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My V-Max called The Mechanical Animal...a great name which sums up the bike I feel...hence the paintwork on the 'tank' which is Marilyn Manson and the picture was taken from his album Omega And the Mechanical Animals.

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Help and parts needed I have a 16 inch XS650 mag alloy rear wheel to go into my... — Yamaha XS650

Help and parts needed, I have a 16 inch XS650 mag alloy rear wheel to go into my bike. It is the disc brake type rear wheel. I am looking to buy a rear disc, rear caliper, rear caliper mounting bracket, rear wheel spindle (axle) with all the spacers etc.

Is there anyone out there who can help me ????

Regards, Dave.

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  • BTW, David, you're also gonna need the disk brake swingarm, unless you have it already.

  • Have you tried ebay germany? There's alot of used parts for the xs650 there.

  • A&P at matlock (cheap) or D&K at stoke( bloody expensive)

This past Saturday I had just enjoyed lunch with friends at one of my favorite... — Yamaha V-Star riders

This past Saturday I had just enjoyed lunch with friends at one of my favorite "joints". When I was leaving (we had all mounted up but hadn't left yet) a random guy looked at my bike, smiled, and said "That's PERFECT" and gave me a thumbs up. I said "Thanks man" and we had a brief conversation about bikes in general and in particular what type of bike I had. Turns out he's thinking about buying a bike and now he's seriously interested in a V-Star. My buddies on the Shadows and the Boulevard were not amused. :)

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    Engine — Yamaha V-Star riders


    649 cc (39.6 cu in) air-cooled 70° V-twin; SOHC, 2 valves/cylinder


    40 hp (30 kW) @ 6,500 rpm


    50.1 N·m (37.0 lbf·ft) @ 3,000 rpm


    5-speed; multiplate wet clutch

    Frame type

    Steel pipe/double cradle


    Front: Telescopic fork; 139 mm (5.5 in) travel Rear: Single shock, link-type; w/adjustable preload;


    Front: 298 mm disc

    Rear: 200 mm drum


    1,610 mm (63 in) XVS650 / 1,625 mm (64.0 in) XVS650A


    L 2,339 mm (92.1 in) XVS650 / 2,451 mm (96.5 in) XVS650A

    W 878 mm (34.6 in) XVS650 / 929 mm (36.6 in) XVS650A

    H 1,069 mm (42.1 in) XVS650 / 1,104 mm (43.5 in) XVS650A

    Seat height

    695 mm (27.4 in) XVS650 / 711 mm (28.0 in) XVS650A


    230 kg (510 lb) XVS650 / 260 kg (570 lb) XVS650A (dry)

    257 kg (570 lb) XVS650 / 287 kg (630 lb) XVS650A (wet)

    Fuel capacity

    16 L (3.5 imp gal; 4.2 US gal) / 3 L (0.66 imp gal; 0.79 US gal) Reserve

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      Good day — Yamaha V-Max

      Good day.

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      • I have to say, I still prefer the original shape.

      • GOOD DAY

      • thank U me too prefere the original :)

      i have a question and i don t think i ve seen it here on the group page — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      i have a question,and i don't think i've seen it here on the group page.

      does anyone know why Billy prefers the Hartke AK over the Hy-Drive?

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      • I read somewhere that he uses the 410 for tighter low end and the 115 for mids and highs.

      • David Van Dort that is his setup. If memory serves, the reason for using the 115 for the bridge pup (mids/highs) is the tone and such, but more to the reason for running the neck pup (low end) is that the 4 10 cones can respond more quickly to the sound being pushed through it than a 15 can, which makes a difference in the cabinet's quality of sound and lifecycle. (If I'm missing anything, this group has plenty of expertise to clarify!)

      • I love this page "club" we have here. Way to go guys!

      Jon Pradez Pangilinan shared a link to the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page),+Rehiyong+Pampangasiwaan+ng+Cordillera,+Pilipin as&daddr=Pan-Philippine+Hwy+to:17.0690515,120.9424 782+to:16.655869,120.776646+to:16.4472896,120.5898 557+to:Cabanatuan+City,+Gitnang+Luzon,+Pilipinas&h l=fil&ll=16.351768,120.778198&spn=2.961985,4.93835 4&sll=16.251594,120.778198&sspn=3.290355,5.817261& geocode=FcWrBAEdoMk0Bymjc4erGS2OMzFdUrrSIq-iCg%3BF Wp77AAdrvQ1Bw%3BFftzBAEdjm81Byk7mAXpp9OPMzGvOweRfW a_IQ%3BFf0l_gAdxucyByk1hRwnx8mRMzFav1vrOCcFMw%3BFT n3-gAdHw4wBym_LK2LuKORMzGOaYdRg7lvDQ%3BFSlO7AAdUeg 1BynLTC9lISmXMzERcdO6hqDcPQ&oq=cabanatuan&mra=dvme &mrsp=2&sz=8&via=2,3,4&t=m&z=8

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        Este engrane el grande gira cuando no lo debe hacer teniendo como efecto que... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

        Este engrane el grande gira cuando no lo debe hacer, teniendo como efecto que los 2 engranes chicos no giren con la fuerza necesaria para que el engrane del bendix se proyecte asía adelante y no llegando al engrane de la cremallera provocando que se desgasten los dientes, en cada foto comento lo que voy haciendo. Saludos

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        • Cesar tienes skype?? tal vez te pueda agregarte porq lo intente aquí en el face y no he podido

        • asi es, pienso destapar mañana para ver que los engranes de arranque y ban sobre el buje los voy a lubricar, si tengo skipe cesarlona

        • Angeles Negros

        FAIL Example of humans While riding his Yamaha from Lubbock to Albuquerque my... — Yamaha V-Star riders

        FAIL: Example of humans. While riding his Yamaha from Lubbock to Albuquerque, my boyfriend stopped at a Phillips 66 Station in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. He was on his motorcycle today, riding in 90+ degree heat, and bringing home an 8-week old puppy. In short, the cashier at the Santa Rosa Phillips told him to leave and tie the puppy up outside in the heat. The puppy posed no problem as he held it in his arms. All he wanted to do was use the restroom and wash his face. Luckily, some nice people watched the puppy as he went to the restroom. I would have not left my dog in the car either, much less tie him to a pole in the heat. Shame on you Santa Rosa Phillips station.

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          How many of you listen to music while riding and what set up so you use I have... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          How many of you listen to music while riding and what set up so you use, I have thought about using ear buds from my phone but I'm worried that it will block out too much of the noise around me, sooner or later I will be getting a scala g9 but until then what else do you use?

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          • I tried the ear buds I have with my phone last night, as soon as I put my helmet on I half pulled one of them out, after fixing it I half pulled the other one out while doing up the chin strap, finally got it right took off down the road did a head check and realized I had not left enough cord hanging out, pulled over and stuck them in my pocket, I'll wait til I get a scala lol

          • @Brett - That's exactly what I was going through when I used ear buds.

          • Get a Torc Prodigy T-10... Integrated helmet with Bluetooth...

          Boa noite a todos os Virageiros Minha 535 esta fazendo 11 km l na cidade e fez... — Yamaha Virago 535

          Boa noite a todos os Virageiros, Minha 535 esta fazendo 11 km/l na cidade e fez 14 km/l na estrada, é isso mesmo o consumo dela?

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          • Tiago Acosta Argiles da mais detalhes, que gasolina usa? essa media em tocada macia na cidade?

          • Caramba, bem esclarecedor esse tópico... Vou conferir os carburadores da minha ..... \m/

          • Uso gasolina aditivada apenas, e na cidade ando devagar mesmo.

          HGM Gunmetal Big Tube. Feedback — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          HGM Gunmetal + Big Tube (Feedback)

          I purchased HGM pipe for my sniper mx last saturday and got it last monday thru LBC. My problem is that it has this "backfire" sound (Sorry seller for we talked last night thru the phone and you said that "hindi po nagbaback fire ang pipe ko...limit po yun..limit.". You did not even suggest a solution to my problem). THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. Since I can't solve this thing alone, I will ask my fellow SMX users.

          Here are the things that we have done with my mechanic.

          1) We adjusted/tuned the air settings and the "menor" (Di ko alam anu tawag)

          2) We repaired the bracket holder of my racing boy ver.4 for the pipe because it was destroyed due to the strong vibration of the pipe.

          3) We tried to reinstall the pipe. We noticed that the tube is not fit to the engine. Mas malaki ang pasukan ng pipe kesa sa mismong pipe. Causing it to have "backfire" sounds itself (Sorry for the word again). Uulitin ko po.. Hindi po sya sakto.

          Remember that i am just a costumer and you sellers, you should be ready for feedbacks of your clients. Remember THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. This feedback will give you TWO things:

          1. a wake up call that there are things that you(sellers) need to improve on.

          2. a wrong impression for your other sellers.

          Wag po tayong magalit, di po ako naninira. Maganda ang pipe. Aesthetically maganda ang pipe na to. I salute this pipe because it is Pinoy-made. It's just that there are things that a costumer may not be satisfied with the product.

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            April 5 2012 While moving the bike from my shop to my home 100 feet from my... — Yamaha XS650

            April 5, 2012, While moving the bike from my shop to my home, 100 feet from my house the front brake locked up. I was doing 25 mph. Went over on the right side, the bike bounced off my leg, and I rolled a few times off int the grass. By the time I realized what had happened I was looking at the sky. I got up to turn the bike off, it was on its side and still running. I found my phone, 30 feet away, called the wife and waited. All in all I had scraped knees, palms (useless Buell gloves) Lost my RH big toenail (a year later i is normal) And a sore shoulder. I did eventually loose the constant pain I had in my right leg (pre accident issue) Amazingly my helmet cam nowhere near the ground. After this I parked the bike. I trailered it home a few weeks ago and have been fixing the few small items that were broken. The bike suffered only minor damage. I did remove the dual disc setup that I had installed previously, and have now installed a factory setup with proper MC. I put a battery in yesterday and after a few seconds it fired right up to a nice idle. I forgot how nice it sounds, and how gnarly it is. I put a 750 kit in it several years ago. So it should be road worthy soon.

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            • I had the same thing happen to me. Failure was due to rust on the piston, so I rebuilt it and it's as good as new. Looking forward to riding soon.

            • Mine also had the factoru alloy rims as the one in te photo above: sold it because needed money & my '07 Triumph does everything the XS did only better.

            • Finished up all the little projects and went for a little spjn around the block. All is well again in the world. Bike runs great and everything works.

            Walkthrough of my Yamaha Stryker — Yamaha Stryker Owners

            Walkthrough of my Yamaha Stryker

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            • Thanks man it's sure got lots of compliments in person. Stop lights, gas stations, parking lots, rallies. Everyone wants to know what it is. One chick asked to buy it. Without thinking I said $20k and hoped she wouldn't say yes. Much less than that in it, about $15k total, but its a work of art to me as lots of time and research went into planning it.

            • Best part is the look on some Harley guys' faces when they find out its a metric! =]

            • Well for most Harley guys if it dose not have that old school and big square bags it has to be wrong.

            Dean Stimpson shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

            Mike "spike" edwards was invited to race in yamaha past masters series in weekend just gone at oulton park BEMSEE round here is the second race!!! it was a close one!!! Still cant believe it hasnt sunk in yet!!!

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            • In higgy's defence he was on his spare motor after another spark plug let go at Pembrey contaminating the crank, so was severely hampered by lack of power. I don't think the outcome would have been any different tho!

            • Higgy is lightening fast, but Dean Stimpson showed another level of riding alongside Mike 'Spike' Edwards, Deano is still young, talented and as hungry as a wolf, I would love to see him progress to some higher bad-ass echelons of speed!!!!

            • Oy! I'm still young, talented and hungry, as a silver fox, if you don't mind... ;)

            Info dari Humas IMJD mengenai penjemputan dari arah timur menuju lokasi acara... — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

            Info dari Humas IMJD mengenai penjemputan dari arah timur menuju lokasi acara Jambore Daerah IMJD di Wonosari 29-30 Juni 2013 ..

            IMJD News:


            *KORIDOR TIMUR :

            ( Tugu batas kota depan candi prambanan)

            Koordinator :

            Gem's (Generation Matic Solid) Jogja :

            - RICKY 087738034393

            (koridor timur yg dari solo-klaten masuk prambanan ambil kiri arah PIYUNGAN-WONOSARI)

            NB : Panitia penjemputan mulai start tanggal 29 juni jam 14.00-20.00 tamu diluar jadwal itu harap menghubungi panitia. terimakasih

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            • Klo Dari AraH MenCoN dijemput Dimana ????

            Juliani Guido — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

            Juliani Guido

            cher para q desis q me ganaste si ni me corriste? a parte ni corri es una pelotudes lo q hacen ay


            Javi Cavs Martinez

            Disculpame pero no tiraste entre todos un par de veces?

            Yo te vi y también te pasaba como alambre caido...


            Juliani Guido

            jajajajja yo no tire ninguna sali para joder una vez para ver pero eso era un peligro vs no m pasaste porq no m corriste si keres probamos yo y vos voy hasta alla y hacemos un video keres?


            Javi Cavs Martinez

            No capo a mi me alcanzo ya verte.. Si vos decis que no corriste esta bien Ajjajajja pero yo vi otra cosa


            Juliani Guido

            yo no corri cuando yo sali vs ya stabas alla y cuando volvi acelere y m fui porq tenia el aceite c agua t dije

            Visto: 17:56

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            • como esta la loca ehhhhhhhhhhhh ciempre lo mismo vos chavon opacas este grupo tambienn

            • por quien lo decis??

            • fua re q ya se habia terminado y siempre las mismas tirando mugre

            Hey Everyone. They re building an Attitude Double neck Bass Guitar for me — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

            Hey Everyone! They're building an Attitude Double neck Bass/Guitar for me. Woo too! Hoping to use it on upcoming Winery Dogs tour. Here's some photo's of the progress---hope you all are doing well!

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            • I've got 3 Fender's. 2 Jazz and 1 P. Bass. They are all deluxe models but if an Attitude was on sale at the right price I might look at it. The only downside was the lack of maple fingerboard.

            • Tried an Attitude 5 string once. It was poor. Not for me :-(

            • Thank you King!

            Patrice is it just Steve Billy You Me riding from IL to Maggie Are we meeting... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

            Patrice - is it just Steve, Billy, You, Me riding from IL to Maggie? Are we meeting up with anyone else?

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            • I did the same a couple of weeks ago.. a wee bit early for my 4k check... but I also wanted to safer than sorry. Oh.. I just went & had Jordan Babbitt order me (& the wife) a set of those Airhawk 2's. They come with a satisfaction guarantee - so Maggie Valley run will test them out for sure!

            • So my main concern with the airhawk, is that it's the same problem with mustang seat. It pushes you up and forward 2-3 inches. That's the entire reason i got the forward controlls, as my legs could not handle being so cramped up. I'll let you guys know.

            • let out more air - from what i've been reading it should only move you up / forward 1/2 - 1" at most...

            Lil Red my 2003 650 V Star Custom has been in the garage quite a while waiting... — Yamaha V-Star riders

            Lil' Red, my 2003 650 V-Star Custom, has been in the garage quite a while, waiting for my torn shoulder to mend. Now I'm healed, and she's in the shop having the carbs pulled, cleaned, and tuned. Good thing they made me a good price, cuz they also determined the forks are leaking bad enough to warrant a rebuild AGAIN (of which I was aware). Seems the last guy didn't use OEM parts...aaannnnnd the leak has ruined the front brake that has to be replaced as well. Sheeeeesh. Great news, though, I should be back on the road soon. Hill Country, here I come!

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              Anyone know what the lifetime average mileage is supposed to be for an FZ6R — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

              Anyone know what the lifetime average mileage is supposed to be for an FZ6R?

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              • And its not a thundercat

              • Mine did fall over in the dirt kick stand sunk in the mud but was slow motion

              • They're the worst, usually little damage aside from a Heart attack!

              Finally got out and get a ride in Wife was the one that suggested it shock to... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              Finally got out and get a ride in. Wife was the one that suggested it (shock to me). I called up my uncle and him & his g/f met up with us. After he surprised me with his new bike (not new but new to him 86' Gold Wing, ugh). Showed him everything I did to mine (saddlebags, lights, seat), I gave him his guardian bell. He thought it was pretty cool. We ended up riding just a little over 100 miles (I know, kinda short, but we started at about 5pm cause my wife & I had to work). We didnt get home until almost midnight. Felt good and my wife who has not had much seat time did great. She wanted to go again today when she got home, but the stupid rain has moved in and I am not fond of riding in the rain.

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                Just tightened my bike chain the other day then it started making a whine noise — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                Just tightened my bike chain the other day, then it started making a whine noise.. Checked it today, there was an inch of play, got someone to sit on it and it went really tight.. Slacked it off again to an inch and a half, then when someone sat on it the chain went tight but not completely tight, had the very slightest play. Lesson learnt, always tighten it to an inch and a half at the tightest, then do the sit test just to make sure, cause if it goes too tight when riding it the chain will affect the suspension ,, put excess pressure on the gear sprocket bearing and you could loose control because of the rear suspension not working properly.. But if you all know this already then that's fine,,,,

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                  hola tngo un incnbeniente cn mi vrr arriba falla cmo si stubiera en crto la... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                  hola tngo un incnbeniente cn mi vrr, arriba falla cmo si stubiera en crto la bujia pero la cambie bujia n es

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                  • ajustalo y afloja una vuelta y media

                  • cualel embutido la crtina? igual ya qiuedo pero tiene dos trnillos solo

                  • el aire y el crtina

                  My 2003 VStar Classic I got a steal of a deal on it at 2500 with 4500 miles on... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                  My 2003 VStar Classic. I got a steal of a deal on it at $2500 with 4500 miles on it. It started out life being purple but I spilled it over one day. Paint is a custom color mixed and painted by Freek Dclown (Leroy Ferguson) at Arkadelphia AutoBody in Arkadelphia Arkansas. I wanted more chrome after the new paint so I opted for the raised chrome tank emblems off of a 2005 model rather than the applied graphics that came on it. It has been a pleasure to ride and just put another 1300 or so miles on it last weekend with Leroy.

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                    Thrust vectors well worth the money in my opinion 20 mph wind and was able to... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                    Thrust vectors well worth the money in my opinion. 20 mph wind and was able to bring the boat around to dock without a problem. Wife agrees as she was able to drive in no wake zone and keep it pointed where she wanted it to go

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                    • Great to hear it! Glad you got a chance to get 'em installed and tested. Thanks again for the order and for all your feedback!

                    Brett James shared a link to the group: Yamaha FZ6R Owners. — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                    Has any one tried magnetic tank bags? would like a medium sized bag but dont want a rack, just want some thing that is easy to pull on and off, found this on ebay, any thoughts?

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                    compañeros necesito saber sus experiencias con el arranque de virago xv 750 — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                    compañeros, necesito saber sus experiencias con el arranque de virago xv 750. ayuda hermanos

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                    • en el video usa tornillos prisioneros dato importante para el que lo valla hacer por su cuenta!!!

                    • tienes razón yo lo voy a hacer mi Virago esta original primero lo checo para ver si tiene juego ese engrane

                    • escuche también que poniendo 2 o 3 rondanas para aprisionar al engrane para no tener que ponerlos tornillos

                    Buenas Noches quisiera saber quien tiene disponible el manual de mantenimiento... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                    Buenas Noches, quisiera saber quien tiene disponible, el manual de mantenimiento del Virago VX750, más cualquier información adiciona sobre esta moto. Mi correo es

                    Saludos y buenas noches desde Venezuela.

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                    Any suggestion what to do with this one — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

                    Any suggestion what to do with this one?

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                    • Leave it like that and use it like a rat bike.

                    • Have you tried filling it with water and putting the whole tank in the freezer?

                      It is an old trick but you do run the risk of the water expanding and de-shaping the whole tank. If you dont fancy trying that you can do what i did and buy a Bagster tank cover. Didnt fancy paying nearly £1000 for a new tank. Good luck!

                    • Uuuuh that reminds me - I wanted to buy a set of crash-pads for my big lady!

                    Good morning everyone Question for you all The chrome bracket that mounts to... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    Good morning everyone. Question for you all. The chrome bracket that mounts to the rear fender that the bags attach on my 950T to is beginning to rust on the left side on the inside. I assume because when it rains the water pools up here because the bike leans to the left on its stand and the water cannot drain out. I've not taken this apart yet but would like to. It looks like all you do is undo the bolts in the bottom of the bags, remove them, then undo the two screws on each side where they go into the fender and that whole assembly should come off correct? Then I should be able to clean it up? Thanks much. - Joe

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                      Thanks to Jason Mendelson bassstringsonline com for hooking me up with a new... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                      Thanks to Jason Mendelson @ for hooking me up with a new Hipshot Brass A-style bridge and 1/2" Hipshot Ultralight tuners for my Attitude. The bass is more balanced now and has zero neck dive issues... Perfection !!

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                      • Totally understand. Let me know if I can help at all.

                      • Strings is a different story thou, I'll be ordering soon ;D

                      • Always happy to work on pricing some so do not be shy!

                      Memorial Day on the Cape Fear River. with the Battleship USS North Carolina — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                      Memorial Day on the Cape Fear River....with the Battleship USS North Carolina

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                      • That's awesome Julian! Neat pic!

                      • Julian: what is the name of the member who was installing rebuilt motors at his home into his friends jet boats? I have a question for him. Thanks

                      • Awesome I shot video of that ship last year!

                      Thrust Vectors are a slow speed steering enhancement for Yamaha Jet Boats — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                      Thrust Vectors are a slow speed steering enhancement for Yamaha Jet Boats. Google Jetboatpilot or thrust vectors XL and you will find what you're looking for.

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                      • Cool thanks

                      • OR If you'd like to support you can purchase them through the YJB Store.. Thanks!

                      I have been a boat owner for many years but just became a jetboater I... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                      I have been a boat owner for many years but just became a jetboater. I absolutely love the boat...but as you all know there is a learning curve in maneuvering these things at low rookie ? What are thrust vectors?

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                      • Make damn sure the ez locks are in place and the dogs are fully engaged!

                      • Congrats on the new rig! Throw a bumper in the water and practice, practice, practice approaching it. After a season or two you won't need any fins! We started with training wheels as well. You can do so much with the maneuvering of These boats.. It just take time.. Good luck!!

                      • I always had a warped sense of humor, so answer your question, you can go to this link. I promise you it's not spam.

                      Grant funds motorcycle helmet enforcement — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      Grant funds motorcycle helmet enforcement

                      OMAHA, Neb.

                      The Omaha Police Department received a grant to enforce motorcycle helmet compliance in Omaha.

                      The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety has awarded additional funding to provide extra officers on the streets to ensure motorcyclists are compliant with Nebraska state laws regarding motorcycle helmets.

                      State law requires all operators and passengers of a motorcycle or moped to wear a helmet secured properly with a chinstrap.

                      Officers will also be looking for motor vehicle violations that make situations dangerous for motorcycle operators, such as failure to yield, speeding, improper lane changes and violating traffic signals.

                      The operations are scheduled to run during the peak motorcycle riding season, which is June through September. Operations will run through the summer at various dates and times throughout the entire city.

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                        I posted this in the 950 Forum as well — Yamaha V-Star riders

                        I posted this in the 950 Forum as well...

                        Spent half day at dealer getting my 950T checked out for summer.

                        Saw all the new models including the Bolt. The bike that really impressed me though was the Roadliner S. Huge motor, and everything on it is streamlined...comes to a point! Many of us pay big bux to change out our lights and pegs, etc., just to get that look. Sleek bike and well-balanced to sit on for such a huge bike. Well done Yamaha!!

                        The Bolt looks like it should kill the comparable Harleys. It is light, and mean as hell looking! An ultra-modern bobber.

                        The 1300T really is our Big brother bike. Slightly different feel but still balanced well. I like the gauges too!

                        The Venture S hasn't changed for years and won't cause it's selling so well as is. Shame, still has cassette, no CD...but does come with Ipod and has place for Ipod or any portable player in left side bag. Has best engine over HD and Kawasaki...and almost 30 more HP too. Handling is better than Kawa and on par with HD. HD has best looking gauges in the front end, followed by the Kawa and in last place for dash looks is the Yamaha. Yamaha had best seats.....followed by HD. Both the HD and the Kawa had more storage up front. ABS is on HD and option on Kawa but not offered on S.

                        Even saw a couple of 650 Customs. They sure are pretty bikes. Wish I had kept my Classic.


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                          Instruction for Snetterton on the 21st June. Order in now. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                          Instruction for Snetterton on the 21st June........Order in now :-)

                          I'm off on my annual bike tour to the mountains and to get ahead of the game on the Snett instruction the right Honourable Mr Keith Roissetter is managing the instructor/pupil allocations for me so if you want some instruction please email him at

                          again that is EMAIL HIM at

                          not request it on FB please peeps :-)

                          Good luck to all of you at Oulton this will be amazing so enjoy a paradise race circuit! See you all at Snett and I miss you already ;-)

                          (Howard Priestley and Paul Wilson already on the list)

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                            mga bossing 1500 na pla takbo ni MX change oil ko na ba or wait ko na muna... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                            mga bossing 1500 na pla takbo ni MX. change oil ko na ba or wait ko na muna yung 2000kms para dun sa coupon?

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                            • 300 po eto sir paread n lng po

                              Good News: TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are now in all The DIY Shops!

                              Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Are you an avid TOP 1 supporter? Well, then we have good news for you! You can now have more accessibility and convenience. TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are now available in all The DIY Shops nationwide.

                              The goal of TOP 1 OIL Philippines is not just to provide high quality synthetic products to Filipino motorists. It is also our goal to provide our consumers the ease and convenience of purchasing our products. In line with this, TOP 1 OIL Philippines has partnered with The D.I.Y. Shop Corporation to bring our TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oils closer to motorcycle riders.

                              TOP 1 Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are made in the USA and is recommended by the FIM (International Motorcycle Federation). Currently, the TOP 1 Ack Attack holds the record for the world’s fastest motorcycle. Below are the TOP 1 Motorcycle Oils available in The DIY Shops.

                              TOP 1 Synthetic Evolution – SAE 15W-50 JASO MA2

                              TOP 1 Synthetic Action – SAE 20W-40 JASO MA2

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                              TOP 1 Synthetic SMO-MC – SAE 20W-50 JASO MA2

                              TOP 1 XM – SAE 20W-50 JASO MA2

                              TOP 1 ActionMatic Gear Oil – SAE 80W-90 for scooters

                              The D.I.Y. Shop Corporation has 31 branches strategically located in various malls and stand alone stores in Metro Manila, Dagupan, Naga, Legaspi, Angeles, Pangasinan, Olongapo, Baguio, Tarlac, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Cainta, Binangonan & Morong. Below are the branches of The DIY Shop Corporation:

                              Metro Manila

                              Ever Gotesco Ortigas

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                              Bay City Mall, Batangas City

                              Rizal Province

                              Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta Rizal

                              986-B Quezon Avenue, Binangonan Rizal

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                              63 Thomas Claudio St., Morong Rizal

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                              Always remember, on your next oil change, Go Synthetic! Go for TOP 1 Synthetic Motor Oils!

                              Posted by mcphils on November 4, 2010.

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                            • 2000 next change oil and gear oil.

                            • na try ko din putoline, ganda ng hatak saka tahimik sa makina parang lumilipad ka lng. less vibrate

                            John Walker shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                            Not forgetting that Spike is out playing with YPM this weekend...

                            Mike ‘Spike’ Edwards Newsletter 29th May 2013

                            Guest Ride: Oulton Park

                            Yamaha Past Masters

                            31st May - 1st June

                            Going to have a run out this weekend with Bemsee. Not ridden a TZR for 25 years since I won the British JuniorStock Championship on one in 1988.

                            John Walker has invited me to ride his bike; I’m just planning on having a trundle round, and see whether the memory is better than the reality. We’re going to run with lots of cameras on the bike to record plenty of on track footage to help promote and publicise the class even more.

                            I’m mildly concerned that I’ll be riding with a target on my back as there are some ‘young blood hotshots’ in the class - as I spotted testing Oulton recently when there coaching! Interested in the class?

                            Find out more by visiting their dedicated website:


                            Click on the still above to watch the current promotional video for the

                            %d comments
                            • That's great!

                            • Spike on pole at Oulton with a 1:54.8, Dean Stimpson next on 1:55.7, then a big gap back to the 2:01's for Bush, Graham Higlett and Matt Barber. Doug, Ben M, Zebra Andy, Whitby and Tim Moore make up the to ten.......

                            • Looks like your bike works well Jock!!!

                            Any yamaha mechanics on here have xr1800 jet boat question starboard motor... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                            Any yamaha mechanics on here?have xr1800 jet boat question starboard motor starts and runs at wide open throttle had turned key off and pulled plug wires off and disconnected battery and was still running at WOT. since that it now runs at WOT when u start boat and key kills it .....

                            %d comments
                            • Are you not a YJB forum member? go to they will help you out.

                            • It sounds like it's running away, which means you have an air leak.

                            • Id agree with Adam, here's a good read from Group K on 2 stroke air leaks for starters.

                            82 xv750 — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                            82 xv750

                            %d comments
                            • nice, have you ridden it 2 up before? My dad is going to be riding this with my mom. She's a little lady but he's a big 6'5".

                            • Yes. I'm 6' and have ridden 2-up with various size passengers. Bike is pretty nimble, in my opinion. My first 'long' ride with a passenger was a few weeks ago through a canyon pass in California between LA and Casitas Lake. Unfortunately, the 3 gallon tank limits the range to about 100+mi (or 1-1.5 hours of highway riding) before needing to look for fuel. I'm working on putting a 5gal tank from a 920 on so I can get 200+ miles between fill-ups.

                            • Thanks for the input, that's really good to know. I'm looking to get a 920 for myself here shortly. So once I do I'll probably switch the tanks so that he has a bigger one.

                            first time beaching her — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                            first time beaching her

                            %d comments
                            • Thanks for the info - I'll look at the different choices here. We just bought our first AR192 - really love it so far!

                            • Guard and shield have different color choices, get samples from each if looking to match your colored hull!

                            • That's a good point! Thanks!

                            Yesterday while bringing my bike back from the shop my frogg toggs rain gear... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                            Yesterday, while bringing my bike back from the shop, my frogg toggs rain gear melted to my pipes. I had this problem a few weeks ago and the remnants came off with no problem. This time, however, I had to do more than just rub off the pieces. I used some goo gone with a scotch brite sponge. I applied it with the soft side and gently rubbed it off with the scrubbie side. It did put small swirl marks on the pipes, which I was expecting. What I wasn't expecting was that area of my pipes is now dulled instead of shiny chrome. I have used just about everything to get that hazy look off with no luck. I have tried metal polish, S100 cleaner, Yamaha spray polish, a version of simple green. Right now, I am letting it run to heat the pipes up hoping that will allow whatever it is to come off. Any other suggestions?

                            %d comments

                              Getting closer to the biggest Vmax event in Scandinavia this year once again we... — Yamaha V-Max

                              Getting closer to the biggest Vmax event in Scandinavia this year, once again we all take a trip back 900 years to where we all came from (We can prove it….just ask……), the Viking age, 2 brilliant bands is booked, on main stage in Valhalla playing 2X16,000 Watss+ please bring your Ear plugs.

                              The Ladies trip this year is a little surprise, the Term is “An Different Breakfast” Starts at 08.15 Saturday morning maximum persons is 50 so you have to book at arrival after the system first to the Mill, takes approx. 2.5 hour and you be able to take party of the ride out as well, DON’T DON’T MISS IT.

                              The Ride out this year is to one of the most popular beach parts of Denmark, once again the trip is guided of on one of the best Vmax Tour Drivers in Denmark, Henrik Wagner our local Road Captain.

                              As usual we got the competition Country wise please see if you can or able to set a Team who is able to get the price, Smartness, Teamwork, Strangeness……….Or…..? Loose or Die……..;o)

                              Other competition is longest ride from home address to the Rally, Best Bike on the Rally, 1, 2, 3, Lady’s choice, best Bike 1. price (Bikes from Vmax is out from the competition, they be marked) annnnnnd maybe?

                              If you see some Vikings in a Fight no matter where or when it might be a part of the Show, if they starts to bleed in your Beer it’s not for fun please Contact’s one from the Staff, main Emergency local number is +45 2021 0456 (Staff) or 112. Brilliant Food, 230V on Campsite, bring your own cable drums LK standard, Beer 2 Vmax $.

                              By the way….Exchange rate for the Vmax $ is 1 to 1 against €

                              Forgot to mention the whiskey bar, forgot the Viking marked, a lot of

                              Come and meet your Vmax friends from all over Europe at this event placed between of north and south.

                              %d comments

                                New info YMJT plat P — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                                New info YMJT plat P

                                AMC (automatic mio club)

                                "Temu ♥"̮ ĸӑήԍҼҽҽη "̮♥ dulor_dulur mio plat P SANTUN DIJALAN SALAM 1 ASPAL SAKLAWASE"

                                Mengundang bikers mio club indonesia ϑȋ̝̊̅̄ acara kopdar plat P

                                Hari :minggu

                                Tanggal: 09-juni-2013

                                Jam:08.00 wib _ selesai

                                Tempat:stadion untung suropati tembokrejo muncar banyuwangi

                                Hiburan:full music

                                Registrasi :10.000 khusus plat P. 3000 khusus luar plat P



                                Sandi amc:087806660201

                                Sutub amc:085745003383

                                Umar amc:085236923712

                                Gapet amc:082338353585

                                Ъќ GAS Ъќ dulor

                                %d comments
                                • Gaaaaasssss,,,,,,,,,,,,

                                • gk jji lur

                                • Cingwe d gowo gak???

                                Spiders I noticed baby spiders crawling out of the gap between my tank and... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                                Spiders! I noticed baby spiders crawling out of the gap between my tank and seat today. On closer inspection, I found some crawling up my kickstand and on my forks too. I drowned the bike as much as I could and washed her down, but I'm getting paranoid and freaked out now that there's these thousands of spiders starting a colony in my bike now... I'm considering getting some insect spray to chase them away, and to wash my bike more often, but since I cant find the nest, I dont know if that'll even help. Any advise?

                                %d comments

                                  I ve only been riding for 5 years but have to say that riding has introduced me... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                                  I've only been riding for 5 years, but have to say that riding has introduced me to some of the greatest people I've ever met. The only stronger bond I've felt with others was when I was in the army back in the day. That kinship is something I hope everyone gets to experience in some way during their life no matter what they it is they like to do. The first time I really felt it was when I was sitting at a stop light not long after I started riding & a guy pulled up next to me & said, "Nice bike." I told him thanks & I just started riding a few months ago. He said, "Well you picked out a nice ride. Ride hard & ride on brother!" Where else on this earth is a complete stranger going to say something like that to you?! That cemented my love for riding & riding in the rain, cold or even after I had to lay it down could stop me from getting back on! RIDE HARD & RIDE ON BROTHERS & SISTERS!!!

                                  %d comments