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"For Sale"

Comfortable Seats for rider and passengers.

Are you tired of being sore after a long days ride? Then you owe it to yourself to put a E.D. Seat on your bike.

We make comfort our job.

You simply will not find a better seat for your bike.

Adding a seat is the best add on product you can attach to your bike for comfort.

We offer our seats with & without studs. Color options available. Stitching and logos also available.

For more info on how to get your at a discounted price please email me direct:


Custome r reviews & photos seen here:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/ED-Seats-USA/582077 191821795

Quality workmanship that goes into each and every seat seen here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqHpi9VMD1I&list=UU AVpv4PVfhuAyBQIC17wDdA&index=1


Mike Couch

E.D. Seats

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gandang gabi..mga pafs..

gusto q lang post to para sa mga tiga ilocos sur..at para magkakakilala mga tiga ilocos sur..or launion sa mga naka raiders na ang gamit ai..sniper....so gumawa na aq..page..natin..sa lahat pwede namn pong mag join.para sa mga..ibang lugar..f sakaling dumayo keo sa amin probinsya message lang po..keo..para pwede kayong iguide.or samhan..at kung makkasalubong man tayo kahit san lugar..tnks ty..god speed and rides safe:))))))

yan po tnks join lang po sa mga may gusto


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    Review Feedback Sun Ceramic 61mm — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Review/Feedback Sun Ceramic 61mm


    -Powerful sya, malayong malayo sa 59mm (same mech) iisang setup

    -mas makapal ang sleeve nya sa 59mm SB, di pa kasi ako nakakita ng 59 CB ng mtrt

    -makapal ang sleeve pero mas lumiit ang daluyan ng tubig, but so far di naman nagbabawas ang coolant ko.

    -another downside ay ung area ng sleeve in contact sa head (block head gasket head) masyadong maliit, kailangan tama ang torque requirement sa studs para sure walang singaw..

    -mas magandang mag clay test, ang laki kasi ng piston, afaik, cast lang sya, mabigat din..

    so far, grabe ang power (compare sa 59 ha)... stage 2 cams, carb, gearings, gilid set, electric mods..

    kung plan nyo kumuha neto, tignan mabuti ang item bago isalpak... (check sa comment for images)

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    • remember; nasa mech pa din nakasasalay lahat yan...

    • Yes boss. I have a trusted mechanic gery san gabriel ng sta maria bulacan.

    • yown!!!! update mo kami para madagdagan ang feedback natin, ok lang kahit bad or good, mas mabuti makatulong tayo sa iba natin kaMX na gusto din mag bore up

    My ongoing cafe project a 1978 Yamaha XS650 Has a Wiseco 750cc big bore kit... — Yamaha XS650

    My ongoing cafe project -- a 1978 Yamaha XS650. Has a Wiseco 750cc big bore kit with 10.25:1 pistons. Port and polish, 36mm Mikuni round slides, rephased crank and cam to 273 degrees. Web Cam 59a cam grind. Pamco rephased ignition. Fiberglass bumstop seat and XS750 std tank. Progressive shocks and springs. No rear fender. For pipes I'll be running a set of shorty reverse-cone megs.

    I've got most of the parts now and am currently about halfway through the project.

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    • I'm 277 already mate if I remember this has been a fairly long term project

    • Nice XS750 fuel tank

    • Hey Jamie, yeah, I've had a couple of stumbling blocks to overcome, one is poverty and the other, more sever one, has been some rather serious health issues. I'm feeling a lot better now, and I'm liquidating a lot of stuff that I'm never gonna use anymore, which is relieving the poverty situation somewhat.

    My 86 V Max — Yamaha V-Max

    My 86 V-Max

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    • if you need a manual for you bike , let me know i have one not being used for sale.

    • Thanks, i have one and i`m coming from Austria (my English is under the dog.......)

    • i have some spare parts too, tank cover, manual and some other stuff. i sold my 87 in 2000 because of my two boys. i am buying new one next spring

    — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

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    • Dear Ralf san! BT is very rare in Japan certainly.My fork protector's material is Titanium.

    • Hi! Dear Mr Pascu. I have checked your beautiful exhaust.I think my protector is good in your bike. I am afraid I don't know the detail because I got them from Yahoo Auction. However,K-factory In Japan make the titanium protector and products for bike. http://www.k-factory.com/list.php?MN=M&modelId=47 (English HP)http://www.k-factory.com/index.php?lang=en Please check their web site.

    • Hi Klaus! My first name is ohji.Please call me Ohji,By the way,YAMAHA SR is the bike the most popular in Japan in the flagship model of YAMAHA Japan. SR400 is still new car sales in Japan. SR500 seems to have been exported to Europe instead of SR400 before. The detail is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_SR500. Please check it out.

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    Testing out the camera on the way to work. Boring IL, but i'm not sure why the videa is so Wavy. It must be the bike vibration. Emerson HD Action Cam.

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    • Here is the test footage of my Hero 3 on a ram mount. Not sure why youtube converted the 1080P to 480 but no big deal. http://youtu.be/dPpQpVSFAfA

    • That looks great!

    • The raw footage is incredibly high def, for some reason my video editor that I used to put the clips together degraded it slightly but there is nothing that beats the flexibility of the GoPros.

    I want to put a 2bros full system on my bike later but I just wanted to ask... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

    I want to put a 2bros full system on my bike later but I just wanted to ask those of you who have one on their bike without some sort of power commander does it ever pop?

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    • My point exactly Lucas. I love my pcv+at

    • I ended up putting the 2 brothers full exhaust on along with a power commander and had it dyno tuned last week the guy here in Aus tuned every single gear for me now the bike runs awesome the engine is so different now

    • on the way home because the engine was so smooth I accidentally shifted down one too many when coming to a stop and locked the back wheel up for a split second till I quickly pulled the clutch in

    Getting my daughter step Ellen to work on the graphic design for the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

    Getting my daughter (step) Ellen to work on the graphic design for the Innaugural Stryker Rally (ok... ok.. 1st Annual)... will keep ya all posted on designs... Hoping to be able to come up with a couple diff designs to be on Zazzle or ooShirts so we can just order the sizes / colors we want.

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    • Well because I would like the font size bigger for the 1st Annual as well as the initials of MV, N.C. - 2013 ... as well as the Larger Rally, if he will have to move / adjust the Stryker size as well. *shrugs*

    • Jeff - how much do you think 8-10 of the pegs and keychain would cost to get in bulk purchase? Considering a "gift" for attending type thing.. then others can purchase online. Thoughts?

    • Jon said his cost at min is $15 a puck.... not including shipping... i havn't talked to him about the keychain modifications to see if that would work and how much.. I think his keychains are close to $9.00 each... maybe less. I'll ask what he considers a bulk purchase as well.. don't know if that is more than 10 or more than 50... or ??? but I'll ask.

    First thanks to the Mods for letting me in I ve been riding for years but have... — Yamaha V-Star riders

    First, thanks to the Mods for letting me in. I've been riding for years but have always rode Honda In Lines (CB's and CM's). Not only is this my first V Star (2002 650 Classic) but its my first V Twin. The question is: There sounds like a knock in the rear jug at idle but as soon as I wind it up it goes away. I've had people tell me that "That's just a V Twin" but since I got a screaming deal on this bike, I'm paranoid that I got stuck with a basket case. Any help (including words of encouragement) are welcome.

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      no se como mierda aser que deje de perder nafta por el pico de abajo el mikuni... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

      no se como mierda aser que deje de perder nafta por el pico de abajo el mikuni jaja pierde a chorros una solucion por favor

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      • igual antes de probar nada agarra y saca una foto o anda probando como lo tienias originalmente al nivel del flotante por si no llega a ser eso

      • hasta q no le cambies el punsua no va a parar de gotear

      • limpiá punsua con polvo Odex, sinpo cambialo, revisá nivel flotante, revisá tb que el flotante no roce las pareces de la cuba (para eso sacá el carburador y con el mismo son nafta, soplá por el pico donde va la manguera de nafta, da vuelta el carburador soplando, debería cerrar) Yo el mío el flotante tocaba con las paredes, lo fui acomodando hasta que no daba más así que con una trincheta le hice unos cortecitos para que no toque, no jodió nunca más! Importante: cerrar siempre el paso de nafta cuando apagues la moto.

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      • Hi Gerard!I am glad if you can watch when you have time.

      • very cool music, i am not a specialist but it was a nice moment ! thanks !

      • Hi! Klaus You can not buy only in Japan unfortunately my CD. But you can listen at myspace. Please check it out.https://myspace.com/genjyumin/music/songs

      Hello everyone Glad to see so many others that love V stars as I do Looking... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Hello everyone. Glad to see so many others that love V stars as I do. Looking through some pictures I see all sorts of bikes with so many differences. Very cool to see everyones tastes in motorcycles and customizing. Here is my bike. I am an Iron Man fan, thus my bikes name is "Iron Man". Not a lot done as far as customizing. Mostly accessories. Full system Shogun exhaust, Hypercharger intake with colored butterfly, jetted, Kuryakn Iso grips-bar ends-Brake pedal-Heel and Toe shifter-Throttle boss on both bar ends, Metzler ME880 oversized rear tire, Forward control extensions (4in), Installed the back rest this year, all badging stripped for a much cleaner look, and I think finally a 8000k HID headlight. Normally have a set of soft saddle bags on, but pics were taken right after washing. Also have a detachable windshield, but I never use it unless it's rather cold out. Mostly my dad uses the windshield whenever I let him use my bike.

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        • i had a NITRO mbk (aerox yamaha) , prepared myself , one day i had the silencer broken ,then i went to my job by bicycle, and as i came bake i saw a car parked near my scoot, 2 men inside, and one outside on it , with a big "Monseigneur" Pliers pair. Just talk with him" what are you doing " he " go away ho away" me " hey "that 's MY scooter" and he ran into the car as i was looking for something heavy in my bag ;)

        • the AEROX and the BW's are the most popular to be stollen.Fr ^^

        • I own the only scooter within 25 miles that's used for transportation on a regular basis. So, we don't have those kind of problems at least! :)

        I took part in this forum today. I am bulldog owner in Japan. This is my BT1100 — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

        I took part in this forum today. I am bulldog owner in Japan. This is my BT1100!

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        — Yamaha V-Max

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        • That is à lot of work, Nice!

        • Would love to hear this fire up!

        • Wow, very, very nice !!

        Buenas noches gente hoy sake el cilindro de mi moto y casi me muero empezaron... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

        Buenas noches gente!! hoy sake el cilindro de mi moto y casi me muero!!! empezaron a salir pedacitos color bronce x todos lados!!! la tapa destruida, el piston igual... la camisa a la miseria (y en ultima medida) la biela con un juego importante y el ciguenal cosaba girarlo con la mano :( hace un tiempo note q la canasta del embrague tenia mucho juego en el engranaje q lleba x detras asike tmb seria una de las tantas cosas a cambiar... lo q no se es si aca voy a conseguir todos los repuestos :/

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        • si es el de lautaro habla con Fc motos el me hico mi vrr y me hace el q estoy armando tambien

        • NO/..no es ese

        • Ahhhhhh es el gemelito jajaja

        Just finished installing my new passing light bar on my 1100 Classic It went... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        Just finished installing my new passing light bar on my 1100 Classic. It went in without much trouble, but the turn signal stems were stretched to the limit, and really had to pry them apart to get them on the mounts supplied. Also, the bar doesn't conceal the mounting plate and bolts, nor the hydraulic brake lines behind (yellow arrows) because they don't provide a cover to fit over it like the cover that snaps on the turn signal bar cover.

        I did find a link to modify the existing cover to work, and with some experimenting, finally got it on all the way, and glued it just in case. Below is a link to the .pdf file explaining how to Dremel cut or file the part down to fit the new bar.

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        My favorite modification — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        My favorite modification........

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        • I had the hub machined to accept the stock axle and bearings, that way if I wasn't happy with the result I could go back... if you go to the 3/4 axle you can never go back.............

        • You only have to drill 1 fork leg out to 3/4", which is like 2mm...so not very much modifying. If you chicken out and want to go back, $40 for a new lower fork on Ebay and you're back to stock. Less $$$ than all that other machining and you can use stock Harley wheel spacers too. However, I think you'd be crazy to ever go back. There are a million relatively inexpensive wheel options for Harleys and bearings and seals are easier to get.

        • If I choose to go back all I have to do is put the stock wheel back on...... not a bad option for 75.00 or I could go to a 16" classic wheel with no problem..........Plus if I decided to sell the bike I can throw the stock wheel back on and sell the Rev Tech wheel for way more than I've got in it............

        THE WAVE or why don t I wave every time I see a motorcycle pass me — Yamaha V-Star riders

        THE WAVE,, or why don't I wave every time I see a motorcycle pass me..

        I have been riding for a while, not too long mind you, let's see I was 14 and I got a scooter, then a Vellocette single 500, and then a Triumph TRW. A BSA Royal Star, three Harleys (every one of those fuckers stranded me cold even though I loved them), Suzukis (2) and now my string of Yamahas at the end of half a century of riding all over North America (I still have more places to go than I have been to). What is this leading up to? I'll tell you!

        I'm still alive,, and Lord knows the driving population has done mighty things to kill me. The soccer moms who run a stop sign, the drunk who thinks it's fun to drive me off into the ditch, the insane dump truck driver who drove straight at me (crossing the line) in North Carolina. And then just last week the F150 who stopped at the sign, didn't look and proceeded into my lane so I had to deke behind him.

        All of this adds up to one thing, I NEVER stop looking, in my mirrors, over my shoulders, left, right, at every lane coming up, sweeping the horizon. At oncoming cars and yes, the motorcycle heading my way. I see him, from way off, he's still there as we close up, but since then I have looked back, up ahead and at the lane coming up with what looks like a parked car..

        When we swoop by I'm not looking at him, in all the years I've been riding it has never been someone I know. If it's been an hour since I saw another rider I will acknowledge him and wave, but if the road has been full of us and others, forget it, target fixation can kill you. When the road is busy, look around even more and to hell with waving, come back home alive..

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          I have heard the term Loud pipes save lives but the testing i have done doesn t... — Yamaha V-Star riders

          I have heard the term "Loud pipes save lives" but the testing i have done, doesn't really show that to be true. My stereo is on, my AC is on and the blower makes noise so i turn the stereo up. When I am in my car, I don't hear loud pipes until the bike passes me. The sound comes out if the back of the bike but if it came out of the front of the bike I would hear it. If it is so loud coming out of the back of your bike that i can hear it inside my car with all of the above mentioned turned on, you must be deaf by now. And yes I have louder than stock pipes because I like the sound when I am riding.

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            On the 2007 Silverado model the tool kit area isn t used because to get to it... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

            On the 2007 Silverado model, the tool kit area isn't used because to get to it, you have to take a floorboard off otherwise you scratch the crap out of the panel, which means you have to use tools *smaks forehead*

            So that area is now occupied by a Pyle Amp for my road tunes. I drilled a small hole in the plastic under the seat and ran the wires under the tank and into the control head concealed in a "Bell" bicycle handlebar bike bag. I then popped over to the Yamaha place and picked up a mount for my Ipod and installed the speakers just below the bugscreen

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            • I could take some...from what angle would you like to see pics?

            • How they are mounted, I need some tunes on my bike but just havent found the right setup.

            • Thanks wayne, I like the setup.

            Lately may narinig akong ginagawa sa radiator cap ng mx natin half close lang... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

            Lately, may narinig akong ginagawa sa radiator cap ng mx natin, half close lang daw para makahinga daw...

            sa mga gumagawa neto, please take time to read this article...

            "The car’s radiator acts as a heat exchanger, transferring excess heat from the engine’s coolant fluid into the air. The radiator is composed of tubes that carry the coolant fluid, a protective cap that’s actually a pressure valve and a tank on each side to catch the coolant fluid overflow. In addition, the tubes carrying the coolant fluid usually contain a turbulator, which agitates the fluid inside. This way, the coolant fluid is mixed together, cooling all the fluid evenly, and not just cooling the fluid that touches the sides of the tubes. By creating turbulence inside the tubes, the fluid can be used more effectively.

            When coolant fluid overheats, it expands, causing the fluid to become highly pressurized. When it enters the radiator, the pressure increases even more because it’s in an enclosed space. The radiator cap acts as a release valve set to open at the maximum pressure point. Usually this is set at a density of 15 pounds per square inch (psi). When the fluid pressure inside the radiator exceeds 15 psi, it forces the valve open, allowing heat to escape and excess coolant fluid to overflow into the tanks on either side of the radiator. Once the radiator cools down, the coolant fluid in the overflow tanks gets sucked back into the pump, continuing its route through the cooling system.

            Cars with automatic transmissions cool transmission fluid in the same way with a separate heat-exchange circuit built into the radiator. This two-step process of cooling the transmission fluid is equivalent to a radiator within a radiator. As the heated transmission fluid enters the transmission cooler, the oil’s heat is exchanged with the coolant fluid in the radiator, making the transmission fluid cooler while heating the coolant fluid instead. Then the coolant fluid’s heat is transferred to air in the radiator itself."

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            • physics 101 boyles law yata yun presure is directly proportional to temperature.. pag mataas po ang pressure kahit morethan 100 deg celcius na temp ng tubig sa radiator hindi cya kululo.. yun ang main reason kaya may cap ang radiator.. water pump po ang nag pa circulate ng tubig sa radiator..

              pag open sa atmosphere ang radiator hindi tataas ang pressure pag dumating ng 100deg ang temp ng tubig sa radiator mag boil na yung water.. pag nag boil yung water mag kakaroon ng build up ng minerals sa loob ng radiator kagaya ng nasa takure or thermos natin sa bahay yun yung mag cacause ng bara / clog sa radiator..

            • Lol! Yung may singaw nga lang sa hose masama na dahil magkakaroon na ng hangin sa loob ng radiator line, at ang hangin sa loob ng liquid cooling system means more chances na mag overheat ang makina. Mag evaporate din yung tubig kapag bukas yun.

            • salamat boss loybu sa info

            Photos from Chris Bond's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

            Great day on the lake.

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            • I try and avoid Sunday's but today was clean the boat & truck from the Norris trip. I bet it was nice and busy up there today

            • It actually wasn't too bad. Of course you have to keep your head on a swivel but I never had to worry, the improvements at the Hollenback ramp make thing go pretty quick. Norris looks amazing, we'll have to try that sometime.

            mandenme una foto del carburador para ver como van esas mangueras gracias — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

            mandenme una foto del carburador para ver como van esas mangueras gracias

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            • Carburación, controla como quema la bujía y fijate o llévala a alguien que sepa bien

            • ese es el problema que ningun mecanico save ak y te arrancan la cabeza por aserte un mal trabajo prefiero romperla yo jejeje ya voy a encontrar un mecanico gracias matias por tu ayuda me fue muy util capo

            • si se te tira como a parar. tenes que carburarla juga un rato con el tornillito del carburador que tiene el resorte. siempre con la moto en caliente

            — Yamaha V-Max

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            • And the bike looks great too . . .

            • hahaha - Rex W Turner great ! ;)

            • I want to know the trick to getting the pipes to sit parallel. Mine want to face away from each other and it's damned annoying! Any tips gratefully received please!!!/!!! I'm loving the red!

            — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

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            • I love this bike. I have a 2012 Pearl White I bought last Aug. after I took the class to get my endorsement!

            • I dropped my bike today. I forgot my disc lock that's why. Fortunately, only the frame slider and the handle bar end got scratched.

            • I had the same experience on an old bike that's why now I won't use one but I think you can get ones with little alarms that go off when they move

            Alright last night my muffler fell off It just rusted through Am I doing any... — Yamaha C3

            Alright, last night my muffler fell off. It just rusted through. Am I doing any damage by riding while I look for a replacement exhaust?

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            • Play it by ear. Those are the risk. But most time times you can get away with it for short times.

            • Hell I ve ran my heilx cn250 like that due to a muffler gasket going. Still works.

            • Besides, at 9000 miles, I'm already shopping for a 125 Zuma engine and a big bore kit. All it takes is time and money.

            Xv750 special 1994 — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            Xv750 special 1994

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            • 1994 no es asi hermano... en el link que te envie sale como era tu moto original...

            • hay una variante que es el xv750 medianoche special http://cdn4.automotiveset.com/pics/e8/77/Yamaha-xv -midnight_b2dab.jpg

            • todoooos con el mismo motor chassis y una que otro cambio mas estetico que de otra cosa

            As a Newbie I am so proud of myself I have to share with someone My bike was... — Yamaha V-Star riders

            As a Newbie, I am so proud of myself I have to share with someone! My bike was in the shop a week and I only rode it 5 times. Today is my first chance back on :-) Alone! I rode the neighborhood, then practiced skills in the school parking lots and neigh hood banks and churches where ever they were empty. Just took what came up, went over to a closed hospital and rode around the obstacles. I felt comfortable and was having so much fun that I felt brave enough to venture through a business area and onto a highway so I could check out the skills course at the DMV. I want to know what I am up against! So I rode around in it doing what I think you do. I did not do too bad but need more practice for sure before scheduling that! Then I rode across town and visited my son and grand kids :-) then ventured here and there until arriving home! My stops and starts in traffic were great! It was a blast and I feel like I am making progress, can't wait to go again this afternoon!!! My goal is to be comfortable to ride a round trip after the 4th of July to Colorado on my first solo (not a passenger) trip about 2000 miles total :-) what really made the difference is envisioning what the riders on this site have shared! Especially Donna Palladino. I envisioned riding like she does in the videos, I thought of myself as dancing with my bike like someone else said and all the tips on looking and leaning etc. Combined with what my husband teaches me I think I am much improved! Some one said a lot of riding is mental and today I think I really got my mind in a better place! Can't wait to ride again!! THANK YOU TO ALL RIDERS HERE WHO HAVE SHARED!! YOU! Have helped me more then you know!

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              here s another thing that set my night off took my night time glasses to the... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              here's another thing that set my night off ,took my night time glasses to the bike on my head (all ready had my sun glasses on) for got they where there hit the highway felt them come off 2 miles to exit to turn around (would'nt of but really like them)on the way back i see a older lady across the divided highway with them in her hand and she see's me and more or less gives me that face like na na na na holding up so i can see them ,by the time i got back on her was long gone.just hope she rides so they can get some good use lol

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                Good day We have an ongoing event today and tomorrow Its called Yzone Riding... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

                Good day! We have an ongoing event today and tomorrow. Its called Yzone Riding Campaign. We have:

                Test ride

                Learn to ride for beginners

                Free check-up

                Change oil

                Basic troubleshooting seminar

                Our event is today til tomorrow, 7am to 6pm at Barangay Sta. Rosa basketball court Dr. Garcia street corner Lopez Jaena Street Pasig City.

                Hope you can come. Good day! We have an ongoing event today and tomorrow. Its called Yzone Riding Campaign. We have:

                Test ride

                Learn to ride for beginners

                Free check-up

                Change oil

                Basic troubleshooting seminar

                Our event is today til tomorrow, 7am to 6pm at Barangay Sta. Rosa basketball court Dr. Garcia street corner Lopez Jaena Street Pasig City.

                Hope you can come.

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                  Is this the shock Colin — Yamaha C3

                  Is this the shock Colin...?

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                  • If you have a C3 w/ 4000 miles on it, you do not have to rebuild the front forks with seals and all in order to change the fork oil. Once you have the front wheel and plastic off, it takes 20 minutes. You need to have a fairly precise way to measure 1.5 oz, and you need a 10mm hex wrench you can torque.

                  • You Don't have to...However, I've found that replacing the weak factory shock with a real one transmits much of the loads the weak shock would dissipate, to the front forks...Eventually, you'll blow a seal...You've got it apart...Makes sense to replace the inner seals while you're there...I've had No More trouble in the 14,000 miles since then...:)

                  • And, I ride some rough backroads hereabouts...

                  OK the unpatented 50 cent throttle lock as promised I made it from a piece of... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                  OK, the unpatented 50 cent throttle lock as promised. I made it from a piece of stainless steel wire/rod. You can use galvanized false ceiling t bar hanger wire to experiment and even improve the design. You bend it around a pipe or a rake handle that is smaller than your throttle grip. This will keep a friction fit when you stretch it over your throttle. I have never had a problem with this device, it has just enough tension to defeat the carb spring return but you can easily reset it by cranking the throttle shut by hand. To set it, you just tap the rod with your finger until it rests on the brake lever.

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                    Ae Hugo Durães eu lembrei de um cara q tinha feito um tópico no orkut falando... — Yamaha Virago 535

                    Ae Hugo Durães...eu lembrei de um cara q tinha feito um tópico no orkut falando q tinha pintado as bengalas e o paralama...fui dar uma olhada pra pintar as bengalas da minha 535...aí lendo lá....eu pensei...ja vi esse nome em algum lugar...aí vim aqui aqui no grupo...e é vc...uhauahu....bacana man, vou pintar amanhã.

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                    • saquei. ae hugo coloquei as faixas branca no pneu traseiro, ficou muito bom, amanhã vou colocar o maxxis na frente, ai posto uma foto aqui

                    • lembrando que antes de pintar, o ideal é tirar toda a tinta antiga, e aplicar uma base primeiro. Pintura boa é aquela feita sem pressa. Pois entre cada demão de tinta, o ideal é lixar com lixa d'agua 1200, para nivelar a tinta e não deixar nada áspero. Principalmente quando se trata de pintura brilhante. É bastante trabalhoso se a ideia é pintar a moto toda e bem feito... tem que gostar de fazer, senão vale mais a pena pagar pelo serviço.

                    • entendi, eu vou pintar somente as bengalas. vou pesquisar direitinho como se faz...

                    HELP. Please. 0 — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                    HELP! Please :0)

                    Anyone any good with wiring? My 2ma just been put back together. Started ok did a few heat cycles and then it cut out. Now no spark at all. I ave tried another coil, spark plugs, pick up. Checked all the wiring connector blocks but still no spark!

                    Any ideas? :(

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                    • Thanks Marcus, checked it all today and its all good but still no spark! Changed the coil, stator & pick up off my brothers tace bike that we know works. Tested as much of the wiring loom as I could and still nothing....

                      Anyone to any matches........

                    • Disconnect both plug leads. Put a good (new) plug in one lead. Leave the other without a plug. Test for spark.

                      Disconnect pv control connectors and rev counter. Any spark?

                      I assume its a race bike and has ignition swicth removed??

                    • No it's my road bike Andy

                    Como alguns sabem eu venho a um tempo pesquisando uma Virago 535 ocorre que... — Yamaha Virago 535

                    Como alguns sabem eu venho a um tempo pesquisando uma Virago 535, ocorre que apareceu uma oportunidade num consorcio, e infelizmente a moto só pode ter até 4 anos, então infelizmente excluiu a linda virago.

                    Por conta disso comecei a pesquisar outras motos da mesma linha, e selecionei algumas, Drag Star, Shadow 750, M800 (bem mais cara, mas é uma ideia), e por final a 883R, esqueci de alguma?

                    Para galera que manja, qual delas compensaria mais (manutenção, qualidade, conforto, etc)? Meu uso seria uso misto, cidade e um pouco de estrada

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                      My First Bike It was Spring 2009 at the age of 38 I purchased my first bike — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      My First Bike- It was Spring 2009 at the age of 38 I purchased my first bike. Being unsure if it was something I would really get into I searched for a bike I could pay cash for with my budget set at $2,500. A good friend of mine had an uncle with a bike for sale at exactly my budget price It was a 99 vstar Classic with only 2,200 miles, all stock except for the Cobra pipes. Sure enough, by the end of that first summer she had almost 10,000 miles and I was absolutely in love. Then, that first winter, thanks to an awesome 650 forum I found that the next best thing to riding her was doing the maintenance and mods. Over this first winter the final drive was taken apart to grease the splines, did the J-slam, installed the GAK kit from Ziv, Iridium plugs, highway bars, grips, solo fender rack, saddle bags w/ supports and a few other little things. Before this I had never turned a wrench on a motorcycle and really, not that much on a car. Thanks to the help of a group of guys/gals whom shared this love for the 650, it was easy. There is written up how-to's for most everything and if you ever had a question, the answer was always a few key strokes away.

                      After a couple of years I was convinced I needed more power and ended up buying a new leftover 09 Roadliner in 2011 which I do enjoy very much. But I must say, my biggest regret from the past few years, is the day I sold my beloved 650 Classic. The power of the Roadliner is definitely thrilling to say the least and actually for a bike of it's size it handles quite well and is a very comfortable to ride, even in town. But damn I miss her, my Vstar 650 Classic, a great bike!!!

                      To all a safe ride(s), with many more miles to come on whatever you choose to ride.

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                        I have a 92 virago 750 I think I have a leak at my oil level sensor is that... — Yamaha Virago XV 750


                        I have a 92 virago 750. I think I have a leak at my oil level sensor is that possible?

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                        • only one way to really check to see where it is leaking from..the underside must be made totally clean and wiped of oil dirt etc...form the underside where the drip is dripping from never seems to be the starting point

                        • On my bike I remove the cover end perfclectly clean with a sharp and then put together cilicon Car black for high temperature and boala! stay 'perfect. It cost me $ 7.00 U.S. dlls. repair. good luck

                        • I think I found the leak! Thanks. You guys are great!