Out of great trials can come great blessings This has probably never been more... — Yamaha V-Star riders


Out of great trials can come great blessings. This has probably never been more apparent to me than in this last week following the motorcycle accident that took down myself and two very close friends.

Knowing that I was now going to be riding my FJ1200, which was in dire need of a new rear tire, and aware of my current state of unemployment, I received a call last Sunday night from a 'mate who said that he and his wife would like to buy me a tire for my FJ.

I'm still recovering, getting better every day, in large part due to the friendship and support of my friends in the motorcycling community.

To Lori and Grant Bragg, thank you so much for the tire, my life is better because you are in it!

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I need your help Lately I have been problems with my right shoulder hurting... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I need your help. Lately I have been problems with my right shoulder hurting while riding. Mainly along the top between my neck and shoulder and down onto my shoulder blade. I have had problems with a shoulder injury, but it never bothered me when riding until this year. I am thinking it is because I have to stretch forward some to hold the handle bars. I was thinking about how to fix this and may have an idea. I do NOT want to replace the bars. But I was looking and thinking about a different set of risers might bring the bars to me a little. I was wondering, on a 2009 650 Custom, how far can I go before I would have to get new cables and lines?

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    Touchdown. Sa mga boss ng Parking Lot Boss Loy Bu Boss Loy Boss Vincent — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    Touchdown! Sa mga boss ng Parking Lot Boss Loy Bu , Boss Loy , Boss Vincent ... maraming salamat po sa pagtanggap at pag alaga sa amin jan sa baluarte nyo. Papz Cholo, papz Jovs Reyes thanks! Papa Eiger , papa Jr. tnx din sa pag alalay nung papunta p lng kme. Papa Mike Aganon , hehe ayos trip naten pauwi, nawala antok ko sa mga senglot! Boss Louie pahi pahinga na papz. Boss Klein hehehe kaya yan brad! sabi syo mkaka uwi eh! lol Boss Donn ... paki gcing lng ako boss pag ala ka kasama, samahan kita. wahaha! nytnyt mga pappi! pahi pahinga din pag may time! =)

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    • tol Sogo di ako gnising oh! di mnlang kita nakamayan huhuhuhu

    • pero salamat kay sir Sogo Bird sa cobra at sa pandesal,.. laugh trip kame boss... sobra...

    • Maraming salamat mga boss

    Absolutely perfect day on the water — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    Absolutely perfect day on the water :)

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    • Nice. What kind of tube is that? Is it a seat down tube?

    • Sit , stand , steer or lay down on the pop :). It's made by sportstuff Ton of fun for all ages !! You can really getting carving when your standing up .

    • Get it carving .... Damn autocorrect. Lol

    Has anyone bought small items from Mikes in the States m in the UK I want... — Yamaha XS650

    Has anyone bought small items from Mikes in the States. ('m in the UK) I want throttle cables. Left and right (XS650B) are £26 each here. Mikes has them for $27 for both, which is £18. The site says it the shopping basket calculates and displays shipping but it clearly doesn't (unless it shows it AFTER you've paid). What about taxes?

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    • Thanks Peter R for the link to Heiden.

    • I use xs650.de Mikes has a reputation for erm how can I put this

    • We got a caliper shipped to uk from Mikes. Surprisingly fast - about 10 days and the price on the basket is the price you pay.

    mga sir tanong ko lang po kung tama ginawa ko sa gas consumption ko nag pa... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

    mga sir! tanong ko lang po kung tama ginawa ko sa gas consumption ko.. nag pa fulltank po ako tapos nagride po ako ng 30km then nag pa fulltank po ulit ako ang na karga nlng po ay .75lit lng.. di bale 30k / .75lit - 40km/lit? tama po ba or mali? pacorrect naman po kung mali.. salamat po

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    • Ok tama nga sir, 1 thing 4 sure malakas sa gas para alamin kung papano mlaman ang gas consumption hehehe

    • so mali tlga ginawa ko? >,<

    • Pwede n dn n rin sir,

      Pro mhirap tlga ehh tulad nga ng sinabi n sir pusang gala mrami tlga factors. Ar depende yun sa driving habbit... +wind factor pa hehehe

    Guys i must share this because i believe safety must be first and i was... — Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog

    Guys i must share this because i believe safety must be first and i was affected by Colin event. I have tested for a week a new helmet who changed forever the way i ride. The helmet is Shark Vision-R, the strong point of this helmet is that offers outstanding visibility for a full face helmet and maximum security (4 sharp stars, 5 is for the track oriented). At start i did not have big expectation but in real world when i ride i became so relaxed because i see everything and i can take decisions more quickly...even the way i put the bike on curve is completely different and precise...

    The helmet is flooded with air...normally this was my wish (because of the 35c)...but maybe is to much air now...the quality is outstanding too...maybe is not the perfect helmet but i will ignore everything because the way you feel the freedom in this helmet...and this is not an advertising is just my impressions :))

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    Photos from Jerry Cupp's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

    The Yamaha's took over boaters cove on Alum Creek just south of 36/37. There was at least two others here.

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    • The water turned muddy after the rains. South of Cheshire Ed and the coves aren't as muddy.

    • I can't get over how high the water is

    Had a first happen to me this morning. I drive 52 miles one way to work — Yamaha V-Star riders

    Had a "first" happen to me this morning. I drive 52 miles one-way to work. Today was the first day in 2 weeks that no rain was forecast, so I rode the bike in. I got to the top of my exit ramp from the highway that is about 2 miles from work, and when I turned left to get on the secondary road, the rear of my bike got ALL squirrelly on me. I fleetingly wondered if the center lines were damp and caused me to slip when I crossed over them. I came to the next stop sign, which was only about 100 yards down the road and turned right, and it was even worse. I pulled over, and somehow, I had picked up 2 old, square-cut nails in the rear tire. How I didn't get them in my front tire, I have no idea, and I am lucky that it didn't go flat on the highway just 5 minutes before. I didn't have a plug kit with me, so I called some family who I knew had all the stuff that I needed, and they drove all the way up here and got me going again. Needless to say, a plug kit and a Co2 charging pump has already been ordered. I always used to carry a kit on my other bike, but completely forgot to get one when I bought this bike 3 years ago. I've never had a flat while away from home before; I've had tires go flat during winter storage, but never while out riding.

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      Riding into work last night a guy stops me in the road to tell me to be careful... — Yamaha V-Star riders

      Riding into work last night a guy stops me in the road to tell me to be careful, there is a truck with a building on top of it in the road. As I come around on of the many twisties I love so much here in the Ozarks, I see hazards. Here comes a truck with a cabin on the back. No flags... No reflectors... I get over almost to the ditch and the supports holding this up missed me by about 2 feet! If I wouldn't have slowed to a stop as far over as I did it would have crushed my skull. Neve saw the supports sticking out till it was about 5 feet away. Thank you to the douche bag in the truck.

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        I have a Clear Alternatives integrated turn signal LED tail light assembly — Yamaha V-Star riders

        I have a Clear Alternatives integrated turn signal LED tail light assembly (around $65 new retail) mounted in a stock V Star 1100 Custom tail light assembly..... which in turn is mounted to a Baron's "Stealth" license plate bracket (around $120 new retail) for sale. These things really clean up the clutter on the back of your 1100 Custom. I've also added mini LED's on the sides of the Stealth mount (see pics) to act as side marker blinkers. The piece is in used condition, but looks great. One spot of peeling chrome on the backside (see pic) that can be fixed with some clear fingernail polish. I only have a red lens, so if you want a clear one, that option is available from many different vendors. Everything worked fine the entire time I had it on my bike, it's time for somebody else to enjoy it. I'd let this thing go for $75 shipped as is, shipped to your door in the CONUSA. First come with a Paypal payment gets it.

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          Benefits of ZX1 Micro Oil Metal Treatment — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

          Benefits of ZX1 Micro-Oil Metal Treatment:

          1. Completely universal with all oils, including synthetics

          2. Virtually eliminates friction

          3. Impregnates all wearing surfaces

          4. Excellent cold start protection and anti-wear performance

          5. Superb high temperature and turbo protection

          6. Protects immediately

          7. Lowers wear-rates better than the best synthetic oils

          8. Consistently improves fuel economy

          9. Reduces exhaust emissions

          10. Protects for up to 25,000 miles

          11. Protects in the Aviation arena up to 50 hours

          12. Compatible with Catalytic Converters.

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            I got a stock cam and stock bore jug. lmk if you need em — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

            I got a stock cam and stock bore jug. lmk if you need em

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            • i dont have any videos of it yet...i have a go pro at work i was thinking about strapping on it and see how the video turns out

            • Alright man post us a video of it when you can.

            • will do...i have a few of start up and just running and revving it but thats about it...i need to get some of how this thing really runs, and i have the stock carb on it still i haven't decided on what carb i wanna get yet for it

            I put new levers on my bike now its idiling at 1500 at lights and acts like its... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

            I put new levers on my bike, now its idiling at 1500 at lights and acts like its gonns die when i take off...whats wrong? Then its been running hot lately. I changed the oil and air filter. Any ideas on both situations?

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            • thanks for the help guys. i finally was able to find the throttle screw and it took care of the problem. still runs a little rough but im sure thats the carbs. glad i got this page and other riders to help me when im in need. ride safe!

            • Too true about the fuel Pete, I have had problems with the fuel needle valves sticking shut while the bikes been stood over winter. When I stripped the carbs down I found slight corrosion on the needle shafts which stopped them dropping down with the floats. So I believe something in the fuel must be causing this. When will I learn to drain off the carbs over winter? lol

            • You'll learn about the time I do. When I finally got mine running this year, the float on the carb for the rear cylinder wouldn't close the needle, so I had black smoke pouring out of the one pipe. Luckily it seated with a couple taps, then I ran some Seafoam in it. Cleared it up in one tankful. But, I expect a good thorough cleaning, and rebuild before next spring.

            Just spent an hour and a half trying to get the US Forest Service to take some... — Yamaha V-Star riders

            Just spent an hour and a half trying to get the US Forest Service to take some action (like issue a misdemeanor citation) against the woman who's unleashed dog (that was in violation of FS rules for developed camping and picnic areas) last Saturday was responsible for causing the accident that took out 3 MC riders and sent 2 of them to the hospital in an ambulance.

            "Ummmm....I'm gonna write a report and send it to the US Attorney's office to see if they want to do anything, m-kay?"

            Seriously?? I got the police report today that has 3 witnesses to say that's what caused it.........

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              Bobbed rear fender. Anyone out there with a bobbed fender going through this — Yamaha C3

              Bobbed rear fender? Anyone out there with a bobbed fender going through this? less than 1000 miles on this and the plastic is already 1/2 way gone. I left the fender as long as possible. Cut right above the reflector hump. Maybe if I cut it higher this sandblasting will stop.

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              • I see what you're saying now...I had the same problem caused by running bigger tires on back...

              • If you'll look at the picture above you'll see where I repaired some of the eaten up fender with Gorilla Tape, before I raised it an inch or so...:)

              • Some Gorilla Tape applied to the inside of your fender may be a simple inexpensive fix...Make sure it's where you want it before sticking it on though. Once applied, it becomes "Part Of" whatever it's applied to! :)

              Added some studs to my Oem passenger backrest tank pouch and Grasshopper driver... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

              Added some studs to my Oem passenger backrest, tank pouch, and Grasshopper driver backrest.

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              • @ Tommie, sounds like a plan:-) FYI, I got a pack of 100 studs via eBay for bout $9.00. They also offered a pack of 50 for $5 and some change.

              • John, where did you get the luggage rack on the back of the sissy bar from ??

              • @ Daniel, I got the luggage rack from www.valueaccessories.com

              Saw something on the TV show Brain Games I think it was Know how we all... — Yamaha V-Star riders

              Saw something on the TV show Brain Games (I think it was). Know how we all comment on car VS bike accidents saying, "The car driver said they never saw me! WTF?" Well...according to the show, that's actually true and partially due to how the brain works. Sure, some car drivers are texting and otherwise a-holes, but what happens when we're at an intersection in a car is we look specifically for other cars - we're basically trained to look for objects *like* cars/larger vehicles. Even is there's clearly a bike right there, if we're not consciously looking for smaller objects, we (people) really tend not to see them. It's like we look right through them. Yes - people should all be trained to spot anything (including bikers/pedestrians, etc) but for whatever reason, we don't. Bikers do this as well while driving cars (although to a lesser degree). Kind of freaked me out to think it's not just lazy cagers and careless drivers - it's an EXPECTED function of the brain. Lesson: NEVER assume you are noticed on a bike. Have fun...be safe! Shiny side up! (sorry this is so long)

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                40ºc ufff — Yamaha V-Max

                40ºc ufff

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                • definitely not between your legs - there i think about 60° C or more :)

                • that means just the heat of the engine, of course !!! ;)

                — Yamaha V-Max

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                • V max feeling...!!!...ha ha ha...!!!

                • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!.

                • Joe Bar! love it

                Anyone changed their v belt themselves. Is it ok to diy — Yamaha C3

                Anyone changed their v-belt themselves? Is it ok to diy?

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                • The reflective tape can be seen for a good half mile at 0400 in the morning! :)

                • You should not use an impact drive to replace the variator nut. You should torque it to the recommended spec.

                • It is ALWAYS ok to DIY :D

                Anyone got any clues what would be causing the stuttering at the top of the... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

                Anyone got any clues what would be causing the stuttering at the top of the dyno curve. I was thinking electrics, but swapped most bits out with no effect.

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                • when is the stuttering happening ? looking at the curve -there is a definite case for getting the pv to open sooner -you effectively have 2 curves there - smoother is better. but I cant see the revs on the picture to be sure, also you have a flat spot just before peak power -normally associated with under jetting. there are many things that will make the bike stutter after peak power (the revs are too high for the set up you have, the carbs cant keep up, the timing cant keep up, the gas cant get out the pipes quick enough, the coil and plugs, the CDI etc etc ) - you should not be up that high anyway since you will be losing power.

                • D d d d d d don't have a c c c clue

                • A worn or poorly lubricated chain chain will do that at the top end of a power curve.

                This was in Panama City FL in 2010 we were getting ready for some night time... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                This was in Panama City, FL in 2010...we were getting ready for some night time fun and taking pics for newly installed Ocean LED's!

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                • I love the lights. We'd do that, but always worried the blue would be a problem with cops.

                • So far so good...no issues as of yet!

                • I doubt blue lights on boats are as illegal as they are on cars.

                noob question lang po pano malalaman gas consumption ng mio ntin malakas yata... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                noob question lang po ..pano malalaman gas consumption ng mio ntin? malakas yata sa gas yung akin :( TIA!

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                • (y)

                • Pa full tank ka tas byahe ka, pagdating mo sa pupuntahan mo, pa full tank ka ulit. Kung ilan lalabas na litro na pinakarga mo un ang gas consumption mo, tignan mo din ung milyahe mo, parang basic math lang.. Hnd na need simutin ung tanke

                • meme na tyo Jovs Reyes

                Was a great weekend with great friends — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                Was a great weekend with great friends!!

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                • Love the camera angle. Where did you find a flag pole to mount on the tower?

                • Chris...bought 2 at west marine...made by airhead and came with skier-down flag. Removed orange flag and set up what you see. http://www.airhead.com/p/watersports-flag-holder-w akeboard-tower?pp=24

                • Todd, Thank you for the info I've been wanting to put a US flag up on the tower.

                ATTN East coast star riders Only 2 more days and a wake up and its off to the... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                ATTN: East coast star riders! Only 2 more days and a wake up and its off to the East Meet & Greet at The Iron Horse Lodge near Robbinsville NC! V-Star riders from up and down the east coast will be gathering for their annual Meet & Greet. A great way to meet some amazing folks who also ride V-Stars. This is the 4th annual and they keep getting better and better. Some of the nicest roads anywhere to be found are in this area! Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon), Cherohala Skyway, And Fontana Dam, just to name a few! Dates are from 12 July to 19 July! Im Ready!!

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                  as i posted on xs650. com — Yamaha XS650

                  as i posted on xs650.com

                  frustrated, after 2 years and 2 now 3 batteries. 2 bought from ebay and one through an actual dealer, i do not know what to do! bought the ballistic charger and all. all of these batteries are now junk by the companies standards! over 350 invested into this bullshitt! bought the last one through a dealer to get the warranty and installed the battery... ran great. let the bike sit a few days due to rain and now the battery is at 4 volts which is deemed dead. anyone ever use a small battery like these? im looking to switch to something reliable!

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                  • can you send a picture of how you have your setup if so?

                  • Yes, the powerbox eliminates the need for a battery, I also have the boyer electronic ignition system. I run a hidden switch that provides live only to the ecu and coil when starting, once running I hit the switch and then the side lights/ stop and horn are live too. The dip main beams run off another position on the ign switch.

                  • ordered a bat-pac. pretty cheap, hopefully ill never go back to a battery again.

                  Any Virginia or north carolina jet boaters here. Lake Fest is 7 19 7 21 — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                  Any Virginia or north carolina jet boaters here??? Lake Fest is 7/19-7/21!

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                  • I don't know what other events they have there at Clarksville, va, but the lake is 50,000 acres with 5 campgrounds and many landings. It's an excellent freshwater option!

                  • Aquapalooza is also this weekend. Sponsored by Sea Ray, but really it is for everyone. We have been going for years. So much fun. Tim's II this year in Stafford, Va on the Potomac. http://www.aquapalooza.com/

                  • Oh, and I forgot to mention, this is a worldwide event. Look at the website to find the nearest location to you.

                  I just picked up a 79 xs650. It was totally rebuilt about 15 years ago — Yamaha XS650

                  I just picked up a '79 xs650. It was totally rebuilt about 15 years ago. It got around 500 miles, and then hasn't been ridden in about 10 years. I have no compression at all on either cylinder. Took off valve covers, and valves appear to be working. They are oiled and clean. What could be leaking both cylinders?

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                  • No luck. I am noticing puffs of air coming up to the valve cover when they are removed and the plugs are in. Looks like I'll have to take the head off and see what's going on.

                  • Been very busy. Finally took engine out, and took head off.

                    Both exhaust valves are bent. It looks like there was some moisture in the exhaust. Quite a bit of corrosion on the exhaust side. Valves must have been stuck after sitting 10 years, and bent.

                  • I was interested if you would update us on this one. I did a top end re-build due to a valve being bent. My was due to the exhaust valve breaking and bending the inlet valve. The previous owner replaced the broken valve but didn't realise the other one was bent. Gave it a re-bore to as it needed it. Good t hear you've found the problem.

                  Ramsey Lopatic created a poll in Yamaha Virago XV 750. — Yamaha Virago XV 750

                  I just got my 920 a couple days ago, I want to swap the tank to the 750 for my dad. The 920 has a single petcock setup as opposed to the 750 with a petcock on each side. And the guy who had the 920 jerry-rigged something together for his fuel system. The petcock is on the left so the fuel is getting to that side but it doesn't seem to be getting to the other side of the engine. The bike is an 82' 750 with the stock carb setup. Help/input would be appreciated.

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                  • The 920 tank physically looks larger than the 750 tank that's why I assumed it was a 5 gal. But if that isn't the gas I'll just get one of those gas tank kits and redo the inside of it. But thank you both that definitely helps be figure out what I need to do. And yep that's the tank I have 1 petcock and a fuel meter.

                  • that thing is gonna look great, and I just checked ebay the only tank there is almost $400. Looks like I'll check out removing the rust with electrolysis or just pay the $50 and redo the inside of the tank haha. I really appreciate the quick responses though.

                  — Yamaha V-Max

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                  • Stel stiver

                  • På stelstiver.com? Steel stifner?? Come on man! ?

                  • jeg fandt dem på v Max køb/sald7bytte. er en fasbook side ellers E bay

                  mi vrr la desarme casi toda para ver como estaban sus cachas y para pintar y... — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                  mi vrr la desarme casi toda para ver como estaban sus cachas y para pintar y cromar algunas cosas.!! ahi una cosa que no entiendo de ella el medidor de la nafta como anda con el de temperatura?... osea como funciona?

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                  • el nivel del tanque lo podes arreglar Tincho,sacas la boya,y la torces un poco,hacia abajo si te marca de menos,sino al reves,pero no creo,y si no marca ,fijate desarma la parte del sensor de la boya,tal vez este gastada la chapita, la doblas para q quede en contacto"!

                  • voy a mirarlo... el mío tk lleno, marca en la mitad y luego cae... leí en el test de la moto que el sensor marcaba muy mal y asumí que era así

                  • no es que marque mal el sensor, a mi me marca tanque lleno cuando esta recien lleno hasta el tope el tanque, lo malo es queestamosa acostumbrados a que el nivel empiece a bajar cuando nos querda medio tanque y el del vrr marca desde el tanque lleno, por eso creemos que marca mal pero no es asi...

                  al que no le guste por favor ni comente ok. mi abejita — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                  al que no le guste por favor ni comente ok !! mi abejita ..

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                  • esa tapa de magneto O.o no la habia visto no es la original y calsa

                  • ay una mejor en 18

                  • no se como habra pintado pero con años de pintura, como minimo se le pasa tiner a lo que vas a pintar con algodon o trapo para eliminar restos de grasa o lo que halla quedado para que la pintura no se levante, en el caso de la moto, minimo arenar y despues darle con una buena pintura y tomarse el laburo de desarmar y hacer las cosas prolijo, despues de eso el gusto de cada uno es otra cosa, si a el le gusta como quedo bien por el... eso si la mia no se la prestaria ni loco jajaja

                  Engine off for ramadhan saatnya gelegar knalpot diganti gema suara azan... — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

                  Engine off for ramadhan, saatnya gelegar knalpot diganti gema suara azan, kencangkan rem untuk nahan nafsu, kuatkan kaki-kaki menahan godaan, buku durasi saatnya di ganti al'quran, putaran stelan angin di ganti alunan tasbih, kran pertamax di tutup di buka siraman air wudhu, werpack di gantung... baju koko di pasang, helm di simpan kenakan peci, star di bulan ramadhan dan finish di idul fitri, durasi 360 derjad di ganti durasi puasa selama bulan suci, minal aizin walfaizin.....MOHON M'F lahir dan Batin Semuanya........ semoga puasa tahun ini berkah,,,, amin #Salam Gass poll

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                    boss nagpalit ako ng chiken pipe at SPS pulley bakit di pden nadagdagan yung... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

                    boss, nagpalit ako ng chiken pipe at SPS pulley.. bakit di pden nadagdagan yung bilis? 55kg ako :((

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                    • Eto solusyon jan.

                      POWER = GASTOS.

                      Directly proportional po sila.

                    • waah.ang dami ko pla na miss

                    • andami mo kasi nainom kagabi hehe

                    I am wondering how easy it would be to adjust the idle on my 2002 650 vstar I... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                    I am wondering how easy it would be to adjust the idle on my 2002 650 vstar I have been quoted anything from $100 to $350 for a service, I do the oil myself every 5000 km, just done the gear oil at 40,000 km it was really clean too. Seems here in Oz, I have been running the 98 Octane pretty much since day one, only to find out, that fuel is really designed for high performance engines which mine is not or so I am told, so I have run about 3 tanks of regular unleaded through it now and it does seem to run better, it really just purrs along at 110 kmh on the open road. It just seems to stall a little too much even when the engine is hot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                      Have a set of chrome spoke wheels off a 2004 Vstar 1100 Classic Should work on... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                      Have a set of chrome spoke wheels off a 2004 Vstar 1100 Classic. Should work on just about any 650 or 1100 Vstar that isn't the custom model. Both rims have tires on them, but not exactly sure how many miles are on them. They've been sitting in my garage for the last couple years, and just need to be cleaned up a bit. Not sure on the axle size, but I can look it up if I need to if you wan to use these for a custom build. Located in Mansfield, TX area, will meet within reason or ship on your dime. Asking $150 OBO for both rims and tires.

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                        le gana la twister a la vrr 150 — Yamaha VR-R 150 2T

                        le gana la twister a la vrr 150

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                        • cuanto sale un escape? a mi me pasaron 1800por uno a medida

                        • Para mi el escape te va a permitir estirar más los cambios, pero tené en cta que tenés un carburadorcito de 26mm... si modificás el conjunto de varias cosas, vas a ganar mucho, con un escape a medida sin tocar nada más Fabian Cros dice que la ganancia real son 2cv. En el caso de mi moto, la lumbrera de escape está en 198° no se si el VRR std venía así, pero esos 198° y con el area de lumbrera que tenés te permite preparar hasta las 12k RPM, no así los transfers de admisión (no recuerdo ahora la apertura, pero creo que daban para 10,5K), habría que trabajarlos un poquito nomás (por alguien que sepa dar el tiempo area, y los ángulos y direcciones de ataque correctos. luego un carburador, 30mm o un poquito más (para mi 30 estaría bien) y sobre todo, asegurarte tener el encendido 10 pts, buena chispa y que tire RPM, con esas modificaciones yo estimé con un escape a medida que podés dejar la moto en unos 35cv a 11.500-12.000 RPM (estarías como un KR)

                        • 800 SALE EN ESCAPE LORENZO

                        we just replaced the starter on the port motor on a 99 exciter 270 it will... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

                        we just replaced the starter on the port motor on a 99 exciter 270....it will turn over but not start............any ideas????????..................starboard motor cranksright up

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                        • Have you been to www.yamahajetboaters.com and downloaded the flowchart? I just found the link, here it is: http://yamahajetboaters.com/coppermine/displayimag e.php?album=22&pos=33

                        • Actually, my apologies, that is for if your engine won't crank. Best thing to do is go to the forum and search for the same problem within your boats topics. Pretty sure there's a solution in there somewhere. Everything we've run across with our boat has been there. :-) Good luck!!!

                        • thank you

                        Almost on top — Yamaha V-Max

                        Almost on top ...

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                        • Come la mia. La più bella con i cerchi neri.

                        • where you at? beutiful scene.

                        • On the way to the Timmelsjoch (or: Passo Rombo) in northern Italy near the border line to Austria.

                        85 FJ and Cessna 185 — Yamaha FJ 1100 1200 and 1300 sport tourer - LATERAL FRAME CONCEPT

                        '85 FJ and Cessna 185

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                        • I have 3 of them :) got a brand new engine in it, frames done too. Got some parts on order, got the rims refurbished. Also 1 of the bikes has been parked since '98 and only has 15,000 miles on it and it totally stock and complete. Then I had the first one I bought that I've been taking parts off of because the engine was too costly to repair.. I'll post a pic here of all 3 as they are right now. I love my bike but the money going in is starting to get to me. If I sell them everything goes as a package.

                        • I know what that's like, taking care of my bikes and plane consumes my spare time and money too.

                        • I keep saying I'm gunna sell them, but honestly probably not as I've yet to find another bike I love as much as the FJ. I was set to buy a different bike after I found my engine issues but after looking for like 3 months I decided to buy 2 more for parts and restore 1.. Got 2 of everything now thou for parts. :) need to order new tyres, bearings and brake/clutch lines are coming

                        Hi everyone I could really use your advice I can afford a hole saw and... — YAMAHA PICS MODIFICATIONS

                        Hi everyone ,I could really use your advice ,I can afford a hole saw and extension for 20$ because I can't afford new pipes has anyone done this without having to have their carbs re-jetted because I can't afford that right now either or if I do it , can I just remove the AIS system and still be OK ,Will my backpressure stay good? Will I lose MPG? Please help guys I won't make a move till I hear From all of you

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                        • LOL Brian and Greg Not A Clue I Guess I'll Google it Or Youtube B|

                        • Drilling out the stock mufflers will only increase the volume of the exhaust. Removing the AIS system will stop the bike from back firing or "popping" while decelerating.

                        • Thanks Guys B|

                        Just got home from the 33rd BMW Vic Icicle ride — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                        Just got home from the 33rd BMW Vic Icicle ride.

                        The Little FZ6R held its own with the big bikes riding at an average of 60mph thru dark twisty, winding forest roads in the rain & darkness. With extremely poor visibility at times & nasty slippery road conditions.

                        Heaps of close calls, heaps of fun.

                        Love my bike.

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                        • get a few pairs of these silicon medical gloves and put a pair on under your bije gloves, works a treat on long late night rides

                        • I hook up a cruise control on mine and it helps a lot. In a straight road or highway you can even let go both hands if you are confident with your balance.

                        • Hah cheers Dan, Not a bad idea. Thankfully my hands didnt get wet, thanks to the bark busters.

                          Yeah Elmer, I gave the whole throttle control thing a go last year....I wasnt impressed by the throttle lock product.

                          I use a throttle paddle to assist on long rides. Also helps in the twisties in close formation with other riders, when I like to have a couple fingers guarding the brake.

                        What are the things I should be doing after buying a used bike I bought a 2003... — Yamaha V-Star riders

                        What are the things I should be doing after buying a used bike? I bought a 2003 V Star 1100 4 weeks back that had 3500 miles on it. I have been riding it occasionally. I use the regular 87 grade gas in it. Some people told me to use non ethanol gas, but I am not sure where to find them. Someone also recommended me to use Seafoam. Now this might sound very stupid, but I really don't know much about how Seafoam is used on motorcycles. The seller said that the carbs were professionally cleaned and the oil has also been changed. Is there anyway to verify that? What else do I need to check from a mechanical perspective?

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                          My new bike watching them build it cant wait lol — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

                          My new bike, watching them build it cant wait lol :)

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                          • So what would be best way to do that if you dnt mind me asking

                          • There is a whole thread on engine break in on the boards but the simple version is this: Ride thru town and when you can get on the freeway (and when its safe) work thru the gears. Just don't say "ahh, 500 mile break in period - lets go 65mph for 500 miles to Kansas in 6th gear." Being a new rider don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable, keep your head up, and look thru that turn :)

                          • Oh ok thanks for advice seems good :)

                          Just brought her home today — YAMAHA JETBOATERS


                          Just brought her home today!

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                          • 210 :D

                          • Awesome!! I cant see that well, and forgot about zooming into the picture- Brian Dorsett zoomed in and told me what it was :) Very cool!!

                          • I really need to take a better picture!