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Kenalin gan,,,??

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Hobi: mereng mereng d jalur puncak tiap minggu malam,sama gonta ganti aksesoris punya orang wkwkw!!!

Kata mutiara: sedih itu,tidak bisa melakukan sesuatu yg berarti dan berbuat banyak buat club karena keterbatasan,dan yang pasti kebersamaan n moment2 indah akan ikut terlewatkan..

Salam crotzzzz!!!


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  • Dasar subondo parto wardoyo

  • Gw lgi kopnsan nih ma r15 bekasi di bngkel

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Jaan Wessman shared a link to the group: YAMAHA Attitude Ltd. — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

A Gizmotron modded Attitude?!? I personally dig the sound this guy's getting out of his bass, might even consider getting myself one of these 'gizmos', but I'm only hoping this thing doesn't have to be a permanent fixture on any instrument, i.e. no drilling holes on the body etc..

So what do you guys think? Billy?

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  • Billy Sheehan, you could always put a rubber wheel on your drill? ;-)

  • Never heard of a bass Ebow before. I spoke w the Gizmotron people, and they seem to have the new device very much together. I doubt there will be any "hum", and they said the production models will sound even smoother than the prototypes. Interesting device.

  • I thought I'd read many years ago that there was a bass Ebow. I am talking many years ago in the seventies so my memory, and the article, might both be faulty.

    I do remember Steve Morris of the Liverpool band Export winning a gizmo at a battle of the bands back in the late seventies early eighties. One of 10CC was one of the judges.

    Export's self produced album on His Master's Vice had the gizmo all over it. rris.htm

I m thinking of putting fork gaiters on my Bolt. Is it a hard job to do — Yamaha Bolt

I'm thinking of putting fork gaiters on my Bolt. Is it a hard job to do? Does anybody know of a good YouTube clip? Preferably a clip that is suitable for someone who is not gifted.....mechanically speaking....

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  • Don't take the wheel and fender off, just brake caliper. So much easier.

  • Done mine myself

  • How much did you all pay your mechanics to do it for?

OFF TOPIC — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


Would you believe you can own a Townhouse in just 5k a month???

Introducing "MICARA ESTATES" A maiden project located in the progressive town of Tanza, Cavite which is a mere 35 minutes from Metro Manila. It is highly accessible through Cavitex. The first to rise will be a commercial center along Antero Soriano Avenue which will eventually service the residential community.

Micara Land Inc. is now open to professionals who are looking for a challenging work environment, professional growth and a merit based rewards program.

We offers 2BR and 3BR Units!!

10% DP = 5k/month payable in 12 months

90% Balance: 4,605php/month (Loanable thru PAG-IBIG funds)

Alaga ang Funtime

Alaga ang Seguridad

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Alaga ang Pamilya


Free Tripping Vehicle

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For Inquiries:

Jox Enosa



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    Photos from Tomo Heath's post — Yamaha Aerox Forum

    Yamaha aerox 100 2002,no logbook no mot will write full receipt and picked up from my house everything works starts on button , needs some tlc 200£ might need a new crank , but you might be able to get away with it , and if u can happy days , even if u can't 100£ max to change and u got an aerox 100 for 300£ still cheap.. Basildon Essex ((UPDATE CRANK SEEMS TO BE FINE SORTED THE SPLINE JUST NEED TO REPLACE FRONT PULLEY AND CRANK NUT, POSSIBLE RETHREAD ON CRANK NUT BUT MIGHT BE FINE IF YOU HAVE ONE SPARE BRING IT ALONG, CAN SHOW YOU IT RUNNING IN PERSON.))

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      Reflective clothing add on Folks Last night I realised all my leather gear has... — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

      Reflective clothing add on - Folks. Last night I realised all my leather gear has no reflective capability whatsoever. I know the debates but I'm looking for some add on over my jacket or whatever - what I don't want to do is look like Mr Policeman , as it just annoys fellow riders etc. Any ideas , preferably LED ready ? Cheers.

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      So what do you do when you get a new set of fret files — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

      So what do you do when you get a new set of fret files ?

      Answer: fret level and crown. I put a 9.5 radius on lower frets then tapered to a 10 for middle frets and ended with a 12" radius on the upper frets which will help bending dramatically. Took a few hours but always worth it.

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      • Hey looks nice. Any recommendations on the files.

      • stew mac.. I like the double edge fret files.

      • Nice wear & tear!

      Went to go for a ride tonight Got on the freeway and my check engine light... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

      Went to go for a ride tonight. Got on the freeway and my check engine light came on. I figured I better take it home. So I got off the freeway then back on heading home and lost all of my dash but the back light. Then my headlight got all dim. Turned on to my street and hit the high beams and the bike stumbled. Up till that point the engine was still running great. Got home turned it off and when I went to restart it just clicking. Danmit battery's toast. There goes $100 I didn't wanna spend.

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      • Or you can charge the old one lol

      • Ah need a new battery anyway I see too small

      • New battery and trickle charger installed. Charging system checked and all is good. Was just a dead battery.

      Shade of Grey took her out of the city for the first time Plenty of wind to... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Shade of Grey, took her out of the city for the first time. Plenty of wind to fight, and our first rain. I enjoyed every single moment of it. If you guys are just starting to ride like myself, and you are a big guy like me (6'4" 220 lbs), and you can afford 1300, go for it. You won't regret it. I first bought 650, and decided to go bigger after first 40 miles on it; 950 won't do the justice too, it seem like the frame size is same as the 650 frame is. I have nothing against the 650 it is a great bike, but just too small for me.

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        Hello any fun mods yall recommend for a 2014 ar192 — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Hello any fun mods yall recommend for a 2014 ar192?

        Putting in led lights, maybe tower speakers

        What else?

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        • Holy shot that would be fun!

        • I'd love to see one of these in a SX-190, i'd love to see this boat do 50-60mph with the right impeller and hold plane at lower engine rpms, the question is could the pump take the additional water pressure this could create and what would the fuel consumption rate be.

        • Yalsa! too Krazy!

        Photos from Christina Emilia's post — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

        Tires are still crazy slippery so I cleaned the crap out of em tonight when I got back. They feel much better to the touch. I did find one patch like this though:

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        • That's what they make feet for.... or I'm just an asshole.... ;-)

        • I sure don't wanna walk that far. That's what good friends do Jeff.?its a Newfie thing too, everyone helps each other. We are like the Chinese haha we stick together lol

        • Nah I'm always there for my friends. When I can. :-)

        Photos from Rino Sudirno's post — Yamaha R15 Forum Indonesia Bogor

        Jual piggyback second bekas dipakai dr r15 dijual karena udah rubah spec mesin hehehe minat inbox or sms 08567379499

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        • Di rakit lgi bro tinggal colok kabel aja

        • Fungsi..apa. trus apa lagi yg harus.. d ganti.. bukan cuman pnambahan piggiyback ajkn

        • Itu untuk manipulasi bahan bakar bro .udah std jga tinggal tambahin itu seting pas sdh enak bro

        Here s the 2 up video — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Here's the 2 up video

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        • 10 mph

        • Sorry I can't see your profile what boat? I have a 2013 242 LS. My kid love to wake surf but we can't go ropeless any help appreciated.

        • 212x. Getting the right board is important. Check out online something for your son's size. Position on the wave. Patience until you feel comfortable. Front foot is like gas and back is like brake. Good luck

        Anyone got a 200 with reverse they are parting out — Yamaha YTM Three Wheeler Forum

        Anyone got a 200 with reverse they are parting out?

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        • No its not trust me. A 200 ern has a shorter drive shaft then the yfm 200. I have over 20 three wheelers lol been doing this for a while bud

        • Ray what you have is a 200 suspension motor in a non suspension frame. How much you want for the cover and the shaft? And is your shifter still there?

        • I don't have the shifter and I honestly don't know what it's worth or what it's gonna cost to ship

        Hello fellow jet boaters I have a 2015 212x When I switch power on but before... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

        Hello fellow jet boaters. I have a 2015 212x. When I switch power on but before powering up the motors a constant beep commences similar to when you are in shallow water and stays on when the boat is powered up and doesn't shut off. Anyone know what it is an how to stop it?

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        • I looked under the helm and it looked like a wire harness was unhooked but I couldn't reach it

        • heard a similar problem caused by a low or defective battery

        • I replaced the battery recently and it seems to keep a

          Charge well

        Hey all Sad news 4 people in 3 different accidents lost their lives on bikes... — Yamaha Bolt

        Hey all. Sad news. 4 people in 3 different accidents lost their lives on bikes this past weekend in my area. Non of which were the riders faults Be safe out there. Don't want to hear a fellow bolt rider lost his or her lives riding Think I'm gonna start riding during the day with my high beam on

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        • But in the night? it hangs:-)

        • Tri Duong, what HID Kit did you installed? any link and additional info will be appreciated.

        • ddm tuning.

        I just received my rear wheel back from getting resized I m getting it prepped... — Yamaha V-Max

        I just received my rear wheel back from getting resized. I'm getting it prepped for the powder coated and I'm not sure how to remove this? There's no place to get a wrench on it. Any ideas?

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        • Yup and the plastic dust cover

        • Once you get the snap ring off it still may take a bit to get the spline and fingers/ cush drive out

        • Thanks guys. (Y)

        Has anyone here have the D D Power Sports Twin Intake installed on their bike — Yamaha Bolt

        Has anyone here have the D&D Power Sports Twin Intake installed on their bike?

        I'm on the verge of buying + getting the Ivan ECU flash.

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        • I am running my Bike with stock airbox without any mod in it, but a k&n filter. I have a cobra fuel controler but havent install it waiting for the slip on. That arrive in this days

        • Yeah I also read that changing the air box won't do a whole bunch. Emanuel, I'm currently looking at pipes now, reading your post makes me think the V&H Twin Slash would be the best choice for this bike?

          Also looking at Ivan's ECU BUT I live in South Africa and I don't think I am willing to risk my ECU floating around our postal system. Only getting Xmas cards now :D

        • I got the Low Mean Dual Barrell intake. But that one looks really good too. I don't have any idea about the performance.

        I needed new brakes a couple weeks back and this is why — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

        I needed new brakes a couple weeks back and this is why.....

        But now my new pads squeal when I press the pedal. What causes that?

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        • Do everything Josh said. Also because you rode out that last change, your rotors should be machined flat again. Doing all that should take away 95% of any break noises.

        • If my pads looked like that i would have def cut the rotor or replaced.

        • flat rotors do not spread the pads after they are released?

        Dear plz tell the price in doller — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

        Dear plz tell the price in doller

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        • You can jump on an r6 or r1 why do you want an r125? You also have the r150..

        • Yh. Same when i went to thailand. They have r150 and r3. And kawasaki z800. All not available in uk. But there they dont have r125. I guess when there is r150. No point to sell a 125. But ppl still are amazed at the r125 and they would trade me even for my r125 to their r150 just to have something that is unique. Yh they will have issues getting parts but i reckon they can fix it macguyver style lol. Like they fixed my z1000 there lol. But just depends if u wanna go thru the trouble and cost of importing. Registering and so on.

        • Nice post btw Matt Walkington :D

        Wakeskate. how bout that spray tho. wakeskate wakelife lakelife lakeanna 212X — YAMAHA JETBOATERS bout that spray tho.... #wakeskate #wakelife #lakelife #lakeanna #212X

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        • No Nick's's a pretty cool shot.

        • That face is totally photshopped.

        •'s does look weird now in zoomed in....but its for real lmao

        105 mph on my Bolt yesterday It felt like if I go faster it wouldn t be safe... — Yamaha Bolt

        105 mph on my Bolt yesterday. It felt like if I go faster it wouldn't be safe anymore. It seems like vibration is getting bad. Considering the wind is blowing too. How fast is anyone drove their Bolt?

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        • Thanks Lucas Carlson I do my best to impress <3

        • I've been high as 102 straight stock factory everything, indeed is a lil unstable. I believe it will go a lil faster I'm about 170 lbs.

        • Yeah, I was thinking doing some more upgrades to my Bolt, but then figured it'd be a lot cheaper if I just lost some weight. Lol, 40lbs=10hp.

        Sun setting on my Tracer tonight taken on way home from the Ulster GP — Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Tracer 900 FJ-09 Owners Forum

        Sun setting on my Tracer tonight, taken on way home from the Ulster GP :)

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        • You'll never see me at a short circuit , can't be arsed even watching the gp or superbikes , stems from my visit to the island in 89 , going back for my 50th in 4 years ... Scarborough next year , Ireland too or the next , so wish I didn't have to work for a living , not enough holidays ....

        • Jim Sweeney , I've just posted the video of his crash , lucky he's quiet bouncy .....

        • He got a bad knock. He is just out of 8 hours surgery and all went well :)

        Right back to square one anyone selling a yzf 125 around 1500 if you can help... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

        Right back to square one, anyone selling a yzf 125 around £1500 if you can help me or know of one please let me know willing to travel but would prefer one near Yorkshire area Cheers

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        • Could you pm me some more photos as where 300 miles away from Essex

        • Jake Chapman u sellin that rc?

        • Hahahaha it's my pals Lil boy

        Hey guys — Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke

        Hey guys!

        Is this normal play in the kickstart? It seems to pick up on turning the engine a bit too low...

        Should I inspect the starter gear for wear? The play does not come from the kick lever!


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        • I've never experienced any spring failures, mostly broken kick shaft. You shouldn't need to pull basket to install spring. Just pull spring guide out, then install spring, replace guide and connect spring end into case.

        • I've tried to do it with the basket in place, but I don't have enough room to twist the spring with pliers.

        • Try an exhaust spring puller, if you have one. Either way, you'll have it shortly. Happy wrenching, lol.

        So I unintentionally got headers today Hahah My friend called me to go on a... — Yamaha XS250 XS360 XS400

        So I unintentionally got headers today, Hahah!! My friend called me to go on a ride and when I got to his house I noticed my bike sounded more awesome... yeah... the (stock) mufflers cracked on the way there. so we cut them off and he welded some washers to baffle it on my way home.... going to put new ones on Sunday. smh. I hope it doesn't mess with my mixture too much.. I guess I just check my plugs to see if I'm running hot afterward. geez, might as well get pods and jet it while I'm at it. Wasn't planning for this til after the move. I guess the cycle gods had other things in mind.

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        • On the plus side, I pulled a plug when I got home and it wasn't running hot....hmmmmmm.

        Photos from Jordan Semple's post — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

        Please be aware of Ray Jackson as he was selling a yzf r125, and he was supposed to be sorting the bodywork out(apparently a car backed into it see photos) which he never did, and I was prepared to travel 3 hours plus to get the bike he is an utter time waster!!!

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        • Yeah I am and I'm from Yorkshire

        • What's your budget ?

        • From what i recall after talking to him, ray suggested he would repair the body work when he gets a chance, this would then mean he hasnt had a chance to repair the damage yet... Ray Jackson was actually very helpful when i enquired about his bike and was happy to provide any details i asked for... even gave me advice regarding additional items he has used ..

        Has anyone fitted a gear indicator If so help me Show me pics of how you ve... — Yamaha YZF R125 Official Page 2016

        Has anyone fitted a gear indicator? If so help me. Show me pics of how you've installed it the instructions with mine are gash!

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        • Coz it makes the bike look tacky. Not cool. Plus noobish coz ppl will think u dont know ur gears. Hence the teaching about gears from everyone

        • Each to there own opinion. So your telling me bikes that come with them basically makes the rider a noob? Fuckin planet you on cunt, if I want to fit one to my bike I will do so, so if you don't mind fucking off seens as your no help.

        • As you said. Each one to their own opinion.

        Specification — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)


        Suzuki Satria F 150

        Honda Sonic 150R


        Length x WIDTH

        1,945 mm x 652 mm

        1941 mm x 669 mm


        1,280 mm

        1,275 mm

        Lowest distance to the ground

        140 mm

        140 mm

        High seat

        76.4 cm

        76.2 cm

        Empty weight

        95 kg

        114 kg

        Tank capacity

        4.2 liter

        4 liters



        4-stroke, DOHC, Berpendingan oil, SACS, 4-valve, 1 cylinder

        4-stroke, DOHC, liquid cooled, 4-valve, 1 cylinder

        Cylinder capacity

        147.3 cc

        149.16 cc

        Maximum power

        Tk 15.77 @ 9,500 rpm

        Tk 15.77 @ 9,500 rpm

        The maximum torque

        12.7 Nm @ 8,500 rpm

        13.5 Nm @ 6,000 rpm

        The fuel supply system


        Injection (PGM-FI)

        Compression ratio

        10.2: 1

        11.3: 1

        Ignition Type


        Full transisterized





        Front and rear suspension

        Telescopic single-arm swing suspension

        Telescopic single-arm swing suspension

        Front and rear brakes

        Hydraulic disc

        Hydraulic disc

        Front-rear tire

        70 / 90-17 38S (front)

        80 / 90-17 44P (rear)

        70 / 90-17 38P Tubeless (front)

        80 / 90-17 50P Tubeless (rear)

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          BRANDS GP TRACK WALK — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum


          There is a charity cycle ride (Not Bemsee) taking place on Friday evening from 6.30. We will still have a tack walk with just the GP circuit section from Sterlings starting at 5.30pm from the Collecting area. Everyone is invited and the GP section is nice to walk too... the weather looks great for the whole weekend. :-) So come along, learn some secrets, have a laugh and meet some more Bemsee friends! So to repeat the details:

          Time: 5.30pm

          Date: 7th August

          Meeting place: Collecting area at the end of pit lane (Clearways)

          See you there folks.... we are going racing wohooooo!

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          • from Sterlings or Surtees Jezza ?

          TBT lacedinwhite doublebrap. YamahaVSsti toomanyhashtags Ilovepie — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

          #TBT #lacedinwhite #doublebrap!!! #YamahaVSsti #toomanyhashtags #Ilovepie

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          • Get em on a track or over 10K and yer fooked.... :-p But yeah man, mid power is phenomenal. Went over a very small rolling down hill yesterday and that bitch just glided down on one wheel.

          • sounds kinda same as FZ6R but BIGGER

          • About the only thing the same is an upright seating position and they are made by Yamaha.... lol!!!! And both are fun to ride. :-)

          Photos from Ajmal Hassan's post — Yamaha FZ FZ-S FI Version 2.0 Riderz


          A professor in my college met with an accident recently. He was riding his fzs, early morning when a swift driver coming in the opposite direction dozed off and it was a direct collision. My professor is alive just because he wore a helmet, he escaped with a broken right leg and a broken arm and bruises and sprained left leg.i request everyone to pray for his speedy recovery.


          always wear the proper gear. Remember safety comes first. While you are on the road , realise that you are responsible for the life of everyone on the road.

          For efficient safe riding tips, visit:

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          • May he recover soon. I know of a person who wears helmet sitting on the rear seat of bike, people look at him weird. But he doesn't give a F.. Better stay protected, leave the rest to God.

          • @koushik, bro, its a pretty shit world we live in, dont expect people to appreciate you in everything you do. Even if they do, they will be super damn jealous inside and wishing a truck would run you over. So its time you stop giving a damn about what people think about you and focus more on what you think about yourself.

            When riding a bike, you are at the mercy of everyone on the road, you chose to be a bigger man and ride with all the proper gear so that you may walk away from a crash to live another day and hell yeah its is super super cool to see people in full riding gear riding their bikes. So no matter who or what others say, its your life, you protect it and live it the way you want and stop giving a damn.

            WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

            You set an example for everyone in this group.

            Ride safe always.

          • Ájmàl Hàssán appreciate ur support bro... Thanku