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really works

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  • lol! Never had mine move either. I did something like that with a match book cover to hold an a/c vent in my car from swinging around! If it works, why not?!

  • How far are each string from the pickups¿ could be 2 or 3 milimiter

  • also you can fret the highest note on the bass and use those shims to make sure that the pickup is parallell to the strings thus getting the most of the ramp effect

really flat — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

really flat

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  • I like my neck close to poker straight as possible. I like my action low but not as low as in this photo. I do need some bounce back action from the strings. I do all my own setups and spent years perfecting it and feel to each his own. I am friends with Willis and have played his bass as well as several of Sheehan’s basses. The setups between my bass, Sheehan’s bass and Willis’s bass were all different but they all work for each of us. Bottom line is do what works for you. I can play you a ton of my session recordings and you will hear no buzzing on my bass in any recordings. Im a natzi about things like that. Some people like a lot of neck relief and others dislike it. Again to each his own. Good Luck :)

  • how about a video of this bass in action, that would be cool.

Spent the weekend summarizing and detailing my Yama will be sore tomorrow but... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Spent the weekend "summarizing" and detailing my Yama... will be sore tomorrow, but she's ready for another season :)

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  • Plugs replaced two wks ago, tomorrow the oil & filters get changed

  • I lubed, changed oil, filters, plugs today. One oil filter was stuck real bad. After several attempts with 2 different oil filter wrenches I had to resort to "screwdriver hammered through filter to make handle" method :). Hopefully your filters come off easier than mine!

Memorial Day ride to Natural Tunnel State Park in VA for the wife and I on my... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Memorial Day ride to Natural Tunnel State Park in VA for the wife and I on my 07 V-Star 1100 Custom. Beautiful weather and a nice place to visit. Water erosion from a creek actually created a natural tunnel large enough to run train tracks through. The natural part is the darker looking photo. The smaller tunnel in the background of the photo of my wife and I was man made. They have a nice campground, swimming pool, cabin rentals (very modern and nice similar to what you would rent in Gatlinburg or ski slope areas) and a chair lift you can ride to the bottom where the tunnel is. Highly recommend.

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    Biker down — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Biker down.

    An off-duty McKinney police officer died in a crash in Frisco on Monday morning.

    Officer John Libby was killed when his motorcycle hit a sport utility vehicle just before noon at the corner of Custer Road and Cotton Ridge Road South.

    According to police, the driver of the 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled out in front of Libby's cycle.

    Investigators said there was no suspicion of drug or alcohol use and that no charges have been filed.

    John Libby had been with the McKinney Police Department since 2007.

    "John's commitment to his family, community and fellow officers will be deeply missed," McKinney police spokesman Sgt. Chad Barker said in a written statement.

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      2006 Yamaha AR210 for sale. Please let me know if interested — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

      2006 Yamaha AR210 for sale. Please let me know if interested.

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      • Will think that is because of the lack of salt water use and the shorter season?

      • Looks like a very nice boat. And that is a great price. A bit low in my opinion. They are selling in the mid 20s for that year here in GA.

      • Spread the word!!

      A little off topic but fitting for the day here in the USA and his son has a V... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      A little off topic but fitting for the day here in the USA (and his son has a V Star). My dad has this limo as a "Moving Memorial". It has the names of the 52 combat related fallen from the State of Maine (so far) since 9/11. He does this out of his own pocket as a retired Army soldier (1973) and 100% disabled vet with 2 tours in Vietnam. This was in the town parade today in Richmond, Maine. My mothers last ride in the Memorial Day parade was last year and she passed away 2 days later (from lung cancer), 1 day after their 56th anniversary. Was a little more somber and tougher on my dad this year....

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        I found this wrench at Sears on a Christmas Eve about 5 years ago for 19 — Yamaha C3

        I found this wrench at Sears on a Christmas Eve about 5 years ago for $19.95...It's done everything I've needed it to do...:)

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        • It gets used more than the other two wrenches...

        • Especially, since it was recently calibrated...You cannot imagine what a hassle it was to get that accomplished! :)

        • But...You can break something if it isn't done every couple of years or so...Especially if you're working on aircraft.

        I know the Harley and Gold Wing version of these were posted a week or so ago... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        I know the Harley and Gold Wing version of these were posted a week or so ago, but wanted to share the others:

        Top 10 Reasons Sport bikers Don’t Wave At All.

        10. They have not been riding long enough to know they’re supposed to.

        9. They’re going too fast to have time enough to register the movement and respond.

        8. You weren’t wearing bright enough gear.

        7. If they stick their arm out going that fast they’ll rip it out of the socket.

        6. They’re too occupied with trying to get rid of their chicken strips.

        5. They look way too cool with both hands on the bars or they don’t want to unbalance themselves while standing on the tank.

        4. Their skin tight-Kevlar-ballistic-nylon-kangaroo-leather suits prevent any position other than fetal.

        3. Raising an arm allows bugs into the armholes of their tank tops.

        2. It’s too hard to do one-handed stoppies.

        1. They were too busy slipping their flip-flop back on.

        Top Ten Reasons Why BMW Riders Don’t Wave Back.

        10. New Aerostich suit too stiff to raise arm.

        9. Removing a hand from the bars is considered “bad form.”

        8. Your bike isn’t weird enough looking to justify acknowledgment.

        7. Too sore from an 800-mile day on a stock “comfort” seat.

        6. Too busy programming the GPS, monitoring radar, listening to ipod, XM, or talking on the cell phone. 5. He’s an Iron Butt rider and you’re not!

        4. Wires from Gerbings is too short.

        3. You’re not riding the “right kind” of BMW.

        2. You haven’t been properly introduced.

        1. Afraid it will be misinterpreted as a friendly gesture

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          Alright everyone smarter than me I am not a carb guy at all I ve got spark... — Yamaha XS650

          Alright everyone smarter than me. I am not a carb guy at all. I've got spark, fuel, and she won't start. 78 xs650 still has the original carbs on her. What do I look for or try?

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          • You might try wd 40 sprayed in to top end instead or in through the carb manifolds (personallly I wouldn't go mad with this though.)

          • Ok I will give it a try tomorrow. What about the carb boots? They are looking a little weather checked. Maybe getting to much air? Again carbs are not my thing. No problem with anything else though.

          • If your carb boots are cracked your might get a weak mixture or unbalanced mixture in each cyclinder but in my experience if you have good petrol getting through, a spark (occuring at roughly the right time) and compression it will run (or you'll hear it trying, or it will kick back. It may not run very well but you should get some life out of it. Things like air leaks, bad timing etc.. can be sorted out later. On occasions there will be multiple problems e.g. weak or rich mixture, poor spark, poor compression which will combine to stop it starting but you did say it was running OK last summer. Let us know if you get it going. And the fault if you find one. :-)

          Frame cut 1 inch of the spine taken out steering head pushed back and tack... — Yamaha XS650

          Frame cut, 1 inch of the spine taken out, steering head pushed back and tack welded into place. An extra 8 - 10 degrees of rake. Lovely. Now for the hardtail.

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          • Ha ha ha, yes or Germany or Sweden or Norway or ...... It´s only in my little Country biker lives a hard life with the law ha ha ha. But thanks David, Is just every thing about bikes and cars that shit in Denmark, els it´s a little nice and beautiful country with friendly people and super roads!! And no place in Denmark you have more than 50km down to the ocean (ca.31miles). In the little town where i live, i have water on 2 sides, and only 1/4 mile to the water!!!! In juni i am going to an XS650 club-meet, and maybe there will come 2oo-250 XS650 in that weekend! But next year is our plan to go to England, maybe 3 or 4 XS650!! And if we are going, we maybe can visit some of you?? But for now you stay cool David, get on wheels and enjoy the summer.

          • Steen what happens if nsomeone from another country rides into Denmark on a modified bike xs or other do the police bother them

          • No not if you´re from another country, then there is no problems with custom, chopper, bobber etc etc. So stay cool my friend, you can easy drive into little Denmark on a modified bike!

          ask lang po ako about insurance wala kasi ako insurance dahil nakuha ko ng... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

          ask lang po ako about insurance.. wala kasi ako insurance dahil nakuha ko ng cash..anu po company ang maganda ang insurance policy and how much? taga malolos po ako. thanks

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          • Mga boss. Alam ko yung feeling ng walang security. When it comes to our property. Bakit di po natin bigyan din ng pansin ating sarili. Ang pinakamahalaga sa lahat :-)

          • Sunlife insurance agent po kasi.anyone needs a life protection or savings, investment, retirement po. Feel free to contact me po. 09163981485 :-)

          • ako non life.,hehe sa auto insurance..check ko if pwede sa motor

          Bara Alfa shared a link to the group: YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR). — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

          agan2 yang mau jadi reseller monggo, ndak perlu beli bnyak untuk dapat harga murah, disaya beli 1 pcs saja sudah dapat harga partai,, ini list harganya bos,, monggo di order


          2600 mah Rp. 63.000

          5600 mah Rp. 125.000

          5600 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 130.000

          5600 mah New Rp. 127.000

          5600 mah new + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 132.000

          8400 mah Rp. 155.000

          8400 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 160.000


          3000 mah Rp. 75.000

          5800 mah Rp. 170.000

          5800 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 175.000

          5800 new dual output Rp. 175.000

          5800 new dual output + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 180.000

          8800 mah Rp. 210.000

          8800 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 215.000


          5800 mah Rp. 135.000

          5800 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 140.000

          8800 mah Rp. 170.000

          8800 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 175.000

          10000 mah Rp. 209.000

          10000 mah + motif(carton&logo bola) Rp. 214.000


          2600 mah Rp. 81.000

          Charger blackberry : 33rb

          Headset blackberry : 22rb

          Connector all PB : 35rb

          Adaptor 1 A u/ all PB : 17rb

          Baterai Doubel power blackberry

          CS-2 55rb

          DX-1 60rb

          MS-1 65rb

          -> skin bb 10rb\pcs,,,300rb/meter

          -> jok motor aircooling 55rb

          -> striping motor custom design biasa 150rb, bagus 250rb*(tergantung jenis motor & desain biasa di lihat di

          lokasi saya surabaya bos

          langsung hub. ane aj untuk lebih jelasnya

          hp : 085648107745

          pin bb : 27FEF4D3


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            A quick question regarding the clutch — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

            A quick question regarding the clutch.

            I was on a training day with my bike and during the slow session where there's lots driving on the clutch my neutral gear disappeared. It just kept jumping over neutral, and a moment later the clutch fully depressed started grabbing in first gear.

            I let the bike cool for an hour and everything was fine again. Later that day the same happened again.

            The clutch adjustment is fully "out" and the cable has been recently changed to a new one.

            Could it be the oil or is the clutch needing replacing? I might try to get the cable tighter with a washer or something. It grabs just fine..

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            • I used Castrol 10W-40 Actevo X-TRA 4T on the last 100000 km...

            • Ok thats a lot of km, makes me wonder how far the BT engine can make it before you have to do a full rebuild :)

            • My engine is fine. :) The Valve clearance is still on the factory settings... I'm hoping more than 200000 km...

            Is there any Lane splitting etiquette I normally Lane split at a speed I am... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

            Is there any Lane splitting etiquette, I normally Lane split at a speed I am comfortable with and don't usually look at the speed as I'm concentrating on what's going on ahead and checking my mirrors for cops, tonight on the way home from work I came across a guy doing 15-20k, seemed like much slower than I normally go, he seemed a little wobbly so i Gave him space many times he had a chance to pull into a spot and let me pass but didn't (I did that a couple of times when I started Lane splitting) is there any sort of etiquette on this or just common courtesy?

            For the record once I got past and up to speed I looked at my speedo and realized I was doing 35 on a freeway where the traffic was doing about 5 or less, too fast?

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            • Yes the legislation regarding filtering in Melbourne seems designed to make it as difficult as possible to follow in real life.

              Sounds like That guy you saw was a bit in over his head.

            • As long as the traffic is very slow and you are passing slowly then no one would bother, however some do it while the traffic is sitting around 50k and they are passing going much faster, that is deemed dangerous and they would get nailed for it and made an example of, it is all common sence, just go by your own instincts and if what you are doing is safe do do then go for it,.... any doubts then dont do it

            • Reminds me of the chorus to an old beastie boys song " it not a crime if you don't get caught.."

            Et ou ils sont les motards qui faisaient les concentrations les chamois à val d... — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

            Et ou ils sont les motards qui faisaient les concentrations 'les chamois à val d'isère, le plateau des milles vaches, les taureaux à sommières, le mugello en italie, les 200 miles au paul ricard organisé par moto journal, la concentration de san marino en italie et tant d'autres classiques" alors si vous etes de ceux qui non pas peur de rouler venez à ce rassemblements à Ancona, pour ma part on va faire 1100 km avec mon épouse pour y aller ,et j'irai simplement pour avoir le plaisir de connaître Vicenzo et tant pis si on est que deux mais on fera le ride.

            Amicalement à tous les motards et motardes du groupe.

            And where they are bikers who were the concentrations chamois to Val d'Isere, the plateau miles cows, bulls sommières the Mugello in Italy, 200 miles to the Paul Ricard organized by motorcycle newspaper, the concentration of san marino italy and many other classics "so if you are one of those who are not afraid to roll come to rallies in Ancona, for me it will be 1100 km with my wife to go, and I'll just have the pleasure of knowing Vicenzo and so what if it is only two but we will ride.

            Regards to all bikers and biker group.

            E dove sono i motociclisti che erano le concentrazioni di camosci in Val d'Isere, l'altopiano miglia mucche, tori Sommières il Mugello in Italia, a 200 miglia al Paul Ricard organizzati dal giornale motociclistico, la concentrazione di san Marino, Italia e molti altri classici ", quindi se siete uno di quelli che non hanno paura di rotolare venire ai raduni in Ancona, per me sarà 1100 km con mia moglie di andare, e mi limiterò a hanno il piacere di conoscere Vicenzo e così che cosa se è solo due, ma ci si ride.

            Saluti a tutti i motociclisti e gruppi di biker.

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              Vincenzo Nagliero — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

              Vincenzo Nagliero

              Organizzo megamotoraduno YAMAHA FJ in Italia. Date presunte 2-4 agosto. Si vagliano proposte ed adesioni.

              I want to organize mega rally bike YAMAHA FJ in Italy. Dates alleged August 2 to 4. You should evaluate proposals and acceptances

              Quiero organizar mega-manifestación de moto Yamaha FJ en Italia. Fechas alegó 2 a 4 agosto. Usted debe evaluar las propuestas y aceptaciones.


              J’a ime · · Annuler l’abonnement · Partager · 4 mars, 15:17

              Vu par 145 personnes

              6 personnes aiment ça.

              Rizzo Vito Roberto Ciao Vincenzo dove si fara il raduno?

              5 mars, 06:11 · J’aime

              Vincenzo Nagliero pensavo ad ancona o comunque riviera adriatica. Da vagliare con qualcuno se ci fosse la volonta'!

              13 mars, 14:45 · J’aime

              Rizzo Vito Roberto va bene per me.

              14 mars, 06:48 · J’aime

              Vincenzo Nagliero Dai allora aiutami che molti visualizzano ma nessuno si esprime

              14 mars, 15:26 · J’aime

              Filippi Francesco mi esprimo !!!! FANTASTICO !!!!!! FAMMI SAPERE CIAO

              15 mars, 15:55 · J’aime

              Jarl Eriksen Æ forstår ingenting av det hær, men vit en ting, skulle likt å være i varmere strøk og kjørt min fj no

              15 mars, 23:42 · J’aime

              Filippi Francesco magari creando l'evento con un percorso, ci sono strade stupende da quelle parti un giro non sarebbe male!

              23 mars, 10:27 · J’aime

              Darko Labaš where in Italy ???

              25 mars, 22:44 · J’aime

              Rizzo Vito Roberto A Ancona Darko Labaš

              26 mars, 07:42 · J’aime

              Rizzo Vito Roberto un motoraduno partenza di ancona arrivo a castiglione del lago e ritorno Ancona che ne pensi Vincenzo??

              26 mars, 12:13 · Modifié · J’aime · 1

              Vincenzo Nagliero Penso che sarebbe un bel giro, magari passando per norcia e castelluccio!!! Dai che ci riusciamo!!!!!

              26 mars, 15:33 · J’aime · 1

              Filippi Francesco ci sto!!!!!

              30 mars, 16:16 · J’aime

              Vincenzo Nagliero la pro settimana propongo itinerario e sistemazioni

              27 avril, 13:52 via mobile · J’aime

              Vincenzo Nagliero poi comincero' a raccogliere le adesioni!

              27 avril, 13:52 via mobile · J’aime

              Rizzo Vito Roberto ci sto anche io à presto

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                I can not get my cam out help — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                I can not get my cam out help

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                • ok, i was just putting that out there, i figured maybe the cam was slightly or drastically turned and it was either on a exhaust or intake stroke, causing it to get hung up. but if you put it to tdc when you disassembled it off the bottom end then you have a different issue to figure out, best of luck

                • My idea wont crack head case aslong as the peice goes past the hole both sides. Also if its on tdc should pull out

                • Okay thanks

                I-Mervin Samson edited a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                Pakilagay ang pangalan ng mga active na laguna members on or before june 5. salamat.


                1. Menandro B. Lacangan/SMX/BLACK-BLUE/Calamba City, LAG/


                2. Paul Kenneth C. Bernas/SMX/BLACK-BLUE/Santa Cruz, LAG/


                3. Joseph Michael E. Aramil/SMX/BLACK-GOLD/Bay, LAG/


                4. Benjohn L. Jamin/SMX/BLACK-GOLD/Pagsanjan, LAG/


                5. Bryan R. Collado/SMX/BLACK-GOLD/Victoria, LAG/


                6.Aaron Paul Laurel/SMX/BLACK-GOLD/Calamba City, LAG


                7. Jay-R M. Santiago/SMX/WHITE-BLACK/Luisiana,LAG/


                8. Ramses Atienza/SMX Black-Blue/Cabuyao,Lag/


                9. Nhel Lara de Sagun /SMX/ black/ calamba city.lag/


                10. Francis Leo E Aldas / SMX Black-Blue/Sta Rosa City, LAG/


                11. Marco Antonio /SMX Black-Blue/Elbi,Laguna/


                12. Alvin Yanga/SMX/GOLD/Santa Rosa, Lag/


                13.Ron Bautista/SMX/GOLD/Sta Rosa,Balibago



                14. Mervin Samson/SMX/RED/Binan, Laguna/

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                  Just curious how many players here try to use Billy s bass tone in a working... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                  Just curious how many players here try to use Billy's bass tone, in a working band environment, rather than going for a sound that is your own. I see alot of videos of people copying Sheehan's sound in bedroom environment, which is kinda cool. I was just curious how many are trying to have Billy's tone at their own gigs ??? ...and the reason for doing so ?? :)

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                  • also Billy himself ...was never a copy - in my humble, youngster opinion:) - is also a musician, like what Jon wrote down..... i see him as a person, who had put together his influences, and created his own sound and world...and great stuff he sings about on his solo albums too:) i respect him for that. & also respect the human being. he teached me more about music through his music than some teachers in school....

                  • Billy is not just a musician, he's also some kind of spiritual-musical guru. Playing music it's a lot more than just plucking strings

                  • Anytime Anywhere...trippin,when tweaked

                  Has anyone fabbed a rear basket for the C3 — Yamaha C3

                  Has anyone fabbed a rear basket for the C3?

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                  • He's a bit slow at times, but he's Honest! You Will; get your parts...

                  • Probably because he often has to order stuff from Malossi's factory in Italy, where they're known for only being in a hurry on two & four wheels...:)

                  • You can try EBAY autotech355 & daywot can both get Malossi parts...

                  HI guys I ve decide to void the warranty. and remove the washer by my self — Yamaha C3

                  HI guys, I ve decide to void the warranty.. and remove the washer by my self... would that be enough to get full speedometer.?

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                  • If you simply have your shop remove the washer when they service your scoot, the Warranty won't be invalidated...

                  • It worked on this end! :)

                  • my washer is always in my pocket : i swell to my mecanician i will make him eat because he was swelling to me that he removed it !! XDD

                  — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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                  • Looks a fine size, but i really want a big box which is lockable as it will be staying on the bike, I wouldnt be too keen leaving a bag on the back of the bike where I will be working ;)

                  • This is no good for security, there are 2 straps on the back that just click together and hold the bag to the rack, in under 10 seconds the bag can be undone and gone.

                  • Ah thats what I was thinking,, will be parked at the prison most of the time lol



                  Di atas padang pasir yang tandus seorang perempuan berusia nenek-nenek tampak sedang berjalan sendirian. Beban berat tergambar jelas di pundaknya. Sengatan matahari gurun dan barang bawaan yang ia pikul cukup membuat lutut rentanya lemas kepayahan.

                  Namun, kondisi ini tak berlangsung lama. Pucuk dicinta ulam tiba. Seorang pria muda baik hati segera menghampiri dan menawarkan bantuan. Perempuan tua itu pun menyambut tawaran dengan perasaan senang.

                  Sepanjang perjalanan pria itu dihujani ceramah. Si nenek rupanya sangat gemar berbicara. Si nenek berbicara tentang penolakkanya terhadap dakwah Rasulullah. Dia mewanti-wanti siapapun untuk tidak mengikuti jalannya, bahkan membahasnya sekalipun.

                  ”Jadi sekali lagi, jangan berbicara apapun soal Muhammad!” ujarnya.

                  Si anak muda hanya tersenyum diam tanpa menyela pembicaraan. Dengan setia, ia mendengarkan perempuan tua itu bertubi-tubi mencaci-maki Rasulullah. Menurut dia, Muhammad adalah pribadi yang amat menjengkelkan. Tidak pantas keturunan suku terhormat seperti Muhammad menyulut permusuhan.

                  Si nenek terus mengomel. Dia katakan, Muhammad sudah menyesatkan banyak orang, terutama orang-orang fakir dan kalangan budak. Kaum lemah ini diperdaya oleh ajaran-ajaran palsu yang seolah menjaminkan kebahagiaan.

                  ”Jadi anak muda, jangan sekali-kali berbicara soal Muhammad!”

                  Tanpa terasa tujuan perjalanan si nenek akhirnya sampai. Si nenek sekali lagi menampakkan rasa senang dan syukur atas bantuan pria muda itu. ”Biarkan saya memberi kamu satu nasihat. Jauhi Muhammad!” tambahnya.

                  Sebelum berpisah, si nenek menanyakan perihal nama laki-laki murah hati yang tulus menolongnya itu. ”Maaf, siapa namamu?”


                  ”Si apa?”


                  Si nenek terpaku sejenak hingga akhirnya memutuskan masuk Islam karena keluhuran dan budi pekerti pemuda bernama Muhammad Shollallohu alaihi wasallam.


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                    Okey me another FZ6r rider were talking about chicken strips — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                    Okey me & another FZ6r rider were talking about chicken strips.

                    So.. How about you folks scub those tires around some tight corners & show everyone how you like to ride..with some tire pics?

                    Mine are still new, so I'll have to wait till after the weekend before I put any pics up.

                    Who's in?

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                    • To piggy back on a few comments, watch/read Twist again. Why get over so far, to impress people? Our streets aren't perfect. Also, slide a cheek off. Keith Code has a rider demonstrate going faster around a corner keeping the bike more upright with good body posture and more traction. Focus on technique and skill, not who has the smallest stripes.

                    • Reason why I'm curious is most of the riders here have tire wear indicative mostly of highway work.

                    • Yeah Matthew is spot on, develop a sound technique with your body positioning, approach to the corner & throttle control..and you should see improvement in the corners as your skill develops.

                    admin hindi ko alam kung pwede ito dito — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                    admin hindi ko alam kung pwede ito dito.

                    ask ko lang sa mio mx ung hose bana galing sa head papuntang air cleaner pwede bang takpan un ? kasi may nabsa ako ung ibang mio tinatakpan nila dito daw kasi lumalabas ung excess na gas, baka sakaling tumipid sa gas ba. thanks..

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                    • un lang naman u sir nag iisang hose papuntang air cleaner na galing ng head... me hangin na lumalabas pag na andar....

                    • possible ung sinsabi mo na tumipid kung....

                      hindi na dun padadaanin ung hose.. idivert, pero hindi mo eto tatakpan..

                      ung sa aircleaner, possilbe takpan ng bahagya..

                      ang result.. less air.. more fuel.. RICH, magtotono ka ngaun ng tamang mixture na ayos sa nahihigop na hangin ng carb sa airbox..

                      yun tipid!!!

                      pero take note: hypothesis ko lang yun, at malamang, hihina ang hatak ng mx mo, titipid ka naman, sabi nga nila POWER is direclty proportional to gas consumption...

                    • nagulo tuloy isipan nyo sir..hihihi... tama kayo sa hypothesis nyo... hayaan nyo na lang sir theoreticaly asking lang naman. nagbabakasakali, hyaan kona lang muna ganu ka lakas magkonsumo.... tska kona lang aayusin... (y)

                    Sorry for this guys and gals but its pretty funny Just to be clear I am not... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    Sorry for this guys and gals, but its pretty funny. Just to be clear, I am not biased but I can laugh a bit. - Taken from and article on cycle fish :)

                    Every once in a while, somebody starts whining about Harley riders not waving back. Before those whiners dismiss all Harley riders as mean-spirited, they should consider that there are probably very good reasons why their waves are not being returned….

                    Top Ten Reasons Why Harley Riders Don’t Wave Back

                    1 – They’re afraid it will invalidate their factory warranty.

                    2 – Leather and studs make it too hard to raise their arm.

                    3 – They refuse to wave to anyone whose bike is already paid for.

                    4 – They won’t let go of handlebars because they might vibrate off.

                    5 – The rushing wind could blow the scabs off their new tattoos.

                    6 – They’re angry over the second mortgage needed to pay for the new Harley.

                    7 – They just discovered the fine print in their owner’s manual revealing that The Motor Company is partially owned by rice-burner manufacturers.

                    8 – They can’t tell if other riders are actually waving or just reaching up to cover their ears, like everyone else.

                    9 – If they wave back, they risk being impaled on their spiked helmet.

                    10 – They’re upset that after spending $30,000, they still don’t own a bike that’s as comfortable as a Goldwing.

                    To be totally fair, let it be noted that sometimes Goldwing riders don’t wave back, either. Again, to facilitate a better understanding….

                    Top Ten Reasons Why Goldwing Riders Don’t Wave Back

                    1 – They aren’t sure whether the other rider is waving or making an obscene gesture.

                    2 – They risk getting frostbite if they take their hand off the heated grip.

                    3 – They have arthritis and it is difficult to raise their arm.

                    4 – The reflection from the etched windshield was momentarily blinding.

                    5 – The on-board espresso machine had just finished.

                    6 – They were asleep when other rider waved.

                    7 – They were involved in a three-way conference call with their stock broker and accessories dealer.

                    8 – They were distracted by an oddly shaped blip on their radar screen.

                    %d comments

                      Buenas noches gente gracias por aceptarme les cuento quise revivir mi niñez... — YAMAHA DT 125-175 ARGENTINA

                      Buenas noches gente, gracias por aceptarme, les cuento quise revivir mi niñez cuando mi padre tenia un dt y me compre este que es un 175, mi pregunta es la siguiente, hasta que medida viene el pistón, lo tengo en 1.00mm y ya escuche que ese es la ultima medida??, no es mi primera moto 2t, tengo un zanella rza y estos motores llegan hasta 2.00mm... espero me puedan ayudar. pronto voy a arrancar la restauración y iré subiendo fotos

                      %d comments
                      • si claro, pero una rxz 135 tiene unos 24 cv y tampoco se rompe

                      • bueno es otro bicho que tubo mi padre que me gustaría comprar.. ojo todo motor con lo que deve y lleva es aguantador

                      • la rotura va todo si le mesquinas..

                      Bruce Gabriel shared a link to the group: Yamaha C3 . — Yamaha C3

                      Here's something I just found...If someone can post an English Translation, it may prove to be interesting...:)

                      %d comments
                      • i would so get one of these if they were around here.. i love the six-pack / mini-keg rack in the back

                      • That's a Yamaha Gear BX50! It's supposed to be able to haul stuff for the small business owners who want the utility of a truck in the size of a scooter


                      • omg -.-' the same !

                      well yesturday wasnt a good first startup run after my top end rebuild i didnt... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                      well yesturday wasnt a good first startup/run after my top end rebuild, i didnt have a torq wrench so the cam bolt wasnt torqued to the specs and ig the cam pin that holds the cam sprocket on broke while in 6th gear and messed up sprocket,cam, and bent one of my valves, then had no compression i assume because one of the valves arent closed all the way because its bent, and there brand new weisco steel valves. seems like it shouldnt have bent so easy.. now whole engine is out and looking for new cam.. not sure if i should put stock cam in although there is no where on stock one and looks fine... any advice??

                      %d comments
                      • Doesn't matter what material or brand of valves, if it contacts the piston it will bend. I sold my last Warrior cam a while back so I can't help you there.

                      Ordered thrust vectors and EZ locks from yjbstore this week Can t wait to put... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                      Ordered thrust vectors and EZ locks from yjbstore this week. Can't wait to put them on. Taking the boat out this weekend.

                      Brian, Thanks for the constant updates of the order status

                      %d comments
                      • I have trouble with ours too. I'm ok in the open water, but the shifter is really hard to shift. We have had ours for 4 years now, and I can count on one hand how many times I have driven it myself.

                      • Your welcome and thank you again! I hope they both arrive on schedule tomorrow! Have fun out there this weekend!

                      • Well for both installed and I must say both are super easy to install. Didn't get to the lake last weekend it was a little chilly for water sports. Shooting for this weekend

                      Sorry to be a pest but you all are fantastic and I enjoy chatting with you — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      Sorry to be a pest, but you all are fantastic and I enjoy chatting with you. One final question... My fiancée and I are expecting a baby boy near the end of July. That being said... She still wants to ride her own bike. The doctor said to live life as you usually would and that the actual riding will cause no harm to the little man but of course you have to watch out for the obvious... Taking a spill. Would anyone here agree or disagree? Do any of you think she should continue to ride? I'm on the fence. Of course I want her to do what she wants but I also have to worry about "what if..." Thanks guys. - Joe

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                        INFO YMJT PLAT N — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                        INFO YMJT PLAT N :

                        MCL ( Mio Club Lumajang )

                        "Keep calm and Brotherhoad",..Mio sak lawase

                        Mengundang semua bikers MIO Club Indonesia (MCI) acara kopdar plat N

                        Hari : Minggu

                        Tanggal : 23 Juni 2013

                        JAM : 08.00 - Selesai

                        Tempat : Convention Hall (KGT) utara stadion tempeh lumajang

                        Hiburan Live Music

                        Resgistrasi : 10.000 untuk wilayah plat N dan 5.000 untuk diluar wilayah plat N (pengganti konsumsi)


                        Penje mputan :

                        PAKDE MCL 002 - 085791369041

                        TRI MCL 004 - 085649306250

                        ECHO MCL 006 - 087757452022

                        AGUNG MCL 008 - 085646846902 / 27fbb5e4

                        LANO MMC - 085790455841

                        Monggo di GAS

                        %d comments
                        • Hahahahaha

                        • plat AG enek sing budal gk kie???

                        • Budal no

                        Looking for opinions. NOT looking to start a feud or anything — Yamaha V-Star riders

                        Looking for opinions. NOT looking to start a feud or anything.

                        I've ridden a V-Star 1100 a few years ago but have never ridden a Raider. Is there a big difference in the riding positions between the bikes. I've been looking at the V-Star 1300s, the Raider and the Kawasaki Vaquero. The 1100 seemed to have a little bit of a buzz in the pegs and handgrips at highway speed. The wife and I both noticed it.

                        Has anyone had the chance to ride all of the bikes to get a comparison between them?

                        We are looking for something ride around town and short trips to start out with, say a couple hundred miles.

                        %d comments

                          Question for all you guys your coolant temp what does it seem to run at... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                          Question for all you guys, your coolant temp, what does it seem to run at normally? Friend has the same bike, (not the R only difference and few years older) and his runs at a much lower temp than mine. Seems mine runs what I think is high. I asked the previous owner she said it only ran that high on a long ride stuck in traffic on a hot day. Its nothing for my bike to quickly go up to 85-90 Celcius. When its just started idling it instantly climbs from Lo to 60 in a matter of minutes. It climbs 1 degree celcius every 5 seconds is what I watched it do tonight after an oil change, just idling in less than 5 degree celcius weather. Am I being paranoid? I never had a coolant temp indicator on my last bike so I'm probably being paranoid but like I said my friends runs much cooler. Ideas? Changed oil tonight. Coolant level is fine. What are your operating temp ranges for idling and for a decent ride? Fan cuts in around 100 Celcius it seems.

                          %d comments
                          • mine generally runs between 170 and 215/220, depending on weahter, and whether its moving or stopped.

                          • I run on the highway at 85mph uphill in 100* f and the bike is 215* f

                          • thanks all, im not worried about it now:-)

                          hi all just wondering if anybody knows where to get a rear seat cowl in the... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                          hi all just wondering if anybody knows where to get a rear seat cowl in the copper orange color?


                          %d comments
                          • Has any one here got one? If so does the Hump give you extra storage space under the seat, would consider getting one of its moulded to the height of the original with extra space under it.

                          • Brett James, the bottoms are identical. You will not achieve more storage with this option. It provides a sleek look as compared to our high humped passenger seat.

                          • Benno, I did some searching last night. It looks like they never painted one out of the manufacturer for the 2011 Orange Model. Majority of those that went with the orange bike did the black one as an accent. Your best bet if you are wanting to go the orange route is to purchase a black one and invest in the primer/paint/clearcoat package from here. . It isn't cheap but from experience they do a great job with the paint. Do it yourself or take it to a professional and you'll be good to go!

                          Does anyone know the best carrier rack for fitting a top box is for the FZ6R — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                          Does anyone know the best carrier rack for fitting a top box is for the FZ6R.. So many going around I dont know where or which way to go. Tamaha will do it for $350 to 400,,, dunno if im cheaper doing it myself,,, The link below is something i have been looking at, but cant find it in australia,, also anyone know if the XJ6 racks fit? ?productid=2423

                          %d comments
                          • I have a rack and bag at home if your interested, came off a friend's cb250 so would have to be modified to fit, she wanted me to sell it for $100 but I have not got around to it yet, forgot all about it till I saw your post lol

                          • Yup, i want to get the proper FZ6R one and a box,,, I was gonna get some steel and make one but havent got my welder yet,,,

                          • Ideally, you be wanting something that not only bolts under the tail & connects to the frame, also replaces the grab rail.

                            I am wise as I had a Ventura rack before I got the hepco&becker setup.

                            You really want a dedicated hard luggage mount, as soft luggage racks ain't designed to take that much weight..include a pillion hanging onto the rack for dear life around the twisties you'll get what I mean.

                          Photos from Adam Preljevic's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                          Okey, K&N airfilter replaced after 3750 miles with the airbox mod..

                          I was surprised to find the majority of gunk & dead insectoids was still at the top centre-ish of the filter..although little dead bug eyed beasties were over all sections of the filter.

                          Shortly before the filter change, the bikes low speed/low revs power delivery had dropped to about the same as before the mod. Now it is happy again.

                          Moderately frequent filter changes may have to become my norm....

                          %d comments
                          • A few folks have partially cut down the snorkel & drilled the holes. I reckon it might be the way to go to spread the airflow across the filter.

                          • replaced or cleaned?

                          • I replaced it with a fresh one, although I will clean this one so I can rotate the filters as needed.

                            2 in hand is better than one.

                          Today a friend of mine who rides a Harley trike cost him about 30K asked me... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                          Today a "friend" of mine who rides a Harley trike (cost him about 30K!) asked me when I will be getting a "real bike" instead of my '09 VStar 1300! He thinks I need the "Harley rumble" and apparently thinks I want the extra price tag. Ive had my Star for about a year and love it, so tried telling him I didn't want to spend over twice as much money to get less power, less engine dependability, and extra repair costs, aftermarket costs, etc. Told him I'll get a louder exhaust if I want more sound. He blew all that off, of course; just surprised that I didn't want to join "the Harley cult," as I call it. As if HD riders can't believe there could be a better brand out there ... Frustrating!!

                          %d comments

                            — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                            %d comments

                              International Buyers – Please Note:

                              ●Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

                              ●Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.

                              ●These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up – do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.

                              ●We could not accept negative feedback due to custom tax.


                              We are specialist of motorcycle brake disc rotor, we can supply brake disc for most of motorcycle model 1988-2011, mainly for Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Triumph, KTM,etc. Please visit our store to get the rotors you need. Do contact us if you cannot get the rotor you are looking for, thanks for your interest on our brake rotor.

                              Bidding disc will fit following Bikes:

                              YAMAHA FZS FAZER (RN06/e1/0103) 1000CC model year 2001-2005

                              YAMAHA BT BULLDOG (RP05/e1/00116) 1100CC model year 2002-2006

                              YAMAHA XJR (RP02/K266) 1300CC model year 1999-2001

                              YAMAHA XJR (RP06/e1/0134) 1300CC model year 2002-2010

                              Condition: New, never mounted.

                              Material: Stainless steel 420 (2Cr13) and Aluminum alloy 6061, CNC milled and anodized in Black or Gold color. All are heat treatment and approved great performance.

                              Quantity :3 PCS (show as picture)

                              Front Disc Size:

                              Outside diameter: 300 mm

                              Inside diameter: 132 mm

                              Thickness: 5 mm

                              Number of Holes: 6

                              Diameter: 8.4 mm

                              Boltpattern: 150 mm

                              Height: mm

                              Rear Disc Size:

                              Outside diameter: 267 mm

                              Inside diameter: 132 mm

                              Thickness: 5 mm

                              Number of Holes: 6

                              Diameter: 8.4 mm

                              Boltpattern: 150 mm

                              Please confirm the size of discs carefully before buying, to avoid buying the wrong. Because, we will not refund if the disc size does not fit your bike. We only refund if we send you different rotor with our listing, or damage during shipment. All the parts you will get is totally same with pictures in our listing!!

                              PAYMENT TERMS:

                              1. We accept PayPal ONLY. Please make sure you have a valid PayPal account before bidding.

                              2. Payment must be made within 3 days of the auction end time. Non-Paying bidders will be reported and Un-paid problem will be issued.

                              3. If buyer can't pay in 7 days, we will consider it is a mutual agreement not to complete this transaction. If buyer can't pay and indicate not to agree to this mutual agreement, Non-Paying Bidder Warning will be filed with NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

                              SHIPPING TERMS:

                              1. We are international seller, but we normally take equal time with your local seller, as we cooperate with Fedex, TNT, etc. It will take around 3-7 working day to reach United States, Europe, Australia and Asia.

                              2. We will send out the parcel via UPS, TNT, DHL to worldwide, if you are other country not include our listing, please inquiry us the shipping cost before bidding.

                              3. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. The delivery company will return the parts to China if you wouldn’t pay for the import taxes (this is not shipping cost, but the import taxes from your custom), we will not refund you.

                              4. We ship the items within 3 working days after you paid, and you will get a track number that you can trace them on line. Please leave us your telephone number when you paid, to ensure the courier can reach as this is an international business.

                              5. If your country are not in the list we ship to, please contact us before you bidding them.

                              6. If you do not receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance. We will try our best to help you get the items or re-ship you replacement parts. We are responsible for lost, damaged or stolen shipments and we will ship your product as many times will be necessary until you receive it in perfect conditions.

                              OTHER IMPORTANT TERMS:

                              1. Do not buy them if you are not sure about the fitting size, please check the size and pictures we offered clearly, tell us your bike models & years when you buy them.

                              2. We located in CHINA, so reply on your questions maybe not so quickly. Do forgive us as the different time zone.

                              3. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem. We understand the concerns and frustrations you might have, and will try our best to resolve the issues. Please email us before leaving any negative feedback or open any dispute on PayPal.

                              4. Pls don't easily open dispute "This item doesn't match the description in your listing" and don't easily leave us "Negative Feedback". Instead contact us directly to resolve any issues or questions you may have related to your purchase a.s.a.p.

                              Additional Terms:

                              We do still ship to Brazil, Israel and Russian Federation. We will charge extra US$30 for shipping cost, please contact us before you bidding them.

                            Did some testing with vinyl stripes A pain in the a to apply and I m not too... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                            Did some testing with vinyl stripes. A pain in the a** to apply and I'm not too happy with the result.. I'll give it a month or so as it might grow on me yet :)

                            %d comments
                            • The thing that annoys me most is that I didn't get the stripes perfectly aligned. You just have to be really close to notice it. :) But yes, I might try some different layouts or att least give the front fender and rear hugger a go with only one wider stripe. Then there's the bellypan that I haven't installed yet.. So much to do, so little time :) Anyway, I have to test the quality and durability with some rain and sun before getting greedy. If someone wants to give it a go, here's the shop I bought the stripes from ->

                            • Christian, you may want to have a look at the photos (3) that I posted on 22nd April. My Bulldog has one wider stripes with two small ones running next to it. I haven't got my hugger and my front fender done, as I think it would be 'too much'. If you want more detailed photos, just let me know...

                            • Yours Hugo and Stefan Pickerts bikes gave me the idea of trying this out :) You maybe right about overdoing it.. The good thing, though, is that the stickers are quite easy to remove and with 2meters of the stuff there's plenty of "room" to play with it.

                            Jan Kaizen shared a link to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                            6TH MINDANAO RIDE...........

                            JUNE 29-30 SAT and SUN

                            MAC ARTHURS PLACE SAN AGUSTIN SURIGAO del SUR

                            BUDGET P750 per head, kasama na sa package Ent. fee, rooms,function hall,3 meals dinner/b-fast/lunch,Island hopping sa britania islands.

                            NOTE: 7pm ng saturday mag start ang program para makuha natin yung oras hindi na lang tayo maghintayan sa rides gawin natin by chapter na lang. program will start kahit wala pa yung iba habol na lang.

                            Pls inform us the headcounts a week before sa rides then payments must be collected days before the event.

                            any questions/suggestions are welcome so pls tulongan na lang para smooth ang ride na to TANX. contact Christian Arriba Gertos Gabut 09107106281

                            %d comments

                              Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                              Exclusive For SniperMX 5Speed 135LC Page

                              _______________________________________ _______

                              The "Street Monarch Extreme" ( SMX ) Group Owned Page

                              Street Monarch Extreme Article

                              Street Monarch Extreme: Riding Like The Wind

                              Written by Dark Rebel / 2012

                              A prized beginning

                              It all started when Edsel Jordan, President of Vega Force Mantis Riders Club (VFMRC), won a color gold Sniper MX in a Yamaha raffle dated May 14, 2011. Along with three other members of VFMRC (Ryan Rieta, Pings Somigao and Al An) who also acquired Sniper MX motorcycles then, thought of starting an exclusive Sniper MX owners group.

                              It wasn’t a far-fetched dream. After its launching here in the country, there was a noticeable increase of Sniper MX motorcycles roaming the streets nationwide. Al An, one of the pioneers, then sat himself to work. He created a teaser in the Motorcycle Philippines website (MCP) regarding Sniper MX topics. However, it was through Facebook fan page ( and The Owners group page ( ) that the group started to increase its membership dramatically. It provided venue for wider-ranged discussions and interactions.

                              The page became an active information center for motorcycle enthusiasts both old and new alike. After less than six months, the first eyeball was set on September 17, 2011 at Yzone, Ortigas. By then, the group was still loose but common interest in SMX motorcycles, rides, and their fervent exchange of experiences and ideas bound the members together, actually organizing themselves voluntarily.

                              Since then, members have been actively coordinating with each other to ensure their representation in Yamaha activities as well as in other activities concerning motorist groups. They participated in MDPPA-Road Safety Advocacy Ride on September 29-30 2012 and MRO UNITY RIDE in Support of DOTC's 2W Relay for a CAUSE on November 18, 2012.

                              Seeing eye to eye

                              After the success of the first eyeball, members from different areas got inspired and started forming their local chapters. Among the first local groups to be formed were Eti_vac, MKRT, BRT followed by Kilabots and XXX. A group eyeball (GEB) was set on July 21, 2012 at Yzone with around 53 in attendance. A formal set of officers was elected last December 23, 2012 at Yzone, Ortigas for the SMX group named Street Monarch Extreme President Odie Perry, Vice President Edwin Jon Galvez Jr., Secretary Don Pulube, Treasurer Julius Palaganas, P.R.O. Blu Buluran and Board members Al An, Edselslim Jordan, Pings Somigao and Ryan Rieta were formally seated since then. Coordinators for each area were also appointed.

                              %d comments

                                Oulton Park Instruction — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                                Oulton Park Instruction....................

                                So due to the two day meet and practice day restriction on this amazing circuit there will be no on track instruction available....HOWEVER dont be disappointed as we have a great track walk organised for the Thursday night at 6.30. I wont be there unfortunately as I'll be in the Pyrenees (natures Oulton Park!) but I have two main men leading the walk as well as a host of instructors in the crowd to get you some inside track knowledge for your test sessions Friday morning.

                                Messeurs Barry Chapman and Mark Lister will be waiting for your company on the start line (to walk to the first corner) at the allotted time. These chaps have a great deal of track experience at Oulton through their BSB and club campaigns so well worth a walk and a talk. Remember to get involved and ask questions. Its the way you get your lap times down.

                                Its becoming a great event in the Bemsee weekend and even if you use it as a social stroll and get to know some more Bemsee buddies on the way round then please come and join us. So here are the details so there is no confusion....

                                Date: Thursday 30th May

                                Time: 6.30pm

                                Place: On track on the START LINE

                                Have a really safe, fast and fantastic two days on the best circuit in the country (personal opinion of course!). The scariest thing will be being out there on track with Bazza if it gets dark.... RUN! :-)

                                %d comments
                                • Yay! Will look forward to that... I learned a lot from the track walk at Pembrey thank you, and got quicker, OK, less slow, every session :-)

                                yesterday was the day for watching bikes go down 1st the guy on the freeway... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                                yesterday was the day for watching bikes go down. 1st the guy on the freeway, then later watching a very drunk person dump the bike trying to leave a pub. A group of us jumped up and stopped him. Later he sneaks back and tries again of course dumping the bike again... was a new Harley now has road rash... finally it is down to we will call the police or you give us the keys. While he wasn't looking somebody unplugged the sparkplug :) He then put his wife on the phone and I told her to come get her drunk husband before he kills himself or somebody else.

                                %d comments