Currently in need of some sleeves spindles bushes for my later rear suspension... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Currently in need of some sleeves/spindles/bushes for my later rear suspension linkage as the parts that are worn are no longer available from Yamaha. These are: 2off 18mm OD x 10mm ID x 70.8mm long & need to be hardened to run in needle roller bearings and 1off 20mm OD x 10mm ID x 25.8mm long and this one runs in a plain bush. Local engineering firms not interested, unless, of course, I can find one that has a racing outlook on things :)

  • actualy thinking about it I think the linkage is the stock TDR one so scrap that

  • the bushes from the old style linkage are exactly the same -you can transfer them over if you have an old one - or source a second hand early style one for the bushes. The ones in the photo dont look too bad ? They dont need to be perfect -they only swivel a fraction when in use - as long as the linkage swivels when assembled it will be ok. New seals and bearings from Yambits may do the trick.

  • Yes, I can use the old ones for now, the spherical bearing is on order as it is very worn, just want to do a thorough job

Bantu sebar kan — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

Bantu sebar kan .........

Hal: Undangan

Salam SEMAKIN DI DEPAN, Alhamdullillah YRFI telah memasuki tahap MUSDA (Musyawarah Daerah) setelah Bulan Febuari 2013 kemarin telah Sosialisasi di 12 Kota di Indonesia, maka dari itu selaku panitia YRFI Jatim 1 mengundang rekan-rekan bikers YAMAHA untuk hadir dalam acara MUSDA untuk wilayah Jatim 1 yang akan di laksanakan pada :

Tanggal : 27 April 2013.

Pukul: 17.00 WIB.

Tempat: Rm. Padang Antika Jaya Jl.Raya Darmo no 1, Surabaya

Agenda: Pemilihan Ketua Provinsi.


Perwakilan 2 orang masing2 club

Tepat waktu

Yang boleh memilih hanya 1 orang.

Demikian undangan ini kami buat dan sampaikan, mohon maaf bila ada salah kata, mohon partisipasi rekan-rekan untuk mengsukseskan acara tersebut.

Salam smakin di depan..................................

Panitia musda YrF jatim 1


Photos from Hugo van Rooij's post — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Thought it got about time that I'd post some photos of my Bulldog on here. As you can see, she's a bit shy, so please be kind to her...


Alan Loquinario edited a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

_______________________________________________ _

-Must Attend Eyeball, Meeting and/or a Ride and a must have an approval of Chapters Coordinator. 

-Self Disciplined Snipermx Owner and as owner of the Group Vest.



1.XXX-2CENTS / SAI G. and AL

2.BRT-2CENTS / Ryan R.




6.NACALBU-NORTHSIDE / Sese A. and Gelo D.G.

7.EASTSIDE / Jim I and Jericho B.

_________________________________________ ________________________-Vest Price is P850.00 ( from P830 Original Price for the gas allowance of Vest Coordinator.)         


            Name / Code Name / Chapter/ Contact No.John Paul Mallari / CHAMAE / NORTHSIDE w/ 2MRO = FPRommel Lim Mamaril / MheL / NORTHSIDE = DP c/o alSese Aguinaldo / Jniz27 / NORTHSIDE w/ MRO = FPChristoper Llave/ chris/ SOUTHSIDE = FPLance Pedro / Lance / 2CENTS +2"=FPChris Diaz/ Elaine20/ 2CENTS w/ MRO = FPHernan Cruz / NHAN / SNIPER MX +1" = FPJoseph Bonavente/ Buboy/ EASTSIDE +2" w/ MRO = FPRichard Mendez/ CHARD108 / SNIPERMX= FPTroy Santos/ Troy/2CENTS/ w/ MRO= FPEmanuel Banez / NOXL/ NORTHSIDE= DPNoel Embile/ Barbers/ NORTHSIDE= DPPaul Bernas / KENDC/ SNIPERMX= FPJohnex San Jose/ JOHNEX/EASTSIDE w/ MRO=FPJoseph Michael Aramil/ BOYBI/ SNIPERMX=FPSan Javier / SAN / 2CENTS w/ MRO=FPRuel Fajardo / RUEL / NORTHSIDE=DP c/o al


For those of you with wire wheels any idea on the tube size needed I have been... — Yamaha V-Star riders

For those of you with wire wheels, any idea on the tube size needed? I have been to several web pages that have the tires I need in stock, but mention nothing about the tubes. And when I do, there are over 50 to choose from. The tires were manufactured in mid '03 (and showing small cracks on the walls) and I am presuming that the tubes have never been replaced. I want to get these replaced ASAP so I can ride without a worry in the world. 130/90-16 on the front, 180/70-15 for the back. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


Here s my C3 although not the first Gy6 swapped one it is the first in the US... — Yamaha C3

Here's my C3, although not the first Gy6 swapped one, it is the first in the US with a fatty and stretch! You can check out my build page here: viewtopic.php?f=95&t=78537

  • Wow ,The Wife's non derestricted bone stock does 39.5 mph gps, I did do the 20 mile Motoman break-in for her as soon as we got it home. ak_in_secrets.htm

  • I bought it used so I had no control for the break in sadly. It was a 07 with 14.7k miles on it

  • I hear you, You have to do that break-in right away when it has no miles on it. I have done it several times and it seems to work good, No blow-by and high mpg when riding it normal.


Arkansas city, Kansas

This years Biker Fest starts at 10:30 am on Saturday with registration for our Food Pantry Ride. Bring a non-perishable food item for the Ark City 1st Assembly of God food pantry to help feed those in our community. First bike out will be at 11:30 am and a group will leave every 30 minutes until all have departed. there will be Navajo Tacos and Baby-back ribs available throughout the afternoon and face painting, kids games and inflatables as well. Vendors will be on location. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the day and there will be an outdoor concert starting at 6pm with award-winning guitarist and singer-songwriter Noel Rosa. On Sunday there will be registration for a bike show beginning at 9:00 am before service. It will be a People's Choice with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Prizes will be awarded at the close of service. Our guest speaker for Sunday will be Bear Brockelman with Spoke-N-Word Ministries.


Ok all you lovely racers going to Pembrey here is for call for any instruction... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Ok all you lovely racers going to Pembrey here is for call for any instruction requests. The great bunch of volunteering Bemsee instructors are waiting to be allocated their lucky rookies for Pembrey so get your entries in now.

Those that get a GOLD STAR for preperation and are already on the list after requesting straight after Brands are:

Reece Guyett

Gary Rodwell

Paul Davies

David James Mills

Chris Becks

Jocelyn Joe Bond

Jose Luis Touceda

Seeing as I am away on business (Signing my MOTOGP deal) Keith Roissetter is organising the instructor list so please email him your request at with these details:


Class: (i.e.) Rookie 600, Rookie Minitwin, Club 600.....etc

Bike Number:

Contact mobile:

Please DO NOT post requests on FB as he wont pick them up.

Remember the instruction is not only first class but free. We do ask that if you have enjoyed the instruction and would like to make a donation to the Rider Development Progam then please see myself or Tracey at Pembrey. All funds received go straight back into the Rider Development Program for better jackets, equipment etc to help the continuous improvement we strive for.

See you all at Pembrey folks....what a riders track that is!



Whelp my first ride of the season was eventful I got a mile up the road and... — Yamaha C3

Whelp, my first ride of the season was eventful. I got a mile up the road and got pulled over by a state trooper. He said Maryland changed the law Oct '12 to require a permit, insurance, title of ownership, helmet and eye protection. He could have arrested me and suspended my license. I asked..why didn't they notify all scooter owners by mail? I got a $110 fine instead. Still sucks. I see no benefit to owning a 50cc scooter anymore.

  • I read all forms of news, I visited the MVA twice. they have my email and home address, absolutely 0 communication. I would like the judge to explain how I am expected to know they changed the law.

  • "ignorance of the law..." (although I think that old addage is bs in this case... at least issue warnings only on first infractions...)

  • I did more research and I have no case. I just mailed the damn check..

Karl Altdorfer shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • And by the way, they are bloody Special, especially if you have small hands or can't afford a LTD!!!

  • Tempted to bid for it myself. It might not be an LTD, but a little modding could get it to respectful backup bass standards.

  • I have a special... very nice bass.. the neck is more like a traditional P bass neck and not as big as a Ltd.

Now This Is a Flat tracker — Yamaha XS650

Now This Is a Flat-tracker

  • Cool, thought it was a bit strange since he has Castro written on his leathers. Regards.

  • Thanks Dale great info !!

  • I was lucky enough to see KR ride the TZ750 tracker at Haldon Hill, Exeter, late 70's or early 80's. Now that was a beast.



Ao chegar lá, São Pedro disse-lhe:

- Meu filho, foste um bom homem e as tuas motos mudaram o mundo, podes fazer um pedido:

Arthur pensou um pouco e disse:

- Quero encontrar-me com Deus!

São Pedro levou Artur até a sala do trono e apresentou-o a Deus.

Deus reconheceu Arthur e disse-lhe:

- Então inventaste a Harley-Davidson?

Arthur respondeu: - É verdade, fui eu ..

Deus comentou: Não foi uma boa invenção...

É um veículo instável, barulhento e poluidor. Manutenção complicada, alto consumo...

Arthur ficou aborrecido com o comentário e retrucou:

- Desculpe, não foi o senhor que inventou a mulher?

- Sim, fui eu! - Responde Deus.

- Bem, aqui entre nós, de profissional para profissional, você também não foi nada feliz na sua invenção!

- Há muita inconsistência na suspensão dianteira;

- É muito barulhenta e tagarela em altas velocidades;

- Na maioria dos casos, a suspensão traseira é muito macia e vibra demais;

- A área de lazer está localizada perto demais da área de reciclagem;

- Os custos de manutenção são exorbitantes.

Deus refletiu e respondeu:

- Sim, é verdade que o meu invento tem defeitos, mas de acordo com os dados que levantei, há muito mais homens montados na minha invenção do que na tua...


OK I am proud to say my big 1900cc Roadliner won the Gold Coast Cruiser Club s... — Yamaha V-Star riders

OK ... I am proud to say my big 1900cc Roadliner won the Gold Coast Cruiser Club's "Classic Cruiser" 1st place 2012. I would have this over a Victory (and any of the other Japanese branded cruisers ANY DAY ... with respect). A small amount of tweaking and you have yourself the ride of your life. After all, as far as I know this is the BIGGEST capacity AIR-cooled twin ever put in a production motorcycle. Again, mods to many to mention, but importantly: Patriick Racing air intake (discretely hidden under the tank, Power Commander III with outstanding dyno-tune, and full Vance & Hines system (one of the photos shows me carefully installing it myself. Styling wise, the bike is deliberately Art Deco. The lovely Two-Tone colour scheme does not seem to be done now in the current range ... a real shame.


Here s a close up showing the Yamaha P N if anyone wants it — Yamaha C3

Here's a close up showing the Yamaha P/N if anyone wants it...

  • I went by the PO last night to get my mail & there was a notice saying I had a package I needed to sign for to pick up...It's likely the ECU...I'll get it in the AM...I just heard from the Bro in Ca that's done the machine work on my Malossi Torque Drivers so they'll open fully saying the work is completed & he'll mail them in the am...By Thurs, I'll know more about how it'll all work together, & let you know...Gabe

  • It's at the POst Office...Picking it up today...The modded Malossi Clutch Sheave will be mailed from Ca this am...I ought to be riding my scooter with my gps on the bars by Thursday...:)

  • It's sitting on the desk...:) As soon as the machined Torque Driver gets here, we'll find out how it all works out!

Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

A Bro at has the same Malossi Secondary Sheave that I do...He found that his rear pulley wasn't opening all of the way, due to the Torque Driver being slightly too long.(Causing his C3 to hit the Limiter early, and only run 41mph...) He had a buddy of his remove 2.2mm from the end of his T.D. with his lathe, which fixed the problem, causing the pulley to open completely, & added 6mph to his top speed...Having the same issues with both of my scooters, I sent both of my units to him & had his friend shorten them too...And, My 9,500 RPM ECU is about to be shipped from Taiwan. Between the two of these mods 50mph straight and level may become a reality in a week or so...:) Gabe

  • Or with research they lowered the RPM due to problems The flip side of the coin ;)

  • If that was the case, the higher rev ECU wouldn't be available at any cost...I think they shelved it + didn't use it on the C3 Scooter for the same reasons they didn't put the front disc brake on it, when they were using it on their Zuma 50cc 2T Scooter... (Likely assembled in the same factory.) They had most of their $$$ tied up in the XF50's High Tech Engine...:) I expect that there are some MBK BoosterX Scooters out there with free flowing intakes & Exhausts, running the Pollini Performance 3.18:1 "Performance" gears and C3 Scooter Primary Sheaves that will, walk off from a modded 55mph Ruckus 50cc scooter like it's standing still! LOL!

  • I've still got my K&N 4" air filter & intake tracts if I cannot get the mixture right by modding the stock air box...And, my Jiangwayne exhaust is still on the older scooter...This will be fun! :)

new garmin on my yammi — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

new garmin on my yammi

  • have you been out yet on you boat?

  • one time. its all broke in ready for a full sunny day

  • Are there accurate/updated maps of the river on that thing? Would love to be able to see the wing dams!

  • wing dams are included on the maps. tried it on Carlyle yesterday and cant wait to try the river.

1999 Custom 1100 V star 4 over forks with progressive springs lowered 1 1 2... — Yamaha V-Star riders

1999 Custom 1100 V star. 4" over forks with progressive springs, lowered 1 1/2" with rear Progressive, 429 cams, Pod filters, jetted, SS Customs front hugger fender, modified; Rear Lowboy Fender from ss also modified, Metcruze seat (Aussie) 2 into 1 purpose built 3" exhaust, extended controls, 12" chimps, Dyna 3000, goes like a cut snake, have yet to have it dyno tested..... oh, paint job is a personally thought up coke Cola colour, looks black in th shade but in sunlight can see red, like looking through a glass of coke!


Got a new tail bag — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Got a new tail bag!

  • Okey turns out they now have at least 3 models, Mach 1,2&3. The Mach 3 looks most similar to the original pattern.

  • Doh I meant Mach 5. And models Mach 1,3 &5

  • Thanks for the info Adam! I have a backpack, but it's the low-end A*. I plan to replace it, and I have been looking at OGIO's. The tail bag holds my lunch while everything else fits in the BP. Plus, when I go to out to lunch, I can leave the BP, and put my food in the tail bag.

Paul Giles shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

  • Rev for England with a big hole at ten, sound good though!

  • The pipes arrived and are suprisingly ok :) I've got 2 sets of Nikons for other bikes and they look very similar detail wise. Is the single header spring typical of Swarbricks though as my other Nikons have 2 springs. I need one header insert/flange for this set. The can end is 2 hole fitment with the protruding pipe going into the can...any confirmations/suggestions? Cheers

  • My swarbricks have 2 springs - maybe one of the loops has been knocked off, but they definately look like swarbricks

Just been in the studio with my Yamaha Attitude II and just heard there was a... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Just been in the studio with my Yamaha Attitude II and just heard there was a new Daft Punk album out, (featuring Nathan East no less!) Very excited! Anyway, I was recording some funky almost chic-esque lines and realised one of the reasons I LOVE the Attitude, is that it's got (at least with both pickups on, neck backed off just enough to let the middle Pup and highs smack through, and with well played in strings (considering changing them, that level haha!)) a very Musicman Stingray -ish thump and punch along with the signtaure growl of the Attitude, very cool combo and it was sounding awesome! :D


Ezequiel Duarte shared a link to the group: Yamaha VR-R 150 2T. — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

...gracias por aceptarnos en facebook...

si necesitas cambiarle el formato a tu moto, quitarle rayones, hacerle una pintura integra, hacerle aerografia, tuning en fibra de vidrio, replicas de motos gp, de mx, si se te partieron los carenados, si se te rompio la optica, si se te abollo el tanque o te cansaste de verla igual a todas... ACA ESTA LA SOLUCION!!!...Somos de la ciudad de Rosario y contamos con precios promocionales!!!

...TU MOTO PUEDE SER UNICA...CONTACTO:0341-156221218/155957216...Contas elo a tus amigos...

de seguro uno de ellos, NOS ESTA BUSCANDO!!!.




Per-einar Stordahl shared a post to the group: Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Hello everyone. I have bought 2 motorcycles which were imported from The Philippines. They Are both Yamaha Viragos 700 ccm. In the Philippines they were registrered as 1984 and 1998 modell, but they Are both 1984 mod. Is there anybody in here who have imported bikes from The Philippines? It seems as if a bike has a fabricationyear, that doesn't mean that when it comes to The Philippines. Then The certificate of registration Will show another year Than The original productionyear. It shows The year which it was imported to The Philippines and Get a new registration from that year. Anyone else in here that can confirm this? I Found a website were you can decode and confirm The vinnumber on The motorcycleframe. You can use to search if The vinnumber has an identification with your frame, they use it to see if The bike is stolen or has Been messed with in any way. Sorry if this is old news to you, but i'm new to this hobby and have had problems with documentation with original papers, because i bought it without them. I only have copies on my e-mail. This can be a problem in registering here in Norway. But things Are not only how it seems. As in this case were The original productionyear is not mentioned in The certificate of registration from The Philippines. The website is: In here you can check any make for The vehicleidentificationnumber on VIN decoders if you use another make in The name, you just replace Yamaha and writes another name in it. I hope this can be helpful to other, in this or another way


Some samples of the new Niacin CD Krush — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Some samples of the new Niacin CD "Krush"

  • Wow, nice bass work Billy! I like the solo at the end of that sample. Im sold. Need this!!!

  • I've received my pre-ordered copy of Niacin's Krush album on the release date, April 2nd and I've been listening to it since then. My favorite tracks are, Krush, Stormy Sunday, Prelude & Funky Opus and Drifting.

  • krush is an amazing record! totally enjoyable through and through... thank you so much for this wonderful release.

Our new 242 Limited S arrived at our dealer last week We hope to pick it up... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Our new 242 Limited S arrived at our dealer last week. We hope to pick it up next week.

  • I'll be you're more than excited!!! Congrats.

  • Thanks Dennis, we are very excited. We are at Lake Havasu now doing a kitchen remodel. I hope I can pick it up next week. I will post more photos.

Minha Christine 535 94 — Yamaha Virago 535

Minha Christine 535 94,

Como era, como está agora, e como vai ficar quando pronta.

  • Eu tinha lido em algum lugar a respeito dele, diz que ela fica mais econômica e ao mesmo tempo com um torque mais linear, verdade isso?

  • Bom, pelo que li, fica sim.

    Mas não conheço ninguém que tenha feito pra testar e comprovar. Quanto ao filtro ainda tenho q pensar numa solução, ainda mais pq na minha cidade são 6 meses de chuva. To com problemas na parte elétrica dela (muito velha e quase podre), mas assim que resolve-los, vou me aventurar nesse carburador e posto aqui todo o passo a passo e resultados.

  • Muito legal, dizem que o que dá mais trabalho é fazer o coletor. vou ficar de olho no seu projeto e na suas impressões. Boa sorte e abraços

vendoo yamaha vrr modelo 99 chocada papeles al dia segundo dueño motor nunca... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

vendoo yamaha vrr modelo 99 chocada papeles al dia segundo dueño motor nunca habierto el motor funciona perfecto el radiador no pierde unaa gota no perde nada ni aceite nada si lo se partio la patada de arranke pesos 4000

  • Obviamente...nosotros no..POR QUE TENEMOS VRR:....pero si el chago este no tiene VRR para que quiere una PILA DE REPUESTOS ?

  • yo tengo un vrr jajajajajaje me encargo de lo q sobra .. jajajajaja. la moto esa necesita unas 8 lucas para levantarla (pagandole a alguien que lo haga) no es mal precio si lo miras asi.. perooo se pueden hacer otros negocios como vos decis..

  • un conocido mio vendio un 147 volcado. en 1500 pesos (el motor estaba joya) por el simple hecho q no lo queria ver mas ahi tirado hecho mierda..

Anyone seen this happen to them I m looking for ideas as to why it happened... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Anyone seen this happen to them? I'm looking for ideas as to why it happened and what caused it.

The engine didn't seize, it felt like the fuel went onto reserve!

  • Oops, just saw your post below too. It may still be worth checking - the right seal is generally replaced when the crank is apart because it's behind the primary gear. It may be your crank builder didn't supply a new left seal because they just slide on. Or he's used pattern, and it doesn't fit. I'd replace it with genuine just to be sure when you put it back together.

  • Had one like that have you got rite cdi pack

  • Well after further inspection we have found he cause!!!!! Head gasket blow....

Russ Shea added 5 photos to 11 April 2013 in Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

TZR250 2MA

  • I reckon that's a headgasket problem. The piston crown shows none of the alloy flaking you get with a really lean mixture, it's on a stock airbox with Martin Johnson pipes :-), which from my exp run on standard jetting which the bike has, it's got very hot on the exhaust side so that should rule out any lubrication issues.

    Looking at the pattern of the detonation it looks like the head has been leaking from the front and the resulting lean burn has eaten the piston. Had a similar issue with our spare motor, because Doug is used to how the bike should feel he pulled it in before any major damage was done. The gasket can leak at the front without pressurizing the coolant so unless you know how the bike normally feels you wouldn't really know. It's been building up for a fair amount of time by the looks of it.

    The only other possibility is the squish is not central and the piston has been hitting the head, broken the seal of the gasket at the front and the combination has mullerd the piston. :-(

    Unlucky mate, but from what Steve told me it doesn't sound like it's terminal

  • I've never experienced that to be honest Simon, but as always diagnosis is only ever a guessing game unless there is something blindly obvious! I think you would hear it popping from the exhaust if it was leaking enough to cause that damage? The pipes don't rev as hard as Jollies, more like a standard pipe, could a pipe leak do that? I really don't know to be honest

  • I would look at the other pot. If its in similar state then ignition and general carb set up are first concerns. As is an air leak at pipe joining reed valves. My opinion std jetting is too small when using premix. Std jets just "sounds" a bit risky to me.

    If other pot is good then its likley air leaks/ blocked carbs to look at. The piston looks black, suggests the engine ran after the damage was done. did you run or start it after damage occured??

    If no issues found it could simply be combination of jetting to lean. Compression to high(get head measured). Conditions and track. (were long straights involved?)

    Also could be fuel starvation on wot. Check lines and make sure the stupid little filters in the carbs are removed and binned!!

    When rebuilt do a leak down test. Could save you a heap of money....



All cables of Gipro are connected green black on green cable from ECU red on 12... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

All cables of Gipro are connected, green-black on green cable from ECU, red on +12 and connector connected, when i turn on key, there is 6....5....4...3...2...1 and then blinking L, then nothing else :( Any idea what is wrong ? I must look on every cable, if there is some disconection...

  • I did my Gipro yesterday using only Jans instructions. Easy, took me only one hour to do. The only complaint about the Gipro is that when the rev-counter goes under 1300rpm it doesn't show any gear, only a - (minus). Is it the same for you others?

  • I had the same problem, just reset the GIpro and do the setup procedure again.

  • Ok, will do. Thanx :)

From Andy Brown who will be the Clerk of the Course this weekend We all help... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

From Andy Brown who will be the Clerk of the Course this weekend. We all help the flow of the meeting for everyone else so please take note of his polite request:

Andrew Neill Brown

Brands this weekend : Hi All, this weekend will have close on record number entries so expect very full grids and a really tight schedule. Please can I ask your help to help me keep the racing on schedule my making sure you're in the collecting area in plenty of time please so we dont risk any delays on the starting grid as I'm trying to start the race. Timing will need to be on point this weekend. thanks all and have a great racing weekend


Anyone live close to West Columbia SC — Yamaha V-Max

Anyone live close to West Columbia SC?

  • I wish....

    Snow again tonight in Northern Alberta... another night of sitting on the bike in the garage making engine noises after about 6 beer.


  • Sun again in San Diego......One of my Velocity stacks to my 39mm Flatslide Carburetors fell off on freeway..........another day/night of sitting on my bike in the garage making engine noises after beer 6....

  • Shitty....

    Last year on my first ride the bolts on my rear fender rattled out. By the time I got stopped the fender assembly was well stuffed between the shocks.

    It was a F-me moment. The bright side was upgrading to a shorty fender.

  • Yes, I also have the shorty fender.

Roland Sheri shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

Freedom is Possible!

Home Run the Movie is coming to the Flagship Cinema's in Wareham on Friday, April 19th. Tickets for this movie are now available! You can pick up your tickets each night this week from Mike Sullivan who will be in the lobby at the Steven's Street Campus from 6pm-8pm. You can also purchase tickets this weekend after each service. Tickets are $6.00 each.

Home Run is a film about the redemption, transformation and hope found through Jesus Christ, and this outreach is a great opportunity to spread the love of God to many. For more information on this film, you can visit /.

If you have any questions about Home Run, please contact Mike Sullivan. Pick up your tickets while they last!

©2013 Christ Community Church | 41 Stevens Street | East Taunton | MA | 02718


Brands Hatch Instruction allocation — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Brands Hatch Instruction allocation.....................

So are we all excited about Brands this weekend....too right! For those of you lovely people who requested instructors all in good time please find your instructors below. I really encourage you to contact your instructor in advance by whatever means possible before Friday to discuss your instruction needs and also the meeting place at the circuit.

If you do not contact your instructor they will be waiting for you at the top of pit lane before you go out onto circuit. As you can see there are multiple pupils to instructor so you might not be in the first session with them. Please take the lead to contact them. Have fun and enjoy the knowledge and skill they want to share with you......

Remember we dont charge for any instruction but if you want to make a voluntary contribution to the rider development fund please see me or tracey if you feel it has been beneficial and fun.

Rookie - / - Class - / - Instructor

Aaron Clarke - / - Club 600 - / - Mark Lister

Adam Green - / - 400 - / - Colin Martin

Adam Moore - / - Club 600 - / - Chris Mitchell

Adrian Averre - / - Rookie 1000 - / - Mark Lister

Alan Hughes - / - 400 - / - Colin Martin

Alex Sagba-Brady #93 - / - MZ - / - Des Davies

Andy Smith - / - MZ - / - Des Davies

Ash Frances - / - Rookie 600 - / - Jeremy

Claire Beckett - / - Minitwin - / - Gabby

Colin Clune - / - Rookie 1000 - / - Baz

Dan Nemati - / - Rookie 600 - / - Mark Trowell

Danielle Cooper - / - 400 - / - Carl Johnstone

Darren Warner - / - Rookie 600 - / - Mark Trowell

Garry Samett - / - MZ - / - Pete Mannering

Heather Knowles - / - Rookie 600 - / - John Horgan

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Hi guys I have one question I was wondering if my bass could look great with... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hi guys I have one question!, I was wondering if my bass could look great with some leds down the Pbass pickups (5 leds) , but The question is ...were can I put the battery? and how could be the battery ?!!...I had seen a couple of photos, it's kind of Billy Sheehan's Chrome Att! but well can someone give me your opinion!? Rock on!!!

  • @darko what do you mean with slight bump ?? Sorry my ignorance

  • que no entraba realmente bien, y el pickguard estaba un poquito forzado, un bulto tenia.

  • ah okok thanks darko

so the 07 has a safety recall on the connecting rod as well as the fuel pump — Yamaha C3

so the '07 has a safety recall on the connecting rod, as well as the fuel pump. just figured I'd pass that along...

  • I'm retired from three million miles in a big truck Erik...My sugar got out of whack & I had to quit. I went from running 150,000 miles a year, to walking our dogs...:) Nearly drove my Lady nuts! So, for my Birthday in the spring of '08, she found a leftover '07 C3 Scooter that my Yamaha Dealer couldn't sell, at a price she couldn't pass on & likely kept me out of a rubber room! I started trying to make it better in every way I could think of...And, I Still am! It's what I do to keep me back from "The Ledge!" :) Early on, I had people all over scooterdom laughing at me, "You're going to make that Fugly thing have better performance, & look better?" "No Way!" The only two people that went out of their way to find XF50 performance parts were Joel Martin at MRP & Mr.Jiangwayne likely at considerable risk $-wise! "It's Ugly, most of the forums screamed!" :) But, here we are 6 years later...Some of those that laughed aren't even around now! I decided that as hard of a time as I had learning how to make a C3 Scooter look good, and perform well, that I'd never refuse to help anyone that asked for it...:) Gabe

  • yes they are fixing it on Yamaha's dime. pretty reputable power sports dealer in my area. I trust them.

  • LOL! Then, you probably need an appointment, like at your Dr...Always a good sign of class people & work...:)

The handle bars needed to be set back to fit me just right we found that the... — Yamaha V-Star riders

The handle bars needed to be set back to fit me just right, we found that the Honda risers were cheaper and fit perfect. At 5'3", 130 lbs, this is the best bike ever for me to handle and feel comfortable; I ride by myself at times, able to ride to the beach and back ; but to Florida and back, I am a back seat rider. Love to ride it to work, the comments fly..... "She's a biker girl!!" Oh, they just don't know anything about riding a motorcycle. Guess I should respond with "They are just city people and have no adventure in their soul."


hi everyone. just bought a used 07 C3. far as I can tell it s all stock — Yamaha C3

hi everyone. just bought a used '07 C3. far as I can tell it's all stock. does this thing have enough juice to carry both my wife and me? I guess I'd have to add pegs or do something to make the seat better? is it even safe to sit 2 people on it?

  • so basically, possible suspension issues will be more of a concern than any possible engine issues?

  • The engine is nearly bullet proof given regular maintenance...

  • The '07 model had issues with the Connecting Rod/Crankshaft assy, some of which were improperly heat treated on early models, + it's fuel puimp whose issues have been an ongoing thing as well, with some '07-'10 models having the same hard starting, suddenly stopping + refusing to restart, and not starting at all if left out in the sun on a hot day each summer. Call Yamaha @ 800-962-7926 with your vin# handy to find out if the recalls apply to your scooter and if so, if they've been done...

I may have located a XF50 Scooter ECU that cuts the ignition at 9 500rpms — Yamaha C3

I may have located a XF50 Scooter ECU, that cuts the ignition at 9,500rpms...:) More as soon as I know for sure...Gabe

  • That was the ECU that they misadvertised as having "Unlimited RPMS..." KSPower put it on the scooter they were modding and reported that it added 250-300rpms with a slightly enriched mixture...This is the Unit I've got on the way...With my setup all I need is 300rpms & I'll be able to tune my air intakle for the slightly richer mixture...I'm beginning to think that a consistant 50mph straight & level may indeed be possible... We'll find out! :) Gabe

  • By the way...The C3 Scooter KS Power was modding in 2008, they later developed a kit to install a GY6 engine in...And it's now owned by our Bro, Duc Huynh! :) /here-s-my-new-c3-with-a-swapp ed-gy6-t82.html

  • My Chinese GY6 clone lasted 4000 miles, I hope he has better luck!!

Ok another question Has anyone ever removed their stock turn signal lightbar — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

Ok another question, Has anyone ever removed their stock turn signal lightbar (2004 vstar 650) and incorperated mini turn signals into headlight bezel - like this?

  • I did this with one of my Honda CB projects. It look very cool, but cut your wires down otherwise it gets very crowded in the headlight bucket.

  • I did this on one of my early projects, before I started to remove the turn signals completely on later projects. Used a stainless steel hollow rod that I tapped on both ends, drilled a hole in the center for the wires and welded a couple of brackets on it for mounting to the frame. .php?fbid=47234665307&set=a.47 234620307.69050.539225307&type =3&theater

  • that's awesome Per-Erik Kristiansen!

— Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

  • Ok now I understand, is canvas webbing of glass wool, as on the harley ....

  • nice exhaust, looks like an buell x1 exhaust. good idea :-) the sound is okay?

  • Your bike looks like a bad ass. Good thing. Brings the exhaust a more of power or he looks just fine. The rear is pretty narrow.

What a day Worked on the bike all day Started with relocating the turn... — Yamaha V-Star riders

What a day. Worked on the bike all day. Started with relocating the turn signals to the license plate bracket. Not too fond of the look, but I must say, I did a good job of making everything look clean. Then installed the saddle bags (more light fought with the saddle bags). Got them hung and lined up. Put the seat back on. Admired how sweet it all looked. Found a new spot to put the helmet lock, just need a longer bolt (hardware store trip one day this week). Lastly took the headlight and front signals off to put the new light bar one. Sadly, the Yamaha shop sold me the wrong bar. It does not fit at all. Now I have to take all the hardware back off the passing lamps, call the shop, and hopefully make a trip (way out of my way) to get the right one. And for as nice as it is out, I was hoping to go for at least a little ride. Oh well, guess I will have to wait.


Mike Robinson shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

I picked up an awesome jacket. I hate wearing leather in the heat of the summer but I am dead set on protection. I tried one of the Joe Rocket style jackets and while they function well they look ridiculous on a chubby guy on a cruiser. Found this armored hoodie at Cycle Gear and tried it out. Has some text and graphics on it I read some folks didn't like but at least it doesn't look laughable on me. Has CE armor elbow and shoulder pads plus an inner liner. Just wore it for the first time and in 70 degrees I was actually almost chilly. Wind goes through it well. This is going to be a win!! Thumbs up for this product!! (and no, I don't work for Cycle Gear or Street N' Steel LOL)



Buat Bikers..


Jika anda ketemu Polisi razia SIM STNK


Waktu di stop polisi dan DITUNJUK berhenti di TEMPAT yg DITUNJUK

Tlg "JANGAN" ditempat yg DITUNJUK

Ada JEBAKKAN di situ

BERHENTILAH menjauh 3-5 meter dari tempat yg ditunjuk

Sbb jika kamu terhenti ditempat yg ditunjuk

Di bawahnya ada jebakkan brg narkoba terbungkus yg sdh disiapkan

Kemudian polisi bilang : " brg kamu jatuh " (Sambil menunjuk bungkusan itu)

#INGAT !!!!!!# JANGAN kamu ambil !!!

Jika kamu ambil ... Polisi segera menangkap, dan disalahkan

Jika ada yg terjebak, Segera damai di tempat, jgn dibawa kemana mana

Jika damai di tempat, Ternyata org ini tdk ada uang, Maka uang yg seadanyapun akan dikuras polisi

Ada yg sdh terjebak ... Damai 20jt baru beres

Ini sdh benar2 terjadi di BANDUNG ... BERHATI2-LAH!!!!!!!!

Sebarkan buat teman2 semua ... Agar terhindar dari jebakan


  • tambah pinter polisine

  • polisi sak iki akeh modus e ya -_-

  • nggarai byarane di korup atasane

  • polisi kan seharusnya melidungi masyarakat...kok malah jebak masyarakat..hadech..

    polisinya kyk :poop:

  • (Y)

Photos from René Goseling's post — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

My new handlebar and gipro gear indicator.

I'm with this upgrade.

  • Just ordered a Gipro this afternoon... Hope installing it will be less problematic than it has been for you, Jan.

  • Jan Johanik Šretr did you succeed installing the GIpro yet?

  • No time :( i will try it next week