I encountered three couples on 30. 000 fully dressed Harley s yesterday — Yamaha V-Star riders

I encountered three couples on $30.000 fully dressed Harley's yesterday. All three dudes were in shorts & sneakers. There passengers were in shorts & flip flops. I was waiting to enter a four lane in town. 35 mph zone. I pulled out behind them and followed for a mile or so. Oh they were in single file in the center of there lane. We were aproching a red light. A car got between the second & third bike. Then the first two bikes go to make a left hand turn. They went in turn lane. The car followed as did the third bike. All of a sudden the third bike came back into my lane. I was expecting these idiots to do something stupid. This fuck stick didn't even look in his mirror. He was to worried about catching up with his buddies. Like I said the light was red. I was going straight, so I had a chance to pull up beside them. I told the moron on the third bike. " Hey Junior, if ya want to get you lady home in one piece, you need to start Payin' attention to what is going on around you. These guys were in there mid 40's. they weren't kids. Well the light turned green and I blasted off. The moral of this story is, you need more than a big expensive bike to make you cool. Ride safe my friends!


This week i had a problem with my signallights. they did n work on the back — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

This week i had a problem with my signallights (they did'n work on the back).

Yesterday i went on a search of what could be the problem, well the last owner of my beloved Brommer, some german ;-) made a real mess of the wiring.

And i haven't noticed it in 4 years. So i have taken of all the old wiring en signallights and placed new ones.

I have chosen for normal light not for LED lights because i think they are to small and don't fit right on a BT.

I will make a picture today. When i was at it i also removed the racks for the side paniers i don't use them so why leave them on?

  • What do you mean with 'the racks for the side paniers' Hans?

  • racks for side cases(panniers) I have Hepco & Becker racks and i only use the topcase.

My 02 650 is not working I don t have any spark at the plugs I ve checked all... — Yamaha V-Star riders

My 02 650 is not working. I don't have any spark at the plugs. I've checked all fuses, ohmed both coil packs, ohmed the stator. kill switch is off. A friend told be about a diode that could be the culpret. I found this part up behind the key switch and just in front of the fuel pump. It ohms open both directions. I think it should ohm open one way and low ohms the other way. I ordered a used one today on ebay but would like to know for sure if this is the problem. Anyone ever messed with one of these and knows what it does?


Saw a good photo opp — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Saw a good photo opp.

  • I was told the center is a harder compound for longer tread were and the side walls were softer for better grip in corners. Eather way I like em. If the pr3's are better rest assure when it comes time to replace them I'll look in to it.

  • Thanks Adam for the advice.

  • Medium/soft front & rear, with a slightly harder bias in the composition in the rear.

this one give 50 gasoline to eatch cylinder — Yamaha Virago XV 750

this one give 50% gasoline to eatch cylinder

  • @ Shaun Bird any news on this yet :)

  • Sorry Mick. I wish. My bike has been at a standstill, and life and its many projects have gotten in the way hahhahah. You will be the first one I contact when I get it up and goin. Hopefully I will be able to spend some winter days workin on this bike.

  • Hi Shaun, thanks for getting back to me hope all settles down for you and look forward to hearing from you.

— Yamaha C3

  • in that case hold the variator with a gauntlet while you are working ( it can cut your hand ) and press " GENTLY " the triger ;) ;)

  • We call that an impact wrench (also known as an impactor, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, torque gun, windy gun) ;)

  • yup ! thanks for the english court :p

Learning about your new purchase can be fun and frustrating Time for a new... — Yamaha C3

Learning about your new purchase can be fun and frustrating. Time for a new primary drive shaft and gear set. I found a variator I want. But need help finding a drive face and selecting the right gear set. help?

  • I haven't tried this...Using a hair dryer (NOT a Heat Gun!) may possibly cause the plate to expand enough to work it loose...

  • Also, you can try what I did, putting the three plastic guides part # 8, back onto the plate, then reinstalling part # 5 for added leverage...

  • It's been 6 years ago...Seems like that did the trick! :)

What a day today has been Went to get the SIM card replaced in my iPhone as it... — Yamaha V-Star riders

What a day today has been. Went to get the SIM card replaced in my iPhone as it need to be. When I got there I obviously forgot to lock my helmet to my bike. Get back to the bike and the helmet was gone. Walked almost 3 kms to the nearest bike shop. Paid $130.00 for new helmet. Walked almost 3 kms back. When I got to my bike an hour and a half later and all sweaty, what was on the bitch seat of my bike, but my helmet. Guilty conscious I guess. Ride home, get my mail, and my refund cheque was there. Maybe I should just stay home the rest of the day.


After riding for an hour an a half to see my g f the oil cap came off the bike... — Yamaha V-Star riders

After riding for an hour an a half to see my g/f, the oil cap came off the bike when hitting the off ramp. Luckily only lost a quart of oil before being able to stop at her house. Even luckier still, the cap fell in front of cylinder one and not on the road.

Of course a quart of oil goes a long way when sprayed all over the side of a bike, the left side of your person, saddle bags, windscreen and glasses.

Even after washing it down after a top off and securing the cap, there is still a lot of oil everywhere.


Hey folks I wanted to post an update to the smartpartz baffles I got for my HK... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hey folks, I wanted to post an update to the smartpartz baffles I got for my HK big straights. What a difference, it idles a lot smoother and its still has a nice rumble, when throttling up it still blats like it did before but doesn't have the sharpness that the stock HK's had, almost lowers the note of the rumble if ya know what I mean. So far so good, and actually had some comments at Timmies tonight on the sound :) Also makes it a lot easier to glide into the streets in the evening without rattling windows. Overall a thumbs up so far :)


Two days ago I had just changed the oil filter so I had to drop the front pipe — Yamaha V-Star riders

Two days ago I had just changed the oil filter so I had to drop the front pipe. Reassembled and bike was good to go. Ran fine the past couple of days. On my way back to work from lunch and I notice the bike making a flap, flap, flap sound as I give throttle. I thought, maybe I had an exhaust leak coming from the front exhaust port since I had used same crush gasket. Nonetheless, I make it back to work and come to find out the front exhaust pipe had broke right at the port! Pipe looks like it rusted out.

Question, I'm five minutes from home is the bike gonna be ok to get it home.

Second, can it be repaired/welded?

I'm at work now so I can't post pic of the break. FML.


Hi — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum


I made some enquires about getting the club bike and others in the pop tent on show at the Ace Cafe one weekend - They are happy to offer us space at one of the following events

Sunday 1st September - VJMC Day.

Sunday 22nd September at the cafe is "FS1E Frenzy & Sports Mopeds"

I dont mind which we do but I potentially cant make the 22nd September but I dont see that as being an issue

Which fits best you think ?

Worth a go I think - we would need to co-ordinate the club bike so it stays in the south between the GP and Cadwell round or the Cadwell and Indy round. Add a couple more bikes to show, DVD playing, some flyers and a bit of merchandise/freebie and we should have a good day up there


  • Ive got a pop up awning with "Yamaha" on the top if you want to borrow it

  • Thanks Gary - we have a Pop up supplied by Yambits now :) if we need another will consider that certainly

I dropped the XS at the Raalte demoraces this weekend Netherlands Bike OK... — Yamaha XS650

I dropped the XS at the Raalte demoraces this weekend (Netherlands). Bike OK, less fairing and handlebars. Pics: Biker walks off with bruises and broken rib. My nose is saved by good helmet. Cracked thumb in cast; no more racing the next four weeks.

  • You and your friends would be very welcome at our events, Paul.

  • Thanks Gijs, probably have to be next year now but I have added your link to my favourites and if we get something together I will get in touch again. Good luck when you remount the XS :-)

  • U race with a half face helmet ,?

Brian Dorsett shared a Page to the group: YAMAHA JETBOATERS. — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

We also have a yamahajetboaters.com page on facebook. Please feel free to "like" it and participate on the page.

https://www.facebook.com/yamah ajetboaters

  • And if your not a member of yamahajetboaters.com, you should check it out....best info for any question you have....

  • Thanks Brian. Already "like" it and the online forum. In fact ordered some thrust vectors from you this morning from the ybj store. Wife had a heck of a time at slow speed this weekend and told me I could (needed to) order them. ;).

Paul Stewart shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

http://japan.webike.net/produc ts/2024445.html Cost $$$ but it is tunable !!!

  • A difference in Back Pressure between your stock exhaust & aftermarket pipe, caused by a difference in the header pipe length, may be the problem...

  • An old Harley Tuner's Trick is to drill a small hole at the 12:00 position just inside your tail pipe...Then, put a bolt through the hole head up, from the outside, secured with a steel locking nut, positioned to where it's threads are out into the exhaust flow...Now, start adding washers, one at a time (Secured with another steel lock nut.) And go ride your scoot, adding washers, until your performance returns...Gabe (You can fine tune it by using "light Washers" once you get it close...)

  • It would likely be beneficial, if all of the hardware was American made Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel! :)

The YPMRC club Bike is available for the Snett 300 Meeting due to the booked... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

The YPMRC club Bike is available for the Snett 300 Meeting due to the booked rider having a broken hand .. Last Chance for 2013

  • The club Bike is going to be used by Richard Dry . Thanks for the interest everyone :) Even your dont like interest John Sanders

  • Did I mention that the Aprilia had shite fooks!!! I still plan on coming ot of retirement to win the YPM series on my 50th next year but my wife tells me otherwise.... as does my bank balance, shrinking leathers, weight & bullshite meter :-(

  • Do it Lee! Bank balances are only a conversation starter, I'm fatter than anyone out there at the moment and can bullshit for Britain but have the best time of my life when with the YPM people :-)

Glad to be here thank you Just for fun on the right is my 1987 Yamaha RBX 200... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Glad to be here, thank you. Just for fun, on the right is my 1987 Yamaha RBX-200, which I bought used in 1988 when I first started playing. Of course it wasn't long before I discovered Billy Sheehan, and the modifications came - Hipshot D-Tuner, DiMarzio Model P pickup, scalloped upper frets, and Billy signature strings. And of course on the left is my Yamaha BEX-BS, which I just acquired used (and signed by Billy!). I always wanted one since they first came out, was disappointed to see them discontinued, and can't stop playing this one - it is an awesome bass! Thanks for looking (no Attitude, yet...)

  • welcome...

Driving season is about to begin again in Finland — Yamaha V-Max

Driving season is about to begin again in Finland :)

Vmax 1985 nro 000643

  • 1985!!!!!!

  • I used to own one of those.... Loved it :)

  • Mine is 1986 ;-) great stuff!

  • Right on! I just washed my VMax today!

My 2007 C3 won t start in hot weather and stalls if the weather is hot — Yamaha C3

My 2007 C3 won't start in hot weather and stalls if the weather is hot. Yamaha did the "fuel pump seal" recall back in 2008, but what could be the problem? They told me no other recalls and that a "product specialist" would be calling me. I know there are known issues with this damn fuel pump. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Might have merely been a piece of trash clogging the vent on your scooter's fuel cap...

  • Hi Gabe. Yamaha told me to take it to the dealer and have them call Yamaha corp. I asked if they needed to give me a case # and they said no, They'll use the VIN to communicate the issue of my fuel pump and then decide. What happens if they can't "reproduce" the faulty fuel pump during hot weather. I live in Oregon so it's been 65 degrees. It sounds like they're beginning the process. Do I ask for a 2010 and newer fuel pump? Who do I ask - the dealer or yamaha corp?

  • If Yamaha said to send it to a Dealer there's a good chance they'll replace your pump under the, "Enviromental Clause" of their Warranty... . Which is what they've been doing the last several years.They'll use diagnostic tools like a fuel pressure gauge & find out what's going on with your pump. You might ask Yamaha Customer Relations about the later pump at 800 962-7926, before parts are ordered.(You can look up the P/N at www.xtremeusa.com) If they won't replace it, simply wait until it's 95 degrees in August and your scoot's vapor locking when left out in the sun, & go park it in front of your Dealer's door for several hours, to get their attention! Failing that, knowing Oregon like I do, they likely have a really good, "Lemon Law..." There will be a website with an 800# that puts you in contact with an Attorney that should be able to assist you...Gabe

Driving home in my car last night 3 sport bikes in traffic getting a little... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Driving home in my car last night & 3 sport bikes in traffic getting a little aggressive on the throttle. Sad part is one of them had his temp license plates. There's a lot to be said for the company you keep on a bike. Teach the new riders to ride right. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with letting it out when you have the road (Lord knows I've done it). Keep the new riders safe & let them make their own life decisions. Everyone I rode with when I started never compromised my safety or taught me wrong. They always had my well being in mind. Ride safe & ride well!!!


hello all nice to see these groups on here my first experience was with a yami... — Yamaha XS650

hello all, nice to see these groups on here.. my first experience was with a yami xs 650 special,,, my husband and son in law are building a trike with the frame and frond end of a xs 650 79' we think the year is ,,,, anyways we were hoping to get in contact with some folks to inquire about some crucial parts needed to finish the build if any one knows of or has any front brake parts, ie; front right side brake caliper in good to great working order can you contact me please either though email, a comment on here or pm,, we need one that will fit a 79-83 yami xs650 special, any help wil be greatly appreciated.. please send pics of what you have available for consideration... thank you to all,,, cheers from England, happy riding

  • Would of thought a twin disc set up on a trike is a better idea?

  • Hi Floss, Yambits in UK may be worth talking too also and google search The tired Kraut in Germany, he comes up with some good gear, both refurbished used and new.

  • Cheers all. Have ordered from US and it's £20 cheaper than buying here - "go figure" comes to mind :-)

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone especially Mr Billy Sheehan himself can help... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone, especially Mr Billy Sheehan himself, can help me on this. I'm looking to try and replicate the wiring and pick up layout of an Attitude 2/3 on one of my basses as I currently can't afford an Attitude bass (I am saving for one though) so I was wondering if any one has a clear wiring diagram with the values of the pots, capacitors etc on it that they could send me? I would really appreciate it if any one can help. I'm desperate here. Thanks!

  • Tony Chiarello would a 250k pot do the same job? That's all I can seem to find along with a 500k one. Can't find any 300k ones with the push pull function. Might do the p controls as 250k to let a bit of a higher frequency through and just use 500k on the neck humbucker to soak all the highs out. Would this work the same?

  • Stevie Dewar 500K Volume and 250K Tone pots will work just fine. The tolerances on audio pots arent all that great anyway. It's highly unlikely you'll notice the additional 50K of impedance missing. If you find that the neck is a bit too muddy for your liking, you can always swap it out for a 500K to open up the highs a bit. Fire off an e-mail to the guys at DiMarzio if you have any questions about what values work best with specific pickup models. They're usually pretty good with answering questions quickly.

  • Tony Chiarello thanks so much for your help, that's sorted out a lot of queries I had with it all. Thanks again!

Robert Jadeborg updated the description of the group Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog. — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Forum for Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog lovers/owners only....

Visit the web for the Swedish forum :


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< /p>

When you are added as a member in this forum ther are some simple rules that you must follow:

1. This is an International Forum English is the language to use.

2. Pictures of Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog and Bulldog related pictures is ok only. Posting of Bulldog "dogs", flowers, stickers etc is fun, BUT exessive posting will result in deletion of the pictures.

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5. Members of the forum that continously do not follow these rules may be immediately and permanenty removed from the forum without notification.

Looking forward to good, fun and friendly posting onwards as well !

/Robert (admin and founder of the forum)

  • Keep up The good work :)

  • Hello Robert Jadeborg

    I think that you have reason A very good night to Rose-Marie and you

  • Robert, thanx for garding our forum! I really enjoy being on here...

  • Friendly forum/site, the first one who helped me when i began our french site ... the second one was the german forum/site ... they were helpfull and friendly just like bike's brotherhood should always be !!!

Hi Everyone i really love this group the infos you guys post here very... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Hi Everyone:-) i really love this group & the infos you guys post here, very informative & entertaining! So happy seeing so many talented bassist out there, rocking in this world!! I just would like to share my story here, is it okay?:-) I'm only dreaming about buying my first Yamaha bass yet, but working hard to buy it soon. Just moved to a big city a half year ago& city life is wonderful, because you can have so many opportunities& musical friends to do music with or jam with, (although nature & country life is still what fills me up after all the city life). Anyway, on one fine day in the big city, i was visiting a bassist friend, we were jamming & started talking about bass guitars, & techniques, songs, and players.... just mentioned him that i really think Billy's 'first wife' bass is a real cool instrumen& if he knows that it was the model for the Yamaha Attitude signature model. He got up from his chair & reached to the corner of the room, where there was a dusty, old Precision bass standing, great neck, great shape, but without any strings but w EMG pickups....lot dust. He wasn't using it since years, he got into more other type of music, he didn't liked the Prec sound& characteristics He gave 'him' to my hands & soon we got an old pack of strings & knew this is my first real instrument... went silent while holding it for a few minutes. I played with different rock&blues bands through the years, but always on different kind of guitars& amps...borrowed gears, amps. ....Soon i bought that dusty, 12 years old bass, brought it to a great lutherier & he fixed everything on it. With new strings on it... felt like being in heaven:-) Just started writing new songs & thinking about doing a new project. I know there's a long, hard road to go & i'm so happy to do it& so excited. And that feeling when you're starting to experiment to build your own sound & writing own songs finally after being in cover & jam bands...that feeling is so powerful. Hey, greetings to everyone. This was all i have in my head now, & thought to share it. Here's a pic of the bass too.... All the best, thank you for all the great posts by you guys here... Szibilla

  • Hi and welcome. Im new here too. Great page with great people!!!!!

  • welcome back at you!

C3 with slipstreamer scoot 40 closeup — Yamaha C3

C3 with slipstreamer scoot 40 closeup

  • I can deal with this!

  • Just a follow up.... The windshield (and I'm assuming all of the slipstreamer SCOOT model windshields) had a tendency to come a little loose. Turns out the one of the rosette knobs used to hold the rods in place was not tightening fully because the knob was faulty (plastic knob slipping on the metal screw).

    Solution: get 1/4" x 20 fasterners of your choice from the hardware store and use those instead. Initially I tried thumb screws, but I think I wasn't getting enough torque on those to keep tight, as they came loose as well. I settled on machine screws with a hex driver. The larger of the two allen wrenches that came with the windshield actually is the perfect size to drive these screws, so I just keep that in my storage compartment. That way I don't lose the ability to remove or adjust the windshield, if needed, in about 15 seconds.

  • I had this Meier Windshield on my older C3 Scooter for several years until the mounting system finally gave up the ghost...This is a Video thar was posted at the Original C3 Scooter site that later was, "Parked" by it's Owner...Gabe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =l6YLlysGets

Hi all greetings from Darwin Australia I ve enjoyed all your posts bike... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hi all, greetings from Darwin, Australia. I've enjoyed all your posts (bike-related or otherwise) since I've joined this group.

I've had my bike about three weeks, it's a daily commuter and a weekend warrior all the same, just finished my first 1000 km service and have no regrets with my V-Star 650 Custom. I've only ever ridden my dad's bikes before: a Honda Shadow and a Suzuki Intruder; this is my first own bike, brand new even. I'm 33 years old, I thought I'd have my quarter life crisis now.

Just wanted to pick the collective brain on two issues:

1) anyone ever used the Barons back sweep risers before (4" rise, 1 1/2" backwards offset, 1" clamping area)? I'm feeling discomfort in my shoulders and arms, like I'm leaning forward and can't relax my arms. Anyway, I don't want to change my cables at this point of time, and apparently, the Baron risers won't require me to.

2) is the Vince & Hines exhaust really worth it? It'll cost me AU$600 installed. I'm not looking to make the bike sound more "Harley", but this is probably the only mod I really need for that little bit more "growl", and besides, they look freaking awesome.

Thanks in advance, keep riding and be safe.


buon week end — Yamaha V-Max

buon week end ^^

  • That's a buiti. Just sold mine recently nearly made me cry enjoy it and keep between the hedges and the ditches and the mad fore wheelers nodi Ingham

I m rebuilding my top end and I have the head off and the jug off but how do I... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

I'm rebuilding my top end and I have the head off and the jug off but how do I get the cam and the valves out of the head ?

  • Are you talking about the cam? Or rocker shafts cause those are hard to get out

  • The cam

  • Pull harder it feels tight because of the seal do you have the rocker covers off

— Yamaha V-Max

  • Beautiful bike. It's very well done and tasteful.

  • many thanks ...

  • Class !!

  • tastefully done; well balanced look.

About a year and a half ago my middle drive shaft broke at the U joint — Yamaha V-Star riders

About a year and a half ago my middle drive shaft broke at the U-joint. After much research I've found that this seems to be a common problem on '05 and '06 1100's with no apparent range of mileage for when it happens. Anywhere from 4000 to 40,000 is what I've found. The new part that Yamaha has appears to be made a little "beefier" than the original. Total cost to fix at my dealer is about $2000. I know about the "quick fix" of drilling and tapping but I want it done right. After speaking with Bradley at Yamaha Headquarters, he has authorized the new parts for free. There has been no recall nor will they admit that this has been a problem. If you hear a loud noise coming from down by your left foot, SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!! Your shaft is about to break and there is potential of the back wheel locking up. I'm not dogging the brand or trying to make a big issue. I just want all my brother and sister riders to be aware of this.


Well it had to happen it was my turn This morning I was riding to meet a mate... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Well, it had to happen....it was my turn. This morning I was riding to meet a 'mate for coffee this morning a woman in a Mazda sedan turned left in front of me on my motorcycle. We missed each other by inches!! The ONLY THING that saved me was my NOT assuming that she saw me coming. When she turned directly in front of my I had already given myself time to react, and a route to miss her. I was able to run her down and ask her about the choices she had just made, and also about how she would be feeling if she had KILLED ME!

She replied, "I didn't see you.".........yup, that's right, friends!!!!

To all my riding friends out there.....please, Please, PLEASE take responsibility for your ride.

And to the rest of you......Look Twice, Save a Life.....Motorcycles are Everywhere!!!


Took the Wife s C3 out for the 1st time this year Bone stock and runs the... — Yamaha C3

Took the Wife's C3 out for the 1st time this year, Bone stock and runs the speedo half way through the Yamaha emblem, Her 5 year warranty will be over soon so the washer in the variator will be coming out soon. Does 39.5 gps now, Soon a few more MPH.

  • Or, at least my old Chevy pickup to a new Dodge Ram with the Diesel engine and ability to pull huge boats...:)

  • It must be a hoot to ride it at 60-65mph out on the road passing cars! :)

  • 2001 Malaguti Ducati Foggy Replica 49cc 2 stroke water cooled, LeoVince

    ZX Hand-Made TT Scooter Exhaust Chrome/ Carbon Fiber, Pirelli SL 36 Performance Scooter Tires, Front and rear disc brakes. 62mph! From what I have read they imported 500, I don't ride it for fuel economy but it must get 70-80 mpg, Parts are available but I never needed any, Cost ?? I would not sell it for less than $2000 but it's not for sale.

So I need some advice I did an oil change on my 2005 1100 Pulled the front... — Yamaha V-Star riders

So I need some advice... I did an oil change on my 2005 1100. Pulled the front exhaust to remove the oil filter cover. Put it all back together and torqued the exhaust nuts according to the service manual (14 ft/lbs I believe). Took the bike for a couple of spins since and it was great... until this Tuesday. I went to run some errands and the bike ran really rough when twisting the throttle. I thought I just didn't let it warm up. I pulled into a parking lot, let it sit for a minute and everything cleared up. I did about 40 miles. Yesterday I took my daughter for a ride and let it warm up. Took off, everything was fine, for the first mile or so and then it started running rough again but cleared up. Then after sitting for a few while we ate and visited a park, it ran horribly all the way home, just a couple of miles. Now I am at a loss. Could I not have tightened the exhaust nuts enough? I don't see any blow out around the exhaust. I pulled the plugs and they look on the lean side but nothing extreme and the gap was in spec. I don't know if it's carb/fuel issues or electrical. I was going to pull the carbs today but due to the timing of the oil change, I can't help but think it relates to that somehow but outside of the exhaust nuts, I have no idea.

Thoughts? Anyone have something similar?


Lucas Luna shared a link to the group: Yamaha VR-R 150 2T. — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T


  • 185km/h vi yo, para mi no es cara, (mi sueldo y el tuyo es bajo y q no nos de para comprarla es otra cosa) es exacto el doble de cilindrada q el vrr y tiene 12 HP mas, si lo miras como que es una moto para pricipiantes que se inician con esa moto y q no solo es para acelerar en línea recta, sino que también para frenar y doblar bien acostado es un re caño 40 veces más que el vrr, si el vrr seria mejor veriamos versiones nuevas cosa q no hay. Además el vrr llega a 170 180 de tablero y tocandola que dudo que sean 150 155km\h reales.

  • 185km/h vi yo, para mi no es cara, (mi sueldo y el tuyo es bajo y q no nos de para comprarla es otra cosa) es exacto el doble de cilindrada q el vrr y tiene 12 HP mas, si lo miras como que es una moto para pricipiantes que se inician con esa moto y q no solo es para acelerar en línea recta, sino que también para frenar y doblar bien acostado es un re caño 40 veces más que el vrr, si el vrr seria mejor veriamos versiones nuevas cosa q no hay. Además el vrr llega a 170 180 de tablero y tocandola que dudo que sean 150 155km\h reales.

  • Yo con esa plata buscaria una usada pero 600.

    el ninja 300 obvio que dobla frena mil veces que el vrr. pero si miro motos de pista lo que mi fijo es la vel final y esta no la tiene.

    Va en gusto de cada uno

Any one in the UK interested in a used Ride In belly pan. unfinished — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

Any one in the UK interested in a used Ride-In belly pan (unfinished)

  • Cyril, I'm a happy man! PayPal is probably the best bet, but you'll have to tell me how it works, Ive not paid an individual on PayPal before - do I need your email address? Also how much will it cost to post?

  • Hi Adam give me you paypal name and ill send you a payment request don't send any passwords or anything like that LOL!!!!!!! where in the UK are you ill work out posteage but it will only be what it costs me cheers d

  • Hi Cyril, call me paranoid but I'd rather not share my details on Facebook - can you pm me your email address? And ill pm you mine as well. Cheers

Hi everyone I m new to this group and Vstar ownership 2005 Vstar1100 custom... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hi everyone... I'm new to this group and Vstar ownership, 2005 Vstar1100 custom that had only 3500 miles on it when I picked it up a month ago. I grew up on dirt bikes and racing motocross. I have ridden a number of sport bikes but I'm new to cruisers. I do have a question, at what point do you stop fretting over the clicking of the Vstar engine? Wow. Everything I have read about the bike makes it seem normal. One guy described it as a sewing machine. I didn't believe it and thought I had valve issues. I pulled it apart, checked them and they are within spec. I just want to know if I can relax and not think the engine is going to grenade!


so this is a long shot but. the cicadas are coming out soon here in the DC area

so this is a long shot, but... the cicadas are coming out soon here in the DC area. last time was something like 13-17 years ago. this predates even our oldest C3's I think.

anyway, was thinking the windshield would be a good investment for the peak of cicada season to keep cicadas from getting squished on my suits as I ride to work. any chance anyone was riding scoots or motorcycles last time cicadas were out and can comment on how bad it was? am I crazy to think my business suits, sport coats, or anything else I might wear could get squished bug all over it?

disclaimer: I WAS in the area last time cicadas were out and I DO remember how many there were, but I wasn't on a scooter or motorcycle back then...

  • Yamaha has a pretty good sized windshield for the C3 Scooter that solidly mounts to the mirror brackets Erik. It keeps a lot of the bugs off of you, along with wind blast, & sand from passing dump trucks...Plus, it makes the ride more comfortable, gives a bit better 0-30mph times and about one mpg better fuel economy...$$$ well spent!

  • It liked your voice ;)

  • I might have to make that investment. gonna make another post asking solely about windshields

Little story to tell — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Little story to tell.

I had an Attitude standard 4 &5 way back in 91. Loved them both. My amp head blew so I had to sell my 5 to pay for a new head which I was gutted about but I still had my 4. Time went on and I found out that my "other wife";-) was expecting. Time to give up my dream and find a grown up job!!! After a while we were finding it hard to pay the bills so I decided to sell the rest of my gear as it was sitting gathering dust. I sold my fender precision my head and cab my my precious Standard!! Never forget that day!!!

I never picked up a bass again!!

Roll on 16 years. I was contacted by my old band to see if I wanted to go for a jam. I was so up for it so I went shopping. I was going to visit the three guitar shops in Glasgow to see what I could find but I decided to go into the only second hand store in glasgow first. Had a look at an Aria sb 1000( which I traded in to buy my standard all those years ago. Wish I had kept that one too!!) but decided against it as it needed alot of work. I didnt see anything else in the store and was about to walk out. Then something caught my eye. In behind a bunch of guitars in the corner was an Attitude headstock sticking up above the rest. I pulled a few away and at the back was MY Attitude that I sold 16 years ago!!!! I knew it was mine as I covered the white scratchplate with black plastic as I was going through a goth phase at the time I think!!! My son was with me and I asked him if he knew what this was. As all teenagers do, he just shrugged and grunted. I told him the story and said that this was mine 16 years ago!!! The guy in the store couldnt believe it and told me he had it in storage for years and only brought it out two days before. I had to buy her back. I bought her for £60!!!! Obviously the guy didnt know what he had. For the bass to be in storage in a garage for years, the condition is amazing!!! The neck is sublime. The body work is very good too. The pickup had been damaged though so ive replaced that with a seymour quarter pounder. Its now a monster. Im also going to change the pick guard to a mother of pearl design.

  • Very nice David. Ive just bought a Yamaha BBG4SII. It should be with me tomorrow. Lets hope its nice.

  • Lovely! I've had a number of yamahas and they've all been great instruments! Hope you enjoy your new toy tomorrow!:)

  • Cheers mate!!!

These are my notes from the test ride of the MORIC 9 500 rpm ECU I noticed my... — Yamaha C3

These are my notes from the test ride of the MORIC 9,500 rpm ECU: "I noticed my scooter kind of dragging around in the hills, which I've found to be consistant with running too much total variator weight...,My scooter has been running slightly lean...The plug showing a very Light sand color, but not white + the exhaust nearly clean and dry. I wiped it's tailpipe out 4 miles from the house and it had just a trace of soot when I checked it with a clean rag, when I returned.So, I think I'll pull the tape off of the other 1/2" hole I'd cut in the air box lid & see if it stops the dragging around.Also, I'm going to put the only other 16X13mm weights I have, in the Primary...Three Dr.Pulley 3.5gr sliders mixed with three of the Malossi 6gr rollers equaling a set of 4.75gr weights and see if it helps any. Tonight or tomorrow, I'll pull the cover and mark the inner pulleys with magic marker to see where the belt's riding, + install the weights. Gabe"

  • jeez Gabe... too bad you don't live close by. I'd give you my scooter for the weekend and tell you to go nuts. assume I'd get an even sweeter ride back once the weekend was out.

  • I have my Ural Motorcycle & an '80 model KZ250LTD to go faster on... What I Really would like is a Yamaha C3 Scooter capable of 48-50mph straight and level @ 100mpg...:)

  • Mine is utilized to fetch groceries, parts, paint, hardware, etc within a 45mile radius of the house + the extra speed will be indeed welcome! :)

  • About 0100 this am I couldn't sleep. So, for the fun of it I put three Dr.Pulley 16x13mm 3.5gr sliding weights in the primary sheave of my 850mi "New" C3 Scooter (Along with three 6gr rollers) and rode it for awhile...Of course, it's hitting that limiter at about halfway into the yammy logo. But, it's pulling extraordinarily well...I'm going to put the new ECU, and my (gps) on it today & ride it 60 miles to see how it does...

  • I installed the new ECU, my new license plate, & my (gps) mount yesterday morning and went for what ended up being a 130 mile ride on the "New" '07 C3 Scooter, and got some oddball results. Running 41.6mph top speed at 9,100rpms and not hitting the limiter. Staying at 37-40 mph straight and level & only slowing to 32mph in the bigger hills...I rode 25 miles to Eufaula, Al - the nearest town to have a cell phone fixed + Verizon had closed their store! So, ended up riding 60miles to Ozark, Al to have it programmed. Then, 45 miles back to the house...What would've normally been a really long day was almost fun, because of my scooter staying right at 40mph 85% of the trip...I've got some Dr.Pulley 4, 5, 6, + 7gr - 16x13mm sliders on the way with which I'll be able to tune the variator for best performance. I'll try the 7gr set first, to see if I can back the engine off of the limiter, (With both the stock 9,100 + 9,270rpm ECU.) with 42gr total variator weight,& find out what this does to performance...

This is a msg I just sent to Mr Jiangwayne Hello Mr Jiangwayne I just... — Yamaha C3

This is a msg I just sent to Mr.Jiangwayne...: " Hello Mr.Jiangwayne...I just returned from riding my Yamaha C3 Scooter after installing the 9,500rpm ECU...What I found was that it's limiter kicks in at 9,270rpms Vs the stock Ecu's 9,140rpms...(Hmmm! Was it MORIC that led you to believe the original ECU back in '08 was "Unlimited RPMS?) I Really Need the 9,500rpms they claim their unit allows... I don't want any money back, and I really don't want another ECU. If they have the ability to tweak Yamaha ECU's to raise their limits, if I mail my MORIC unit back to them,& I'll even pay return postage, a Tech ought to be able to adjust it to where it works on my scooter as advertised! Let me know! Thanks! Gabe (Bruce Gabriel)"

  • I have had good success with parts from Jiangewayne..

  • Yeah, me too...Both He and Joel Martin at MRP (Dr.Pulley) are on FB and will talk to you...

  • I heard from Him this AM & he's waiting on Yamaha Parts Dist to see what the deal is with the ECU...

just wanted to let you all know that while Finland is a small nation it feels... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

just wanted to let you all know that, while Finland is a small nation, it feels just as good to be the #1 on the album charts. In other words, that's yours truly who played bass (and a lot of other stuff, too) on the chart-topping record - 8 out of 11 tracks with "my wife". :) One song was crying out for fretless, two had no bass at all, would've played the Attitude on every single track if it was up to me. On a special note, the guy who mixed the album (he wasn't the recording engineer, just so you know) had asked our producer/engineer in the course of the final mixing session: "What's with that bass sound?!? It sounds so solid and good to begin with there's not much to tamper around with anymore..."

Thanks for being the grooviest FB-group ever! :D

  • Well done Jaan. Look me up if you come to Scotland.

  • I went on you tube and watched you from Circus Helsinki. Very good sir!!! I like you stage moves!!!!!;-)

  • Thank you, Paul! :)

Here is mine — Yamaha XS650

Here is mine!

  • Yeah, I have two more I'm building. I'm going to try to find front drums or none for those? I already shaved the legs. This one pictured has a remote master cylinder to clean up the bars. Thanks!

  • Good luck Craig, with your new projects, Have you ever bin thinking of an "Springer-Fork"?? Next year i want one for my XS!! Mikes MC in the USA have them for sale, specially made for the XS650. Price and everything else can be seen on his webside. He also have special made BSA-Frames to the XS650, and manny other cool parts to customize our loved XS650. I´m also so lucky that we i my country also have a "Einstein" in the XS, and lucky that he have made his own store only with parts and hole bikes of the XS650!! So do you have a problem with your XS-ride, you can cale him on the phone, and do you want a perfekt engine, you give it to him and let him fine-tune it. Stay cool Craig, and may the sun always shine on your ride, and may you always have a full tank bro.

  • yes, I like springers but only if they are skinny. I think the one you are talking about is too wide for my taste and boxy looking. I think we also have the Einstein of the XS in the US, Hugh Owings. You stay cool too Steen Christiansen!

I m going to install the 9 500rpm ECU I recently found later tonight The... — Yamaha C3

I'm going to install the 9,500rpm ECU I recently found later tonight, (The weather's supposed to start clearing up later.) and go ride it, though I won't be able to see my (gps) until daylight...However, if it stays off of the limiter...It'll be pretty close to 50mph...It seems that I recall Nick + Jason Merfeld saying when they were modding their C3 Scooter in the spring of '08, that while this ECU only added 250-300 rpms to the limiter, it also added more fuel so they could open up their scoot's intake some to get more power...I dug out my modded high flow, low restriction C3 air filter just in case! :P



Got only 25 miles in today Had too much else going on But damn did it feel... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Got only 25 miles in today. Had too much else going on. But damn did it feel good to finally get out and ride. A little cool and very windy at times. Stuffed my chaps and vest in the left side saddle bag. Rain gear in the rain. Both are full...lol. Was going to take a pic at some point of the bike, but got back and had to take a nap to get rid of the headache (biggest reason why it was a short ride). Hoping it warms up a little more soon so I can stop driving the truck so much to work and start taking the bike.

Oh, and are Mustang seats supposed to be a stiff at first? It was a little more comfortable than the stock, but my rear still hurt when I got back. Just wondering. Maybe it just needs broke in.


Heads up for anyone here using Michelin Pilot road 3 tires — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Heads up for anyone here using Michelin Pilot road 3 tires.

An experienced motorcycle tire fitter has just informed me that the recommended PSI for these tires is 40 rear 38 front for standard riding & 42 + at the rear for heavy loads.

At these settings, 20,000kms life is not unheard of for the rear tire.

He also mentioned the Pilot road is a game changer in tire technology.

Note, these pressure settings are only for the pilot road 3 & you should always use the manufacturers recommended tire pressure.

  • I got mine from yamaha in Frankston at the start of the year for 500 fitted

  • Thats not bad,, Citywest Yamaha have an offer on at the moment too,, must be tyre season

  • Michelin S12 and MS3 combo for $199 for the pair on loose wheels, and extra $40 if they have to remove the wheels

Dan Alexander shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

The 2013 Zero S, electric motorcycle.. Big changes from the 2012 one

  • yes,, a while back,, but yes,,

  • Makes you wonder where the internal combustion engine would be today if not for the oil industry.

  • It would be well advanced by now... I remember a story back in the 50's where a guy invented an engine with magnets, he seemingly vanished and so did his design, never to be heard again. Thats how greedy the oil companies are.. When I was around 18 years old, me and a mate tried to make an electric engine in our spare time on the farm. We got a think steel shaft, then made two disks which were quite big, We welded one disk on the shaft and put the other on it but with a bearing so it could rotate. On both disks we mounted magnets, the magnets one one disk were opposite poles to the magnets on the other, we also angled them slightly which was the hardest part. When you slid the rotating disk near to the fixed one it would spin quite fast. Our next plan was to use electro magnets to increase the power, we were going to use a simple 12v electro magnets, if it worked we were going to put it into a motorcycle and have a chain from the shaft to the rear wheel and control the speed with a variable electric controller,,, however we never got that far... but i recon it would be east to do again..

Dan Alexander shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Energica, the new electric motorcycle, would you ride one, or even still, would you buy one?

  • 12k price tag? im assuming since this was filmed in england that is 12k pounds which is AU18k, for a bike that has a range of 85 miles which is around 125k's and a claimed top speed of 130k's, i wouldnt buy it, and wouldnt even think about the one that is half the price for half the range.

  • Neither would I,, on the US site it stated around $14k, if you were city riding then fine, or commuting daily within its rage then fine again, imagine the fuel savings you would have. One of the videos tells you the cost of charging which worked out at a penny per mile (uk terms) But you would need the good old FZ6R for the weekend. I recon in about another 5 years we will have one that can fully compete with e petrol bike, but untill then I dont think it would do me..

  • US14k would probably end up being about AU18k on the road.