Great news is my C3 s project is almost done and it s looking freaking Dope — Yamaha C3


Great news is , my C3's project is almost done and it's looking freaking Dope !!!

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  • LOL !!!!!!!!!!! Man , we r too off topic and may bother some Bros here wakakkakkakakakakakaka

  • LOL!! True. Takecare. Talk soon.

  • Big hug Bro , and best regards to Family

David Perkins shared a group to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

So this is the idea, a World Wide Relay of a record-able item that we can exchange over and over and over by handing off the item from one biker to another biker across the world until it makes it back to its origination spot. We will need riders that will be dedicated to make this happen. Please sign up and include your city, state, provenience, country, territory, what ever it is. we know we have ppl in Europe, Australia, and all over the states ready to do this. PPL in the same city are welcome to do a group ride for the exchange. We will require a photo of the exchange at every relay and it be posted on this page so we can see it happening in real time!!!!!

Join the group!

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    Affordable windshield option I ve had this universal cruiser style windshield... — Yamaha C3

    Affordable windshield option. I've had this universal cruiser style windshield on my scooter for the last couple of years. It has held up well, was easy to mount and does a great job of keeping bugs and rain out of my face. They make a couple of different sizes and you can even buy one that is tinted. I paid around $50 which included shipping. aki-Cruiser-Vulcan-VN-500-750-800-900-1500-1600-20 00-/360679474099?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories& hash=item53fa2c03b3&vxp=mtr

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    • i'd pretend i was in "CHiPs" all day if i had that windshield.

    • JC Whitney also has a good looking, affordable, Maier Windshield that works well on a C3 Scooter...

    FWIW my starter clutch has blown up admittedly this is the second time it was... — Yamaha Virago 535

    FWIW, my starter clutch has blown up (admittedly this is the second time, it was repaired firstly as it had just cracked from bolts backing out) and i don't fancy paying Yamaha 150-200 British Pounds for a new piece. I advice anyone who has just bought or is planning on buying an XV535 to investigate the situation of their starter clutch before the bolts decide to back out allowing big chunks of metal to fly around in your casing while your flywheel is running :-( not cool!!! Anyway i think i have found a starter clutch from another bike that will fit and perform on par with the Yamaha one, i am awaiting measurements and diameters of bits and if it fits i shall be fitting it. if it works i will post results, links to purchase the item :D

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    • Unfortunately this is a major problem, mu bike was resting for 7-8 yrs now it is under mainteinance and it seems like i need so many parts which is hard to find. Good luck

    • which parts are you trying to find friend i may have some ideas? im looking into using a suzuki GS500 starter clutch

    Just seen a white fz6r with a learner on it and my first thought was wtf how is... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    Just seen a white fz6r with a learner on it and my first thought was wtf how is he allowed to ride it on his L's and hasn't been booked then I realised its a lama approved bike haha

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    • yeah they are quick arent they :P

    • The FZ6R wasn't on the LAMS list in Vic until 2011.

      The reason for this was that the bike was imported as the XJ6F(LAMS)

      But dealers were filling out the ownership/ rego papers as FZ6R.

      I had a cop go over my old bike when I first had it & he said my bike wasn't LAMS approved. I showed him the throttle restriction, he countered by calling Vic roads & they agreed with him.

      He was nice enough to let me sort out the issue with the dealer without taking any further action.

      A couple months I spoke to a bike cop at the moto expo who said he had encountered similar issues with fz6r owners.

      Eventually Yamaha & Vic roads sorted the red tape out.

    • Ahh fair

    For my Cali folks — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    For my Cali folks...


    Splitting tip - learn to gauge your speed against surrounding traffic accurately!

    Maintaining a low speed differential is critical to smart lane splitting. The CHP guidelines talk about riding no more than 10 MPH faster than surrounding traffic, and many experienced splitters have been adhering to their own similar speed differential "rules" for year. But newer riders - and many experienced riders - have a hard time gauging what 10 MPH looks like while splitting.

    A good way to learn this is to find a quiet street with lots of parked cars and no traffic.

    -Ride up and down a few times at about 10 MPH and memorize how the cars look as you go past them.

    -Of course, don't ride too close to the cars and keep your eyes open for drivers exiting their cars.

    -Do this exercise a few times and you should be able to gauge your speed differential more accurately.

    So how do you gauge your speed differential?

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      Question I was trying to start my 650 custom today It turned over a couple of... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Question...I was trying to start my 650 custom today. It turned over a couple of times, but didn't start. Then the 3rd time I tried...nothing. No headlight, no lights on the speedometer...nothing. I took the battery off and hooked it up to the charger, thinking it just needed charged. It showed the battery was fully charged. I've checked all of my fuses, but they all look good. Any ideas? Could the battery have a dead cell or something which would cause it to be fully charged, but when the key is turned on, it doesn't have enough juice to start?

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        Kevin Higerty shared a link to the group: Yamaha Past Masters Racing Club. — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

        It's with regret that I have to report the death of Dan Jacobson who was involved in a fatal road accident on Friday 14th June.

        Dan joined us on the grid in 2012 for a couple of meetings at Brands where he also entered the GP Classics. I met him in early 2012 when I was his instructor at the Bemsee Rookie day. He kept himself to himself but on the occasions I did bump into him in the paddock you could tell he loved every minute of being on track racing his TZR250.

        I will always remember him running across the paddock at his first meeting with his hands in the air shouting "Oh no! I've forgotten me boots!". I lent him my spare pair and he managed to wedge his size 12's into my size 11's for the day somehow.

        Rest in peace Dan

        Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

        Kev Higerty YPM #76

        More information:

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        • so tragic - RIP Dan

        • :(

        • RIP Dan, what a shame

        Okay I m a noob and know you all have probably discussed this at some point but... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Okay I'm a noob, and know you all have probably discussed this at some point, but I have a question about the big tire debate. I JUST got my 1100 Classic out of the shop for rear brakes, and having them pull the wheel and check the lube situation with the drive shaft, since I just bought the bike used.

        I found long cracks in the sidewall of the Metzler 880 on the rear wheel that go around the tire, plus a lot of little small cracks. I went online and encountered a raging debate of "without a doubt replace it!" and "It's harmless, don't worry about it"

        More folks say to replace it and that it absolutely should not be left on the bike.

        Who do I believe? Any suggestions on what the best replacement tire would be? Thanks

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        • I used to use Continental tires for my BMW. Not the best for wear, but those boogers were sticky in the curves.. Love, love, love. Of course that was when I could change the tires meself, tubes and such. .

        • Michelin commander 2

        • Thanks guys, I talked to the shop, they'll sell me a C2 for $150 so I'm going to try one of those.

        Has anyone installed a individual coil pack conversion on their Vmax I just... — Yamaha V-Max

        Has anyone installed a individual coil pack conversion on their Vmax? I just finished this project last night and I have to say the bike runs noticeably smoother and starts a lot easier. The only drawback is it's a complete pain in the ass to install.

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        • I'm using stock module

        • Did you have to do any wiring modifications?

        • Nope. It was plug and play.

        Some fun with a few local yammi owners — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Some fun with a few local yammi owners...

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        • Great shots! What do you guys use for ballast in your boat? I have the same boat as you and want to wakesurf!

        • kevin go to and search for sx210owners wakesurf build in the watersports section :)

        • You guys make it look so easy

        STUPID FRACK n O2 Sensor CRAP. grrrrrrr. just tried the O2 resistor mod — Yamaha Stryker Owners

        STUPID FRACK'n O2 Sensor CRAP! grrrrrrr! - just tried the O2 resistor mod... No difference.. still runs like donkey balls!

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        • well I've got the pulley coming in the mail as we speak... hope to have it installed by next week. That should solve the majority of issues I hope. I may even be able to plug that damn O2 sensor back in... we'll see. If not, I'm gonna look for a bung to plug into the O2 sensor hole, and toss the O2 sensor plug into my box of junk!

        • well, the pulley came in the mail today... I think I'm gonna try and put it on myself this weekend... any INDY area peeps interested in helping out?

        • Sooo... I decided to put the pulley on myself, bought a couple extra tools, had the wife stand on the rear brake... and wa - la... a new pulley installed..! and It's fixed.. the bike runs great ! even with the O2 sensor plugged in... of course I only test road it for a bit... thunderstorm moving in .. and it was work on the bike day. I cleaned and re-charged the K&N filter, I changed the oil & filter, washed / waxed & detailed the bike, topped off the air pressure... Treated the bags & seats with mink oil... seems like I'm missing something *shrugs*... oh well, I'm beat now... long day & time to hit the Inversion Table for some back relief!

        Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

        Exclusive For SniperMX 5Speed 135LC Page

        _______________________________________ _______

        The "SNIPERMX PHILS., INC." ( SMX ) Group Owned Page


        ________________ ______________________________

        NorthSides Chapters

        1.NACALBU (Valenzuela/Bulacan)-Chairman Aries Protaper

        2CENTS (Central Chapters)

        1.XXX (West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla)-Chairman Thizz

        2.BRT (North Caloocan/Q.C.)-Chairman Ryan R

        SouthSides Chapters

        1.KILABOTS-(Pasay/LP/Pque/Taguig)-C hairman Freddie K

        2.ETI_VAC (Cavite)-Chairman Odie P

        3.LAGUNA (Laguna)-Chairman Boy Bilis

        4.BONPEN (Bondoc/Peninsula)-Chairman Teody m.

        EastSide (Marikina/Antipolo)-Chairman Jericho B.

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          Staying a vstar rider — Yamaha V-Star riders

          Staying a vstar rider!!

          Didn't have the best day again today. See I have a 2007 nissan titan truck and its nice. Ir bluebooks for around 11-13k well I'm moving to florida from colorado and decided the truck was costing to much and a bike would be more fun and a heck of a lot cheaper. So I took it to a dealer who offered me 6700 cash which is way to low. Today the same guy told me sorry my manager can only offer you 4800. I sat for four hours to hear that ughh I was so upset. So it looks like ill be riding my vstar and not the other bike. Oh well I guess I was meant to stay on a vstar and keep my truck.

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            Finally got the black cover instead of the functional yet ugly white shipping... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

            Finally got the black cover instead of the functional yet ugly white shipping cover. She looks real sharp!

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            • Yamaha sports plaza. 580 i think. Best price for the deluxe cover.

            • Looms great. Adding to my wish list. Maybe next year the ugly yet functional shipping cover will hopefully last a little while

            • Ok Looms. Really hate auto correct. LOOKS great

            Allen Fletcher shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

            Mustang Studded Wide Touring Rider and Passenger Seat.

            This seat is brand new, with original shipping box. I ordered the seat, installed it on my 2004 V Star, and found that it was not comfortable for me, and removed it from the bike within a half hour. With boots on, I am over 6 feet tall. The seat pushed me a little to far forward. If you are very tall, this seat will probably not be comfortable.

            I have attached pictures showing that the seat is in perfect NEW condition. Motorcycle Superstore has a NO RETURN policy on items which have been installed. I have also attached a copy of the order, showing the actual sale price.

            Here is the Craigslist ad. If interested respond here or through Craigslist.

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              Allen Fletcher shared a link to the group: YAMAHA PICS/MODIFICATIONS. — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

              Mustang Studded Wide Touring Rider and Passenger Seat.

              This seat is brand new, with original shipping box. I ordered the seat, installed it on my 2004 V Star, and found that it was not comfortable for me, and removed it from the bike within a half hour. With boots on, I am over 6 feet tall. The seat pushed me a little to far forward. If you are very tall, this seat will probably not be comfortable.

              I have attached pictures showing that the seat is in perfect NEW condition. Motorcycle Superstore has a NO RETURN policy on items which have been installed. I have also attached a copy of the order, showing the actual sale price. I paid $467.99, and am asking $450.

              If interested, please respond here or through Craigslist. Here is the ad.

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              • I couldn't live without my Mustang seat...lowers me about an inch over the stock seat

              • I am willing to entertain reasonable offers

              Ok guys I ve got a 07 sx230 ho Took her out yesterday and when I loaded up and... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

              Ok guys, I've got a 07 sx230 ho. Took her out yesterday and when I loaded up and pulled the brass plug I had a good deal of water drain out. Any ideas where this could be coming from. Thanks!!

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              • Replace with a metal can look it on the YJB site..

              • OH if it's the cooling line the water will be hot an in the engine can check that also...but replace the scupper anyway, the plastic cracks over time and leaks.

              • Thanks guys

              SEX and KULANGOT — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

              SEX and KULANGOT

              Anak : Tay bakit po masarap ang sex?

              Tatay : Kc may kiliti o sensation katulad ng nararamdaman mo pag nangungulangot ka.

              Anak : Bakit po mas nasasarapan ang babae kaysa sa lalake sa sex?

              Tatay: Tulad ng pangungulangot, mas nasasarapan ang ilong mo kysa sa daliri.

              Anak. Bakit ayaw po ng babae ang nirerape?

              Tatay : Kunwari, naglalakad ka tapos my lumapit syo at biglang kinilikot ilong mo magugustuhan mo ba?

              Anak : Bkit ayaw ng babaeng mkipagsex pag may regla?

              Tatay : Pag dumudugo ilong mo, mangungulangot ka ba?

              Anak : Bakit ayaw po ng mga lalake ang condom?

              Tatay : Ikaw gusto mo mangulangot na may guwantes ang daliri?

              Anak : Bakit po sa pribadong lugar lang ginagawa ang sex?

              Tatay : Kaya mo bang mangulangot sa harap ng ibang tao?

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                Last Sunday the TT van Elst To my own surprise first place after two heats in... — Yamaha XS650

                Last Sunday the 'TT van Elst'. To my own surprise first place, after two heats in the 750cc-class. The XS handled and braked as good as ever and the 650cc-twin ran as a clockwork, be it a noisy and strongly vibrating clockwork. Flowers and a cup, thanks to Tajan van der Wiel of Motorsport Harlingen. Inge, thanks for the pics.

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                • yeah we called the XS the Japanese bonneville! Sadly Yamaha's 500 twin wasn't such a good bike. The Brits handled better than anything until they folded in the mid 70s, I had Nortons all through the 70s so could run rings even around the Triumphs for the most part.

                • Mine has a 1976 frame, with added trialangulations at crucial spots, e.g. the rear forks. These really helped the handling. Although it did not help to lower the weight. Anyway, I've owned a number of British twins. Especially the Triumph is prettier and lighter, but in its present form I think my XS is a good second.

                • The Triumphs were always prettier, still are, I have an '07 Bonneville absolutely love it, it feels in every respect just like my '75 norton, handles beautifully, has a good enough top end,It's very comfortable. can ride it 600 miles stopping only for gas get off have dinner & be ready for another 200 miles. I bought it used in 2010 & I've had it in 11 states so far. sold my '75 XS & my Norton because I could not imagine them doing anything better than the Triumph!

                Tacs Alarm — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                Tacs Alarm



                * When switched off, it automatically arms your alarm.

                * Horn blast when somebody tries to tow or carry your bike when parked.

                * Engine will not run even in the event of tampering the ignition switch.

                * Anti-carjack or (agaw-motor) protection is always on standby at anytime you ride your bike. No frequency or gsm signal needed.

                * No standby current. Hindi kumukunsumo ng kuryente habang naka-armed mode.

                Napakamura... Kering keri ang halaga.

                Php 1,100.00 lang may proteksyon at chance ka na... Pag may gustong umagaw ng motor mo, bigay mo lang.. Bahala na ang gadget sa kanya...

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                  After my messed up fathers day and my dad spending it with my sister instead of... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                  After my messed up fathers day and my dad spending it with my sister instead of me who you all know I lost my daughter when she passed away in june 4 2010. I decided to give up my vstar 650 and found this Honda vtx 1800. It has 1795 cc of power and the owner said he added um I forgot the name of the part but it was a 100 horse power stock and the speedometer goes to 160 mph . But now its tuned to a 125 horse power and I read wikipedia it will smash any crotch rocket and has dyno and cobra pipes. I think my little angel was looking out for her daddy and found me the bike of my dreams one that's gonna get me a speeding ticket once a week lmao. Its only 5k I'm buying it. Im bored with my 650 I need some power. Have no idea what 125 horse power can do but do you guys think ill be happy?

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                    I ve done the j slam and just took my son out for a ride he s about 120 and I m... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                    I've done the j-slam and just took my son out for a ride he's about 120# and I'm bottoming out - how do I prevent this? Bit still maintain the j-slam look

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                    • I wish Jason,

                      Ill be in Swansea all weekend for softball tournaments, leave fri after work stay Fri,sat night and come home some point Sunday - perhaps another time

                    • The other Swansea, right, Todd.

                    • Roland - Swansea, Ma.

                    650 — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS


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                    • Thanks Mark ill do so.

                    • I put 5" risers on mine and that makes the cables tight

                    • I went for VENHILL universal braided cables.There a bit pricey but you can get them cheeper in black.You cut them to the size you need & simplely soldier the nipple on.But dont forget that you'll have to extend all the wiring in the switches.

                    Happy fathers day to all dads — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    Happy fathers day to all dads.

                    My dad came to denver where me and my sister live. I just found out he spent lastnight and today with my sister. My dad didn't bother to even tell me he was coming and is leaving town now. My sister has a baby so I guess that's why he went there. But just because my daughter passed away does that mean I'm not a father anynore or my dad can't take time to see me when I'm in the same city as my sister. Now I know why he didn't answer his phone lastnight or today when I called to say happy fathers day... fuck it I'm going for a ride..

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                      is a warrior even worth puting money into to have a headturner on the trail er... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

                      is a warrior even worth puting money into to have a headturner on the trail er do i j upgrade...

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                      • I like the warrior because it can be built on a good budget, for the price of a beat 450 i have a nice warrior with je piston, fst port, cwr cam, mikuni flatside carb, drw intake, asr arms, works shocks, lsr swingarm and stem, durablue axle, prm bumper, beadlocks, pro armor nerfs, etc

                      • yes I know Kyle just trying to sale stuff to get it lol

                      • I was thinking the same...just trying to figure wat I could do to make warrior run great

                      So the braided hose from the previous photo leads up and connects to the bottom... — Yamaha V-Max

                      So, the braided hose from the previous photo leads up and connects to the bottom of the black plastic cylinder near the centre of this photo. It's not a tight fit though, at least after unscrewing to fill oil. The hose connection slides up and down inside the cylinder. Is there a proper position for it to sit?

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                      • This is called Crankcase Ventilation. It is a way for crankcase gas to escape in a controlled manner via the carb your case, the K&N front filters. see link"

                      • My max have the same system but the pipes from the plastic container to the air filters are like a net pipes and one of them is very damaged are they write serforated or they shouldn't be

                      mga parekoy bka meron gs2 mgabroad na graphic artist d2 — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                      mga parekoy bka meron gs2 mgabroad na graphic artist d2?

                      This is Mark from Chameleon Wraps, Doha, Qatar...

                      Kailangan ko ng Graphic Designer - Car, Boat, Jet Ski, Motorcycle Sticker Wrapping, Designing, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Mga poster, at Marunong gumamit ng Cut-Out Machine tulad ng Roland, Mimamaki, Cuyi at iba.

                      No placement fee, Direct Hire, Free accomodation at transpo...

                      Reason Ko - Kailangan ko ng kapalit kc may problem ako sa Family..

                      My boss wants it urgent para mkauwi ako mga pre... so kailangan ko ng kapalit

                      3 Graphic Designer ang hinahanap nila.


                      - Resume (CV)

                      - Portfolio

                      - Passport

                      - Know-how in Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, MS-Word at iba pa.

                      Send it to my Email ASAP,

                      Salamat and Godbless... saan n kya ung emex ko? hehehe papark

                      Mark Andrew Hernando

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                      • pre comment lng..ok dw boss jn..npakabait at d daw inuuwian ng crew nia,,hehehe

                      • okie nman boss... hehehe on time nman ung sahod... panalo din nman ang accomodation.... kailangan ko lng tlga umuwi...

                      • ako pwede? senior web designer

                      My V Star 1100 my wife and me and 120 miles of twisty WV roads That is what I... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      My V-Star 1100, my wife and me and 120 miles of twisty WV roads. That is what I call a good day. We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts, then out of Morgantown to Fairmont on the back roads. Then to Valley Falls State Park Via state rt 310. Then on to US 50 from Grafton east over the mountains. Stopped at the infamous Cool Springs Park for some footlong hotdogs. Then jumped on state rt 72 and follow the Cheat River north to Kingwood. Saw a raft trip on the river and watched them run Calamity, a class three rapid. A rafter fell out and their paddle washed right to us. Got their attention and sent the paddle back out into the main current so they could get it back. The bikers heroes we were. Took state rt 7 west back to our house. A quick stop at Krogers for wine for my wife and finally home. Now its time for a bon-fire and some moonshine. That's how we do it round here. Hope all had a fine day too.

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                        Just got back from doing the Ride for the Wounded Warrior sponsored by the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

                        Just got back from doing the Ride for the Wounded Warrior - sponsored by the American Legion. Over 100+ bikes showed up, so it was a nice ride, I'll tell ya tho, those American Legion Riders sure like to stop at every Legion hall for a round or three of beer! Wish we had remembered the camera.. so no pics.. Next time! There were a few Goldwings, another Honda somethng, a Kawasaki, and we were the only Yamaha... let alone Stryker, the rest were Harley's... and boy oh boy did we get the compliments, a few grumbles... but mostly compliments! Also, those hogs have no get up and go... at each stop I'd get a couple more riders coming up to me, checking the bike out and saying how I just blew outta the water.... what cc ya got? they'd ask.. I'd tell em... and their mouth would just drop open... That's it? LOL...

                        Good day representing Stryker Nation!

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                        • LOL! I'm a new rider so when I bought my bike, I had a friend bring her home for me. I didn't think my first "real" ride after taking the MSF course should be on the highway. Needless to say, he's a Harley guy. After the ride, he said he really liked it and that he'd have to take a serious look at Yamaha when he was ready for a new bike. Then he asked how much she cost and was floored. Brand new, my baby was less than what he paid for his HD used.

                          Now, I take every opportunity I get to give those Harley guys Stryker envy. My baby is faster, looks better, rides better, is more fuel efficient and costs less. Oh yeah, did I mention she looks better? :-)

                        • HA! don't forget ... while they are stuck with a bunch of repair bills... we are still going strong! I heard that alot today.!

                        • freaking awesome.

                        Ok is this where my oil filler cap once was — Yamaha V-Max

                        Ok, is this where my oil filler cap once was?

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                        • Unscrew it, fill oil in the engine as much as needed (not to much!!!), and put it back. Don't worry about the look. It works! It just leeds oil-drops back that are to much in the air-circulation (open filter elements on the Stage 7)

                        • Done. Once the top end of the braided line started spinning inside that black plastic housing, it all came together.

                        • Gotta learn more about the Stage 7 workings and benefits.

                        GENTE NECESITO AYUDA anoche iva andando y la moto se me apago de una despues la... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                        GENTE NECESITO AYUDA , anoche iva andando , y la moto se me apago de una ,,, despues la pateo , y nada ,, la patie 2 veces mas y arranco y hice 7 cuadras como mucho y se apago otra ves ... GENTE NECESITO AYUDAAAA....

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                        • tincho mandame la solicitud

                        • es un comentario al boleo, puede ser que no te baja nafta, que se tapó algo en el burca, que se traba el flotante, puede ser la bobina de alimentación, etc, etc...

                        • la moto la lográs arrancar? si la corrés? si no arranca por nada, comenzá por quitar la bujía y apoyar el electrodo en el cilindro, pateala y controlá que tengas chispa, (tiene que ser una buena chispa, si es muy azulada, está pobre de chispa y por más que tenga no va a andar) si no es eso, entonces revisá como te dijo matías que caiga nafta, si no es eso, quitá el carburador, revisá el flotante (soplá por donde va la manguera de nafta, con el carburador en posición normal deberías poder soplar (primero vacialo obvio) y luego giralo y ponelo "patas para arriba" debería cerrarse. Si no es eso, desarmá, quitá los chicleres, limpiá, si podés sopleteá con solvente, sinó comprate un poco de kreolina (fluido desinfectante) lo calentás (no te pases con la temp) y meté burca desarmado un ratito, luego enjuagar mucho con agua y secar (que no quede kreolina), nose tenés un montón de cosas para probar...

                        Well that was pretty easy Bike isn t on the road yet but started first kick... — Yamaha XS650

                        Well that was pretty easy. Bike isn't on the road yet, but started first kick and after a bit of messing around ran really smoothly. Had to chop a bit out of a bracket to avoid the rear frame tube and will need to sort out the choke as it is cable on the GPZ, but very happy.

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                        • There are very specific years for "good" xs650 CV carbs. 77 and 78 (bs38 D & E) and any bs34. Bs34's have an advantage of an air jet you can swap out, and once you "fix" the idle air adjust screw, you're done.

                          The only downside vs the many upsides of a CV carb vs a pull slide is a mostly non-detectable lag on initial throttle blip. I'll take that vs fuel pumpers, complicated choke circuits, and a relative difficulty in tuning across the range.

                        • platinos lo mejor

                        • Hi Dale Barram , I have a Pamco igntion in the garage but need to get a high output coil. At the moment I just want to get the bike on the road and then try things one at a time. Watch this space!

                        Das ist meine — Yamaha V-Max

                        Das ist meine

                        V-Max Baujahr 1998 2WE

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                        • Schöne Farbe !! Hatten wir wohl die gleiche Idee . Lamborghini Orange ?

                        • einfach Orange Metallic, glänzt in der Sonne, Matt im Schatten

                        • Aso ! Aber schön . Ich setz die Tage von meiner auch mal en Bild rein .

                        Billy Sheehan Richie Kotzen and Mike Portnoy. best known as The Winery Dogs — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

                        Billy Sheehan, Richie Kotzen and Mike Portnoy (best known as The Winery Dogs) will have their first U.S. Show at the BB King Blues Club, New York City on August 3, 2013. If you are in New York City or would like to visit the beautiful city of New York, buy your tickets now! It's an ultimate Rock experience you will share with other fellow fans and one you will never forget. Sit in the audience, feel the power and energy of THE DOGS UNLEASHED!

                        TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!! To purchase tickets, please click the link below:


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                        • I'm there!

                        • Don't forget to take your video camera Jocelyn. You did a great job at BB Kings with PSMS. Love from England x

                        • Of course, David! Thanks, I'm glad you liked the video. But unfortunately, I won't be able to post the videos here anymore, because I got warned by the Admin here to refrain from posting stuff that are not about Yamaha Attitude. But, don't you worry, I promise to post the videos on Mr.Big (band) Facebook Fan Page.

                        gente les hago una pregunta porque me hicieron confundir al radiador que agua... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                        gente les hago una pregunta porque me hicieron confundir , al radiador que agua lleva , agua destilada , o comun ??? por favor gente ayuda

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                        • Lucas, los minerales general las incrustaciones

                        • Hace la de franco. sino compra agua destilada y refrigerante y hacela al % que vos quieras. AGUA DE LA CANILLA NUNCA. de lluvia puede ser pero para que puedas compararla realmente con la destilada la tendrias que haber juntado en un tacho de plastico superlimpio sin un granito de tierra. Y ademas tenes que esperar que llueva.

                        BEN FUND AUCTION on sat 17th Aug at brands gp some of us marshalls are holding... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                        BEN FUND AUCTION - on sat 17th Aug at brands gp some of us marshalls are holding an auction in aid of the Riders Benevolent fund, after the presentation in the kentigon bar. can anyone help by donating items to auction. we have some lovely items already but not enough to hold a full on auction for this very good cause. if you can help and have any items, please contact me Sue Sherwood in the pit lane or collection area or Mike Price who is one of the marshalls. some of you have already offered items so can you please get in touch and let us know what you are donating to this very good cause

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                          Speaking of newbie riders does anyone have an interesting funny story about the... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                          Speaking of newbie riders, does anyone have an interesting/funny story about the time you took your riding test?

                          I borrowed an SV-650 from a friend to take mine. I practiced the course a couple of times before the instructor came out. Everything was great. I was sitting on the bike with my helmet in my lap. She comes out and for whatever reason I try to zip my jacket first which froze. I pulled a little harder breaking off the zipper before it froze solid. That motion caused my helmet to fall which then broke into about 16 pieces as the parts that hold my shield on went flying over the parking lot. I scramble off the bike, pick up as many parts as I could find but couldn't get the shield back on.

                          I pull it together a bit and she comes up and tells me to close my eyes and point to different controls. It wasn't my bike but I had a general idea without looking. I make it through that and ended up taking my test with a jacket that was pulled up on one side with the zipper stuck (i couldn't take it off) and a helmet with no shield. I was perfectly calm before the calamity but was rattled right after. For a little added pressure, if I didn't pass, I had no way to do a scheduled ride for work the next day (400 miles up to Monterey for the Moto GP).

                          I passed but laugh about it every time I hear about someone taking a riding test.

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                            Nag hahanap kme ni Ruel Fajardo ng mttmbayan chat ko sya — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                            Nag hahanap kme ni Ruel Fajardo ng mttmbayan chat ko sya..

                            ME : pnta tyo kila patrick ung bago sa northside dun tyo tambay txt mo nga

                            RUEL: cge ...

                            ME : oh ntxt ko n dn pauwe n dw. pnta k n d2 sa planta nmn dale sbay tyo nla melmel ssma dn dw..

                            RUEL: cge maliligo lng aq out n q!

                            (chatng melmel)

                            MEL MEL : ok sige ligo muna me...

                            NAK NG PUTA SABAY P MALIGO MGKSMA ATA 2NG DLWA! kunwarian png ng away umamin n kayo minsn lng s group 2ng may bakla stn dba? seryoso! ruel melmel cno sa inyo? wait ko kayo d2 ha NOW NA! mag tapatan tyo! :D

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                              Alan Loquinario edited a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                              _______________________________________________ _

                              -Must be A Legitimate Member ,Attend Eyeball, Meeting and/or a Ride and a must have an approval of Chapters Chairmans and Directors. 

                              -Self Disciplined Snipermx Owner and as owner of the Group Vest.



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                                Well a while back I got a V star 650 classic and loved it Then I got my Harley... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                                Well a while back I got a V star 650 classic and loved it. Then I got my Harley 105th ann. sporster 1200 and love it too! The thing is I would like to do more two up riding with my wife and the sporster just does not cut it for long distances and I loved the v star so much I'm probably going to get me either a 1300 tourer or some model of the roadstar. I live in Mississippi and would be riding up and down the Natchez Trace and out to Colorado and Arizona some as I have friends out there. What model would you recommend for those distances?

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                                  html — Yamaha XS650

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                                  • Looks like a "Japanese Steampunk" Sportster clone

                                  • close but no cigar

                                  • I recall when photos of this bike were first released back in 2007. It's an interesting concept with faint recollections of the XS650 (tank mostly and general roadster appearance), but I really never cared for the way they routed that left side pipe. Or the shape of the silencers -- they look like streamlined, chromed turds. And the chainguard looks like an afterthought. Who knows? If they'd ever brought it into production, they might have worked out a lot of the weird stuff.

                                  No idea who that Steve Spratt moron is but anybody that pretends to be a tough... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                                  No idea who that Steve Spratt moron is, but anybody that pretends to be a "tough" guy and disrespects a man by dragging retarded comments about his ol' lady is nothing more than a sad, lonely little boy. Ya'all can have him ... but pray that that little moron does not cross paths w/ me OR my brothers. He is a perfect example of why bikers are reluctant to let outsiders in ... and should he be foolish enough to cross our path, he's gonna learn a lot about what happens to those who show disrespect like he has this morning.

                                  Otherwise ... nice group supporting a great bike; I've owned V-Star bikes (still have one, altho it's a bobber now) ... but I'm not tolerating this sort of disrespectful bullshit. No time for that.

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                                    Hi I d like some information from the more experienced ones I m from Brasil... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                                    Hi, I'd like some information from the more experienced ones. I'm from Brasil and I'm planning a long trip to Ushuaia - Alaska - Ushuaia with my girlfriend and my Midnight Star 950. My weight is 55 kg and my girlfriend about the same, I really want to buy a cargo trailer when I arrive in USA to help us distribute the weight (here in Brasil we don't have a cool or good cargo trailer, if we did, it'd be like US$3.000 the ones that in USA cost US$1.400 and in much lower quality), I've seen some that I liked and they weight 90 kg.

                                    My doubt: me + girlfriend + trailer = 200 kg + 15 or 20 kg from luggage (estimating). Is that too much for my motorcycle? The manual says that the carrying weight is 180 kg, but I thought that this means 180 over the bike, or does it mean that is the recommend weight for pushing?

                                    Thank you guys for the attention and sorry for my English that is not so good.

                                    Have a nice week. \o/

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                                    • Wish I could help, but I have no clue. Sounds like a great trip, though...and good luck!