinging arm - Eye/eye spec, tatty black paint: £15.00

        Throttle and cables - Standard: £15.00

        Throttle and switchgear - Standard: £15.00

        Various seals and clips - For engine, wheels and swinging arm etc: £15.00

        Water pump seal - New: £15.00

        Clutch case internal parts - Gears, filter, oil pipes, washers, screws, actuator, water pump impellor etc: £10.00

        Crankcase Bolts - And other engine bolts/studs, various: £10.00

        Front pads x 5 - Used, but good: £10.00

        Front wheel bearings x 2 - New: £10.00

        Hangers x 3 - Standard: £10.00

        Master cylinder - Front: £10.00

        Pegs etc - With brake and gear levers, standard: £10.00

        PV cable housing: £10.00

        PV end cap: £10.00

        PV motor: £10.00

        PV motor/bracket/cables: £10.00

        Reed block spacers x 3: £10.00

        Stator x 2: £10.00 each

        Water pump cover - Vapour blasted and painted black, as new: £10.00

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        • Many thanks.

        • Zebra discount available..............

        • Pads sold.........

        hey guys — Yamaha XS650

        hey guys

        does anyone know if i can get a bigger than 34t rear sprocket for xs650 ,

        it feels like i need that extra gear on the freeways ?

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        • i cant lug mine because of the 277 rephased engine i have been at 17/ 32 for awhile so i'm going up a tooth to 33 to make it more comfortable city machine'

        • Stock gearing for my '77 D was;

          17/33 UK/Euro

          17/34 USA

          17/36 Canada

          When I got the bike last year it had 18/30 on it and it was like starting in 2nd gear, way to high for in town. I am going with 17/32 if I can't find a 33 rear for this season. I have heard that if you keep a higher gear ratio it reduces highway vibration anyone experience this?

        • Yes Dave Leigh........of course synced carbs are probably the best answer to vibes, but at 18/32 gearing I was going 75 MPH @ 45 hundred RPM, smooth sailing, no nasty vibes. A concern of self preservation kept me from going faster though I believe the old girl could have done it with no problems. I find that with the taller gearing I use the lower gears more often and do a lot of shifting.....trying to keep her at a minimum of 25 hundred in any given gear, anything lower than 25 hundred and I'm downshifting. Tight , slow corners may get me down into first, rarely, but I don't bog me engine down.

        The Bass Master with Dave Constantino at Delaware Park in Buffalo New York back... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

        The Bass Master with Dave Constantino at Delaware Park in Buffalo, New York, back in the Talas days.

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        • Hell even I like my own comment after reading it a second time :)

        • My bass still had some finish on it!

        • lol!!! this is the proof it had paint on it once :-)

        EVERYONE IS INVITED — Yamaha V-Star riders


        The Honor Flight New England will hold the inaugural flight in Maine on Sunday April 7. These flights leave early morning and return late the same day. They have requested all who can - to attend and see these Heroes off and welcome them back on their return. Honor Flight New England joined with the national organization Honor Flight Network in the Spring of 2009 and is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America's veterans for all of their sacrifices. Through generous donations they transport our heroes to Washington, D.C., to visit and reflect at their memorials AT NO COST TO THE VETERAN. Top priority is given to the senior veterans – World War II survivors, along with those other veterans who may be terminally ill.

        Portland Jetport at 0430 April 7, 2013

        The Honor Flight will be returning to the Portland Airport at 10:30pm on same day. The Honor Flight New England Group will be standing a flag line to welcome these heroes home if anyone would like to join them.

        %d comments

          Charlie Dearborn shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

          Got my TRIPLE WHAMMY™ RUN-TURN-BRAKE LIGHT KIT but it appears I need a security key key wrench to remove the side cover to get at the wiring. Bad enough it came with the wrong light bulbs and it will take a week to get the right ones. The bulbs were 1156 base with opposing pins to lock it in. My bike takes a 7507 base with pins at 10 and 2. The 7507 red bulbs are only available through Kurakyn for abou$10 each. Filed one of the nubs off of the 1156 and it works ok but I would rather have the correct bulbs and keep these as spares.

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            Vincenzo Nagliero lance une concentration de FJ et FJR bien entendu toute... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

            Vincenzo Nagliero lance une concentration de FJ et FJR , bien entendu toute autres marques de motos est bienvenues au départ d'ancona, du 02/08/2013 au 04/08/2013 une balade est prévu de Ancona à Castiglione del lago, au bord d'un superbe lac Italien " baignade et jeux aquatiques garantis" on pourrai y passer une nuit sur place et rentrer le lendemain tous ceux qui veulent venir devraient nous confirmer pour prévoir la restauration le soir et louer un gite d'étapes ou camping pour la nuit, il y en a plusieurs autour du lac veuillez nous donner confirmation au plus tard le 15/05/2013 pour faire les réservations au meilleurs prix. Merci de venir nombreux ce serait surper sympa de passer un weed kend entre motards de tous horizons même si on ne parle tous la même langue ce qui laisse présumer de fameuse crise de rire pour se comprendre .... Salut à tous

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              Selling. — Yamaha V-Max

              Selling :-(

              %d comments
              • OK, I see.....but I can´t believe that the Harley would be more comfortable for you :)

              • Interested to know what you ended up selling for if it is not too personal. I know you wanted $5000.00...............

              • Will let you know George. Not being too aggressive on sale as I told a guy I would hold it till mid April while he sells his Triumph. He's agreed to $5,000. Bike could still sit on a showroom floor! been my baby for 20 years and I took excellent care of it. Shows like new and is now in classic category. A damn good investment.

              Happy sad day I ll be selling my 1993 Vmax. pristine condition 50 000km — Yamaha V-Max

              Happy/sad day- I'll be selling my 1993 Vmax (pristine condition- 50,000km) as I've just purchased a 2013 Harley Breakout. I live in Toronto, Canada if anyone on here is interested. At least it would go to someone who would treasure it as much as I have. $5,000- new fork seals, brakes, valve cover gaskets as valve clearances were just done, front tire and carbs cleaned and synched

              %d comments

                ok so a while back i was having bike problems and i posted on here asking what... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                ok, so a while back i was having bike problems and i posted on here asking what it could be and i posted what i found the problem to be! i rode up to a place in conyers ga called Mountain Motorsports. the bike was fine and rode great like ALWAYS. then, when i was done inside i came out and got on. i noticed while trying to accelerate by turning the throttle passed a quarter turn or going over 55 i bogged down. Me being a college student, i had to leave the next day to go to school. i attend Georgia Southern University which is 4 hours away. the next weekend coming home, i was cleaning the bike and tinkering with the engine. i found that SOMEBODY TURNED MY FUEL SWITCH ON TO RESERVE! I was thankful i had made it home ok and that it wasnt broken after all!!

                %d comments

                  Does anyone know is there a way to detune our bikes back to near R6 doe s... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                  Does anyone know is there a way to detune our bikes back to near R6 doe s without power commander or major engine mod? I heard about CO adjustment....

                  %d comments
                  • I had it at 36 and 35 but lowered them down to 16 and 15 and it seems to be fine, I did notice a pinging noise accelerating at low revs though, that's why I turned it down a bit in case the fuel was too rich

                  • We will never get R6 power because they aren't R6 motors. Yamaha reused the block, but the head it totally different. The FZ6R head isn't designed to flow as much air or rev as high period. You won't make 100hp from this motor without a SERIOUS rebuild and tune. As for this CO stuff, what country are you guys in? I don't think US bikes are setup the same way over here

                  • Matt, we are in Australia.

                    The Closed loop can be accessed on US bikes, but it involves a bit of rewiring.

                    Marthy & some of the other FZ6R forum guys were messing around with it a while ago. See CO Mod - fz6r forum.

                  Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                  This is my rebuilt 1988 Yamaha Virago. It broke my heart recently when I left it into a motorcycle shop in Dublin for an alternator installation. I got it back with the starter gear spring chewed into the flywheel, the alternator was sandwiched between the casing and the engine shorting it to ground, the gasket was not replaced and there was a massive oil leak. As everyone knows the Yamaha Virago is notorious for charging problems, but I modified this bike and fitted a solar battery charger to it so I can always keep my battery charged even if I end up with another rectifier issue.

                  %d comments

                    — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                    %d comments
                    • problem ist bei dem katalog das da eben keine maße drin stehen für den wellendichtring würd den gern woanders kaufen wo er billiger ist aber dafür brauch ich die abmaße.....hab sie jetzt aber von jemanden bekommen...dank dir trotzdem

                    • Warriorfahrer sind in Deutschland eine austerbende Art, da muß man sich helfen! Wenns mal wieder Probleme gibt, einfach schreiben!!!

                    • hehe da hast du recht...vielen dank!!!!!!!!!! warrio never die!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Jon Willis shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    A demo of the sound of the pedal and the options it will present to you. Not a demo of any magic setting or playing in general.

                    %d comments
                    • Good review of the pedal

                    • I finished both shows. Pedal had a great sound... I ran it by itself and noticed that it seemed to be much quieter than my previous setup of the MXR M87 and SFT pedal... but overall I would say the tone was much clearer.. the quietness was not a problem, I have plenty of headroom in the amp.

                    • I notice your demo if the drive section has the compressor engaged throughout. The revelation of this pedal for me is that I can run separate compressor through the clean loop and leave the dry unaffected. It respond so well to playing dynamics this way - play lightly for a little grit, or dig in more dirt, all the while having a nice, clear clean tone unpinning it.

                      Finally a pedal that let's me do what I've been wanting to do for years!

                      PS, used mine last night for it's maiden gig too. Perfomed wonderfully - so much easier to dial in a good tone than my Nova Drive (which is still a great pedal BTW), and more punch.

                      A couple more pedals and I think I'll finally be happy!

                    I know this is off topic but I dont know what should I get a BB714bs or... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    I know this is off-topic. but, I dont know what should I get. a BB714bs or yamaha attitude special?Can you please elaborate the details of each bass? many thanks :)

                    %d comments
                    • I believe Billy chose not to have a tone control on the P p/up as it often affects volume too.

                    • If you're handy with tools, it probably wouldn't be too much work to add another jack socket and rewire the same as the LTD. I'm sure someone here could furnish you with the wiring schematics.

                    • hmmm, maybe, I will just leave the tone knob on the neck p/up as it is. I will just replace both pickups with dimarzio, and scallop the last 5 frets and add a hipshot D and (add another jack socket, but I will do it last). many thanks! :)

                    Jipere Renoir shared a link to the group: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                    Needing some help :)

                    Hello UK bullriders, we are some frenchies wanting to buy this item from ebay:

                    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280-Qty-STAINLESS-ALLEN- BOLTS-KIT-YAMAHA-BT1100-BULLDOG-/150596779730?pt=U K_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item2310447ed2

                    But, the seller doesnt ship to france, so im wondering if someone could relay the postage... to be clear, i will pay with my paypal account the item, the 1st postage to UK, and, also the 2d postage from UK to france... i wil pay it in advance of course.

                    So if some of you think its possible, it will help me to forgive the last 6 nations rugby challenge :)

                    %d comments
                    • I can do anything like this for you if you need it in the future and have PayPal account

                    • Great Ronald !... i made a note. This is very kind and friendly, ill say it in my forum ... and be sure, if one day we can do same for you, we will do it with pleasure (same for all Bull lovers here)

                    It s for you John Kontos — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                    It's for you, John Kontos...

                    %d comments
                    • Yeah...that's the road he should live on, because he is one.

                    • Sorry for hijacking your thread, Mr. Ronaldo Billy! Where can we see some video of you jamming?

                    • No problem man... I will put on!!!

                    Hey does any body know how to install the valve springs and the retainer on a... — Yamaha XS650

                    Hey does any body know how to install the valve springs and the retainer on a 1979 xs 650 without using the special tool

                    %d comments
                    • No David. You can change springs and oildeflectors on any engine with the head on, but you have to use compressed air to hold the valves up.

                    • Aaah. I see. It honestly didn't occur to me that you might just change the valve springs. I was thinking more of someone who would need to examine or cut new faces or replace valves. Thanks kristian.

                    • I'm getting them tomorrow I'll update u guys after I install them

                    Info RTMC Jatim. Jadwal SAMSAT KELILING Jumat 22 Maret 2013 — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                    #Info RTMC Jatim : Jadwal SAMSAT KELILING Jumat 22 Maret 2013

                    1. SAMSAT Sidoarjo di simpang 3 Pasar Tulangan jam 08.00 s/d 13.00 WIB

                    2. SAMSAT Malang Kota di alun-alun Kota jam 09.00 s/d 11.00 WIB

                    3. SAMSAT Batu di Pos Batos jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    4. SAMSAT Pasuruan Kota di Kraton jam 18.30 s/d 20.30 WIB

                    5. SAMSAT Jember di depan Polsek Arjasa dan depan Telkom Balung jam 09.00 s/d 11.00 WIB dan di alun-alun Kota dan depan Matahari Dept Store jam 18.30 s/d 21.00 WIB

                    6. SAMSAT Bondowoso di Kec. Wonosari jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    7. SAMSAT Lumajang di depan Terminal Minak Koncar Wonorejo jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

                    8. SAMSAT Situbondo di simpang 3 Mimbo Kec. Banyuputih jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    9. SAMSAT Banyuwangi di Pasar Muncar jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    10. SAMSAT Kediri Kota di depan Kantor Pos Kota jam 08.00 s/d selesai, di Parkiran Unit 8 PT Gudang Garam jam 15.00 s/d selesai dan di Bundaran Taman Sekartaji jam 18.00 s/d selesai

                    11. SAMSAT Kediri di Kec. Semen jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    12. SAMSAT Nganjuk di Pujahito jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    13. SAMSAT Jombang di lapangan Sumobito jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    14. SAMSAT Blitar Kota Hal. Swalayan Bentar jam 18.00 s/d 21.00 WIB

                    15. SAMSAT Blitar di Kademangan jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    16. SAMSAT Trenggalek di Kec. Pogalan jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB

                    17. SAMSAT Madiun Kota di depan dealer Yamaha Cahya Motor Jl. Pahlawan jam 19.00 s/d 21.00 WIB

                    18. SAMSAT Madiun di depan dealer Suzuki Cahaya Motor Jiwan, depan PG Pagotan dan Lap. Gulung jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB serta di depan Kantor BRI Unit Mejayan dan depan dealer Cahaya Motor Kec. Wonoarsi jam 18.00 s/d 20.00 WIB

                    19. SAMSAT Ponorogo di depan BRI Pasar Siwalan jam 08.00 s/d 11.00 WIB

                    20. SAMSAT Ngawi di simpang 4 Ds. Kendung jam 08.00 s/d 13.00 WIB dan alun-alun Merdeka jam 17.00 s/d 21.00 WIB

                    21. SAMSAT Magetan di sub Terminal Plaosan jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB dan UPTD Magetan Jl. Mayjen Sungkono No 20 jam 16.00 s/d 20.00 WIB

                    22. SAMSAT Pacitan di Kec. Arjosari jam 08.00 s/d selesai

                    23. SAMSAT Bojonegoro di Pasar Baureno jam 08.00 s/d 12.00 WIB dan di Bravo Swalayan jam 18.00 s/d selesai

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                      The whole bike — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                      The whole bike

                      %d comments
                      • OOPS, the wife told me that I was mistaken (she never says I'm wrong) she's been cleaning my bike for 29 years. My bad.

                      • Sure have!!!!! She's my best friend and we have a lot of fun together. She loves to ride on the bike and she does really clean it she tells me you work on it so I'll keep it clean for us. We always joke with people that ask me how'd you get her to clean ur bike, I tell them if she don't clean it I'll take off the back seat and she can't ride. A lot of times if their wife is there to hear that the wife will tell me to go away. LOL

                      • Hey Darling, loving the floor board lights. I always say, the more lights the better!

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                        CALLING ALL BIKERS im askin for all of your support to show a local biker... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                        CALLING ALL BIKERS, im askin for all of your support to show a local biker family and my Family, daughter,sister,niece,mother and all around beautiful person Ashley Rheam the respect that she so deserves she was murdered over the weekend and I would love to have my brothers and sisters of the bikers world to escort her to her finale resting place Funeral is at needham story funeral home gas city on Saturday the 23 at 1 bikes should be there by 12:30 there will be a dinner afterwards at the church on 4th an north d st gas city food donations would be greatly appreciated contact Kathy at 260-413-9230 with donations. Come on bikers this guy would do it for you believe that so lets show some love for my niece! !

                        %d comments
                        • Sorry for your loss. I'll be there in my heart, but my body is in Norway

                        • Sorry for your loss, best regards, John in norway

                        • Sorry for your loss.

                          Best regards from me in Norway.

                        Mike Fev shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd


                        My demonstration of the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal, I settled on a setting and ran with it! I also hooked in the "Drive Loop" a "bypass" to turn the channel off whilst leaving the pedal "always on" to utilize the compressor the whole time, it works flawlessly! Enjoy the video!!!

                        %d comments
                        • have you adjusted the trim pots inside the pedal yet ?

                        • Tiger in U're bass !!!

                        • Here's all the Answers to the Questions so far, no modulation pedals were used in this video, the switch pedal is a standard issue A/B box, I'm not quite ready to let my B5R go just yet! A simple latching foot switch will work but it MUST be wired correctly or you can get this connector, http://www.hosatech.com/product/325356/GPP-419/_/A daptor%2C_14_in_TS_to_14_in_TRS and it will work with a standard latching foot switch! Yes I have adjusted the trim pots inside the pedal and my tastes lead me to the "HIGH" setting because the make up gain is hotter there, and yes, beware of the tiger in my bass!