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Mw nanya modal 5 jt + vixion 2013 dpt R-15 gak yakk

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  • Seken paling 27/28 boss itu jg yg Taon pertama...

    Harga NVL kisaran 15an boss

  • mending itu buat ambil baru..

    klo gk nyampe uangnya ya buat DP ae kang...

    ambil setahun..

  • Nah klo mnrut sya sih mning kredit aja cos ga nympe kang klo sgtu

Ok want to know if anyone is running handle bar risers on their Bolt Pictures... — Yamaha Bolt

Ok, want to know if anyone is running handle bar risers on their Bolt? Pictures would great! Thanks.

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  • I think they are two inch risers (you'd think I'd remember but I don't and the bike is in the shop until tomorrow so I can't confirm). I did have to go with extended cables. What I like about the Rox risers is the flexibility they offer. You can rotate them to find the right balance of height and pull back.

  • Another angle

  • rox 2" adjustable risers

para rider yzf r15 saya mau minta pendapat saya ingin membeli yzf r15 lgi nich... — Yamaha R15 Forum Indonesia Bogor

para rider yzf-r15 saya mau minta pendapat saya ingin membeli yzf r15 lgi nich di malang jawa timur nah tracking nya itu banyak tanjakan seperti di bogor maka karena itu saya ingin menanyakan para rider r15 yang penuh pengalaman apakah mesin r15 kalau untuk tracking tanjak yang seperti di bogor apakah kuat egine nya mohon kmonetar ya para rider

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  • pokona mahh mes meww lahh gan....

  • Sekali gas tanjakan langsung melesat brow.malah bisa salto tu motor..haha

  • Saking jozz nya, skali gaz langsung melesat. sampe lupa manteman belok dia mah lurus terus... hahah ! :v

How do I know if this is right for the timing It is a little to the right of... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

How do I know if this is right for the timing. It is a little to the right of the mark, however if I turn the came counterclockwise to take up the slack the mark lines up. This is without the chain tensioner installed

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  • I think I about done for today this is getting too frustrating. Already broke the clutch pressure plate because I was being dumb and now manual just made me over tighten the bolt and it snapped off inside the cam tensioner. It is probably supposed to be 27 inch pounds not 27 ft lbs. I am just as dumb thought for listening to it. Stupid manual

  • Walk away regroup

  • Torque it to 7 ft lbs.

Nestor Vb created a poll in Yamaha Bolt. — Yamaha Bolt

"Pre-Weekend Poll"

Based on the pictures posted lately I came up with a simple poll for everyone on the group. Whats your

Model, Color and Year of your Bolt?

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  • select your color, model and year from the poll, if not listed add it ;)

  • When I look at the Yamaha site the 2015 r-spec is listed as silver and not gray although in person it does look light gray

  • 14 white base

Photos from Russell Boate's post — Yamaha Bolt

Plasti-dipped the battery strap and left side engine cover

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  • What'll entails when you take that covet off?? I'd was thinkin about doin mine too

  • Its quite easy, there is nothing to work about behind it just 2 access ports. The cover is more cosmetic than functional.

  • Right on that's what I was hopin. Just didn't want a bunch of shit to fall out if I took it off

Well boys I have a carb question My buddy rides a 660rap and its having some... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Well boys I have a carb question. My buddy rides a 660rap and its having some issues. It seems in 2-3 gear it pukes and grabbs sputters and pops. Usually in the midrange on the throttle. Give it hell and goes like a mofo. I didn't propory clean the carbs but I drowned them in carb cleaner and the issue went away for afew rides then it started acting up again. Has anyone had this problem with a yammy motor/carb

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  • Probably water or buildup from ethenol in the bowl need to dissasemble and clean. Best to run premium with no ethenol and shut fuel off and idle untill carbs run dry for storage or if not going to be driven for a little while

  • Theres a drain screw on the carbs so you dont have to run it empty.

  • I know about carbs I'm sure if I gave it a good cleaning I'd be fine. Could also be that he don't have a lid for his air box and idk if his exsaust is factory or not. Its an 02 and look like the carbs have never been pulled

Well it s a good thing my parts frame had a complete rear end Had a bit of a... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

Well it's a good thing my parts frame had a complete rear end. Had a bit of a fuck up on my way to work and now my axle is bent. Not much but I can definitely feel it shaking more. So, how hard is it to replace the rear diff? Do I have to line up anything or is it pretty much just unbolt old one, pop new one in and bolt it down?

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  • better check gears

  • U ride your trike to work????????

    Lucky bastard

  • Yup I do. Got a pretty hefty ticket when I had my learners license and I have two more years to go before I get my license back, so I got a trike to get me to work

Niko Crushing shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

This is my ad. Selling from Southern California. Yes, finding a buyer here would be nice, but I'm more interested in the ad itself. I can't get an honest answer from friends, so I figure this is the best place to ask.

How's my asking price? Anything I should add/remove from the description?

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  • Sounds good..... Just take it off the ad and give me a price bro..... :-p

  • I was gunna suggest adding that the bike only requires valve clearance checks at 40,000km intervals (a big plus imo) but then I realised that your mileage is around* that so perhaps don't put that in lol

  • get a brand-new one in delaware (1 year leftover) for 5800

Are you having stability issues particularly at higher speeds Before posting... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Are you having stability issues, particularly at higher speeds? Before posting scare stories of high-speed wobbles please have a read of this first.

A number of people appear to find that the Tracer can be a bit flighty, even fidgety or wobbly at higher speeds. The fact is that the Tracer comes from the factory with a very firm set of suspension settings which appeared to be tuned to deliver a particularly exhilarating riding experience, as most expert reviewers in the media appear to report. Unfortunately, for the majority of us ‘normal’ people, and for more normal everyday use, the settings are just a bit too firm and this can manifest itself at higher speeds or under heavy acceleration.

A suggested course of action is to adjust your suspension. In fact, when you first take delivery of any motorcycle for the first time (new or used) you should ensure that the suspension is setup correctly to suit your weight and the type of riding you’re likely to do. “But I’ve never had to do this before with any other bike I’ve owned?”, I hear you say. Well, on a heavier machine the range of effective suspension operation may be more forgiving and can tolerate a wider range of rider weights. On a lighter bike, such as Tracer (which is also quite tall and therefore less aerodynamic for a light bike) then rider weight (or lack of it) will have a more dramatic effect on the handling.

Check that your current suspension settings are exactly as stated in the owner manual and then try the following settings as a starting point – you may need to make other adjustments to fine-tune to your own riding weight and style.

Front suspension – Adjust preload to show an additional two lines over the factory settings. This will have the effect of decreasing the stiffness of the shock springs, making them more compliant and soaking up bumps a little better. It will also induce a little more ‘sag’ in the front suspension which will also cause the bike to adopt a slightly more nose-down attitude. In addition, you can also reduce the damping – try turning the damping adjuster out just 1 full turn and then try it. You might want to go an additional turn out if it feels that you’re not getting quite enough feedback through the bars (particular when applying the brakes) or if larger bumps are quite jarring.

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  • Have you tried the MCN settings Steve? Other than tweaking the rear preload I think that's what I'm pretty much running. Even 1up I find it ok as long as the road is smooth, it's just noticeably better with a pillion

  • Yes, tried those. Then took it to Tagg. Then tweaked it more - as in up and down the same bit of road hitting the same bumps, dialling stuff in and out one at a time to try and get the optimum.

    Bulk of my miles are fast motorway with lots of cats eyes etc, daily.

    Hence why, together with the financial constraints set out elsewhere, maybe I'm getting a bit more frustrated than I should with it.

    Anyway, apologies again to those I've irritated.

  • Muhammad Azahar Ruslan

Just looking through Liz Barbers excellent pics It seems that there is a... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Just looking through Liz Barbers excellent pics :-) It seems that there is a sub competition appearing: Who can have the most vile coloured wet front wheel!

Contenders so far:

Martin (Lime green with original red showing through)

Giles (Very Pink)

Matt (Strange purpleish colour)

'Slow revvin' Kev (Flouro pinky orange)

All of which clash superbly with the bikes colour scheme, so that's where all the cheap ebay wheels dissapeared to!

Faraway blue mine are, and they match :-)

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  • No Mungo mate you lose because that is colour co-ordination, who else has matching leathers and wheels!

    Avons don't go off anyway, do they lol, Smiffy came past me and won on one of my discarded fronts I'd ponced of Ady in the first place!

  • I have matching leathers and wheels, they are both filthy

  • all agy colours including faragay blue

Lunch break — Yamaha Bolt

Lunch break

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  • The metal bar or the pad?

  • both

  • around 240 for all the parts

Best feeling in the world is seeing that big brown UPS truck pull in your... — Yamaha XS650

Best feeling in the world is seeing that big brown UPS truck pull in your driveway with a box that has your name on it. :)

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  • Yea I see it on the page here. Maybe next year I'll have the bike ready and take it down there for the show

  • Between ups and regular mail my wife is pissed. She keeps on asking me what tbe hell did you order now. Lol if she only knew. Sure i only spent $1000 on my bike honest. If she only knew.

  • Haha right? I've ordered stuff from a few companies already like mikesxs and tcbros and the packages are timed just right so I got one in the morning and one later this afternoon. Both from the same driver too haha

Does anyone know where I can purchase passenger peg mounting brackets I... — Yamaha Bolt

Does anyone know where I can purchase passenger peg mounting brackets? I realize I can buy the passenger seat kit, but I don't really need another seat and pair of pegs. Thanks!

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  • Josh Weldon I saw that they had some but looks like they're sold out. I'll contact someone to see if they have any left. Thanks!

  • Give them a call. Its what I have on my bike

  • Or ebay but I do love S&S lol

Anybody running the standard rear rack with a topbox cus yamaha say no it aint... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Anybody running the standard rear rack with a topbox cus yamaha say no it aint designed to have one on found out just after i had bought one and fitted it.

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  • same here ive just been to the Isle of Mann with panniers, 50 ltr topbox, 5 man tent,chair sleeping bag and a tank bag handled it great

  • 180kg max? ..

    Why did they put up an passengerseat than? :D

  • I was told by my dealer when i asked before i bought the bike that it is just to cover Yamaha's Arse if things go wrong and that it should be no problem unless you you decide to ride like a total tool while loaded up, never had a problem with any of my other bikes that have had a topbox.

Off down south in a couple o days Stelvio here we come on the Tracer let you... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

Off down south in a couple o days, Stelvio here we come on the Tracer, let you all know how it does on some real twisty's... no track wanking off, some real roads with bumps n turns..

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  • Czech Republic is nice as long as the weathers good, cheap n great places to see, try n see Pilzn and especially the brewery there hahaha, then Budweiss in the south, great little town with a bike museum run by an old geezer, from there you can travel in to Austria easy but not through the alps

  • Thanks for the advice, Czech Republic is new to us.

  • Beware though some strange traffic rules, incoming from the right have always right of way, so keep your eyes open all the time, they told me bikers are called donors there

Tony Greenslade visited Ben today and took this photo He is off sedation and... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Tony Greenslade visited Ben today and took this photo. He is off sedation and Breathing for himself. Got a few words out of him but he is very sleepy.

Thumbs up to you too Ben! Fantastic progress.

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  • Get well soon Ben Ben

    Cake and hugs when I see you next x

  • Blimey! Only just caught up with this! :-/ Please pass on all my best wishes to not so Smiley at the mo Ben. Watched the lads progress from Crasher of the Year to race winner in just one season, in the YPM's and, he's made of the Right Stuff, for sure. All the best fella. Colonel.

  • Nice to hear u r on the mend XXX

What purpose has the component on the picture and what is it called Think I... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

What purpose has the component on the picture, and what is it called? Think I need One of these to get my bike running? Anyone who can tell me

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  • Oh look at that.... Not a diode! :)

  • Alright. And no that I know if there is only one of those.

  • on my bike (81) there is a second device for the flashers, but that's the timer for auto shut off

Photos from Tony Vincent's post — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

Right all want this gone so here she is

Selling due to passing my bike test great little bike fantastic comuter, had engine replaced due to old owner boring the engine to a 180, but now standard with new engine, first to see will buy lots of receipts for work carried out don't want to sell but with big bike ordered I will not be using much grab a star bike at great price used to ride to work and back

58 plate black r 125 with the following

Good bits :

Smoto rear number plate light

R&G tail tidy

New d.i.d chain and sprocket set put on today

New wiring done Monday just gone

Blue side lights

Carbon wrapped screen

Scorpion exhaust

Speaking alarm with 2 fobs

Disconnected grip heaters

Mot until October

New rear tyre 6 weeks ago

De badged looks mean sprayed front bolts gold body work is jet black with fleck in paint

New engine put in 6 weeks ago due to malossi 180 blowing up

16,400 on clock but new engine has 7,500 of that

Bike this week has cost me £180 on repairs and £85 on a tyre

Receipts for recent work.

Bad bits:

Back left side fairing cracked cheap to replace. See pics

Apart from that this bike is sound and sold as seen.

£1700 ono passing test forces sale

Test rides welcome with full cash in my hand

Romford eseex

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    Hello everyone I have a 1982 xv750 with 50 000 miles on it I have been... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

    Hello everyone. I have a 1982 xv750 with 50,000 miles on it. I have been chasing carburetor gremlins for a few months. Finally got it running well enough to take it for a ride. Number one issue is that after engine is warm, RPMs stay up when I come to a stop. Sometimes they slowly fall on their own, sometimes they just stay up. Throttle cable has been recently lubed and is moving free, the carbs are moving freely as well. There were several vacuum leaks that I have fixed on the rear cylinder. The gaskets were leaking on the rear cam chain tensioner and also on the rear valve cover. I have also replaced a carb diaphragm that had a small tear in it. My first thought is that I still have a vacuum leak somewhere. I have sprayed around the different problem areas to check for leaks but I havent found any. I have replaced all the vacuum lines. Engine runs great when it is cold, RPMs drop right away, issue gets worse as bike gets warmer. It doesnt like to start now when its hot also. I have to hold throttle wide open, when it begins to fire, there is a few pops from the exhaust and then the idle comes up and i can let go of the throttle. Both carbs have been thoroughly cleaned and bench synced, pilot jets are 41's. Running stock air box and a stock yamaha paper air filter. I just want to get this last bit fixed up so I can get this thing sold. I have to move across country and dont have trailer space for 3 bikes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Petcocks are working correctly now though

    • gottcha

    • Check your choke cable, mine did something similar and it's because my choke sticks and doesn't fully shut off sometimes

    Has anyone removed baffles from Cobra Speedster Longs I need to replace one... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

    Has anyone removed baffles from Cobra Speedster Longs? I need to replace one and trying to figure out how to remove it

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    • Re-jet or fuel mgnt system

    • Mine came right out slicker than shit.

    • I took out the 2 screws on one of the pipes but it's not just sliding out.but I haven't really tried anything drastic yet

    Hello my Tracer is wobbeling on the front from 160 km per hour onwards — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

    Hello my Tracer is wobbeling on the front from 160 km per hour onwards. What to do?

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    • Mine had the screen a little loose. See if it is well fixed.

    • First check to the tire balance.

    • Still running mine in so not had that problem yet!

    This carburetor good for a stock Yamaha Warrior — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    This carburetor good for a stock Yamaha Warrior

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    • Well good luck with that ,I don't put any Chinese made parts on my quads.but to each there own .

    • Good deal lol

    • rebuild the stock one, it's the best option available imo. No more parts for Eddlebrocks, and the Mikuni's that were on DR400's really aren't that much better then a properly tuned stocker.

    Screw it I ve made a decision every truck I m wanting is 20 30 grand imma get a... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Screw it I've made a decision every truck I'm wanting is 20-30 grand, imma get a storage unit for less than 50$ a month buy my R6 in cash and stack money until I have the perfect truck in front of me and buy it out right in cash! Bad weather ride the fz6r good weather whip my R6!!!! Bahaha I'm an impatient bastard thanks Adrian Sterlo Watson for the picture and review of the R6 you just added jet fuel to a fire hahaha

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    • Haha a rzr1000? What's that with like 1500 lbs?? I've left the scales at over 26k lbs and it felt like nothing

    • Nice

    • Don't go with diesel if your not gonna use the power stick with gas... You'll thank me later... Lol

    How do I gut the stock exhaust — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

    How do I gut the stock exhaust?

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    • Anyone got Gary yamaha? as a friend tag on this post thanks.

    • i dont care what other people say on this. i know from my 24 yrs of mechanic knowledge and degrees. the valves and rings can not take the heat. even aftermarket titanium break all the time from to much heat and lean riders.

    • Yeah, yeah whatever you say Einstein. Hold 1 sec

    Before pic Installing flush mounts today I ll have after pics of front and... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Before pic. Installing flush mounts today. I'll have after pics of front and tail later today. This makes Blu very happy!

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    • Thanks was it an easy install I installed my LED tailight by myself always wondered how hard the side ones would be

    • The moto dynamics one's are a plug and play style. Not cutting needed. The worst part is yarding off the farings. I wish I would have went with them on my FZ6R. When I got them for the FZ1, they were installed in 10 minutes and I was taking my time. I wanted to punch myself for getting protons. lol

    • Sorry for the delayed response! Jeff is right, all Motodynamics. VERY easy install! I do wish I could leave the front markers in play but with this kit I, apparently, can't. Bright as hell too! I like them.

    Theft prevention lol when you see it — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Theft prevention , lol when you see it.

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    • ^^^^ im gonna ups you a cold beer buddie

    • Dam to own a handgun in Australia you need to be mother Teresa or the fucking pope

    • To open carry fuck that's not even thought of here

    Attachment Unavailable — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    PLEASEPLEASE PLEASE 100% PLEASE palike po ang link...magcomment narin po kahit smiley lang at pamention narin po mga ilan sa mga friends ninyo na elike kahit ilan lang po salamat po...salamat sa tulong please help...palike nga ang aking pamangkin sa PROJECT nila deadline tomorrow eh ng 10 amplease help my beloved and lovely nephew..thanks.....ito po ang link,....salamat .. 775424&set=o.104271779912803&type=1&theater.....-- -------masaya akomakita comment po ninyo salamat talaga pasensya makulit ako,,.....mapabusiness at dito jejeje

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      For those who wonder if higher power output will provide them higher speed or... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

      For those who wonder if higher power output will provide them higher speed or velocity:

      Just shows max. speed (not acceleration) is not dependent on the power you draw out. Speed of a vehicle (this time a motorbike) is a function of engine radial speed (rpm), tire specs and gearing....

      Dyno run from a modified CR500:

      - Max power at the wheel = 89 hp, or 66.5 kW

      - Max torque = 66 lb(force)-ft, or 89.6 Nm

      - Max velocity = 136.5 km/h

      A stock YZ250 makes around 47 hp with 31 lbf-ft of torque. With the stock gears on at 9600 rpm just before signing out it makes 120'sh km/h. Change the gears to a wide-ratio, it will make above 140'sh km/h.

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      • Tyler, I didn't either but he has the proof. Johnny Lehti bike is wicked. He proved me wrong

      • Oh yeah, i didn't look enough to see there's 138 kph outright Geoff LOL! :D

        What could be the size of Letti's rear sprocket base on what you see. That is really small for a MX bike.

      • Yeah, on the Finke bikes they used to machine a bit off the sprocket mounting lugs so the chain wouldn't hit them to run even smaller sprockets. 36 teeth comes to mind and 16 or 17 on the front.

      Photos from Dan Feltham's post — Yamaha Aerox Forum

      Bought the scooter as a project with the intension of spending a fortune and having it as a paddock bike to take to races with me but not got time to do it the front and rear panels have been painted by can so not the best finish when up close the bike does need work it ideally needs a rear caliper piston but may be able to file it back down it needs the front brake sorting brand new set of pads included and either a new air filter or the original box reattaching properly it does run fine but i have not used it on the road so maybe other issues im not aware of just trying to be honest the scooter has all the bodywork off at the minute but will try and have it back together before collection also comes with mot till december only have green slip of the logbook as a previous owner never sent logbook off but new one can be gained using the slip an led tail light with built in indicators a brand new tecnigas race exhaust which cost just over £100 and a low number plate holder that mount off the engine cases will px bike scooter or car £300 any offer considered (black bike is how i bought it blue panel is the colour now)

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        Eva Ohly I hope you like your trike as much as I do. The blue is really cool — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

        Eva Ohly I hope you like your trike as much as I do. The blue is really cool. Another Long Night Working But It Was Well Worth it. All new brakes and brake cables. Fresh oil and spark plug led lights all installed. Only thing left to do is give her a good bath and she is ready to shred

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        • I have a lot of random tires I will have to check if I got any good ones

        • Cool man....Just let me know when ya get time..thanks!

        • No problem man.

        Yamaha r125 Speedo not working speed isn t being displayed but everything else... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

        Yamaha r125 Speedo not working speed isn't being displayed but everything else still works fine any one had the same problem or know why

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        • Liam Manship you sir, threw it down mount everst in neutral

        • Ur EML is on turn the ignition to the on position and wait for the orange light to flash it flashes slowly first them fast count the slow ones first so if it flashed twice then that means 2 and the fast flashes count them imagine it flashes 4 times that is 4 so fault code would be 24

          It is probably fault code 42 which I think is speedo cable and it is a easy fix I have a couple speedo cables for sale £15

        • I've just brought one of eBay thanks tho

        So wish I was mechanically inclined and jealous with you guys doing your own... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        So wish I was mechanically inclined and jealous with you guys doing your own mods etc. I thought yay to me when I put my seat cowl on tbe other week. Well. ..last night went out on a small ride n put a water bottle under my cowl n 2 of the handle bolts r sitting inside. Seriously I thought I did them tight. How do they come loose? Then I noticed the 2 holding the seat on are halfway out (which I never touched).

        I'm missing 2 plastic clips from the fairing. Anyone know where I can get those?

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        • Sorry Deborah, didn't realize you were north of the border. LOL! Maybe dealer is better option then unless you have a canadian parts place.

        • I'm tellin ya, Canadian Tire actually has a ton :) Also places like Fastenal and stuff like that carry all of that stuff :) You should be able to find it easily, no shipping time and no excessive shipping costs :)

        • Yes Christina Emilia... I will definitely go to Canadian Tire...was told they had some... thanks.... try to pop by tomorrow if I have a chance.

        Photos from Cover Semarang's post — Yamaha Aerox Forum


        KHUSUS HARI INI !!

        Contact : 55179f16 / 085713505060

        Untuk 9 Agen Pendaftar pertama Hari ini dan Besok akan ada

        DISKON 50% pengambilan ,Jadi hanya ambil 50 pcs cover motor sudah bisa menjadi AGEN ,selain itu kami beri FREE fasilitas ++ :

        - Ebook BBM Marketing

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        - Ebook Buku Panduan

        - Free konsultasi sampai stok habis

        - Dapet satu coach atau assisten penjualan

        - Materi promosi, Spanduk, poster, brosur

        Langsung Buktikan dan daftar sekarang juga sebelum keduluan yang lain hanya untuk 9 pendatar pertama..

        Bisa Hubungi : 55179f16 / 085713505060

        Alamat lengkap jalan Timoho raya No.21 bulusan,tembalang

        website :

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          Yamaha yzf r125 — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

          Here we have my beloved Yamaha for sale, this is a very reliable bike. The bike has a full service history including all work carried out on the bike. Three services are in the service book at 500, 4100 and 14000 miles with regular maintenance in between. The bike is in immaculate condition with only 1 marks on the entire bike, this is a scratch on the tank which was on the bike when I bought it. The front fairings on the bike have all been replaced along with the gear shifter this year as they were tatty looking so are all brand new with all work receipted. Overall the bike is stunning reliable and fairly fast the only reason for sale is due to buying a car. The bike has covered 14000 miles but runs like new as it’s been well maintained and looked after. The bike comes with a tail tidy, billet aluminium front brake reservoir cap and black and red aluminium brake and clutch levers. I am looking for 2200 for the bike but will consider serious offers. Please feel free to contact me 07983628100

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            Anyone got a right hand boomerang panel. Blue 2008. 58 plate — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016


            Anyone got a right hand boomerang panel? (Blue, 2008 (58 plate)

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            • Jake Chapman

            • I'll have a look but it might be damaged as I'm in process of repairing them

            • Thanks mate how much you charge for repaired ones?