Two beautiful bikes parked at Stonehenge wonder which lucky sod s own these — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum


Two beautiful bikes parked at Stonehenge , wonder which lucky sod's own these ? .... Oh we do don't we Steve Pilgrim , great to meet up with another tracer boy or girl ....

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  • Cheers Steve thanks for getting back to me just checking as apparently some poor ones out there

  • Anything from OXFORD products should be good. Im sure RIDE magazine did a test a while back,might be worth searching on their site ?

  • Ok cheers Steve thanks

White bike and white car and bugs slats suck any suggestions to get them off... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

White bike (and white car) and bugs slats suck... any suggestions to get them off other than scraping them off?

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  • It really helps repel them too..... wipe her down after every ride with a micro fiber towel and a little bit of this. Clean.

  • It will work with automotive paint as well

  • Fill spray bottle 2 to 3 inches and put a few dryer sheets in it. Spray on the bugs and literally wipe away. Try having a flat nose car haha

I was wondering when tubing behind our SX192 are those tubing rope floats the... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

I was wondering when tubing behind our SX192 are those tubing rope floats the way to go or would it be a waste of money??this is Northern Minnesota

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  • I have a floating rope but was looking at the ideas of just running the rope through pool noodles

  • Waste of money. Booster balls just get in the way of your pictures. Just use a longer rope.

  • That's why I bought it on Amazon, if it's crap, it goes right back.

Looks comfy — Yamaha Bolt

Looks comfy

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  • The fact that he's wearing flip flops just tops it off

  • Until he hits a small dip in the road then he'll be Mr Oak Tree.

  • Isn't that a harley though?

I found two bikes today one a 1978 in really good shape runs great you can get... — Yamaha XS650

I found two bikes today one a 1978 in really good shape runs great you can get on it and go wherever you want. Asking price 3200 I thought to much . What do you think???

The other a 1972 low miles for its age I think he said 20000 . It has been his baby for almost all of its life. He has hundreds of hours into the head work on this bike. He did all of the work him self oh yea he is a really old guy I think in his late 70 he has worked on bikes all if his life and still does ge gas bikes and stuff all over the place. Now back to the bike it has racing pipes it isnt pretty bad paint wore out chrome I found it buried under a pile of scrap metal and bike parts is supposed to just have a fresh battery and gas put in it and will start right up . Stock bottom end bored 10 over .he claims that a stock 650 will spin around 7000 rpm and this bike with all of the head work the lightning OF parts and polishing of parts everything he has done to it will spin 9200rpm claims it will smoke almost all sporsters he has raced agsinst. He is asking one thousand dollars for it. Do these prices sound fair if he is telling the truth. The bikes are in washington state. Looking for some thoughts I am really close to buying the race bike . Just not sure on the value. Thanks

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  • Inaustralia you would pay $4k for the early girl and $3200 for the 78.

  • Congrats on the find! Best of luck.

  • So get a fresh battery & gas. If it fires, go for it....but haggle on it, nobody pays asking price. 32 hundo is steep unless it's flawless and rediculously low miles.

i need a new pair of tyres any ideas — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

i need a new pair of tyres , any ideas?

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  • I've got Michelin pilot and they good but I'm thinking of going Bridgestone next as they seem to be the new thing now

  • I've always run Bridgestone battleax's on my bikes. Great tyres in all weather and chicken stripping.

    At the moment I have Michelin radials on my yzf r125 custom streetfighter.... They are better than the standard Michelin sportys...but I think I still prefer the battleax

  • Pirelli speed demons :)

happy papa day sa lahat — YAMAHA T135 T150 Luzon Unity Ride

happy papa day sa lahat!

rest mode.. eto sna gift kong boots syo pre Alejandro Solero Badidles

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  • ahahah.. pwede nman dlawang boots ko! :)

  • 120php lng.. may kasama pang bubble gum tsaka 120php discount coupon fron sogo. ;-)

  • bagong gulong nlng pwede n ko long ride! :) kaso mauna ako mgtake-off cgurado s likuan aabutan nyo ako.. ahahah

Hey all I ve got a 2007 XVS650 and I ve got a pretty Nast oil leak on the left... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hey all, I've got a 2007 XVS650 and I've got a pretty Nast oil leak on the left side on the bottom, about 3 inches behind the sight glass. A local mechanic told he he has to pull the engine completely due to where the bolts are located. He said it's a rubber O ring that costs about $3.00, but the labor will run about $500. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? He said VStars are notorious for this O ring going going out and needing to be replaced. (Sorry for the description of the leak...I don't know much about the mechanics of bikes).

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    Permission to post admin — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

    Permission to post admin

    Mirage hb glx m/t

    Total cashout= 66, 534

    Mirage hb glx cvt a/t

    Total cashout= 75,000

    Mirage hb gls m/t

    Total cashout= 85,432

    Mirage hb gls cvt a/t

    Total cashout= 94,084

    Mirage g4 glx m/t

    Total cashout= 60,092

    Mirage g4 glx cvt a/t

    Total cashout=69,524

    Mirage g4 gls m/t

    Total cashout=80,336

    Mirage g4 gls cvt a/t

    Total cashout=88,424

    Lancer ex 1.6 glx m/t

    Total cashout=47,000

    Lancer ex 1.6 glx a/t

    Total cashout=50,000

    Lancer mx 1.6 glx a/t

    Total cashout=64,858

    Adventure tx m/t

    Total cashout=92,739

    Adventure gx m/t

    Total cashout=90,695

    Adventure glx m/t

    Total cashout=68,000

    Adventure gls m/t

    Total cashout=126,160

    Fuzion glx gas a/t

    Total cashout=143,000

    L200 2.5 cc fb body dual ac

    Total cashout=114,000

    2014 strada 2.5 gl 4x2 m/t

    Total cashout=82,000

    2014 strada 2.5 gls sports v 4x4 a/t

    Total cashout=125,000

    2015 strada 2.5 gl m/t

    Total cashout=154,000

    2015 strada 2.5 glx 4x2 m/t

    Total cashout=132,000

    2015 strada 2.5 glx v 4x2 a/t

    Total cashout=149,000

    2015 strada gl 4x4 m/t

    Total cashout=144,000

    2015 strada 2.5 gls sports v 4x4 m/t

    Total cashout=177,000

    2015 strada 2.5 gls sports v a/t

    Total cashout=197,000

    Asx 2.0gls 4x2 cvt a/t

    Total cashout=157,000

    Asx 2.0 gsr 4x2 cvt a/t

    Total cashout=174,000

    Montero glx 4x2 m/t

    Total cashout=118,000

    Montero glx 4x2 a/t

    Total cashout=130,000

    Montero gls v 4x2 a/t

    Total cashout=203,000

    Montero gls v 4x4 m/t

    Total cashout=219,000

    Montero gtv 4x4 a/t

    Total cashout=252,000

    L300 deluxe fb body dual ac

    Total cashout=97,000

    L300 exeed fb body dual ac

    Total cashout=102,000

    L300 xv body (van)

    Total cashout=138,000

    5yrs= 18,866

    Pajero 3.2 dsl

    Total cashout=335,000

    Pajero 3.8 gas

    Total cashout=296,000

    No hidden charges

    For inquiries pls call/txt 09274169678 or pm me

    Thanks and Godbless

    Felix Nipales III

    Mitsubishi Sales Executive

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      Photos from Czar Zulius Apostol's post — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

      Permission to post:

      Any further inquiries and quotes please contact DIP IT WORKS design.

      All parts that will be hydro-dipped must be in a clean and pristine condition.

      Prices may vary if cleaning is needed.

      Prices will also vary depending on the size, design and paint chosen by you.

      It will be your responsibility to remove and reassemble all parts before and after being hydro-dipped.

      Prices include primer,base coat, hydro-dipped, lacquered and/or polished as required.

      No repairs to parts will be carried out by DIP IT WORKS design.

      Unless discussed prior.

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        I got a 2007 AR 210. I don t know much about jet boats I m new to the jet boat — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        I got a 2007 AR 210. I don't know much about jet boats I'm new to the jet boat. Can anyone tell me if this particular model top speed is btwn 30 and 35. Is that the speed for this model or do I need to take it in I feel that it should go more then 35pmh

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        • I really don't know how much clearer I can make it. You need to read and understand my points. Im done

        • Now that I have your Attention, Everyone play nice now....

        • High performance impellers are like a good set of high performance tires.

        My view of Downtown Denver today — Yamaha XS650

        My view of Downtown Denver today.

        Still have some kinks to work out with the bike, but I just can't let it set, if it's rideable....

        I'm riding.

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        • I love working on my bike, almost more than riding it lol, at least it doesn't leak like a triumph lol. BTW,that's a great look on Denver, far away and lots of open road. Haven't been there since high school:)

        • I have exactly that going on, besides the K&N pods, I have the mikes XS performance pods. I have the premium jet kit with titanium needles from 650 Central, 45 PJ, 145 MJ, floats set at a little of 22mm... And Iridium spark plugs.

        • Thank you man

        Photos from Michael Vandermark's post — Yamaha Bolt

        Been thinking of some tattoo ideas. Don't really want any brand names but the Yamaha Bolt's engine is a good looking engine, so trying to draw up some 'Live to Ride - Ride to Live" ideas. Thoughts? Anyone else doing something similar?

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        • Playa del rey vbik, has nice details inthe motor

        • This one looks good ;)

          I was thinking about getting it on the side of my air intake

        • After an Image search using google's search engine some cool designs popped up, check them up

        My hunny and I with friends in the mud today Good times Hers is blue warrior... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

        My hunny and I with friends in the mud today. Good times. Hers is blue warrior and got the most mud on it. Awesome

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        • 150 jet k&n pipe hot cam 30 over

        • if your plug was the nice golden color you described your right on

        • And it rips hard

        About to pull the trigger on a new seat Ive heard nothing but awesome things... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        About to pull the trigger on a new seat. Ive heard nothing but awesome things about the ultimate and I thought i was set on the ultimate. Ive owned a Honda VTX with a mustang and liked the seat. I am NOT wanting anything that pushes me forward more (ive heard the mustang does that about an inch). Im just looking for some good feedback from owners of both seats. Pros and Cons. I am a big guy 280lbs and 6'1". riding to South Dakota in August (1000 miles) and this upgrade is a necessity. Thanks in advance!

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          Photos from Andrew Fell's post — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

          Got my mangled rear rack put on. Also, are either of these tires original? Spent about an hour beating the rack somewhat straight but the front bolts still don't go into the plastics, so those got pretty damn mangled too

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          • Which front tire?

          • Not the spare. The other one

          • Ahh

          I got my Yamaha in 2011 I have put in at Munden Point Park Rudie inlet and at... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

          I got my Yamaha in 2011. I have put in at Munden Point Park, Rudie inlet and at First Landing State Park most of the time. Been up and down thoes areas as much as possible each summer and have never saw hardly any other Yamahas. In just two outings this year I've seen more than the 4 pervious summers combined. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one at the ramps this year pissing people off by power loading and maybe not driving straight the first few times out in the season.

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          JL audio M880s — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

          JL audio M880s

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          • hmmmmm. i have 4 fosgate m262s inside the boat now. its time for a wake tower and more speakers i was gonna go with 4 - fosgate m262 wakes

          • What are you thinking about for an amp?

          • well i already have a kicker 400 4 channel oowering these 4.. and realistically ill need another 4 channel unless i run 2 speakers off one channell. but doesnt that give the speakers half power?

          So I have question for everyone here My electric start quit working but the... — Yamaha C3

          So I have question for everyone here. My electric start quit working but the kick starter still works. Could it be the battery?

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          • I had this problem a few years ago. The voltage was fine on the battery, but there was not current to start with electric but would start with kickstart. Replaced battery and it worked fine. Don't waste time troubleshooting any longer than you have to.

          • For serious lubrication in a can I use SeaFoam Deep Creep, Liquid Wrench White Lithium grease, and LPS-3...While I realize that WD-40 isn't real lube...I still maintain that if all I have room for is One Can of Something...I'll opt out for WD-40

          • Im with Wescott Flaherty I did the same with the same results it drove me crazy until i just replaced the battery

          Photos from Morgan Large's post — Yamaha Aerox Forum

          Yamaha Areox 70cc spec

          Yasuni c16 carrera exhaust

          Stage 6 Mk2 70cc race kit

          Motoforce full circle crank

          Polini 360 swivel manifold

          Artek reed block

          25 mm dellorto carb

          Polini variator

          Athena belt

          Stage 6 mk2 clutch

          Stage 6 R/T clutch bell

          Crome water pump cover

          Motoforce cdi

          Motoforce coil

          Stage 6 quick action throttle

          Stage 6 switch

          Koso clocks

          Str8 stem

          Rental bars

          Bcd Crome leavers

          Red hell brake lines

          Stage 6 temp gauge

          Led rear lights with built in indicators

          White Bcd under tray

          Tnt anodised blue side stand


          Collection only

          Southend Essex

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            Hi all quick question. I need to buy and install a new engine into my bike — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

            Hi all, quick question. I need to buy and install a new engine into my bike (08) will any yzf r125 engine fit or will I need a specific engine for my bike? Thanks in advance.

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            • Cool! Is it possible for you to sent to Denmark?

            • Anything is possible if you have enough money

            • Sent pm ;-)

            Photos from Stacey Pedigo Aukamp's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

            What a gorgeous day!

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            • It's a great location for much to see. We put in up behind my neighborhood in the Wando River and rode down to the Harbor under the big bridge, out to Fort Sumter and then up the ICW a bit. Once we got back into the Wando we blew up the tube and abused the children for a while. Heck of a day. Sorry to hear about the rain, Keith!

            • Thanks Stacey! We're coming down at the end of July for a few days. If I could find a good paying job there (I'm in sales), we wouldn't go back!

            • I hear that! I am damn Yankee babe- I'm staying. ;) and go Giants!

            Photos from Luke Carlson's post — Yamaha Bolt

            Uninstalling Fuelpak

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            • I have power commander

            • Vance and Hines fuelpak

            • K. Tnx Lucas. I find Power Commander V to be great. 3rd bike I've used these. I'd try Ivan's Flash too but can't get for Australia.

            What fuel oil ratio are you guys running I just got a 97 and need to know what... — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

            What fuel/oil ratio are you guys running I just got a 97 and need to know what ratio is best? Also I just cleaned the carbs and the bike still won't idle please help

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            • I run 32:1 but I also run a high revving 125 on the same mix. But it's not your mix that's doing it. You could run from 25:1 to 50:1 and not make much difference although it will alter the jetting a bit.

            • I cleaned the carb and pulled a 172 jet out I don't know if it was the main or pilot but I'm at 5000 ft does this sound right?

            • 32-1 I would bet you have a clogged jet. It is hard to see with the naked eye. I use the wire off a bread rapper. The hole in the jets are very small and it just takes a tiny bit of crap to clog them.

            Mike Dorn shared Circus Vmaximus Vmax Accessoires's photo to the group: Yamaha V-Max. — Yamaha V-Max

            BRAND-NEW! The "Vmax since 1985" domed sticker

            No matter whether you stick it on your car, motorcycle, helmet, notebook, refrigerator or somewhere else: You can demonstrate your love of all time's most legendary muscle bike, the Yamaha Vmax, with this high-grade emblem!

            Size about 75 x 75 millimeters (about 2.95 x 2.95 inches).

            8.50 Euros only including free worldwide shipping!

            You can order it online at

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              Throttle cable was sticking but lubed it today and problem solved I m assuming... — Yamaha Bolt

              Throttle cable was sticking but lubed it today and problem solved. I'm assuming that since my bolt is only a year old that they didn't adequately lube it while assembling at the factory.

              I did find a cheap and quick way to do this that worked perfectly in case anyone is interested. I just loosened the nuts on both of the throttle cables on the throttle body to give a little play on the housing on the handlebars. Do not undo the throttle pins on the throttle body it's not necessary and will make for more work. Take out the screws to the throttle housing in the handlebars as well as the one screw on the little plate. Remove the throttle pins and slide through the housing. Place a 3/8 inch inner diameter clear tube cut at about 5 inches over the throttle cable and housing, it will squeeze over perfectly snug on the little lip on the cable housing. It will act as a reservoir for the cable lube and won't leak! Fill with lube and let it feed down the cable housing. It feeds slowly so be patient. Before you do this tuck some paper towels under the cable housing at the bottom near your throttle body so it doesn't leak out on everything. Once it's starts coming out the bottom your done! Let it drain out before reassembly. Sorry if my terminology wasn't spot on I'm only a mere backyard mechanic.

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                What chain lube are you using — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

                What chain lube are you using?

                I've got some yamaha stuff, was OK on my mt 09, since having the tracer, seems to get everywhere... Swing arm,up the engine, side panels & all over the back tyre.....

                Thets start a poll...

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                • GT85 smells lovely

                • I dropped my can tonight , pressurized can don't you know , bloody lube everywhere , not impressed .....oh , it's motorex off road chain lube , good stuff , certainly lubed the inside of my bin ...

                • I use the Muckoff touring stuff. Does a good job.

                For Sale. 1982 YT175 — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

                For Sale: 1982 YT175

                Fort Worth, TX


                Recently changed reeds ot for a set of Boyeson, other than that and tires it is all stock. Currently has Maxxis 18x9-8 tires on it but will come with a set of 22x11-8 Trail Pros

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                • What does the reeds do ? And what exhaust do u have on it ?

                Photos from Christina Emilia's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                Didn't wear my boots today, felt so exposed and like a total rebel hahaha wind on my ankles pants blowing in the wind. Was kinda nice for a change and I didn't have any issues shifting. #awkwardtans

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                • I gear up everytime I ride.

                  And thats because the one time I didnt wear all my gear I came off and left half my arm and leg on the road hahaha.

                  But I dont gear up to run down the streets to get something or fuel. Cbf

                • Edward Thomas that's how I was/am too

                • Lol if you've been in a high speed crash you would know how important gear is. My jacket saved my life by my legs got fucked. Not a single scratch on my upper torso but my pants tore and my shoe was ripped. When I see people riding in singlets I just think to myself what a dickhead then say a small prayer they don't come off their bike

                I don t own stock in this company — Yamaha Boat Owners

                I don't own stock in this company.....

                'Ducky Water Spot Remover ' is awesome. We live in La Crosse, WI and are on the Mississippi River all the time. This product makes our 2008 AR210 look new!!!!

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                • I washed 'our baby' a couple days ago with boat soap. The white still showed the brown river stain....

                  I used the Ducky spray after a day on the river Friday, June 19 just spray & wipe (15 minutes max). When I came out this morning I could see the spots I missed! The white is white again!!!

                  Stuff is amazing!!!!

                • Water spots are gone easily with Ducky!!

                • Awesome! Thank you guys!

                Need advise — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

                Need advise

                Never filled my coolant up on my yzf what do people use ?

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                • and it also says "do not mix different types of coolant"

                • So get that antifreeze and mix it to a 50/50 mix and then poor in until full

                • You can get a Antifreeze Refractometer to test the strength but dealerships do that on service

                Photos from Rod Verhnjak's post — Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Owners

                Got cut off thus morning . So mad and a bit sore.

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                • No insurance unless you hit them. Here where we live I pay the lowest rate possible for insurance and it is $110.00 a month. If I wanted collision insurance it would be another $100.00 a month. If i did not have a great driving record it would be more. I have a 44% discount. Anyways that's life.

                • Wow, I feel lucky......Insurance varies from state to state. For the same bike and full coverage, I pay $23 a month. But in Oregon we pay higher rates for other things, like state income tax at 10%, no sales tax, sort of all equals out in the big picture.

                • Oh trust me we pay lots of tax here. Far more than you.

                Guys need some advise — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

                Guys, need some advise.

                What you thinking of KTM rc125 compare to Yamaha r125. Performance and reliability?

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                • I'd much rather have the KTM than an R125 but I like having things that nobody really has. The reliability can't really be questioned because they've not been around for an awfully long time but I've heard KTM bikes have a few technical issues but I'm probably wrong, they do however look absolutely amazing. The bike uses the same frame as the KTM RC390 so it's definitely made to cope with higher speeds and made to act like a proper sports bike.

                • Oh and they hold their value incredibly well because they aren't as common as dog crap like R125s are (therefore would also cost more to repair too.)

                • R125 ktm rc looks crap ktm really went down hill making that bike

                Anyone else running a counter balance cycles seat I have an 83 theres a bunch... — Yamaha XS650

                Anyone else running a counter balance cycles seat? I have an 83, theres a bunch of random brackets on my frame in the rear, I'm basically planning on chopping them and grinding the weld off, are there any brackets that I may need? Bike came with out a seat and missing a lot so I'm pretty sure the brackets are for the seat, thanks

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                • So I was hoping to just remove the old brackets that are in the way

                • On the '83 there's a raised section just back from the tank mount that would receive a fork that was mounted on the bottom of the stock seat to secure the front of the seat. Any aftermarket seat could be fitted with that fork or one fabbed to fit and then create a quick release at the rear of the seat.

                Photos from Dave Robinson's post — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

                Nice ride out to Harwich like the new ermax screen

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                • Bentley normally kicks off around 6 with most people leaving around 9. I'm just over half way to the 600mile service. Can't wait to get that sorted so I can let it Rev a bit more. Ermax sound good. I'm 5.11 so hopefully it should work well.

                • See you guys there ... Bentley that is :)

                • Must make this one night. Can't tomorrow deciding where to donate "some" money :-)

                lemme ask yall yammy owners on a 225dx what do you think would cause the clutch... — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum


                lemme ask yall yammy owners on a 225dx what do you think would cause the clutch to slip in low rpm but if you hammer the throttle itll grab an go like nothin is wrong?

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                • I just put a timberwolf motor in my 86dr. Only thing you have to do is change out the stater plug-ins

                • 225 series engine has a clutch adjustment on side of the engine. Try that. If not that centrifugal clutch is bad or broken spring in the centrifugal clutch

                • yea i tryed the clutch adjustment when i got the trike the adjustment was jammed an i couldnt adjust it but i got it broke free