Masters pa advice naman po Plano ko kcng magparepaint ng SMX ko Ngaun... — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Masters pa advice naman po. Plano ko kcng magparepaint ng SMX ko. Ngaun nagpacanvas ako dun sa kakilala ko dto samin na pumipinta ng motor. Sabi 4000 daw singil nya para irepaint major plastic parts. 3000 for the paint and 1000 labor. Sabi dupont paint daw gagamitin nya. Tama lng ba ung 4000 na sabi nya master or tingin nyo sobra? xenxa wla kc ako alam sa paint at ayaw ko kc maloko. hndi ko rn kc kilala ung magpipintura kaya naniniguro lng. Tnx sa mga mkaka advice.

BTW Orange and Black ung color combination na gagawin ko...


Photos from Tim Masse's post — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

My AR192 last weekend at Tim's Ford lake in TN. I'm lovin' my OceanLED's

  • very sweet!!!!

  • Very cool lights... We live in Franklin TN and go out to Pates Ford Marina in centerhill. Haven't been to Tim's Ford yet.

  • Cool, we live in Spring Hill. Normally we go to Percy Priest cause its close but made the weekend trip to Tim's Ford and love it. We actually like Tims Ford better than Centerhill

Brands Instruction. final list. No more places peeps — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Brands list (No more places peeps!!)

Ok you folks here is the list of pupils and instructors. Remember these chaps do this for free to give their time and talent, to help those who ask for instruction, to make you faster and safer. If you feel you want to make a contribution to the rider development fund after please do as this goes straight back into helping instruction get better. See me or donate in the paddock office.

For those of you who have had instruction before you will know how much of a difference it makes....

For those of you who haven't asked you should!

We never stop learning and we are proud at Bemsee to be the absolute leaders in rider development. There is nothing else like it in the country.

So Fridays happy campers are:

Rookie / Class / Instructor

Paul Fullick / Thunderbike / Adam Nelson

Li Hsiao / Rookie 600 / Adam Nelson

Colin Clune / Rookie 1000 / Barry Chapman

Dan Vladuceanu / Rookie 1000 / Barry Chapman

Claire Beckett / Minitwin / Gerrard Spear

Jenny Anderson #44 / Rookie MT / Gerrard Spear

John Davis / Rookie 1000 / Jeremy

Paul Wilson / Rookie 600 / Jeremy

Dean Bradley / Club NJC / Jeremy

Nick Bishop #5 / Thunderbike / Jeremy

Jocelyn Bond / Rookie 1000 / Mark Lister

Ian Newby #92 / Club 600 / Mark Lister

Chris Purl #93 / MZ / Peter Mannering

Lee Vallelley #27 / Rookie 1000 / Rick Windas

Rob Williams / Minitwin / Rick Windas

Please contact your instructor via Facebook PM to them or call them to talk through what you want to get out of the sessions. They will guide you through what you may need too!

Adam Nelson: 07531 869624

Barry Chapman: 07733 122722

Gerrard Spear: 07810 521004

Jeremy Hill: 07770 943149

Mark Lister: 07814 720118

Peter Mannering: 07984 145610

Rick Windas: 07855 944749

We all wish the riders this weekend a safe, competitive and immensely fun weekend! (Normal Bemsee really!!)


I was on the highway today and some asshole decided that he really needed to... — Yamaha V-Star riders

I was on the highway today and some asshole decided that he really needed to get past me on the right. Never mind the semi that was in his lane only about one and a half car lengths in front of me, he decided to go ahead and go for it. After I gave him a hand signal to show my displeasure of him cutting me off at 70mph he decided that he should brake check me. Good news is, I wasn't hurt and mike bike will reach 95 mph very quickly while passing the douche bag. When I got beside him I once again showed and voiced my displeasure in his disregard for my life. I doubt he heard my immediate thoughts regarding his parentage and how I am pretty sure his mother turns tricks for meth and his dad hires himself out at trucks stop, but, I felt a little better after that. I only wish he would have pulled over so we could have had a "conversation".


need some help identifying this guys any ideas its being used as part of a dry... — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

need some help identifying this guys, any ideas? its being used as part of a dry clutch.... but, other parts of the clutch have been from an aircooled rd..... so...

  • I thought the clutch plate band was very small, if it has been machined back then its likely one of these. Half way down the thread. rum/index.php?topic=14057.0

  • Thats wat it is jock by the looks of it. A td3!

  • I thought that originally -but the one in your pic looked smaller -it was only when Higgsy said it had been machined that I twigged.

Mga ka MX sinu may gamit sa inyo engine oil fully synthetic musta naman... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mga ka-MX sinu may gamit sa inyo engine oil fully synthetic musta naman performance and anu b magandang brand gamitin at ilan months or km. Bago ule mag-change oil?

  • sa google sir mas maganda para complete and detailed.. if you really wanna go that deep

  • pwede dn :D by the way thanks sa info sa google nyu dn po ba nakuha ung pinost nyu earlier ? very informative po kasi

  • thx po sir ride safe !

Alan Loquinario updated the description of the group Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Exclusive For SniperMX 5S 135LC Owners

///Aspiring to be a member of SMX Ph///


________________________________________ ______

The "SNIPERMX PHILS., INC." ( SMX ) s/streetmonarchextreme/

President 18

Vice President 968?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


_____________________ _________________________


1.NACALBU (Valenzuela/Bulacan) 20 MEMBERS - Chairman otle.patag?fref=ts

2CENTS (Central Chapters)

1.XXX (West Caloocan/malabon/navotas/Q.C/Mla) 32 MEMBERS -Chairman z20?fref=ts

2.BRT (North Caloocan/Q.C.) 14 MEMBERS - Chairman rieta?fref=ts


1.KILABOTS-(Pasay/LP/Pque/Taguig) 17 MEMBERS - Chairman ie.ibanez.7?fref=ts

2.ETI_VAC (Cavite) 22 MEMBERS -Chairman perry?fref=ts

3.LAGUNA (Laguna) 9 MEMBERS -Chairman lis?fref=ts

4.BONPEN (Bondoc/Peninsula) - Chairman rdteodylizaso.mendez?fref=ts

EASTSIDE (Marikina/Antipolo/Rizal) 16 MEMBERS - Chairman egatdula?fref=ts&ref=br_tf


I have an 04 1100 silverado that I bought used in February of this year — Yamaha V-Star riders

I have an 04 1100 silverado that I bought used in February of this year. The bike had 16000 miles on it then it now has 18000. The bike runs fine and the previous owner seems to have taken care of it (oil filter relocation kit, cobra pipes, cobra passenger footboards, mustang seat, crash bars, highyway pegs, etc). My question is it ticks. I know these things are notorious for this but it has me very parionoid. I assume that with all of the accessories that he put on it he also had it maintained. I just dont know if he had ever adjusted the valves. How often does this need to be done? Any hints, tips, tricks etc. Would be greatly appreciated. I am rather mechanically inclined so I will be doing this myself if and when it needs it. Thanks guys!


Holy hell. this new light is going to be a nightmare to mount — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Holy hell... this new light is going to be a nightmare to mount ><


Well I got my estimate back from the repair shop 5 690 00 not including the... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Well - I got my estimate back from the repair shop. $5,690.00, not including the reflective rain suits / helmet & luggage for $685.00. ~~~~ Now it's the waiting game to see what the insurance company is going to do and how they play this out. I wish they would just cut the check to me - I can do 9/10th of all that work myself. Plus I can get much better prices on most of the items on the list!

  • Very nice rims. They are not the only ones available. They are just the ones that Yamaha sells. Hope you get them replaced.

  • ok... the only ones within my budget.... were... that is..

  • well i'm returning the wheels... for a refund.. I don't want to mess with having them powder coated, etc.. etc.. etc.. *sigh*..

TZR Parts for sale — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

TZR Parts for sale:

Can bring whaterver to Brands:

BDK Fully rebuilt race engine, originally Bob Farnham tuned. £900

Frame: £50, bit rough but straight.

Swingarm: £30

Engine Cradle £20

Carbs and cables good condition £80

Forks and yokes: £50

Good Shock: £50 ohlins spring

wide rear wheel, ok tyre(black ish, new bearings): £100

front wheel £30 (red, new bearings)

good tank needs paint: £20

air box £5

front fairing needs paint, new: £25

Seat unit needs paint good condition £25

side fairing's hinged £20

Front brake calipers, one blue spot, two standard ones, braided lines, £35

Power valve servo £25

good set of standard barrels £80

cylinder head pitted one side £20

KR1S Rad £30

set of race pipes in good condition not sure what they are...£60?

lots of other bits and bobs, cranks and another barrel...

£1300 the lot.

  • i know matt, bought ive got a few more that arent standard and got life in ;)

  • :(

  • Hi Steve. Do you have good condition Ignition Rotor, Stator Coil and Pick up coils mate. If so how much. Mart

— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • What do you guys think about these? It lets crappy players look like they've been wood-shedding for years, lol! oad-worn/road-worn-50s-precisi on-bass-maple-fingerboard-2-co lor-sunburst-gold-anodized-alu minum-pickguard/

  • who in their right mind would take a perfectly good bass and beat the crap out of it to make it look like it had been played by a real player for 30 years... ummm wait.. nevermind.

  • John Kontos When Fender first started to market them this is what came to mind.

    Willie Brown: You got your mind made up about how everything works, don't you? How you gonna learn anything new when you know everything already?

    [He picks up Eugene's old, scratched acoustic guitar]

    Willie Brown: Look at this old guitar you been squeaking on. I bet you saw this thing in a music store and bought it just because you thought it was beat up. Well, you got it all wrong. Muddy Waters invented electricity!

Waiting my EBS BSS but two questions about compression inside does it work on... — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Waiting my EBS BSS...but two questions about compression inside...does it work on the 2 loop or one loop ? Does it work pre or post signal (s) ? Thx for help...

  • I was initially miffed that the compression was at the end of the signal path. But I now realise that it works in my favour. I don't much care for compression after dirt, but like it on clean, as much as I dare compress. So I have an outboard compressor in the clean loop set for medium to heavy compression, and an A/B/Y switch in the dirty loop so I can switch the overdrive on/off without affecting the clean channel.

    However, what I've found is if I engage the EBS' built in compression too on it's mid setting, it gives an extra bit of polish and bite without ruining the drives dynamics, whilst the the clean side, being compressed twice is nice and thick without sounding overcompressed.

    Truly is a wonderful unit!

  • PS, I also have a couple of other effect in the clean loop after the outboard compressor. The EBS's compressor at the end is just enough to tighten everything up nicely.

  • Thx Greg

Give Craig a tenner for free — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Give Craig a tenner for free!!!!!

Craig Jennings was involved in a accident at brands hatch 3 years ago and suffered a serious head injury. Craig has been making some remarkable progress but still requires a lot of help and care.

Paul Bowling of YPM fame was given help and encouragement from Craig throughout his racing career. Paul has kindly offered some help in the form of some sponsorship to help raise some cash to provide some much needed private physiotherapy.

All that you need to do is place an icewatch sticker on your bike and Paul will give £10 to the Craig Jennings fund.

The stickers will be available at signing on at the Bemsee Brands GP meeting and all you need to do is pick one or two up and put them on your bike.

With some luck the whole paddock will have them on :-)

Thank you.


Hi all I m looking at a 2006 230 HO Looks awesome Any gotchas I should look... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

Hi all! I'm looking at a 2006 230 HO. Looks awesome. Any gotchas I should look for? How many hours before major engine / impeller work, if cared for well? Thanks in advance!

  • The 242's are great boats and love the1.8 motors. One word of caution. The 2010 and 2011 have had problems with broken oil cooler bolts breaking or cracked oil cooler. If you get a warranty with it, no problem. I have a 2010 AR240 and both had to be replaced. That said, I still love my boat.

  • I was surprised the 1.8 only added 20hp / engine. Still, plenty of power, great features. 2011 in my area with super lower hours (near single digit) that I may be able to get for $39k

  • If you are going to go that far, you may as well buy it new, and get the warranty. Especially if there are known problems. Would be nice to have them fix it, instead of you.

Starting a bike I though about this through a post by Brett and how his bike... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Starting a bike,,, I though about this through a post by Brett and how his bike suffered dampness due to washing/. There are many myths about starting bikes and about how long should a bike idle before riding it, also about stopping the engine and how it should be done. Many have been taught how to do it properly and many havent, so how do you start yours.?

There is a difference between liquid cooled and air cooled, an air cooled can over heat very quickly on tick over as no air is passing the engine to cool it, however we are talking about the FZ6R which is liquid cooled.

My procedure is, I turn the ignition on and await till all the digits on the clock perform their test, I always wait as the first few secs the on board computer is testing the system, so always wait till complete or till all the clocks and lights have finished performing on the dash.

Start the bike by pushing the button, do not touch the throttle as it can interfere with the auto fuel management, then I wait till she has got up to around 50c or 130F depending on which scale your country uses. I always let it idle untill it gets to around 50C as reving a cold bike wont do it any good, all components have to be warm before throttle is used,. Once reached she can be ridden.

Switching off,,, Always, and I repeat always turn off at the key and not the red auto electrical cut off switch. Turning off at the key tells the computer that you want to turn the engine off and it performs the switch off procedure, but switching off with the red cut off switch it kills power to the computer and more or less stalls the bike, not too good for the bike or computer... Once you turn off at the key then you can switch the red switch off..

I know others may have different ideas, but this is basically how I have always been taught to do it and never had a problem...

  • As a sidenote.

    If you take a look at the motor from the right side, you should see a lead/cable of sorts not connected to anything at one end..turns out if this is connected, it allows the motor to run in gear with the kickstand down..dunno why anyone would want to..but there you go.

  • I saw too many YouTube videos of people eat it with kickstand down.

  • Start and wait for temp reading usually couple of mins . Always shut off with kickstand and then turn off key habbit now

Was on a run with a bunch of others yesterday We ran rolling block and I had... — Yamaha V-Star riders

Was on a run with a bunch of others yesterday. We ran rolling block and I had just got done and was at the back of the line again when the next guy in line hit a deer. Actually he ran it over. It(baby) jumped off a hillside onto the road right in front of the guy...but.....the good part(if you can call it that) was that when the deer hit the blacktop it lost its footing and was on its side when bike make contact. So he just drove over it and the only thing was he has some fur on the bottom of the bike. I told him to go play the lottery because he was the luckiest man around.



  • Nice! We will be adding to that next Saturday :-)

  • Yep and my XR will be out there, maybe we can get a picture of those 2 bad boys together!

Mga ka mx tanong ko LNG poh Kung normal LNG na nag drag ung mga mx sa unang... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mga ka mx tanong ko LNG poh Kung normal LNG na nag drag ung mga mx sa unang arangkada na parang kumakabyos ung gear nia? Pero pag nkarekta wala naman.. Kc ung mio ko dati d naman ganun... Thanks.

  • Hahahaha byahe mo malayo paps papunta daw d2 camsur ganyan din kc mx ko dati kulang lng byahe malayo ngayon ok na nawala n lang nagsawa na cguro hehehe sna makatulong

  • Cge poh maraming thanks poh sir Jerome..

  • Ganyan din po nangyari sa akin. Nagpalit lang po ako 1k clutch spring. Naging ok na. :-) check mu din po ung mga bola mu. Bka may mga kanto na. :-) hth

my nabasa lang aqng comment gus2 daw magpamember sa SMX phil inc para magkavest — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

my nabasa lang aqng comment gus2 daw magpamember sa SMX phil,inc para magkavest????????? ay mali po yan!!!!!!!!!!!! u nid to a10 our meetings,ride or events n mangyayari po sa group at e2 lang po d po porket nakapagregister ka sa SMX is aaprubahan ka agad ng president nmin u nid to participate wid us or ur chapter! kc ung iba kaya lang nagpapamember nid lang ng vest at masabi n my group plssssss..........makisuporta kayo sa mga events namin salamt po!!! tnx sana walang tamaan cause my hangarin po ang group ntin d lang basta pagsali sa group we nid to be solid tnx!!!!!


Ben Fund Auction Sat 17th at Brands gp. straight after Trophy presentation — Yamaha Past Masters Racing Forum

Ben Fund Auction Sat 17th at Brands gp (straight after Trophy presentation)

This auction is for you incase you ever need help. I personally do hope you will never need this help BUT some riders have needed and used the Ben Fund.

Please come along and support and if you do have any other items you would like to donate, i will be there from Thurs in the lower paddock, hailwoods side.

Dont forget Paul Lumley is having a drastic haircut and beard shaved, for those of you that dont know Paul, he is a slidy driver with hair to his waist. Please sponsor him as this is all for the riders benevolent fund


HEADS UP — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot


ADVISORY: Public Storm Warning Signals have been raised in the following areas (Updated as of 5:47pm):

SIGNAL #3: Aurora, Nueva Viscaya, Mountain Province, Polilio Island, Quirino, Benguet, Ifugao, Nueva Ecija & Isabela.

SIGNAL #2: Catanduanes, Camarines Provinces, Rizal, Northern Quezon, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Abra, Apayao, Kalinga & Cagayan.

SIGNAL #1: Albay, Sorsogon, nalalabing bahagi ng Quezon, Laguna, Calayan & Babuyan Group Of Islands, Ilocos Norte, Zambales, Bataan, Cavite, Batangas & Metro Manila.

#labuyo #BagyongLabuyo #pagasa #projectnoah


Any one had any problems with there bike not starting after it had been sitting... — Yamaha FZ6R Owners

Any one had any problems with there bike not starting after it had been sitting for 10 days or so?

I pulled the bike out and washed it about 10 days ago and wheeled it back in to the shed, went to start it today and it would crank but not start, in the end i had to use some throttle and it started but once i let go of the throttle it would die, i ended up slowly bringing the revs down and it would idle, turned it off and started it again and it was fine, took it for a spin with a couple of stops and didnt have a problem, could it be water sitting in something after i washed it?

  • No probs Brett, if you are using a hose it can get into bits that rain wont.

  • Did you check the temp.? Happened with me too. Keep on starting till enough temp. to gradually rev it.

  • Was still reading lo do under 40 degrees c

Something has been driving me crazy and I want to get to the bottom of it — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

Something has been driving me crazy, and I want to get to the bottom of it.

Many of us that were around when the Attitude Ltd (Mark I's) orignally came out recite the "only 200 were being made" comment in discussions, and some folks have called b.s. on that. I've recently called Yamaha in search of truth behind that claim, as the serial numbers for both of mine are #323 and #084. The Yamaha rep countered with a reply that they wouldn't stop making a successful selling instrument after only making 200. That makes an incredible amount of sense, but it doesn't explain why so many of us have that magical number of 200 in our heads.

I could swear that's how these were originally advertised, but I can only find one piece of evidence, and it's in the next picture I'll post. It's a picture of the contest page from this issue of Bass Player magazine.

(If you can find more "proof", please post a picture of it.)

  • we already disscussed that, if you start scrolling you'll find a lot of picks were Jon Willis commented "this is a model P" or "DP122"

    The one in the pic of this post is a Model P

  • the Willpowers are what you say, but were created after the first ltd ones from what the guys say

  • according to the Dimarzio web page, they were introduced in 1995, so probably for the ltd 2 already right?

Mga masters anu po ba magandang gamitin na engine oil at sparkplug kahit stock... — Yamaha Mio Mx 125 Parking Lot

Mga masters anu po ba magandang gamitin na engine oil at sparkplug kahit stock lang makina. Maraming salamat po sa gabay masters

  • sa bagay hndi naman nila malalaman kung anong langis yun eh

  • August Panlilio try mo ibang oil maiba naman :D hehe try mo, other brand ng synthetics, may MCP account ka po ba? basa basa ka po doon malaking tulong po mga mababasa mo duon. ride safe :D !

  • Tnx po sir don and rye

Ok so I got my warrior back yesterday the guy said its running lean so I got it... — Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350

Ok so I got my warrior back yesterday the guy said its running lean so I got it home and its constantly poping an shit... could the main jet be clogged ?

  • I'd start by checking that the float and float valve are working correctly and at the right level. All you need to check the level is a clear piece of hose that fits over the drain nipple on the bottom of the carb. Hold the hose straight up beside the carb, then crack the drain screw open. The fuel in the hose will rise to the same level as in the carb bowl. You want it to be right around the seam between the carb and bowl. If it's too high or too low it'll get all wonky.

  • ok so run it then drain the bowl into a hose and see if its at the right level

  • You don't need to run it first, just attach the hose and hold it vertically by the carb, then open the screw. It creates a pitot gauge to check the height of the fuel inside the bowl.

Bart Roberts shared a link to the group: Yamaha V-Star riders. — Yamaha V-Star riders

Has anyone done any business with Star Parts Original? ct-016.html We have ordered 1item from them but have not heard anything about it. They were paid via pay pal from their site. We have had not contact via email from them. We have tried call the # listed and sent an email to them at the address listed on the site.

The phone number goes straight to voice mail, and the email gets returned the address is no longer a valid address.

I know I have recourse through pay pal but did not know if anyone here has any experience with them


Photos from Anthony Marengo's post — Yamaha V-Star riders

Hey all just wanted to invite fellow v star riders to like my company page . I do something called hydrographing here's some examples but not limited to . We do helmets , motorcycle parts , cars and trucks and even stuff around the house . With over 1200 diff patterns in any color let us know what we can customize for you . Also powdercoating . Thanks for looking and also let us know when you contact us that your from vstar group for special discounts . We ship all over the place so out of state work is no problem


Tire Mounted and Shock Tightened 65 an hour and he said 1 5 hours for tire... — Yamaha Stryker Owners

Tire Mounted and Shock Tightened. 65 an hour, and he said 1.5 hours for tire and shock. I know i could do the shock myself, but for next day service.. can't complain. The other shop in town would have taken a month.

  • I hope atleast... I've never had a new tire put on, so i was just a bit nervous when i was riding. It could be due to the shocks tightened, so i actually feel more now?

  • that is what I was thinking with it being so stiff you may be feeling every little bump

  • the shocks being stiff made the ride so great though...

Alan Loquinario edited a doc in the group: Yamaha Sniper MX 135/150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page). — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

_______________________________________________ _

-Must be A Legitimate Member ,Attend Eyeball, Meeting and/or a Ride and a must have an approval of Chapters Chairmens and R.Directors. 

-Self Disciplined SMX Ph. Member and as Owner of the SMX Ph. Vest.

-Vest Price is P900.00 with MRO Patch (P850.00 w/out MRO Patch)


Members Code / Code Name / Chapter (Northside/SouthSide/2Cents/EastSide)







— YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

  • For the EBO I honestly wasnt getting of noticeable tone variance so I just adjusted the pole pieces to be about 8/64 as well.

  • Thanks Jon. I'll try that on my BB714BS and my other basses. :-)

  • NOTE: when I measure the pickup I am measuring from top of magnet to bottom of string...

So sad Started having trouble with our port side engine on Sunday Did... — YAMAHA JETBOATERS

So sad. Started having trouble with our port-side engine on Sunday. Did compression test and #2 piston has no compression. :-( Can't catch a break with this boat. Going to try to rebuild it ourselves. Hoping it's nothing too serious but with our luck... If you know anyone selling LS2000 engine parts at a good price, please let me know!

  • Hope this helps

  • Very helpful, yes! Thank you so much!!!

  • Welcome and good luck

Photos from Cesar Lona's post — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Esta es la pieza que va debajo del tanque de gasolina y no se para que sirve.

  • Parece llave de paso de gasolina

  • No Joan la llave de gasolina esta del otro lado, este es un diodo que indica en el tacometro con una luz roja que ya tienes que cambiar a reserva, también va debajo del tanque

  • Cheque bien la pieza, la limpie y puese soldadura en los contactos, la probé primero en la mano y despues la monte y agregue gasolina con un resipiente de 1 litrl y con el suich encendido se apago la luz roja cuando puse 2 1/2 litros de gasolina.... Si funciona. Check well the piece, clean and weld the contacts, I tried first hand and then the mountain and add gasoline with 1 liter resipiente with Suich on the red light when I put 2 1/2 liters of gasoline, is I turn off the red light .... If it works.

Que tal alguien sabe para que sirven las terminales que están debajo del tanque... — Yamaha Virago XV 750

Que tal, alguien sabe para que sirven las terminales que están debajo del tanque de gasolina, están en el lado opuesto de la llave de paso de gasolina, desmonte el tanque para pintarlo y veo que están cortadas y las voy a conectar son 2 cables y no se para que sirven. Gracias. Saludos a toda la comunidad Virago 750cc.

How about someone known for serving the terminals that are under the gas tank, are on the opposite side of the fuel tap, remove the tank to paint and see which are cut and are going to connect 2-wire and not to serve. Thank you. Greetings to all the community Virago 750cc.


I figured. why not — YAMAHA Attitude Ltd

I figured.. why not. :)

  • Looks sweet!

  • took about 20 minutes with my dremel. :)

  • round off applause , all it needs now is some sims led`s...

My exhaust has seen better days the front end is peppered with rust holes and... — Yamaha C3

My exhaust has seen better days...the front end is peppered with rust holes and exhaust putty only lasts so long. Anyone recommend a cost effective (aka cheap) replacement?

  • All it will do is cause your catalytic converter to run colder and your scoot's "Green Footprint" to become greenish brown! Your exhaust is liable to stink too...:)

  • ..I live near 3 oil one will notice :-)

  • JB Weld is amazing stuff! For 40 years it's been used to do the impossible, successfully! :)

Selalu ada knangan yg trtinggl dlm stiap prjlnan Mskipun itu cma sdikit — YMJT (YAMAHA MIO JAWA TIMUR)

Selalu ada knangan yg trtinggl dlm stiap prjlnan, Mskipun itu cma sdikit,....

Selalu ad hati yg trgores dlm stiap prbuatan, Mskipun cuma stitik,....

Selalu ada slah, selalu ad khilaf. Tetapi mminta Maaf tdk Mjadikan kta Hina & Mmberi Maaf bkn Mjadikan kta bangga,

Akn ttapi sling Mmaafknlah yg Mmbuat kta Mulia,...

Mohon Maaf atas Ksalahan yg Tlah dilakukan. Selamat mnyambut Hari Raya Idhul Fitri 1 Syawal 1434 H Mohon Maaf Lahir & Bathin. Eko Hariyanto & keluarga besar J'mac


Kwento lang. last Aug 3 2013 Dalawang Raider 150. May angakas na Chick yung isa — Yamaha Sniper MX 135 150i Owners (SniperMX Philippines Visitors Page)

Kwento lang! last Aug 3, 2013 --- Dalawang Raider 150 (May angakas na Chick yung isa) 1 WAve, Rouser 135 at 1fury. bibilis nila sa Farview going to Regalado, tumabi nga ako eh. kaya lang pagdating sa stoplight nasa harapan sila at ibang motorsiklo. gumilid lang ako . sabay tingin kay MX. sabi nung naka R150 sa naka Fury yan lang match mo . sabay tawa naka fury at tingin sa akin. sabay patunog ng Pipe nya... hehehe. sabi ko sa sarili i-test ko si MX ... then nag Go na stoplight! hinataw ko si mx! siguro mga 500M nag minor na ako kasi may mga sasakyan. pero una ako at si R150 & Fury. sabay tinabihan ako ni Fury. ang nakakatawa nag over rev sya! at sabay hinto ! tapos hataw hataw na naman sila R150 at ibang motor. dun ko lang sila sinabayan at Sinibak yung dalawang R150 & Wave dina-anan ko pa sila sa gitna.. sabay Brooommmm.. natuwa ako sa performance ni Byke ko... diko na nakita odo ko eh. pero yung naka minor na ako lagpas 105 ang reading.. hangang ngayon naalala ko si Fury.. hahahaha..


Dosent seem to be se metrical — Yamaha XS650

Dosent seem to be se metrical

  • I don't know I'm new the the big deal

  • I think the XSs had twin leading shoe (two cams). Mine (XS650b) has disks so I don't know for sure. Yours is single leading shoe (one cam) (I can see from the other photo) so its off some other bike. There's an arm on the other side of the cam and the cable pulls it ONE way. It therefore rotates one way. If that is clockwise, as you say, then only two edges are involved (1 oclock and 7 oclock). (just going thru it in my own mind.) Anyway, you've nice bike. Take care.

  • Yep thanks

William Donovan You have the front pulley mod. What all did it really do — Yamaha Stryker Owners

William Donovan - You have the front pulley mod? What all did it really do.. got a part number to buy?

  • you would like that wouldn't you!

  • Seriously with all the 2-up you do it would be nice. Combined with the 240 & tuner the bike would be as good as its going to get.

  • I'll be doing it

fellow sniper riders after years of using vixion kit ive finally decided to go... — Yamaha Sniper 135 Classic

fellow sniper riders, after years of using vixion kit ive finally decided to go all out with modding my sniper. i was just wondering ano pinaka malaking bore na kaya ng bottom end ng motor natin na hindi na magtatabas ng crank case? 66mm nalang ba talaga? ang alam ko kasi 68mm sa raider, ano kaya sa sniper? ok lang saken kahit masacrifice ang water jackets, i have other alternatives naman... i just wanna know the bore limit na hindi tinatabas ang crank case... any info rendered is greatly appreciated at TIA.

  • mabungkigan ako sa 65mm din kasi, hehe, kulang2 maka 200cc n sana, ung 66mm sakto 200cc pagmakabit. pero kung may mas lalaki pa sa 66mm na walang tabas sa crank case ill go for it. meron ba?

  • Boss sa akon kapag ng lagay ako ng 63mm 200cc na.. Currently im using 62mm 182cc

  • kung 200cc ka sa 63mm ibig sabihin naka 3.5mm jack up crank ka...